What Is A Work Home Based Business Opportunity?

When you look into various ways to make money on the Internet, What Is A Work Home Based Business Opportunity you should target?  Are you always instructed to target a specific niche?

A niche market is a specific segment of the marketplace.

A micro niche is where you take a broad niche and narrow it down a little bit. This can be very good for you.

I happen to agree with this, and I think that the home-based business opportunity niche is an excellent one to target. Let me explain who these people are and why this is such a good niche to get into.

Target Market

The home-based business opportunity micro-niche contains people who are looking for ways to make money on the Internet. More specifically they’re looking for a way to start their own business.

They have already established what they’re looking for. What they don’t know, almost every time, is what home-based business they want to start.

The exception to that is if they have been referred to a specific opportunity by a friend or relative, as you see in network marketing. However, because MLM is a migration business model, this means that people are always jumping around from one opportunity to another, which can be an advantage in terms of a never-ending supply of prospects.

Now that we’ve established exactly who they are, let’s go a little more into how you can save the day!

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Business Opportunity

Every business needs a product they are going to sell and in the home-based business opportunity niche, the opportunity itself is the product. You focus 100% of your efforts on finding new people who want to start a home-based business of their own.

You may have products you sell, but your focus is on the opportunity because again the majority of people you’re targeting are not looking for a specific product. They just want a way to make money and they want to do it in their own business.

This is not to say that you should not have a business opportunity with a product in mind. Many people will start their own home-based business in the network marketing business model.

Network marketing companies do represent a specific product line. From Amway and Avon to Herbalife and Tupperware, the business model to get these products into the marketplace is network marketing.

However, they all have specific products that distributors can sell and use for personal use. People getting into these kinds of micro-niches will get sold on the product as they use them and sell them, but at first, they just want a way to make money regardless of the product.

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Internet Business Opportunity-Think Digital

What Is A Work Home Based Business Opportunity - think digital

One trend that I’ve seen people move towards is one of joining and promoting a specific Internet business opportunity. These are Internet-based businesses and in many cases, the products are digital in nature.

This just means that there’s not going to be any shipping of a physical product like you might have in MLM companies such as Amway or Avon. This has some real advantages!

Digital Products offer the benefit of instant access. Whether there’s a download required or the products are membership-based with a user login required, you access them 100% online wherever you have an Internet connection.

Think about that.

You can access your business on a desktop or laptop computer. However, more and more people just carry around their tablets or smartphone and access their business wherever they are at a particular moment.

A lot of business is replying to an email or social media posts. This is quick and does not require you to sit down and spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen.

This is an excellent business model to provide to people who are looking for a home-based business opportunity. Not only is this good for you, but it’s good for them when they target the exact same niche they just came from.

Top Tier Programs

One trend that has begun to catch on is selling big-ticket items. These are digital-based products that come with a home business opportunity.

These are becoming known as top-tier business opportunities. Your target market is still the very narrow micro-niche of people looking for a business opportunity.

These come with 100% commissions so you will make big money on every sale. We are talking about average commissions of $3500 to $6500.

You sell the business opportunity as a digital franchise which is great because again these are people who want a home-based business opportunity. Now you can give it to them.

What Is A Work Home Based Business Opportunity - membership programsMembership Programs

Another way to get into the home-based business micro niche is by selling membership programs such as Wealthy Affiliate. You sell the membership which is accessed 100% online.

All of the training can be viewed in the archived member’s area. You earn a commission every month that your membership is active.

This is known as residual income and is great for building long-term income. Getting paid tomorrow for today’s work is a concept we can all get behind.

Final thoughts

You will want to get into a business opportunity you believe in. However, your target market is not product-specific in the home-based business opportunity micro-niche.

Promote your opportunity online to people looking for ways to make money, start a business of their own, and so on. You will never run out of leads and your market is more narrow than a product-specific niche would be.

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14 thoughts on “What Is A Work Home Based Business Opportunity?”

  1. Its pretty clear everyone wants to have a financial freedom life, but thru the struggle we learn from our self we won’t get what we want exactly until we become who we need to be in order to get what we want. This part is really essential since this will determine if you have enough willpower to keep trying or look failure and quit doing it because you got trapped in your mind or feelings which leave nothing at the end but if we go more biased towards action there is where are productivity will rise and have a successful home business model.

    • Erick, thank you for your kind words of wisdom and insight on developing our strength to make a home-based business opportunity a reality. If people realize their weakness and move forward regardless, then their breakthrough would happen. All the best and thank you for the comment.

  2. Hi David!
    Thanks for the excellent article. You seem to really know your way around online home-based businesses, especially affiliate marketing. I have a business background and I can’t tell you how many times we were told that an internet presence is so crucial for a business these days – only 15% of commerce is done online in the US right now, but almost all of it is sourced by the internet – locating the store, scoping it out, looking at reviews. It really seems like the way to go is the internet! Thanks for the insights 🙂

    • Glad that you get some vale here. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is my passion and I take the opportunity to gather all the information I can, so I can share it with mu audience. The Internet has evolved, and it changes daily as the years go by. If you are a marketer and not on the Internet your business is failing.

      Even if you have a business to today that is giving you results that are not on the internet, it would not be around in the near future if you do not take your business online. Having a website is like a must in today’s society, so you should get one. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi Bishop,

    Thanks for the thorough article with well-written explanations of various concepts of this online business. In my experience, affiliate marketing is a growing industry and a competitive market. I enjoy contributing to what I’ve learned by writing informational articles. I also appreciate learning the in’s and out’s (which is a continuous process). 

    Anyone willing to put in the time to learn more about this online world should give this process a try. 

    ~To your continued success!

    • I Melissa, Affiliate marketing is the best place to start if anyone is looking for a home-based opportunity to work partime or full-time from home, and the training at wealthy affiliate as I mention is the best place for anyone to get started.

      Although it takes time, once your website is built following the step by step process in the lessons, the results will soon follow as it did for me. I hope you are on that journey as well. Thank you for the feedback.

  4. Hi David,

    Good post, thank you. Yes, an online income especially passive or what did you call it, reoccurring?  These would be the best kinds.

    I was intrigued by these high end/top tier commissions. Could you perhaps do a post on these, the good and the bad sides? Obviously one perhaps bad side would have to be the initial cost of buying into this sort of online business,  to then be able to collect such a wonderfully large commission.

    Thank you once again, very informative 


    • Hi Michele, thank you for your comment, a recurring commission could mount up to a full-time income regardless of how small it is, and selling membership programs are good ways of doing this.

      Some of the big-ticket programs I have mentioned on my website, some still exist and there are some who closed their doors. I hope that helps!

  5. I believe home-based business opportunities are a rich niche. More and more people have discovered that they do not need to kill themselves in their 9-5 jobs. You have explained well how network marketing works. I personally prefer selling digital products as an affiliate compared to physical products. 

    This business model has allowed me to work with companies that are scattered all over the world. I am not really doing high ticket offers at the moment, but I will soon venture into this type. Thank you for these great explanations.

    • You are absolutely right that home-based business is getting more and more popular today cause building a website and monetizing it is very simple. This is one reason I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate so that people would gather the knowledge for their online business and joins a community to help them along the way.

      Your approach is the right one and as your marketing skills increased, targeting the high-ticket programs would be a good choice in the future. Thank you for your take on this.

  6. Hi Bishop, you mentioned there are digital-based high ticket products that come with home business opportunities but didn’t mention any name. Which company is this that pays up to $6.5K in commission? What are the skills required? I am interested to know more because I want a better lifestyle balance by working from home. Thanks.

    • Hi, Cathy there a few that come to mind that I know some of my team members have success with. there are some that close their doors that I was a part of and did earn up to 6500 per sale. EN.

      Here is the list that you can Google to see which one you are comfortable with.

      Golden State Mint Affiliate Programs.

      Pepperjam Affiliates

      Plus 500 Affiliate programs


      There is a website that one of my business owners sent me that pique my interest. Here it is.

      I hope that helps!

  7. Hello David,

    Making money tips is a great site to consider your options for making money at a work from home business.  I love making money tips that you need skills to make money.  It is so true that you need to learn the skills required but just as true that it is not rocket science.  Plus you discuss the community at Wealthy Affiliate which is what makes it so special.  

    Great post.  Keep up the good work sharing such informative material.

    • Thank you for the comment and kind words. The internet is changing at a rapid pace and new opportunities are popping up on a daily basis. One has to do their due diligence and research these programs cause there are lots of scams out there as well. This is the reason I built this website to inform my audience what to look for.

      Thank you.


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