What Is The Best Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

winning the lotteryWhat is the best way to make money with Affiliate Marketing? And is it easier than winning the lottery? In this article, you will understand the difference.

If you don’t understand affiliate marketing it is easy to dismiss the opportunity and act as though it is a get rich quick scheme. It is far from that!

Proper Affiliate Marketing Business is really a business. To be clear, we aren’t talking about network marketing or multilevel marketing pyramid schemes.

If you associate true affiliate marketing opportunities with these types of get-rich-quick schemes, then you need to learn more about affiliate marketing. I will provide some context on that in this article as we look at how easy is affiliate marketing to do for making yourself some money.

Winning The Lottery Is Luck

What about the lottery? To be frank, the lottery is a get rich quick scheme.

It is what it is and there is nothing that can change that because the lottery is not a business for individuals. The lottery is a game.

You do not work to build it, and you do nothing to make the money. You simply play the odds and hope that you are a winner.

What are the odds of winning the lottery?

There are various lottery games you can play. A popular one is the Pick 6.

In this game, you have a 1 in almost 14 million chance of winning the jackpot. There are 49 numbers you can choose from for your pick 6. This obviously provides a large number of chances.

Which Lottery Game provides the best chance of winning? The French Lotto has Odds at 1: 6.

The lotteries with the biggest jackpots offer the best odds. The Mini Lotto (Poland) has odds of 1: 850,668.

I came across a really good website if you are wanting to learn more about lotteries and odds.


building your project for your business

Affiliate Marketing Is A Business

I have always felt that doing affiliate marketing as a business is the way to succeed. Not as an employee or a get rich quick scheme, but as a business.

If you set up a website for affiliate marketing purposes, without knowing what you are doing, then you are treating it like the lottery and will not make any money. However, if you work hard to build your affiliate marketing business, with the right strategies and techniques, then you are doing it right.

It’s like with any other business or occupation. You don’t feel entitled to be a doctor and think you can start performing surgeries without the proper education. Therefore, you don’t want to take on an affiliate marketing business without the proper education either.

Too many people feel a sense of entitlement when it comes to online opportunities. They think that because something is available to them to help build a passive income stream, and that opportunity is online, it’s less ‘real world’ and therefore like a game.

An affiliate marketing business isn’t a game. The lottery is a game. An affiliate marketing business doesn’t rake in the profits without you putting in the effort.

It is true that affiliate marketing businesses can be built up to the point that they produce overwhelming results with still the same amount of effort. For example, you work long hours to continue building your business one week, and you have a passive income stream of $200 a week thus far.

Then months later, you find yourself making $1000 a week for the same amount of work. One thing for sure is that you better stay working hard at it, and keep learning and get creative. Another thing for sure is that affiliate marketing is nothing like the lottery, and winning the lottery isn’t easier.

I laid out the odds of winning some lottery games. I also referred you to a website that deals strictly with that.

The Odds As An Affiliate Marketer

I can’t tell you what the odds are for affiliate marketing success. I can tell you that millions of people are in affiliate marketing right now.

Even with just a little bit of effort, you can make more money than you spend. This is because of affiliate marketing programs, for the most part, are free to join.

They provide you with products, marketing materials, and training. They pay you commissions for performing specific actions such as getting a website visitor to click on add, fill out a lead form, or buy a product.

I think the one big difference between winning the lottery and affiliate marketing is you have control over your outcome. If you want to put in the time to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way, and then follow through with effort on a consistent basis, you will make money.

If you don’t want to do that, you can join affiliate programs all day and you will never make any money. It’s really just the same as if you buy lottery tickets every week and stand very little chance of ever winning.

affiliate marketerMaking Affiliate Marketing Easier

The way to make affiliate marketing easier is to become educated on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. What you’re really doing is learning the skills that you can apply to your affiliate marketing business.

That’s the best way to make affiliate marketing easier. However, you do have to take what you learn and go out and put it into practice on the Internet.

The combination of education, skills, and effort takes all of the chance of succeeding in affiliate marketing. It virtually guarantees you will be a winner as an affiliate marketer!

Summary: Is Winning The Lottery Easier Than Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

No, the odds of winning the lottery are not easier than making money with affiliate marketing. However, there are just as many people playing the lottery every week, and not winning, as there are people joining affiliate programs and not making money either.

Get the odds in your favor and join an affiliate marketing education program such as Wealthy Affiliate. Their free 10 part affiliate marketing training course is perfect for getting odds of winning in your favor.

Then meet me and other successful members to guide you in setting up your website and monetizing it the proper way.

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  1. Cameron

    Very interesting comparison! I find it helpful and gives me a better perspective of affiliate marketing. I think that many people think of making money online to be in a similar category as chances of winning the lottery, whether consciously or subconsciously.

    Any real way of making money that will pay you potentially for life will obviously take a little work up front but may have the potential to not take much work keeping it going on the back end once its established. I think affiliate marketing is the perfect place to start.

    Great insight & point of view!

    • Bishop

      Cameron, thank you for the comment and your input that is well received. Affiliate Marketing is changing lives and I am glad to know that you are part of that.

  2. RichPersonality

    It might sound like a nonsense or a very good scam, but in reality it actually works. Yes it will take a lot of time and efforts, but it’s duable even if you have job or kids and they occupy most of your free time. Just check out wealthy affiliate, you don’t have to pay anything, just observe the training program and community and then make a choice.

    • Bishop

      Hey Rich, glad that you agree that Affiliate Marketing do work. The training in Wealthy Affiliate did help me to get started and I am using it today to walk away from my full-time job that i love very much. Wish you all the best and let’s help others to have the same success as well. Talk to you soon.

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