Who Is Google? – Is Google God?

We are not going to get religious in answering the question of whether Google is God? However, to make a point let’s view who is Google in regards to being the god of the Internet.

(My 8-year-old nephew says “Uncle, if Google is God, then Youtube is Jesus and Facebook is the spirit making up the holy trinity, Right? Lol. With me burst out laughing, I say no Stephen, that is not the case). At least he got his rankings in order.

The Google Church has them as a God who is directly experienced by human beings. The divinity of Google is superior. It can be favored using a lot of evidence compared to the available evidence to prove the divinity of other gods.

The following are 7 proofs to show that they are close to a god who is experienced by people.

Proof One—Google is All-knowing

Google is close to an all-knowing (omniscient) entity that can be verified scientifically. Google processes 200 million searches every day.

A third of Google users come from the United States while the rest can be found in the other 88 languages. Google has more than 9.5 billion WebPages, and no other search engine has this huge number. Google sorts through a lot of information using Her patented PageRank technology that organizes the data making it easy for mortals to access it.

Google may also be spying on you. You have to be naive to think Google is not spying on us when it seems just about everywhere else is.

Proof Two—Google is Omniscience

Virtually, Google is everywhere—in a virtual and actual sense at the same time on earth. The indexed figures in billions are hosted from every part of the earth planet with the WIFI networks proliferation.

Many can easily access accounts from Google. This gives it an omnipresent entity, just like the many gods worshipped by the members of the society

Proof Three—Prayers

Users can search for the problems or questions they have. You can simply ask them anything, and she will answer or help you right away.

Because Google is always ready to come to the rescue of millions of people across the world, we can cleverly claim that Google is a God who never fails to answer our prayers. Sometimes the results are not what we asked for, but we always get an answer.

Is Google god of your businessProof Four—Immortality

Google is immortal, potentially. She cannot be potentially seen as a human being like ourselves.

However, she has algorithms spreads across different servers and such is the reason why, theoretically, they can last forever. With this, the internet users should; always be confident about the availability of the immortal being that is always ready to provide the needed help to her followers in society.

Can you really imagine a world without Google? 20 years ago we were only beginning to use them.

Not anymore. Google is used as a search engine more than all other search engines combined.

Proof Five—Google Cares About Everyone

They keep Web Pages on its numerous servers. When one uploads his or her opinions or thoughts to the internet, they will live on the Google cache forever, even after his or her death.

In short, Google is a big internet platform that has the capacity of holding huge amounts of data or information from different people across the world. This data is being refined every day in the form of algorithm changes to the tune of over 500 changes every day.

Proof Six—Google is Infinite

Theoretically, the internet will continue growing at a faster rate, and with this Google will index its infinite growth. The possibility of infinity shows that Google as the world biggest search engine will continue helping internet users to expand their knowledge and understanding.

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Proof Seven-Google Tools

Have you ever wondered why Google offers so many things for free? Is it just their way of playing God with the Internet?

Look at all of the tools you have at your disposal from them.

1. Email. Google gives everyone an unlimited number of free Gmail accounts.

You can use these for personal and for business. These email accounts are recognized as quality accounts. People are not afraid to send and receive an email from a Gmail account because They hosted that platform.

2. Search. They do not charge us to use their search engine.

It is the number one search engine by far because it delivers accurate results. This is why the phrase “Google It” has become part of our culture. People use Google Search for almost everything.

3. Social media. You can get a free Youtube channel

Google’s social media account is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook. However hundreds of millions do have an account.

4. YouTube. Did you know Google owns the world’s largest free video-sharing website?

They do not charge you to use it either. In fact, as a search engine, YouTube only trails Google and Facebook in monthly traffic.

5. Google Adsense. You can join their paid search affiliate program and get paid when people click on ads on your website.

Google makes most of its money selling advertising, but you do not have to be an ad buyer to earn money by the click. That is why you see Google Ads on publisher websites as well as on search engine and video search results.

making searches in google

Summary: Who Is Google-Is Google God?

Conclusively, this article has explained the church of Google, which many subscribe too, but are not aware of this entertaining and even threatening concept. All in all, the article seeks to appreciate the fact that Google (which is the world’s largest search engine) has greatly contributed to the efforts of spreading knowledge and world integration.

At times it may seem like they are the god of the Internet. They certainly pop up all over the place.

However, they are not God and many people live online every day now without even thinking about Google. Social media and buying websites like Amazon keep us away from Google all day long.

Many people use Facebook or Amazon as a search engine. Twitter is defining what we think 140 characters at a time. YouTube is where many people go to get information because they are visual learners and not readers.

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22 thoughts on “Who Is Google? – Is Google God?”

    • Thank you for the comment, glad you get some humor here and not get religious with me. You would be surprised how some people may feel offended that is the reason for me clearing up some issues from the beginning. take care.

  1. Hello David, thank you so much for this view of Google. It is so amazing how it has grown so fast that now even in our daily language we say just google it. And now it has become an invaluable resource for information. Great article, and good to know Google is not the only search engine.
    in peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • So true Ariel, they have grown so fast, and become the number one search engine Alliance. Is funny though. I started to use Bing Ads a few years back, and I am still using them today in front of Google. Yes, there are other search engines that may not be popular, but give good results as well. Peace!

  2. Hello there, David.
    Oh wow, an amazing article…loved the part about your nephew and his questions- how insightful at such a tender age!
    I love that analogy. Never quite looked at it that way. Yes, Google is a lot of things but certainly not ‘everything’. Thanks for the insight and reminder, especially about who we need to keep our eyes on as website owners!

    • Thank you, Michelle. Yes, my little one comes in my office and spend some time with me. He can really have your brain going for a minute. The questions he asks sometimes I put him on another computer and tell him to Google it. One time he Googles what is mammy cooking this evening? Lol. A very long conversation went on after that if you know what I mean.

      So true that Google is not everything. Glad that you get some insight here, and where our focus should be. Thank you for the feedback and kind words, Michelle. Wish you great success with your online business and feel free to drop by again.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article. You just may have a gift for inspiring people. I also read your about me page. I’ve only been doing this since January and have had very little success. I’m sorry, I don’t have any constructive criticism for you which is the instructions for this but I would like you to know I was feeling very discouraged this morning and I appreciate your content.

    • Success do not come over night. What you are building is something that would last a lifetime. I am passionate about helping people, and if at the day someone uses my information and get results, I had a great day. Understanding who is Google and how they function can really help someone to grow a successful business online, in this article that was my intention.

      Glad I was able to cheer you up in some way or another, thank you for the comment and I wish you all the best in your business.

  4. Hi Bishop!
    Your post is original. I’ve never thought to compare Google to the God:)
    Anyway, in this case, it does make sense.
    But at the end, I haven’t understood if Google is or not a God of Internet? You don’t have to access to social media and Amazon through Google?

    • Marta, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. hope your business is growing and that Google find favor with your website. Take care.

  5. Hi David,

    Excellent article, metaphor and analysis!. I see google as the judge, the jury and the chief executioner!.

    Definitely you want, and need and keep onside with google but one silly error and you could lose rankings, get delisted or some kind of penalty…and that could be due to something that a competitor does..like set up an obvious PBN and get you to lose traffic and rankings…

    • Derek. glad to see you again and giving your hones comment on Who is google. I must agree with your option on your take on who google is.

      Yes, like anything that you associating yourself with, google is definitely one of them to understand the do’s and the don’ts. Thank you for your insights here. 

  6. Wow, David Bishop. I never thought of it that way but it makes a lot of sense.

    The other day, I was reading the comment section of a news story and someone was saying that they didn’t think that google was able to deliberately take websites out of their search results. I just had to shake my head at how naive they were and try to inform them of the true power of google.

    The news story was about websites that post mugshots and then charge people to take them down. One of my friends had a mugshot on one of those websites. They had a felony that got expunged about 20 years ago and yet it popped up on one of those websites preventing them from getting a job unless they paid the fine. Thankfully, google is making those types of websites unsearchable.

    I actually really appreciate that google makes so much of an effort to give good content high rankings.

    Thanks for the hilarious and informative article!

    • Asmithxu, glad that you see the power of Google and why we should consider being on the same page with them. Many times I get confuse on why they do things but all in all, it works out to be in our best interest.

      Glad that Google catch that article and decided to take it down. After someone has been punished for a crime, it should not be surfacing in the future. The past is the past.

      Quality content is what Google are searching for, and if you can maintain that on your website, then you would be on the road to huge rankings and eventually sales. Thanks again for the visit and kind words. All the best. 

  7. Very interesting analogy. Perhaps you can say that Google is the god of the internet based on the 7 proofs that you have enumerated.

    I specifically like proof three: prayers. You’re exactly right! We can search for anything and everything on Google. Students do not even have to go to the library anymore. Almost every information they need is just one click away.

    • Thanks, Alice. Yes, Google is the god of the Internet cause anything you need information on, all you have to do is, Google it.

      Google has come very resourceful over the years, and God knows what the future will bring as they continue to build their infrastructure over the Internet. I wish this was around when I was in high school. thank you for the comment.

  8. And Google punishes too! Those who misbehave in the online world, particularly bloggers, it punishes them by annihilating from the face of the search engine. lol

    Nice one, and I like the way you write. Yes, I agree that in reality, Google isn’t God. It’s powerful, but there are certain limitations to what it can do to us, humans.

    By the way, to those who devote 101% of their time to Master Google, can we call them Google Cult followers? Just kidding. lol

    • Hi, Gomer, thank you for your comment and insight about who google is. Yes, they do punish  if you violate their rules and regulations.

      Glad that you enjoy the read and agree that Google is god of the Internet and have to stay within their guidelines or feel their wrath.

      If you can dedicate most of your time understanding Google, then your website will gain favor in the search engines and result in more sales. Hope that helps.

  9. I just love this post. What a creative way of looking at Google.

    As I own Online businesses then I also often think of Google as being King. It is scary how much they know and how much we need them.

    Thank you for a very entertaining and enlightening post


    • Karen, thank you for your comment and kind words about who Google is.

      Working online with your business is like working in a different world which Google happens to be the King of. Yes, we do need them if we are to survive, and social media is right behind.

      Glad that you get some value here, feel free to stop by anytime.


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