Why Use Infographics? This Will Increase Your Traffic!

Why use infographics for your business? Infographics are an excellent way of showcasing more of the business knowledge and skill set. This form of visual content communicates information in a condensed but informative way that is easy to understand.

This form of visual content shares content with the customers in a concise way, designed to pass a message through texts and images efficiently, so using them in your Shopify Store can do a lot of good things for your customer’s experience. Need more information on Shopify? Click here

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Infographics Make Boring Content Fun To Read!

Today, websites are just creating boring filler content to try and rank their pages using keywords. The visually attractive and well-crafted infographics add prestige to the content of a site. It makes it easy for the reader to digest a few hundred words of information at a go.

The user is not bored and their mind is at ease as they read your content, they capture other imaginative ideas that they can relate to, because of the infographics within your article.

Related Video On Why Use Infographics.

Infographics Are Great For Backlinks And References

Compelling infographics with real and accurate data points, help to build authority over other sites through publications. This, in turn, doubles traffic to your store, since other websites use the infographic as a backlink and reference to your website.

Here is how it works: when Google notices that more people share your content and there are no reports of spammy links, it knows that people trust and love your content. This then shoots your content to the first page of Google’s search results.

Googles view your content as authentic, something they pay emphasis on in their new algorithms when ranking a website in the search engines. Lots of websites are beginning to include infographics because of this.

More Sales!

The simple nature of infographics makes it easier to understand no matter how complicated the content is. It saves people from having to spend researching, analyzing, and compiling it into an easy-to-follow format. It’s the ability to create an easy-to-follow summary from large chunks of information that attracts new leads.

A study by— and since it’s made up of visual content, it also has a 34% more effective persuasion.

I have run a test with two different articles with the same keywords, and the one that I placed infographics in, came up with higher rankings with tons of shares. the idea that the picture paints a thousand words is so true.

Why Use Infographics - Using infographics to tell a story

Infographics Are The Future Of Content Creation

Infographics are a great way to share content with the audience. You can make them downloadable so that you can capture leads for marketing and retargeting. Nobody wants to read through boring content when there is an attractive summary that could take less than 2 or 3 minutes to go through.

So when writing your article, remember infographics helps, and be certain to include them in your Shopify store to attract more readers and eventually more sales.

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6 thoughts on “Why Use Infographics? This Will Increase Your Traffic!”

  1. I think you’re dead right about infographics. They really do make the content a lot more interesting, and offer way more value than just a simple picture. Often it’s a bit like creating a list of bullet points in visual form. I need to try and add more to the content I create.

    Where do we get all these awesome infographics, or how do we create them? Is there are website of program where we can easily make them from templates?

    • Hi,  Darren, glad that you see the importance of using infographics on your website and how it can enhanced your user experience. i am still acquainting myself on using them and finding it very easy to implement.

      On my article there is a website that I direct you on where you can go to create them. Hope that helps and that you will begin using them for your business. Talk to you soon.

  2. You say this is the future for content. Well thank you for showing me the future that I can use now. This is the kind of article I love. Stuff like this can help so many people.

    I would be crazy not to dedicate some time to take a look at this. The page is book marked and I thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

    • Dale, thank you for the feedback and kind words. Glad I was able to bring some value here about using infographics for your Shopify store and websites.

      Please take the time and study using this in the future, it will help with rankings for your website, and people would love the new look to your website.

  3. I have never heard of infographics until I came across your website. And I must say that your website delivers a powerful message on why we should use infographics. Your post delivers an excellent explanation of how Infographics display a very defined, strong, and direct message to the audience. The video also explains why we should keep things simple to get the message across.
    You have definitely convinced me to use infographics and I thank you for your great advice and I am positive it will help me to improve my presence and rankings in the Search Engines.

    Keep up the good work!!!



    • Brad, the internet keeps changing and is the simple things that can make or break our business, and using Infographics happens to be one of them. glad that i was able to bring it over that you can get a clear understanding on why you should be using it in your business.

      Glad that the video was able to help you that how simple you need to keep it when sending messages to your audience. Happy to know that you were totally convinced that you should be using it. Would love to know what it will do to your business. Talk to you soon!


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