Can I Work From Home Or Away From Home On My Business?

I ask myself years back can I work from home or away from home on my business. Because of the internet, it was possible back then and is still the same today. Here is an easy way you can work your home business anywhere that creates a more productive day for your business and you.

Explore Local Venues

You have no doubt seen people at Starbucks or Panera Bread working at their tables while they enjoy a cup of coffee or even lunch. Depending on the type of home business you have you may be able to grab your smartphone, tablet, or small laptop and join them.


Avoid the isolation feeling that comes from working at home. These days you will find many people learning their business and at times they may feel lonely.

The best way to avoid being alone is to find a venue or coffee shop where you can sit and work for the afternoon or morning, which will give you time to be social and finish your job. This can boost someone’s energy just by being among other go-getters, and even you can get a potential client there.

Post #shoplocal while you are in there and it may boost the social media game. Many people will want to follow you and some may even come here and see you.

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Take Yourself Somewhere Secluded

Many of us have a multitude of people with ways to communicate with us at any time of the day. This can be a distraction.

Work From Home Or Away From home - secluded area

You may want to work somewhere you can focus without any distractions. Go somewhere where you do not know anybody and make sure to turn off any alerts on the computer or phone.

If the internet is not required it is even easier to avoid being disturbed. When you get away from all distractions and alerts of modern technology, you will find yourself accomplishing more and feeling good about it. Make sure to get away from usual interference and many things will go your way.

Grab A Treat

Reward yourself for working outside of the home and getting work done faster. Ask yourself this question when you have a monster task or a deadline looming.

“Where can I go so that I get the work done with ease and speed? Also ask, “what can I add to make this job more fun?” Promise yourself to stay at that place until all the work is done, it doesn’t matter how much you want to leave.

One of the best things to do when you have a task to be done at home, and it’s not fun, is to go to the nearest restaurant, sit yourself down, and order your favorite treat or coffee. Many people are taught that is good to first finish the job and then get a treat or prize.

How about doing just the opposite? It won’t hurt if you do both, treating yourself while working on that big intimidating task. You will be grateful after accomplishing everything in time with a happy mood and a full stomach.

Do not be afraid of what people may say if they find you there doing your work. No matter what happens always choose to make yourself happy and avoid being alone when you are working on something stressful. When changing the scenery is believed that it can open new ideas and bring new energies.

Work From Home Or Away From home


Let’s talk about a home business that can be worked away from home using online the Internet. What tools would help make that easier to do?

Some people run their home businesses with nothing more than their smartphones. I have even seen bloggers do this, which has always fascinated me.

Since almost every business has a website and many have blogs this caused me to wonder what are the best apps a home business could use to blog about their business from home or away from it.

1. WordPress. This is the top blogging platform in the world. They have apps for smartphones; Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, and WebOS. You can run your blog using them.

2. iBlogger. The #1 smartphone in the world, the iPhone has an app you can use to blog. They make it easy to integrate content including graphics with Google Picasa, which lets you upload and embed pictures from your Picasa account.

3. Google’s blogger. I do not use this platform, but millions of people worldwide do. Blogging on your Android phone with an app into your Blogspot blog.

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4. Skype. This is one of these great tools that can easily be integrated into any mobile phone using their app.

You can then use it to chat, or talk on the phone. You can even use it for video conferencing if you have a home business that needs to talk to customers, or even joint venture partners, etc.

The app itself is free to download. They have various programs available then make it really inexpensive to talk to people worldwide.

5. Zoho. I came across this while doing research for this article. This sounds like a dream come true for home business owners.

With Zoho, you can run your whole business because it has 40 apps integrated into it for everything from customer service, and marketing to sales, and accounting.

You can start with a 30-day free trial to see if it would help you run your small business. Then you will pay a very affordable $30 a month.

working online while traveling is possibleFinal thoughts

I started out this article with the idea that taking your business away from your home office will help you to be productive and create more space for working. This alone is one of the most powerful reasons to have a home business.

The other really great reason to have a home business today is all of the tools you can use to run it anywhere you are. If you blog like me, and only have a desktop computer, you can still easily blog, thanks to the many great apps that have been created just for businesses like ours!

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18 thoughts on “Can I Work From Home Or Away From Home On My Business?”

  1. I am starting my own Internet Marketing Business and never thought to try something like you have suggested in your website. I love the idea of being able to take my business with me and go anywhere I want and still be able to work; but just going to a coffee shop and sitting there could really inspire me more to want to finish something I have started. As you pointed out it could potentially provide me with leads for my websites also.

    • Susan, glad that you see the importance of taking your business away from your home and what it can do for your business. My business have grown faster when i work away from home. And i would love people to gain this experience as well. Take care.

  2. Working away from home is certainly possible. Even though I am currently on a vacation in Thailand, I can still manage my blog online and keep updated with things. Some people may not like the idea of bringing their work around while they travel, but the concept fits me just fine because I am someone who loves to multitask and grow my income during the free time.

    • Hey Cathy, glad that you find it very rewarding by taking your business with you wherever. I do the same thing and it even helps me to grow my business much faster.

      Ideas flows through our minds constantly so it is a good idea to jot them down as soon as possible. Also there are a few people that reach out to me on a daily basis, so it gives me the opportunity to get back to them as soon as possible. thank you for the comment.

  3. At Starbucks is where I started my business. It has a certain energy going around. Plus it was near the sea so I had a great view!
    One of the reasons I decided to start my online business is because of the mobility it offers. I want to travel everywhere and I haven’t been almost anywhere so I have a lot to catch up with.

    • Jenny, you have the same passion I had when starting out. I wanted a business that i can take with me wherever I go, and Affiliate Marketing made that happen.

      My goal in creating this website is to show others that this is possible, if a simple guy like me can do it, then anyone can do it if they follow the right approach and the training in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for the comment.

  4. You have hit the nail on the head with your discussion of running your own business from home when you talk about loneliness and isolation.

    It is common to see people in cafe’s working on the laptops, tablets etc and soaking in the atmosphere whilst doing so.

    The grab a treat idea is a very sensible one, for your reasons but also because the owners of the cafe are in business too. You working on your own business in their business environment is potentially taking trade away from them.

    I believe that those of us in business and who work from home need to consider owners of these cafe businesses.

    By grabbing a treat you are supporting their businesses, and making your presence in the cafe less about a business and more about the style of shop you are in.

    By the way, you have mentioned some excellent tools for use by home business and online business operators. As a home business owner myself I will be checking out some of these products.

    • Taking your business on the road is a good way of putting your ideas into effect as soon as you come across them. Is also is a good way to kill the monotony of working in one particular area.

      Feel free to check out the tools, I have used them and find them very useful. Glad that you got some value with this article. Talk to you soon.

  5. Presently we don’t have to work so hard just to please our Boss or to get promoted while we can easily set up a business of our own online and manage from home or away from home. You have just made a very beautiful and self explanatory review of the platforms one can use and set up His or Her business online and operate it with just a smartphone. Technology has really emerged and taken over to help us achieve our goals swiftly.

    • Bibian, I could not have said it better. Technology has come a long way,and we could imagine where it is heading, this is the reason we should start building a business for ourselves today before we get left out.

      Thank you for your comment and insight why it is important to work from or away from home on any business one choose.. Which great success with your business.

  6. Great post!

    I love getting out of the house to do extended business projects, especially if I’m really stuck on something. Like you said, the change of pace and scenery can really jig creativity and keep you motivated.

    But seclusion also has its value when distraction becomes a problem. Such are the pitfalls of a home based business. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I think working on your online business away from home is a great idea for a variety of reasons. I am a college student and prefer to work at the campus library whenever I can. It’s a clean, quiet environment which helps me to focus. Plus, I can still take a coffee break if I want to. Changing up the surroundings really does help productivity.

    • Bailey, wish you all the best with your studies. It really keeps you focus on campus cause the environment is built for that. Thank you for your input here.

  8. Great advice, I need that escape to free my head. I love to get out of the house and use my “coffice” coffee office. I can dedicate time to working online as well as seeing a few friendly faces. Plus it gives for good practice to being comfortable as you travel with business. Love the tips for making it more enjoyable!

    • Yes, itis great to work your business from any way you go, taking your business with you. Glad that these tips give you the opportunity that it is possible for anyone. Thank you for the comment and insight.

  9. Working online can get lonely escaping to the coffee shop is a great way to get connected to the energy around you and get some work done. I love your tip on rewarding yourself with treats. Will work for a good biscotti any day.

    For anyone who wants to try working from anywhere, really you local coffee shop or park is a great place to start. Great tips for freedom lovers!

    • It is great when you can take your business any where you go and being an Affiliate Marketer allows you to do that. The coffee shop is definitely one of those places as you rightfully said.

      Great you can see the opportunity here and how it can be very rewarding that someone can take their business with them where ever they go. Thank you for the comment and insight.


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