World Ventures MLM Review – Is This Another MLM Scam?

Trying to find the truth is not always easy. There are so many different voices claiming they have the truth about different MLM companies that it is hard to determine which one is right. Which voice you will hear depends on how you view this World Ventures MLM review.

The truth is, there are good and bad MLM companies, and some are labeled bad simply because a customer or rep felt they got a bad deal. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they are not.

To find out about World Ventures, continue to read our article. It tries to give you both sides of the story to determine what is true and what is not. Reading our article will only take a few minutes of your time and help you determine if you should use their services or not for your next exotic vacation.

What is World Ventures?

World Ventures MLM Review

This company is in the travel industry. One good reason for that focus is that people love to travel, and they love to get travel deals. It was founded in 2005 by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in Plano, Texas. This MLM company helps people take great vacations.

In 10+ years, the pair has extended its reach to 34 markets and have over 1/2 million people as members. Their purpose is to help people find great discounts on their travel packages and help people make money representing their products.

It has been said that Mike Azcue is no longer with the company as he stepped down from being CEO in 2016, and his picture is no longer part of the Administration team the company puts up.

Over the years, the company has seen some professional recognition as they have been listed #1 in the list of Top U.S. Mid-Market Companies,#2 in the $100 Million Growth Club, and #12 in the top 20 U.S. Companies. These listings have taken place despite the BBB catalog of complaints.

Their BBB rating is only C+ which tells you a little about the company before starting your in-depth research.

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How Does World Ventures MLM Work?

The key to World Ventures’ success is that they book many hotel rooms and other travel items in bulk. That way, they can drive the price down, turn around, and offer discounts to their customers or members.

Their work deals with most things involved with travel except flights. They encourage people to use their frequent flier miles to get the best deals with the airlines.

Also, these vacation packages are more like group tours, and you will be traveling with other World Venture members and not total strangers. You will have something in common with the person in the next hotel room or dining room table.

Members pay a monthly fee to access those discounts, but the drawback is your vacation days have to coincide with the package dates, or you cannot book the tour. These vacations are for specified times only.

You are also accruing points as you book travel packages but cannot use those points until a full year has passed. Also, you can’t stockpile those points and use them whenever you want. The company strictly controls its use.

Can You Make Money With World Ventures?

This is really hard to say, as the people who sign up as reps to sell the products of World Ventures find it difficult. Those products are travel packages and or membership plans.

What surprised us is that the company does not mention how much the commission would be in their complicated compensation plan. That plan is 22 pages long, and you can read it for yourself at this link.

World Ventures Review - MLM Business

To give you an idea of what you are getting into if you sign up, there are 3 membership packages, and you pay a one-time fee of either $200 or $300 to join. Then you have to pay a monthly fee to stay active. The lowest membership fee is $27 every month; the next level of monthly payments is $49.

The last level costs you $100 a month. So in the first year, you are paying out $500, $750, or $1400 just for the right to sell those same memberships and other vacation packages.

Can you make money at this game? It is possible to match your potential clients’ vacation days with the package dates exactly. Also, you can make money if you sign up lots of people to pay for those products.

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Examples Of How To Make Money With World Ventures

There are two main ways to make money, and these are standard MLM money-earning practices. You earn a commission for all the products you sell but what that commission amounts to is anyone’s guess.

We have heard that the commission for selling the top-tier membership gets you $50, and 6 referrals get you $250, but we cannot confirm that. Then you need to recruit and do a lot of recruiting. You will earn money off the sales of your recruits just like any other MLM company.

There are bonuses and a point system that you can use at your local restaurants if you do not like to travel. One thing to be wary of, World Ventures will take away your commission if they have to make a refund to one of your clients.

In looking at the compensation plan, you really have to know your stuff to figure out what they will pay you and when they will not pay you. They have maximum weekly bonus payouts, so you may not get all the money you earned in one week.

Take a very close look at the compensation plan as you may not earn anything at all even if you work hard. The compensation plan is tilted in favor of the company.

The Pros & Cons of World Ventures MLM


Even companies like World ventures have some good positive attributes that make them look attractive. Here are a few of those positives to see the good in the company:

  • Work your own hours
  • Popular industry to work in
  • Great discount vacation packages
  • Chance to earn some money
  • Some training available
  • Access to Dream trip apps
  • Access to a personal website
  • The company does charity work


Now to keep everything in perspective, so you have the complete picture. Here are some of the negatives associated with this company.

  • Pay to play, and it can get costly
  • Over 90% make less than $3,000 in a year
  • Vacation packages may not be that cheap or good
  • Very complicated compensation plan
  • A lot of misleading advertising and statements made
  • Lots of complaints
  • Training lacks quality
  • Lack of support
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are many negatives associated with this company, and they go beyond the complicated compensation plan. The BBB has recorded over 300 complaints in the past 3 years.

The company is not very transparent as to what you will be selling when you sign up. You have to find the compensation plan to get an idea of what is entailed once you become a member and want to earn money.

In 2018 dozens of reps took to their social media accounts to announce they are leaving the company due to unpaid commissions. Those unpaid commissions were not just for the reps but their recruits as well. Some reps went 2 months without pay and another 8 months. One was owed $100,000, and last we heard, was not paid.

World Ventures MLM Lawsuits

Then there are the lawsuits. Norway banned World Ventures from its borders in 2014. China and South Africa have also taken steps to limit World Ventures’ activities within their respective countries.

In 2017, I saw a class-action lawsuit in the US calling the company a pyramid scheme. Others are suing the company as well. In 2018 the company announced a 60% drop in revenue from 2016 (over $900 million in revenue) to just over $300 million in 2017.

Let’s face it, the company is in trouble, and of this writing, they may not be out of the woods yet.

Is World Ventures Legitimate?

This is where getting to the truth is difficult. Despite all the negativity about the company, the lawsuits, and the complaints, there are still reviewers refusing to call it a scam or non-legitimate company, like other scam companies.

They bend over backward to sound nice, but the reality is this company is hardly legitimate. Yes, it does provide vacation packages, etc., but some of those packages are not as good as they claimed. The monthly fee also makes their discounts disappear very rapidly.

It is hard to be nice and say this company is legitimate when Governments are finding that it is a pyramid scheme and banning World Ventures from their borders.

My Final Thoughts

This might have been a good employment opportunity as people love to travel and want a great experience overseas. The trouble comes when the company or its personnel focus on how much money they can make instead of offering good deals to their customers and employees like some travel businesses.

World Ventures seems to be such a company. They let a little greed get in the way of performing a great service to their customers, and now they are reaping what they have sown. Of course, this doe not paints all MLM companies in the same way.

You need to get to the truth of each company before enlisting in their programs. This World Ventures MLM review has turned up too many negatives to recommend the company.

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20 thoughts on “World Ventures MLM Review – Is This Another MLM Scam?”

  1. I have totally ruled out multi-level marketing as a scam due to the experience my colleague at work had with an MLM company but having read through this article and has changed my perspective a bit and has given me an insight of what world ventures MLM entail I’ll make sure to share this article with my colleague. Thanks for this review.

    • Not all MLM companies are scams but finding a legitimate and profitable one today,  is unlikely. Less than 10% of MLM distributors ever make a full-time income, and the failure rate keeps growing exponentially. world Ventures is not the one to get started with.

  2. Hi Bishop

    Thank you for your review on this MLM, It goes to show you must look into any venture you are going to undertake closely. 

    Your article is thorough and informative on the subject and makes me think twice about this company.

    Not all MLM are equal, thank you for your review on this business, 



    • You are welcome, Bernardo. Doing your due diligence when researching a company should be one’s first priority and not jump into any program because it looks attractive or the products is in high demand. that is why I think all companies should develop a free service to all potential members, to give them time to see if it is a good fit for them.

  3. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. A program like World Ventures MLM could be my business target since I love traveling around the world.

    Your review gives us a full picture of the World Venture MLM business. I particularly like your Pros and Cons analyses. One of my key intentions is to gain vacation packages for me and my family member. It seems that they don’t provide an attractive vacation package. Plus there are so many negative things you described, I will take some time to study the company more before I make a final decision.

    • Hey Anthony, happy that you find some clarity here with my World Ventures review, and you have a better knowledge of the operation of this company and if there a possibility that you can make some money here. Do not take this review as your final conclusion but do your due diligence by researching more about this company before you decide to invest. I wish you all the best. 

  4. Hello there, thanks for sharing this informative content out here with us. I must say I really learned a lot from going through this review. I was told by a friend to engage in this but I never did because I didn’t fully understand how it all works and being that the price of started is very costly, thanks for giving me the details I needed to know.

    • Most people getting into MLM do so because they are misled how the compensation plan really works. That is the reason most company makes it so difficult for you to have a clear knowledge of it before you join. In this case with World ventures, it is hard to grasp the structure of its compensation plan prior to joining, and that is what most MLM companies do. If this review has helped, I am happy.


  5. Many a times these multi level marketing schemes does not start off as scam companies. They start off with good intentions only to find out later on that things are not what they seem and they have lost money therefore they would want to recover or recoup all or a part of what they have lost. I would not want to put my money here because there are no products to buy and sell. The website could easily be a scam website. Thanks for the insightful information about this website and company. 

    • You are right about certain MLM companies starting out one way and causing you to have to change. This is a very selfish move on their part, and should just accept their loss and move on. Using innocent people and their marketers are not the way. They should be close down by authorities and cease their function as a legitimate business.

  6. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such a great and informative article here thank you for this post I learned a lot I  came across this review while doing some research online and it has been valuable to me I really appreciate your tips on this company World Ventures.  While we are at home I am thinking of starting a new business and your recommendation on affiliate marketing has inspired me in the direction I should take.

    I have tried MLM before and they do operate like World ventures and most people do not make any money. Some of them hang on to business hoping that management would change, but they never do. Thank you for exposing this company and letting us know why we should stay away from joining this company. 

    • It is only a matter of time before authorities close the doors of World Ventures. With a company with so many complaints, I am surprised that they are still in business.

      It is great that you are taking a look at affiliate marketing, take your time and go through the process that I have recommended, and I will be happy to work with you and assist you along the way. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success.

      Talk to you soon!

  7. Hello dear, wow! what nice content you have here, thank you for this post on World Ventures, I learned a lot from this review, and most about David Bishop money-making tips. Your website is plain and simple easy to navigate, full of content, and very understanding. I really do enjoy your posts which always contain full of facts. Lots of thanks. I already saved this post as I did with past ones. I plan on looking at your recommendations, cause I believe in affiliate marketing, and is the only way anyone can earn money from home legitimately.

    Once I go through Wealthy Affiliate, I will be reaching out to you if I need clarification or answers to some questions. I am excited about this program cause I have heard positive feedback in the past. Thank you.

    • Having clarity about a business should be everyone’s main focus before trying to put any money in with the idea of getting a quick return on investment as the way the company portrays. A company with so many complaints should raise a red flag, and I hope that people can see that.

      Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you to understand the fundamental process of making money from home and with a 4 step proven system, people would make a wise decision on the steps they should take, before making any initial payment. Yes, you can join for free to see what this company is all about and if it is a good fit for you. this is one of the main reasons I recommend this business, and people are getting the results for the first time. thank you for the feedback.

  8. Hello bishop, thanks fir sharing this great review on world venture MLM.a lot people mostly newbie needs the information shared here, it really painful how people lost much to fake MLM schemes online. Sometimes what they need is information and proper communication channels. I had my experience with one around June last year. 

    • Billions of dollars are made every year with these MLM companies, and authorities have to do more investigation and increase more fines on the owners of these big establishments, much sooner into their operations.

  9. Hey, nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about world ventures from a friend. Having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. In my opinion, though the company has an amazing business idea, the aspects of them hiding the compensation plans members are open to is not ethical at all, if members are not aware of the outcomes nor their transactions, how can they make claims. All of this will definitely yield complains and dissatisfaction of service to members

    • Thank you for your insight here, and happy that you got some perspective on how World Ventures operate, and the number of claims they are having. Most MLM companies goit a bad name because of their compensation plan, and this company is no different.

  10. Hello there, this is really a nice and an unbiased review on world ventures MLM. Anyways, thanks to you for putting this beautiful information about this company. It does really help. A friend of mine has actually tried this MLM out which didn’t really work out well for him,  he complained a lot about unpaid commissions as well. Which is really bad on their path.

    World Ventures looks like a company to stay away from because of all their complaints and lack of quality of their service and training. Thank you for the detailed review, and I hope this post finds those who are thinking about joining this company.

    • Thank you for the comment. And yes, World Ventures are definitely a company to stay away from. Any company that do not provide their members with the proper training, is a red flag. Companies that experiencing so many complaints are also a red flag.

      This company looks like just a matter of time before they get shut down by authorities, or they may close their doors before that happens with all member’s money. It has happened to other companies before and surely could happen to this company as well.


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