11 Income Streams Recommended For Bloggers

Once you create your blog, you will be looking at income streams recommended for bloggers in any niche of your choice. Creating a blog has a lot of meaning, so let me back up just a minute.

Before you do that, you will need to have a content management system in place. It could be as simple as writing and publishing one article a day or one new article per week.

You need content on your blog before you can monetize it. Once you have range going into your blog, you will be focusing on other things. Don’t worry, I have given you my recommendation at the end of this article that would simplify the entire process.

It would help if you had traffic, backlinks, page rank, social media marketing, etc. As you can see, making money is not what to focus on right away.

OK, you have content and traffic coming in. Now it is time to put some focus on making money.

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Here Are Your Income Streams Recommended For Bloggers

You can use one or more of these income streams to get money coming in, which is why you are doing this in the first place. I will also show you my number one recommendation which is working for thousands of other members from all walks of life.

Here they are…

1. Affiliate Networks

I like affiliate networks as a go-to source for multiple affiliate programs and products. You join the web and get access to money-making products relevant to your niche. If you do not have a place, don’t worry, the community that I would recommend you to join at the bottom of this post will show you exactly how to pick the right niche to make money from your blog.


Clickbank is a good Income Streams Recommended For Bloggers

First of all, I would say to join Clickbank. With one i.d. number you insert to any product URL, you are ready to start promoting it. There are millions of affiliates making money with Clickbank.

Clickbank provides digital products to sell. The commissions are generally high, in the 50-75% range. You can make a $1,000.00 commission from a single sale.

Amazon Associates

Amazon has the best network for finding physical products to sell. The commission is lower, around 5%.

However, the volume of traffic more than makes up for that. People come to Amazon in a buying mood. Selling products as an affiliate can make a lot of sense to many bloggers.

There are other affiliate networks to join. Most of these will be in the pay-per-click or cost-per-action affiliate method. I like Offer Vault as a go-to resource for many things relating to affiliate marketing and cost-per-action programs.

Affiliate networks will provide you with some of the best tracking tools and other resources to use on your blog to generate revenue.

2. Display Advertising

Ads are a common source of revenue for bloggers. Many blogs have gone through a long journey to become Google AdSense affiliates. It would help get 30-40 pages of content published before you apply.

Here is how this works and why it is so enticing to bloggers.

You focus on quality content and getting traffic to your blog. As an Adsense affiliate, you will place a piece of code between the headline tags.

You can do this on your affiliate website, or you can build a separate website to focus on google Adsense so that at the beginning of your niche website, it would not affect your bounce rate by people clicking on the AdSense ads and not staying long on your website which can hurt your rankings.

3. Adsense Auto Ads

Google sells the ads for you. They now have a new version of Auto Ads.

Google will match the advertisers to the content on your blog, so your readers see only relevant ads.

They will also place these on your blog in strategic places and blend the colour. This makes the ads seem part of the blog post.

It also increases the click-through rate, which both Google and you are interested in. This is how you make money.

When someone clicks on an ad, Google bills them for the click. They, in turn, pay you 68% of the billed amount.

That is it. You do not sell or get leads. You concentrate on blogging and adding quality content.

The more, the better. The more posts you have, the more ads are being shown, and the more ads are being clicked on.

4. Sell Advertising

With Adsense, Google sells the ads. You can also sell advertising space on your blog directly to advertisers if you have a blog getting traffic.

Your blog post becomes virtual real estate you can monetize. Look at it this way.

With Adsense, Google pays you 68%. When you sell the ads, you keep 100%.

This is not without its problems, including selling the ads, so many bloggers avoid this. In the early days of your blog, this may not be feasible, but it is worth looking at in the long term.

5. Provide A Service

another income streams recommended for bloggers is to provide a service

For more income streams recommended for bloggers, use your blog to sell a service to other bloggers. Certainly, blog writing would be at the top of the list.

So are other services such as website design, blog setup, getting backlinks, creating YouTube videos, doing a podcast, etc.

The bottom line is this. If a blogger needs something done, you can make money doing it for them.

Use your blog to highlight your work. Add testimonials, so potential customers hear from your satisfied customers.

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6. Banner Ads

There are a couple of ways to make money on your blog from banner ads.

1. Promote an affiliate product.
2. Promote someone else’s product.

As an affiliate marketer, you will have banners for products you can place on your blog. Put them where they will be seen, and people will click on them.

I have always liked to place my banners right at the top of my blog above the fold where they’ll be seen. Then it becomes strictly a numbers game where a certain number of people will click on that banner and perform the required action.

You will primarily be selling a product for the affiliate merchant or getting them to fill out an online form such as a lead form. These are also called landing pages. The merchant has them set up, and your banner sends them to that page.

Presell Your Reader

One proven way to make money with banner ads is to put them on presell pages. This is where you are preselling a specific product before sending your reader away to your affiliate sales page.

When the banner clicks through to the sales page, if somebody’s reading your presell blog post, it’s natural for them to click on the flag, and you’ve already got them into a buying mode. As you can see, there is an art to this.

Promote Other Affiliate Banners

Affiliates are always looking for places to promote their affiliate products. If your blog gets traffic, you can sell them a spot for their banner on your blog.

They pay you and provide the banner. You place it on your blog and again focus on blogging and getting traffic.

7. Sponsored Posts

This is a straightforward way to make money from one specific post. Here is how it works.

You write a post with a specif product in mind. Often this is a review of that product, but it can be content focusing on a specific theme that would lead the reader to want to check out the product.

Why would someone want to sponsor this post? The key is to get it ranked at the top of Google.

This way, it is getting a lot of traffic, so there is value in someone sponsoring that post for a set fee. You can charge by the month and create a residual income for your blog just from that one post.

8. Local Business Sponsored Post

local business blogging as income streams recommended for bloggers

I see real potential doing these. You write a post about a specific need in a local community.

Let’s say you write a tips article about hiring a landscaper. Your goal is to get that post ranked on Google for that local need.

You sell the post to local businesses and put “brought to you by XYZ landscaping” at the top and the bottom of the post.

9. Lead Generation

I cannot think of a better way to build an income stream from a blog than lead generation. Again you could approach this in a couple of ways.

1. Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing

You join an affiliate program and promote your landing page. For each form filled out, you earn a commission.

The longer the form, the more you will be paid. A short form of something like just an email address might only pay you $1. A more extended layout of several pages could pay you $200 or more.

You are building someone else’s list for them. Of course, you are not selling anything, which is a significant benefit to making money this way.

Local Business Leads

A blog to get leads for a local business. You need to either have knowledge of that specific topic or hire a freelance writer.

We all know that people come online all day long looking for information. By zeroing in on a local market, you can give them information and then ask for their contact info and sell it to a local business.

There is a skill to this, but I never see this type of income stream going away. Local businesses will always need leads, and you can make money by giving them to them.

10. Ezine

This is an old phrase from a shortened version of the electronic magazine. Today we call it a newsletter, email, or mailing list.

Whatever you call it, this can be a great income stream from your blog. You build an email list from your blog and make money selling your mailings. you probably heard this phrase, ” The Money is in the List.’

Many of these newsletters go out every week and generate $1 in income per subscriber. Do the math. If your list is 1000 people, you could be earning $1k a week, which is $50K a year for sending out one mailing.

Combo The Newsletter and Blog

On top of the regular newsletter, these same bloggers will send out mailings announcing a new post on their blog throughout the week.

They very simply put the first 2-to three sentences for the blog post, and the words read more. These link back to the blog post.

It is a great way to keep people coming back to your blog. It is also a great way to presell a product before passing the reader through to your sales page.

11. Sell A Newsletter Subscription

sell a newsletter subscription for a blog income streams recommended for bloggers

AdamNolan.com promotes this idea very effectively. You charge for your newsletter.

It does not have to be much; as little as $5 a month would work, especially when you get 1000 or 10,000 paid subscribers.

You use your blog to build your paid subscriber base. Then you focus on putting out a high-quality newsletter that people would want to pay for.

As you can see, an ezine is an excellent complement to a blog. I had to include it in one of my income streams that bloggers can use.

Final thoughts on 11 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers

I have seen articles that list a much larger number of income streams for bloggers. The list grows with links to many more programs.

I focus on what I see are the top products and programs you should be joining as a blogger. Of course, my list leans heavily on affiliate marketing because I think it is the best way for a blogger to make money.

It does not get much simpler than affiliate marketing, blogging, and list building. Learn how to do this, and you will be off and running. IA community will work with you to show you how it is done step by step.

The community can help you learn the skills to combine blogging and affiliate marketing. They will show you exactly the steps you need to take to build your business online through blogging the right way. You have the opportunity to start for free, take the risk away, and have complete knowledge of what this blogging business is all about before you make any investment.

If you are interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to my training guide, and much more.

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16 thoughts on “11 Income Streams Recommended For Bloggers”

  1. Great post.  I really like the part of auto ads.  I have created a website recently and submitted my application to Google ads but they put it on a review I wonder why it is keeping long. By reading your post I know it is because I have less than 40 posts. Great post.  Thank you. 

    • Thank you for the comment. Being in the early stage of your website, I would not worry too much about auto ads on there. I would focus on writing quality content for the moment, with competitive longtail keywords for better rankings.

      Ads on websites at an early stage can increase your bounce rate causing your rankings to go down. I made the change by eliminating Google ads and I saw the difference in my rankings. You can try using a different website catered for Google AdSense if possible. I hope that helps!

  2. I didn’t know that there are so many ways for one to make money online as a blogger. Your tips are really good. I think I need to try those Google ads out seeing how simple it is. For now, I work as an associate where I get to look for products to sell and get commissions from. I registered with Amazon associates which are a really good one. Nice post you have here. Great work!

    • Thank you for the feedback and is great that you are moving in the right direction in affiliate marketing with Amazon. There are great products to find and they have a reputable company that most people go to buy products. Google ads are great if set up at the right time and is not affecting their website bounce rate. All the best.

  3. Hello Bishop, some very nice means of income for bloggers you have listed here, and for me, this is the first time I am learning about Ezine, and it seems really simple to go with. Some of these income streams are quite common and for me, I believe affiliate marketing is one of the best I have seen on the internet considering the wide range of companies one can be an affiliate for. How about writing reviews, how well can that yield income?

    • Hey Benson, thank you for the kind words and Ezine is an old phrase, but you probably know it by email list. Building a list can become a great asset to your business and if you build it right, I can turn out to be your number one income source.

      Affiliate marketing is definitely the number one to choose from and most entrepreneurs are finding that is the best way to make money online with little or no effort on their part. Writing Reviews is a great way of getting quality traffic to your offer and money can be made. Swagbucks and InboxDollars come into my mind when venturing into this field.

      Al, the best≥

  4. Hi Bishop, thank you for those tips to help bloggers. I am a newbie in blogging and at the moment, I am concentrating on building quality content before monetizing my site. Please, What is your recommendations for the number of posts per week we can add? How long does it take for a blogger to start making money with his website?

    • Hi Eva, thank you for the comment. I am happy that you got some value here and I think it’s great that you choose to blog to build a business online. Focusing on quality content for your website is the right approach.

      When starting out a minimum of 3 posts per week is a great way to start and being consistent should be your main focus. Making money online would come if your major goal is to serve or educate your audience as opposed to selling. It can happen for you within three to six months. sometimes within your fir six weeks, depending on your marketing strategies. I hope that helps!

  5. Currently, I am an affiliate marketer. I started off very late but I have my eyes set on so much so I am very sure that I will make so much as a blogger. For now, I am looking just to write quality comments so that when the time is right, I can register for one of these affiliate programs. It will be really good for me to make money maybe through Amazon. Thanks for educating me on more income streams. Is it possible to join more than one income stream to make money online?

    • John, your focus looks like you are on the right track, and education is key to building a successful business online this is one reason I recommend people to join Wealthy Affiliate to pursue their dreams in affiliate marketing. I would focus on one niche website in the beginning, so that you would create a targeted audience to build your authority website in the eyes of the search engines.

      Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a great choice because they have a variety of products and many shoppers choose Amazon as one of their main companies to buy from.  So target one income streams in the beginning and as your website grows you can gradually increase your income streams within your niche.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  6. Blogging is one of the most lucrative and interesting online businesses anyone can engage in and it’s gained popularity over time. I had that problem some years back, I wasn’t able to get the content for my blog to be of high quality, this was when I realized that content is a very important thing to possess when generating traffic. These income streams are really nice and profitable too, it’s nice of you to share.

    • It has become very easy for anyone to start a business with blogging today than in the past. And becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best investments anyone can make for their future.

      Not be able to produce quality content for your website should not keep back anyone from building a business online, because this is one aspect of your business you can outsource in the beginning as your confidence and knowledge grows. It can be very overwhelming on the different income streams one can join but focusing on one, in the beginning, should be the right approach.

  7. I’m not really into blogging but I have so much idea about it because I read a lot and I think you are right about the traffic generation thing, this can be done better If the content you have is very high in quality. It takes some bloggers a lot of time to realize that monetizing their business needs some work. 

    Affiliate programs are a very good one, others too are with great profit tendencies for those who can engage properly. I’ll share this with some other platforms so they’ll benefit from it.

    • Thank you for your insight here on blogging, and writing quality content should be the primary focus when starting out on building a successful business online. educating your audience should be the best approach when monetizing your website.

      Affiliate programs have become very popular in today’s online world and are growing daily. many companies finding it the best way to get their products to the marketplace by sharing the profits with their Affiliates. thank you for wanting to share this post with your followers.

  8. Some time ago I created my own blog. Really your position with the 11 income streams is very interesting. What interests me most is Google’s automated ads and ad sales. Your article really enlightened me on many points that I had doubts about. Thanks for your insightful and helpful topic.

    • Happy that my 11 income streams interested you and you get some value here. Google ads can really rake in some income in the long run once you created a lot of content on your website. so at the early stage, your priority should be writing content for your website.


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