2 Examples Of High-Level Affiliate Marketing Income!

Earning high-level affiliate marketing income is really not much different than earning low-level affiliate marketing income. You still have to follow the basics of affiliate marketing.

The difference is you are going to be selling a high-ticket product where you earn more per sale. You could earn big money in affiliate marketing with lower-paying affiliate products, but the time it takes you to scale from a small check from your affiliate merchant to a big one is longer.

Let me explain how earning high-level affiliate marketing income is actually easier with big-ticket products than it is with smaller-priced items.

What Are Big Ticket Products?

A recent study showed that affiliate sales in the U.S. were $4.7 Billion in 2016. That number is expected to grow to over $6.8 Billion Dollars in 2020.

I think you would agree that it will take a lot of $20 ebook sales to hit $6.8 Billion. In your own personal cause, it would take a lot of ebook sales at $20 Dollars to earn $100K a year as an affiliate marketer.

An even faster and even better approach, in my opinion, is to sell products that cost $500 or more. The other thing to pay attention to is what is your commission rate going to be a big ticket from it.

If you earn a 50% commission on a $500 product you’re going to earn $250 per sale. If you were to earn a 50% commission on the $20 e-book you’re going to earn $10 per sale. You have to make 25 sales of an e-book at that price to equal the same amount of income on one sale of a $500 product.

High Level Affiliate Marketing Income

Let me give you another example.

I remember reading one time about an affiliate marketer that sold rare church organs at over $120,000 per sale as an Amazon affiliate. His commission rate was 5% and he earned $6000 on one sale.

He was actually selling one of these a month and earning over $70,000 a year as an affiliate marketer. This is kind of an odd niche to be in, but this guy had a passion for this specific product and he was able to turn that into a very healthy yearly income making only one sale a month.

This is the type of thing that’s available to you when you sell big-ticket products.

Another approach is to join a top-tier business opportunity such as ‘increase your profits. This is a direct sales business where you have to purchase the product before you’re allowed to sell it. However, you are in business for yourself and as an affiliate for that product, you get to keep 100% of your commissions.

The product line ranges from $2000-$22,000. You don’t have to make near as many sales to earn $100,000 a year selling a big-ticket item like this at 100% straight commission.

This is why in my opinion the best way to earn a higher-level income in affiliate marketing is to sell products that are big in price and pay you a healthy commission for your efforts!

affiliate marketing

2 Tier Affiliate Marketing

This is another way to develop a high income as an affiliate marketer. You earn a commission on your own sales. but you also earn a smaller commission on the sales of people you recruit into that affiliate program.

Let me give you an example of how 2 tier affiliate marketing works selling a $1000 product. Let’s say that you are earning 20% on your commission on that $1000 sale.

You would earn $200 on your personal sales. In a two-tier affiliate program, you would also earn a commission on the sales of that product by people you personally recruit.

This is going to be a small commission rate and let’s say it’s 5%. In this example, you earn $50 on every sale made by affiliates you recruit.

Think about an interesting statement that the richest man in the world once made. John D. Rockefeller once said that he would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than he would have 100% of the efforts of himself.

This is the strategy of two-tier affiliate marketing. Would you or would rather earn a $50 commission on the sale of a product by 100 people, or earn $200 on the sale of one product by yourself?

This is another way you can earn a higher-level income as an affiliate marketer by taking advantage of the efforts of other people.

Let me explain one key difference however between affiliate income in a two-tier program and network marketing. With affiliate marketing, you’re only going to earn income on the second level, which is your personal recruits.

In network marketing, these programs pay several levels deep. Whether you recruit the people or not. However, one great thing about 2-tier affiliate marketing is you get to work directly with the people that you enroll in the program.

People who are social in nature really like 2 tier affiliate marketing because it gives you a chance in essence to develop your own sales team. You can also expand into other programs and bring these affiliates with you by enrolling them into more to 2-tier programs.

It does take some time to find the right kind of affiliates who are like you, but in the long run, this is definitely one way to get rich in affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

These are 2 examples of how you could earn a high-level affiliate marketing income. How high you go with either two of these is 100% on you.

Affiliate Marketing is a personal achievement-based income in my opinion. I like it that way because now you control your own income and never have a ceiling on it!

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