American Online Jobs Review – And Their Misleading Approach!

In researching (AOJ) American Online Jobs Review, I was struck by 3 primary things. These revolve around people needing to make money, people wanting to make more money, and companies looking for workers to work for them in a non-traditional way.

In this review, we will look at America Online Jobs and how they play a role in being a part of all three.

  • Name: (AOJ) American Online Jobs
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Owners: Brenda F. Rosenberg
  • Overall Rank: 10 out of 100
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American Online Jobs Product

Brenda Rosenberg had done this when she created this business to match traditional job seekers with non-traditional work-at-home jobs. Their website says that they have had over 20 years of experience in this matchmaking.

Non-traditional is key here because we are talking about telecommuting instead of working at a place of business. This is not new and has grown in popularity in the past decade.

American Online Jobs does match you up to legitimate third-party sites with the promise you will make a lot of money. The way you make money through this company is to sign up and then sign other people up to take those same surveys Ms. Rosenberg sent to you.

american online jobs ReviewRecruiting New Members

This would indicate there is recruiting involved, and that can be a problem. When is the last time you recruited someone to work with you at a job?

It does happen from time to time. Some companies have a referral bonus they pay if you tell a friend or relative about a job with them. However, that is generally a one-time thing and will not become an income stream for you.

It seems with American Online Jobs; you will get commissions every time you play the role of a recruiter. You can make money, but it is doubtful that you will be able to quit your day job any time soon. You certainly won’t make the $700 to $1600 a week you were told you could make when you sign up.

Once you sign up, you get a pre-made website created by America Online Jobs. This is a replicated website.

What that means is everyone has the same website but is coded with individual identification numbers. This is common online today in get-paid-to programs, affiliate programs, employment opportunities, and MLM programs.

You can often make minor changes to your company website. These would include changing the name, email address, and even the phone number on your site from what is provided.

Since you are not hosting the website, you do not control it. This is why you cannot make major changes to any of the pages.

With American Online Jobs, it is a 3 step process before you are ready to get others hooked into the same process. There may be some unethical aspects involved in the whole process.

paying tax for american online jobs

The Pros & the Cons of American Online Jobs

As with just about any product or program available, there are both good and bad things about it. If you are trying to recruit someone or make a sale, you will tend to focus on the good and not the bad.

Since I am not a member of American Online Jobs, I have nothing to gain either way financially.

The Pros:

  • They have training
  • It is free to sign up
  • There is a possibility to make some money

These three things are not really anything new to make money online programs. Many are free to join.

You would not join unless you could make money or at the very least use the product to make your life easier in some way. They also provide training which is not anything different. You will have to decide if the training is worthwhile in trading your time for what you gain from it.

The Cons:

  • They make misleading statements
  • Give you misleading offers
  • Misrepresent affiliate marketing

What kind of misleading statements and offers? They have no jobs to offer you for one thing.

Isn’t it ironic that a program name American Online Jobs is not a job website? It is a middleman trying to get you to join programs they are members of.

Basically, they get you into a sales funnel. You join them, and then their focus is on selling your products and other programs. I wouldn’t say I like that approach unless I know right up front what is going on.

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Click here right now for our review, my personal help, and instant access to our free training videos where we'll show you exactly how we did it ourselves starting out as complete beginners without ANY prior knowledge or experience in marketing online whatsoever!

Who is American Online Jobs For?

That is actually a good question. At first glance, American Online Jobs are for those people who do not fit into traditional jobs. It seems to provide them with a way to make money while working according to their preferences and desires.

Also, it seems to be a good fit for those who have been unemployed for a long time. College students might handle it as there is a promise of making some money that will help them with their college bills.

The good news is that experience and college education are not needed when you sign up or apply for various jobs. That status level fits many ordinary people who can’t seem to find their niche in life.

With over 15 years in the make-money niche, I know it is an evergreen niche. Millions of people come online every day looking for work-from-home jobs, ways to earn money online, how to start an online business, and so on.

One phrase searched a lot is American online jobs work from home reviews. This bodes well for the American Online Jobs website but is really an example of a phrase people search for generically in their desire to find a job they can do from home.

american online jobs American Online Jobs Glassdoor

I am writing about this because Google tells me this is another commonly searched phrase relating closely to American Jobs Online.

Glassdoor has done a great job of carving out a spot at the top of the work-at-home jobs niche. Their site alone gets over 60 million hits every month.


I’m not writing a review about Glassdoor, but their mission statements sum up the reason why people often combine their company name with American Online Jobs. “To help people everywhere find a job and company they love.”

In reality, this is the website you need to be on and not American Online Jobs.

AOJ Online Jobs Tools & Training

The good news is that once you sign up, you can go to the member’s area and click on some of the training videos the company has available. There are about 9 videos available, and there may be one or two bonus videos to help you get started.

These videos train you in affiliate marketing techniques, including building your website and other facets of online work. They also ex[plain how to get traffic from Facebook.

The only drawback to the training area is that AOJ has lots of little buttons trying to get you signed up at different survey companies. The company tries to make money off of you as they train you.

This makes sense because that is their business model as a referral company. They are not selling products or training. They are referring you to companies that do sell products and/or training.


The only support process we could find was that once you have signed up, you get an e-mail talking about how the company needs agents, and they are willing to share their secrets with you.

There is no mention of any support the company actually offers outside of the training videos you get access to when you sign up. You are basically on your own as you navigate the different steps to sign up and meet the requirements AOJ provides.


The initial sign-up is free, and that is about where the free part ends. It has been said that to set up your account, you have to buy an anti-virus program for about $25 to $40. So far, that is about the only upsell we have found associated with this company.

But there is more. To get set up and to get access to the website the company makes for you, it seems you have to sign up at different survey-taking websites. While allowing you to make a little money by filling out surveys, the company is making money off you for the many referrals they bring to those survey companies.

The key for you to make money is to use the website they create for you and to snag your visitors, getting them to sign up and do what you did. Those referrals are supposed to pay you a commission, although we did not see what that was.

To me, this seems like a 2 tier affiliate program. You join and then get people to join. The difference is you are not making any money until the people who join you join other real programs with real products to sell.

application for american online jobs

It is an interesting way to make money online while not doing a lot of work. I wouldn’t recommend it simply because the company makes many misleading statements.

Also, you will find it very hard to make that $700 to $1600 a week they promised you when you landed on their website. There are easier ways to make money without giving your personal information to a lot of survey companies that rarely pay well.

Are There Really Jobs Online In America?

This is the real question that gets to the bottom of what we’re really talking about, not only with American online jobs but just finding online jobs from home in general. I personally have been through this off and on over the years. I know millions of others have.

You come online looking for jobs you can do on the Internet from the comfort of your own home. What ends up happening is you have shuffled around from one website to another, often joining get-paid-to programs such as taking paid surveys.

You might be asked to join a business opportunity that is not what you’re really looking for to start with. The turning point for me came when the phrase telecommuting started happening.

This signified that people could work a real job for a real company but do it from the comfort of their own homes. This was a breakthrough because it was a win-win situation both for the employer and the employee.

I would suggest you look at websites such as if telecommuting is of interest to you. There is a monthly fee of $15, which gives you complete access to everything on their website.

I’m not selling this program, but I do think it’s a worthwhile website to be on because you’re going to find all kinds of real jobs based on your skill level. If you don’t have a skill for a specific job, it will point out what you need to do to become qualified for that job.

Once you’ve done that, the world is your oyster, so to speak. You’ll find plenty of companies willing to hire you to work from the comfort of your own home in the position of a job and not as a freelancer or business person.

My Final Opinion Of AOJ Online Jobs

If you want to work at your own speed and fill out surveys and join get-paid programs, you may have a good opportunity through American Online Jobs. Of course, the way you will make the bulk of your money is by using your free website to gain referral commissions to all the sites you send your visitors to.

This company tries to hook up those who can’t find a good traditional job and would feel more at home with non-traditional employment. Just be skeptical as you go through the signup process.

If you are interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, and much more.

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22 thoughts on “American Online Jobs Review – And Their Misleading Approach!”

  1. Thanks for writing such a detailed review of American Online Jobs. It’s a strange company. I even think it’s an MLM scheme. They give you the DFY site with links to other programs. That sounds like an MLM. I don’t like it, especially because those sites are not yours. So if American Online Jobs gets shut down, my site and my business go down with it?

    • Ivan, you mention something that a lot of people do not take into consideration. After you build a huge audience, why would you not build a website that you own so that if the business you are promoting close their doors or get shut down, you still have access to your audience which will turn out to be your number one traffic source?

      Another thing, you would never get rank with the replicable website, so where are your organic traffic would come from? Mr. Google never favors those sorts of websites, so there goes your free organic traffic. most MLM companies do not work, and the legit ones are difficult to earn an income because of their recruiting formula that favors the ones at the top.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Hi, Bishop.
    Thanks for sharing your unbiased review of American Online Jobs. As you correctly said, any program that boasts of becoming rich without doing any hard work and putting sincere efforts is definitely a red flag for me. There is nothing for free in life and we need to learn how to succeed in life. I feel that Affiliate Marketing is far better than such programs.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Affiliate marketing is definitely the best program to join because of its success rate. look how fast Amazon is growing? This is the reason why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you have the opportunity of owning your own website, promoting what you decide, and working with a community that is eager to see you succeed.

      Then you have the owners and me that would stand by you until you are experiencing success. You are on the right track and if you ever need assistance in growing your business, you can contact me through Wealthy Affiliate, and I will be happy to work with you or answer your concerns.

      Talk to you soon!

  3. This is exactly what I anticipated. I have to say how thankful I am to have found this review. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the American online jobs and their promise of a steady income in a non-traditional working manner. I felt like something was not right as experience has taught me that there’s always more than meets the eye with such companies. It is a shame they are misleading people.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Rhain, very good observation. Any company that has to use fake testimonials to grasp people’s attention does raise a red flag. I always tell people to look for programs that have a training program that teaches you whatever you want to market.

      A program that focuses on you owning your own website that when it matures, you can sell it for hundreds of thousands or millions. American online jobs company do not possess these qualities and do raise a red flag. Happy you get some value here with this review.

      I would see you inside WA!

  4. Hello there, thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as I have been of help to me. I have tried the American online jobs and I must tell it was a really little good but I don’t advise anyone to try it out as it’s a complete waste of time.

    • Thank you for your honest opinion on American online jobs. I have heard the same response by many others, and they did not have any success.

      It is not a product I would recommend as well.

  5. Hi, it seems to be a very common thing. The whole idea of making money from recruiting others. All these companies start up, rarely sell a good quality product that is worth selling. And then they don’t make it. I guess that’s why you gave this one a 10 out of 100. The support also seems to be very locking, and I’m not sure why they would even try to sell you an anti-virus program. That is just weird.

    • Is mind-boggling the type of garbage people put on the internet to have people purchase. Authorities should investigate these companies and impose a severe penalty. There are so many legitimate companies that are offering an affiliate program that people can profit from, and earn an income from home.

  6. Hi David! I don’t like what I have read concerning American Online Jobs. I like when platforms clearly state what they offer and not give misleading statements as this platform does.

    Not having BBB rating and only being a middle man are points that have made me give this opportunity a pass. I’ll check this community you mentioned at the end of your post. Thanks.

    • We are living in one of the greatest information age ever, and these companies feel they can get away with false representations.

      They honestly do not have the public interest in mind, one of the reasons for not having a BBB rating. The community I mention you can join for free and try out their training to see if it is a good fit. if you decide is something that would work for you, then I will be willing to work with you and help you reach your goals.

      Talk to you soon!

  7. Hey, I enjoy while reading your review on American Online Jobs. While reading I know it is suitable for those people who do not fit into traditional jobs. It seems to provide them with a way to make money while working according to their preferences and desires. It is a good site to find real jobs based on your skill level. I like your idea to run your own successful business online. 

    • The reason for this website is to help average people like me to learn how to market online and earn a full-time income. It is also to show people what companies are not legit and a waste of time investing in them. 

      I have been scammed in the past by many companies and I do not want others to make the same mistakes. that is the reason I promote Wealthy Affiliate so that people can get support and decide what is best for them to market online.

      And once you set it up the right way, it would be around for generations to come.

  8. Hi Bishop, thanks for the review. From what I have read so far, this online job is very different from the ones I have seen in recent times. With my experience, I don’t think this company can earn us $600 to $1600 a week. It’s too good to be true and should not be believed either because the method with which we are to make this money is not reliable. It’s a damn difficult thing to recruit people and that’s why I don’t even like MLM. I guess it’ll be suitable for some persons anyways.

    • Thank you for your take on this. Companies that focus on recruiting people to build your business, do not work for most. while all the ones are struggling at the bottom, only a handful at the top is reaping the benefits.

      That pyramid attitude will never work and is not a good practice to build a business online. You are right by wanting to stay away from MLM companies that focus on that compensation plan. 

      All the best!

  9. Periodically, I will spend some time browsing the internet looking for opportunities or following up on recommendations I might have been given. Hence, why I’m here. Although this one doesn’t look like a good ‘fit’ for me, at least I know that now and will avoid it should I come across it at some point in the future.

    That’s one of the reasons why articles, such as yours, are so very important. I have amassed a substantial list of companies that should be avoided at all costs. Yet again, with American Online Jobs, it looks like the only person who is making serious money is the owner of the company.

    One thing I have found when it comes to recruiting is to have a solid ‘testimonial’. Surely one of the questions any prospect is going to have is “How well have you done with this ?” Looking at this scheme, it might be quite hard to furnish them with an answer, at least one that is going to make them want to sign up immediately. 

    All is not lost though. I have another name on my ‘ones to avoid’  list and you have given me a lead, with ‘Flexjobs’. That looks like it may well be worth looking into.

    • I try to take the time to investigate these companies, and from time, there are a few good ones that pop up, but most of them are lacking the training to equip beginners how to build a successful business online from scratch.

      This is why I direct all my followers to Wealthy Affiliate to see if it is a good fit for them without spending a cent. And if they see that is something that they willing to get involved with, then I will work with them personally as they follow the training and equipped themselves.

      I think with American Online Jobs, the focus was on how much he can grow this business the legitimate way and make a huge amount of money. And that may even work, but what about the majority of people that helped him get there? It surprises me why the longevity of the business is not put into place here.

      Happy to see that your eyes are open as well when researching these companies. And if you do find good ones it is a good practice to let the public know as well. Thank you for your contribution here on this review.

  10. Thanks for the post about Good American Jobs Online. Now I know it’s all a hoax. Everything works on the principle of a pyramid. They live off the commission of new members. During the training, the trainers sell the same products. Good job advice. All entries are free as everywhere else, only after that, you pay a membership fee. Nobody guarantees that you can make some money on this job.

    • I having trouble understanding why authorities allow these companies to operate or even get started. There are so many people that will fall prey to these money-making schemes and they cannot be stopped before getting started. This world is full of self-motivated people. Thank you for the feedback.

  11. Seriously, I don’t think I like something like this where I can’t have control of my business. So after all the hard work, I’ve done, then I wake up one morning and discover that my site is down, I wonder how I’ll feel.

    And this is the worst part, my website will not be set up until I complete some surveys referred by them to some survey companies they’re an affiliate to thereby making money off me is seriously something to pause and look into. I think I’ll rather stay away from this kind of company.

    • Leon, that is the number one reason I do not join these companies. You spend so much time advertising a website that you do not own and not sure how long it is going to be up. That what happened to me a few years back with Empower Network. Happy that I am with a new company and that I am the sole owner of my business and website. thank you for the feedback.


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