Amway MLM Review – Is This MLM Business Saturated?

My Amway MLM Review. This well-respected company is still one of the largest today, with a different outlook on the MLM industry.


One of the all-time great MLM business opportunities is Amway. When Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel started Amway over 50 years ago, I’m sure they never dreamed they could build it into a multibillion-dollar business.

Today their kids run the business, and it’s the largest direct sales company globally with annual revenue of over $10 billion a year.

This is accomplished through the network marketing business model by marketing great products to retail customers and distributors.

What kind of products?

Its product lines include air purifiers, cosmetics, electronics, home care products, insurance, personal care products, jewelry, Nutrilite dietary supplements, and water purifiers.

In My Amway MLM Review – Let’s Look At The Products!

Let’s look closer at the most significant product sellers within Amway and see why they are so successful and maybe see if anyone joining today still has the chance to make it in this business.

Although the products have proved themselves in the market in many countries worldwide, is the opportunity to make money still there? Or is this business being around so long now becoming saturated for the newbie?

Nutrilite Vitamins & Diet

I have to admit that I was surprised that Nutrilite is the world’s number-one-selling product in this category. With so many supplement products online, especially in the MLM industry, it is a testament to Amway that they have the number one selling product.

Nutrilite has been around since the 1940s, and Rich and Jay started selling that product they later purchased to start Amway.

Amway has farmland with over 7600 acres. The products use no chemicals, are organic, and have no side effects.

Nutrilite products are supplements and are not designed to replace meals but rather to help make up for what you may be lacking in your diet.

If you wanted to join Amway and feature this as your primary product, you could do business just out of it. However, Amway has other high-quality products as well.

Amway MLM Review - home care cream

Home Care Products

Consider these to be essential commodity items. This is a product that’s been used up and reordered.

These are things that are used in your basic everyday life. Some of the top Amway sellers include…

  • – liquid organic cleaner
  • – SA8 laundry detergent
  • – wood and glass cleaner
  • – dish drops

And hundreds more. Over 450 products,

Again these could be products sold in a category by themselves. One downside to home care products is the competition you’ll face from some of the large retail companies such as Walmart and Target.

Amway has compensated for this by encouraging its distributors to buy from themselves. Because they have so many products, this is easy to do. As the distributors gain confidence in the products, they can demonstrate and refer them to their friends.

Personal Care Products

Amway Artistry products are one of the top five selling premium skincare products globally and one of the top 10 largest-selling cosmetic brands.

Again this is a very competitive category, so that is saying something. It also helps build on the theme that you can focus on one particular segment of Amway products to make money or use it to enhance your business with the other products you are promoting.

Amway MLM Pros and Cons


1. It is a legitimate business
2. They have good products
3. They have been around for a long time
4. wide variety of health and skincare products


  1. The business has become saturated
  2. Always have to buy extra products.
  3. Constantly chasing friends and families
  4. Invitation to hotel meetings which contribute to additional costs
  5. Less than 50% of sponsors are active and earn only $200 a month.

Amway MLM Business Model

Amway MLM Review - network marketing structure

I would not be doing justice to the review of Amway products if I didn’t talk specifically about Amway as a company and the business model.

Amway is a direct sales company that uses the MLM business model to get its products out into the marketplace, with simple marketing training to build your business.

When you join Amway, you are starting your independent distributorship. You are in business for yourself, but you’re never in business by yourself as a network marketer.

The great thing about being an independent distributor is running your own business any way you see fit. This includes determining how you’re going to market your products, building your sales team, and using the Internet to promote both.

If you like working with other people, you will like network marketing. If you want to sell directly to customers, you will enjoy the retail aspect of MLM programs as well.

Amway has been tested several times by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, to determine if they are a pyramid scheme. As with other network marketing companies, they have withstood these closer looks and even lawsuits due to a couple of primary things.

1. Retail sales. First of all, you must have retail customers who sell your products daily. It’s not sufficient to focus on building your sales team or downline distributors.

I’ve always felt that this should be natural anyway because you profit from retail sales. The more customers you have, the more money you’re going to make.

The beautiful thing today is customers can purchase from your website and have a product shipped directly to them. You are not involved in the client fulfillment process in any way other than possibly talking to your customers if you want to.

Amway will pay you once a month for any commissions that you’ve earned on your retail sales. Having looked at some of the other Amway products already, you can see different ways to make money in retail sales of products Amway has.

Amway MLM Review - sign up to join amway

2. Sponsoring new members. You cannot make any money just by recruiting new members. In network marketing, this is known as sponsoring distributors.

What else makes Amway not a pyramid scheme is that you can bypass your sponsor and earn more money than them in the compensation plan. Because you are in business for yourself, you can build a more significant business than your upline, making more money.

To do well with an Amway business of your own, you need to focus on getting 5 to 10 retail customers, servicing those regularly, sponsoring new distributors, and helping them repeat what you’ve done.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Amway MLM


Final Thoughts

In the past, Amway has had a negatively associated with them in that people were invited to meetings. Also, many individuals in Amway and other network marketing businesses failed, which has helped give the industry, in general, a bad name.

Amway has been able to recover from that primarily due to its products’ quality and growth in other worldwide markets.

As the top direct-selling company globally, it is potentially a good MLM business opportunity to be in, but you want to check it thoroughly out for yourself.

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  1. While Amway business model is nice people generally get fed up because it is very limited or no help from their uplines.. if the uplines treat their downlines well things will be even better and honest… Newbies generally look at their uplines for success but limited or no help becomes the downlines downfall, I am one of the downlines myself but I found a different way to work i.e promoting the products directly via


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