Are You A Flexible Working Parent? Let’s find Out!

Are you a flexible working parent is the question that most mothers are faced with from time to time in this pandemic time that we are facing. Being a parent with a job would highly require someone to become a flexible working parent.

Parenting is a full-time job, and the situation becomes more complicated when parents have to fulfill their parenting responsibilities while keeping their jobs to pay the bills. It becomes even more challenging when your job requires you to work 8 hours every day without exceptions.

If your company offers some flexible work arrangements, you may be able to request work from home if you need to take care of a sick child. Or request an earlier schedule so you can leave work early to pick up your kids at school.

Flexible work arrangements make it easier for parents to manage work and family needs. It also improves parents’ work-life balance overall, allowing them to avoid childcare complications due to work schedules.

What is flexible working?

When a company offers flexible working arrangements, you can ask for adjustments to your work schedule, work hours duration, and even the location where you would like to work. Flexible working arrangements are requested, which can either be approved or rejected. Some reasons for rejections are:

  • Higher business cost
  • May affect the quality of work and productivity
  • Tasks may not be delegated properly
  • Fear of not meeting customer demand
  • The requested working hours are not during peak hours
  • Workforce changes

Keep in mind that flexible work arrangements are sought after by other employees too. They might be in the same situation as you are or could be in a more complex predicament. It is essential to follow your company’s rules in requesting a flexible work arrangement. Aside from that, you can also consider the following guidelines when sending your request:

  • Talk with your immediate superior first – Sometimes, speaking to your boss about your request allows you to better prepare and learn if there are requirements for you to follow.
  • Know your limits – Before sending your request, know what you think is reasonable and acceptable for yourself and the company.
  • Set your performance commitments – When preparing for your request, include goals that you can commit to and ensure that you meet those goals. Sadly, most companies will require an exchange of your work commitment for the approval of your request.
  • Offer a trial period – Provide a timeline to test your flexible working arrangement. This will allow your company to measure whether it’s working or not.

How do companies implement flexible work?

Flexible work implementation may differ from one company to another as one size doesn’t fit all. There could be policies that may need to be changed or modified. Your company also needs to consider a few factors before implementing flexible working arrangements. Here are some of them:

working flexible virtual
  • It is identifying the number of working parents. Aside from biological parents, this also includes adoptive parents, foster parents, legal guardians, blended families, same-sex families, and grandparent carers.
  • Workplace culture cultivation. This involves encouraging employees to communicate their operational needs to improve work performance.
  • Flexibility to flexible working arrangements. This means that flexible working arrangements are adjusted to the employee’s needs. This should be discussed thoroughly to ensure that the meeting will work out between the employer and the employee.
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Advantages of Flexible working

There are many benefits of flexible working. Parents look forward to these benefits because they are also vital to them. The advantages of flexible working may differ in each person’s situation. Some of the common advantages of flexible working are the following:

More time for family

Working away from home is one of the reasons why parents are unable to spend more time with their children and families. Working on your preferred schedule or working from home allows parents to be with their kids and families more, eat together, and, more importantly, be there when their kids need them

Save more money

Flexible working allows you to save money in many ways. You don’t need to spend money on transportation, whether it’s for gas, taxi, bus fares, or train tickets. It also allows you to save money on work clothes since you don’t need to report to work at the office. Moreover, there will be no more eating or take out, saving you more money.

No more commute

Many people don’t like daily traffic going to and from work. Parents arrive home stressed and tired, leaving no time and energy for family obligations. Working from home removes these unhappy scenarios from your daily life. Also, it helps you avoid unfortunate road accidents and other safety risks of commuting.

Promotes a healthier lifestyle

Flexible working provides you with more time to take care of your health. You can add more hours to your physical workout exercises or have fun doing the hobbies you love. Working at home also allows you to cook your meals, make better food choices, and be able to eat healthier food.

Parents remain in the Workforce.

Instead of giving up on their careers to focus on childcare, parents can keep working because of flexible working arrangements. And for the company, it boosts workplace morale and improves employee satisfaction and retention rates.

work distractions from your kidDisadvantages of Flexible working

If advantages, of course, there are disadvantages to flexible working. Parents may find themselves overwhelmed trying to adjust to their new makeshift work environment. Maybe you can relate to these experiences and learn from them.

Home distractions

Perhaps the most challenging for parents working from home is the family members, members of the family especially when there are kids around. Working from home would require you to have a workspace where you can work without interruptions.

However, even with a designated workroom, some occurrences can’t be ignored, like a crying child trying to get your attention or a kid curious about what you’re doing. As a parent, you should be able to make everyone in the household understand that you can’t be distracted from work, and maybe other family members can offer their help in keeping the kids busy.

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Lack of socialization

Some people would prefer being around their co-workers when working. They enjoy chatting with other people as part of their daily motivation. They also look forward to hanging out after work for a few drinks. Working from home may take face-to-face interaction away, which can be lonely.

Fewer productivity assumptions

Some companies fear that there will be a decrease in productivity or poor-quality work performance because employees are left unsupervised when working at home. Unfortunately, some tend to increase meetings or impose higher performance goals to counteract these assumptions.

However, some studies invalidate these assumptions. According to these studies, productivity goals are met and sometimes exceeded despite the reasons because employees have more time to finish targets working comfortably at home.

More overtime

In some reports, working from home allowed employees to work exceeding their work hours daily. Since they have their work systems and tools within their reach, employment goals work to meet goals to make up for the lost time or get higher pay.

working at home How to be an effective, flexible working parent?

Fl, and comes with challenges, and sometimes you need to make some changes within yourself and your surroundings to work efficiently. Here are some tips to help with how you can overcome these challenges and help you to work efficiently.

Change your work perception.

With flexible working arrangements, things are going to be a little different. And to prepare yourself to deal with these challenges, you need to change your mindset. This can mean that you need to be prepared to work with your colleagues or the boss’s support your colleagues or your boss in person.

Create a functional working space at home

Designating a room or an area where you can work undisturbed is necessary. This allows you to focus on work and complete tasks on time. To make your workspace functional, set up the area with the things you may need for your work.

Aside from your work equipment like your laptop or desktop, camera, or headset, you may also need a coffee maker, mug warmer, water bottle, or perhaps some healthy snacks.

Reach out for help

Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to work independently. You need to reach out for any issues you encounter significantly when they could affect your job functions. This involves problems with tools, systems, work equipment, or even poor connectivity.

Your employer needs to ensure that you have everything to perform your job efficiently. Raising these issues immediately can help resolve them faster or work out temporary solutions such as goal adjustments or a different work assignment until the problems are resolved.

Maintain open communications

Even when you’re not required to, sending a straightforward message won’t hurt, such as letting your boss know how many tasks you’ve completed, reporting your achievements for the day, or asking your co-workers how they went.

Although some employers schedule a daily meeting with all the staff working from home and some boss requires an end-of-day report, it’s not the same for other businesses who may not be familiar with it.

Flexible working has been tried and tested across the globe and in various industries. Parents and other individuals can work happier and healthier as companies provide flexible working arrangements.

These arrangements and setup may be here for a while. It could also be the norm in the future, encouraging more parents to work and become successful professionals in society.

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