Ariix Review – MLM Business Opportunity & Top Owners!

In this Ariix review multilevel marketing company, we will determine who it is for and if it is possible to make money with this business.

With a myriad of multi-level corporations out there, it is hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are not. They all sound very good and try to get you to sign up and sell their products.

Not all MLM corporations are bad and you can make some money if you work hard enough. All you need is a little help knowing who is who.

To find out about Ariix just continue to read our Ariix review.

Ariix Review

Name: Ariix
Price: $217.95 and up
Owners: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler
Overall Rank: XX out of 100

Ariix Overview

The first thing you need to know is that Ariix got its start in 2011 and its founding was already given a big boost as all 7 owners had multi-level corporation experience. In fact, they all came from the same company.

All the founders of Ariix were top people at Usana corporation, another MLM company and they decided to be in direct competition to their former company. Although that may be difficult as Usana has established markets and a good product line.

The word Ariix is the Latin word for Gold so the owners are sending everyone a message. That message is that their products are very good and you can make money by selling them.

One of the reasons Ariix may be so good is that they target the one area a majority of people are interested in- Health and Wellness. It is a tough field to operate in and it is highly competitive but Ariix has been able to navigate those waters for 9 years.

A way that Ariix has made a difference is through its unique programs. Not only do they have an Active 8 compensation plan they also give their associates a bill of rights and a partner council. These unique parts of the business help Ariix make a difference.

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Ariix Product Review

Ariix review productsThis company markets 8 different brands all related to Health and Wellness. It is impossible to describe all the different products under each brand so this will be an overview only.

Here are the names of the product lines and what area of this booming industry they work in:

Nutrifii – Health Supplements
Slenderiiz – Weight Management
Puritii – Water Purification
Reviive – Body Care
Prime – Essential Oils
Jouve – Skin Care
Nucerity- advanced skincare with new technology
Ariix travel- a reward program for hard workers and high earners

The story on these products is that they work for some people but not all. Since everyone is different you cannot expect to get the same results as another person. With that said, there are those people who did not receive any improvement when using their products and a few had negative side effects take place.

What is important to remember is that any research done on the products has shown that the ingredients are not that much different from the normal health and wellness products you can buy at your local drugstores, etc.

The best way to figure out if they will work for you is by trial and error. It is hard to say how they will work on you.

Ariix Review: The Good & the Bad

One of the ways of knowing if an MLM corporation is good or not is by looking at their pros and cons. This little bit of information can either calm your fears or raise some red flags. You be the judge with this list

The Good

Experienced owners and founders
Bill of rights
Good support and training
The compensation plan is unique
A partners council

The Bad

Lots of recruiting needed
The high cost of products
Cost of membership
Failure rate
Lots of competition

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Who Is Ariix Name For?

Ariix review Opportunity First, Ariix bills itself as the opportunity company. That means if you are looking for an opportunity to try and succeed, you may want to go with them. Everyone deserves a chance at success and how they get that success is up to the people signing up.

Also, Atriix is for those people who believe in a good health and wellness product and want to help people take care of the only body they will ever have. Marketing good health and wellness products is one way to help your friends and community look and feel better about themselves.

Then this company is for those people who thrive at MLM business opportunities. They know how to sell and make the program work for them. These products are well tested and they have a market. It is up to the representative to carve out their own market in order to make it big.

Finally, it is for those people looking for a way of making money online. It is a unique opportunity and you are supposed to be protected by their bill of rights and a partner’s council.

Ariix Review: Tools & Training

Once you sign up the training is usually left to the supervisor of your team. Their website does not make any mention of training. The tools you get are the selling packs you buy.

These selling packs range in price and content and how big an advantage you want is up to you. The team leader may encourage you to spend $1500 for the top-selling pack which they say is your best advantage.

Be careful that encouragement has an ulterior motive behind it. Your team leader makes more money when you buy a more expensive product to sell. If you get any training, it is going to be minimal at best and up to your team leader.

Ariix Review Support

One thing you can say that is good about this company is that they do provide you with lots of support. They schedule events, have videos and a blog where you can mingle with your fellow representatives and ask for some help or advice.

The company also created what is called the Business Orientation System which provides even more training as well as extra support. The only drawback is that you have to pay about $30 to access the program.

This program is what sets Ariix apart from the other MLM companies. It seems to be effective and helps representatives earn their way to the top.

Ariix Review Price

This is where the rubber meets the road and lets you know if you can actually afford to be a member of the Ariix team of representatives. The sign up is straight forward. You go to their website and click on the enroll now button.

Once you have done that you are sent to a page to sign up as a customer or a representative. After clicking on the rep button you are then sent a page to pick the country you want to sign up in.

From there it gets pricey because you cannot sign up without buying a kit. These kits range in price, starting as low as $57 and going up to over $2,000. To remain active you have to accumulate 100 points every month which is the equivalent of $150.

Plus, you have to pay a yearly $25 fee to renew your membership. It is most likely that you won’t hear about the costs until you are convinced to sign up. There are two ways to make money and that is by selling or recruiting.

The complicated Ariix compensation plan may have a patent-pending but that status does not stop about 90% of the representatives from failing. Go to their website first and consider the costs to you before signing on the dotted line.

Arrix Review: My Final Opinion

Multi level marketingThis company has some revolutionary ideas when it comes to MLM corporations. It seems that the owners wanted to be different and found some ways to be different. Overall the company looks good on paper and if you can find a market that is not already covered you may make some money selling their product lines.

The drawbacks are that you have to spend a lot to make anything and the compensation plan, while unique, still does not protect representatives from failing. Make a careful choice when considering this company.

Ariix at a Glance

It is an MLM corporation
You pay to play
Works in the health and wellness industry
Has 8 product brands to work with
Gives you a bill of rights
Has a partner council
Is in about 12 markets approx., including the US
Offers tools, training, and support
Products can be quite expensive

Name: Ariix
Price: $217.95 and up
Owners: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler
Overall Rank: 94 out of 100

Ariix Review Summary

Arriix is a unique multi-level marketing company that strives to be a bit different. You have unique programs that help guide the company’s treatment of its representatives.

Also, you are participating in a very popular industry where people spend lots of money. Its eight product brands provide you with a variety of products to market to your customers. There should be enough selection to help you find your niche and be a success.

Plus, you are working with experienced MLM owners who know the business and how to provide you with the training and support you need.

Like all other network marketing corporations, you are going to have to do your part. You must learn how to sell well in order to make it up like ladder to higher positions.

It is one of the better opportunities out there. Is it what you are looking for? That is up to you to decide.

If you are still looking consider joining a community for free to learn what is the right marketing business for you. I will work with you to help you reach your goals as you build a successful business.

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$217.95 and up





Overall Quality



  • Experienced owners and founders
  • Bill of rights
  • Good support and training
  • The compensation plan is unique
  • A partners council


  • Lots of recruiting needed
  • The high cost of products
  • Cost of membership
  • Failure rate
  • Lots of competition
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  1. Yes, Ariix is the opportunity company! The opportunity for them to take your money. EEEks, I have read a lot of stories about financial loss from independent representatives. I appreciate your thorough review of this MLM company.

    Much appreciated,

    • The failure rates with this company speak for themselves. And any business the focuses on recruiting to make a decent income will always be a roadblock for the new people that are new to the MLM business model. Thank you for chiming in on this review on Ariix’s business.


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