9 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest | My #1 Choice

If you are thinking of joining one of the top 9 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest then you need to learn a little bit about the website and its purpose. The website is a visual pinboard that allows you to find different things like recipes and so on.

9 Best Affiliate Programs

What is Pinterest?

It’s not like other visual pinboards as you need an image before you are allowed to post on the site. Those images can come from other websites or from your personal library. To become a member you have to have an invitation.

Plus, Pinterest does use its own language when addressing key features on its website. For example, you are not making a post but placing a pin. Then when you share a pin it is called repin not repost or share.

Joining is not really a problem even though you need an invitation. You can request one from the site itself or have a friend invite you. T is up to you and once you join you can also join one of the 9 best affiliate programs for Pinterest and make a little money with your membership.

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best affiliate program for pinterestAffiliate Programs for Pinterest

There is no particular order to this list. They are all fairly equal and do the job that you want to be done. Before you leap, make sure to investigate each one further to make sure that is the program you want to be associated with.

1. 3D Cart

If you are thinking of building an E-business this may be the outfit you should look into. It is designed to give you a head start when you really want to monetize your Pinterest account. With commission rates up[ to 300%, you may be able to make a little extra money with fewer sales.

Those commissions are based on referrals as well. You do not even have to sell anything as long as you have your affiliate links embedded in the right spots on Pinterest.

While there are no transaction fees, you do need to pay a minimum of $9 a month to be a part of their program. You can build your online store in minutes and be up and selling in no time at all.

2. Shareasale

You do not need a blog to start an affiliate business on Pinterest using share a sale. Although it helps to have one in place first. This affiliate marketing platform has lots of products and niches you can represent and many top retailers use this platform to handle their affiliate programs.

If you are already a member it shouldn’t too hard to expand your online presence by going to Pinterest. Commission rates will vary between the different retailers and products so you will have to do your research before setting up your store to make sure you represent the best products with the best commission splits.

Sign-up shouldn’t take that long. Just make sure you meet all the requirements to have a smooth sign-up process.

3. Tailwind

One of the ways you can make money through this affiliate program for Pinterest is to get people to sign up for a Tailwind free trial. Every time you do you get 50 cents. That is not bad but the good news is that every time one of those people upgrades to a paid account, you get an additional 15% commission.

There is no real selling here and that should make it a lot easier for you to make a little money to meet your financial goals. Plus, it takes only about 20 minutes to schedule a week of Pinterest Pins.

If you want to have a paid membership account you are looking at paying only $10 per month. Check it out and see if this program is for you.

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

4. Amazon Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest Amazon

Everyone already knows about Amazon and trusts the company to deliver on its promises as well as send out products in top shape. That reputation makes it easier for you to make a sale and help you build your monthly income.

The only drawback for the American site, other than its draconian zero-tolerance policies, is the fact you need a blog to be a member. If you do not have one then you can opt to use Amazon Canada or Amazon UK.

If you live in the approved areas you can get your money through bank transfers, and Payoneer and if not, your revenue comes by check. Make sure you can live with Amazon policies before jumping on their bandwagon.

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5. Affiliate Window

This is another affiliate marketing platform where you need to have a blog before you can sign up. That is not a big deal as you should have a blog if you are going to do affiliate marketing full-time.

Another issue you have to deal with is that there is a $5 sign-up fee. It’s not much but it can be a hassle. Once you reach your threshold you can get your money through a variety of cash-out methods.

One plus is that there are a lot of top brands on this platform you can work with. Their presence makes doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest a lot easier than if you were representing a brand no one knew about.

6. Unique Rewards

If you want a unique affiliate program to work with, this may be the ticket. After you sign up you get to participate in different offers that help you earn cash. The same goes for the people you sign up as members.

The biggest drawback with this company is that it is a take-a-survey site that also has videos etc., you can earn money from it. The payout may not be that great and you only get paid if the lead comes from Canada, America or the UK.

That restricts your income some but it is good to have little affiliate programs feeding your revenue stream as every little bit helps. Check them out and make sure you do not get spammed to death after you sign up and have a dedicated e-mail ready to handle their e-mails to you.

7. Dollar Dig

This is a cashback type of affiliate marketing strategy and you do get paid for every person you sign up. That fee is $2 but it helps contribute to your financial goals. What makes this affiliate program different is that it offers cashback on purchases made on its over 3,000 store vendor list.

There are also coupons to help you and your signees make little extra savings. To help highlight the offers you can create numerous Pins on Pinterest. The main drawback is that only those people who live in the United States are accepted into the program.

Do some research to make sure this company and its policies fit in with your affiliate marketing strategies. Look first always.

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

8. Envato Market

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest Envato

If you want a popular affiliate niche to work with, this may be the one for you. Its focus is on fashion and that has a large audience following. Plus, it has thousands of products to represent making sure you do not run out of options for your affiliate business.

Also, the company does mostly digital transfers and downloads making it super easy for your customers to get the product they are paying for. You are going to have to investigate its commission split and see if it is worth the effort.

If sales are as easy as claimed then you might have a gold mine on your hands. You get paid through a variety of cash-out methods once you hit the minimum threshold.

9. FreshBooks

After you sign up with this affiliate program for Pinterest you can get paid in 2 ways. There is a $5 payment for everyone who signs up for a free trial. Then if they upgrade to a paid membership, you will receive $55 for everyone that has signed up through your affiliate link.

What fresh Books does is offer a cloud accounting solution and they let businesses and bloggers sell their courses and books online. It is a good program for those who want to freelance as a bookkeeper, etc., as it makes doing the accounting work easier.

As you can see the payment for referrals and sign-up is a healthy amount and should motivate you to promote this option.

final thoughts

Social media websites are not always banning affiliate marketers or their affiliate links. Pinterest has lots of options available for you if you want to use its website to expand your online business through affiliate marketing programs designed to work with Pinterest.

The programs should be easy to sign up for and it shouldn’t take too long before your links are in place on Pinterest or your blog. The good thing is that you have a variety of programs to choose from.

Having some choice is always a good thing as you can pick and choose which program fits your affiliate marketing strategy. That keeps the power and control in your hands.

Take the time to research the different affiliate programs that will work on Pinterest. You never know which one will pay out big time for you and get you to your financial goals quickly.

There are more than 9 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest and you are assured of finding one of them. You never know which program will catch your audience’s eye and have them click on your affiliate link.

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