Best Way On How To Make Money By Working At Home

Do you wonder what is the best way how to make money by working at home? Millions of people just like you do as is evidenced by the number of people coming online every day and searching Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and so on.

In today’s world, you should be amazed at the number of people who earn a full-time income by working from home. We all owe this to the increased internet and technology use.

There are thousands of tasks that you can work on from home. Most of these don’t require a lot or even any capital. All that is needed is your time.

Check out the following list. By the end of this article, you will have found at least two or three ways how to earn money from home.

1. Blogging

Did you know there are bloggers who make more than $10,000 in a month? This is an income that is bigger than most people working at corporate companies from Monday to Friday.

Chris Lee over at RankXL motivated me with a post on 7 figure blogs……

16 Examples Of Successful Blogs: The Best Websites In Every Industry

I know many of you would be happy just making a small profit and going from there. Blogging takes a lot of determination and willpower for you to make it.

You will have to find a suitable niche, target your audience, and come up with excellent content. Once your blog begins attracting viewers you will be on the road to riches. Blogging is simple and you can conveniently do it in the comfort of your home.

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2. Become a Virtual Assistant

The internet has made it possible for you to do a lot of things. Being a virtual assistant is one of them and you can do this while relaxing on your sofa.

Living in the era of sole entrepreneurship a lot of business people are too caught up in their work and have no time for some things. It’s why virtual assistants are now in high demand.

As a virtual assistant, you will be tasked with social media management, email or blog management, and even editing documents. You will be paid for all these tasks. You can also expand your virtual assistant services by working for many people.

How To Make Money By Working At Home - Freelance writing

3. Freelance Writing

Another thing you could do is earn some cash by being a freelance writer. All you will need is a computer, a reliable internet connection, and a set of excellent writing skills.

Due to the millions of blogs that exist on the internet, the owners are often in need of content to publish on their sites. As a freelance writer, you can write informative articles for many clients in the comfort of your home and get paid to do it.

4. Sell Photos Online

Do you have a passion for photography? Yes!

How about selling photos online? Similar to writing, website and blog owners are in constant need of photographs to publish on their sites.

To sell photos on sites you don’t need to have a camera or anything of that sort. Your phone can do just the trick. Check out websites that buy photos, and if you happen to have such a niche in your gallery, then you can sell as many as possible.

5. Get Paid for Surveys or Opinions

You can easily earn money from home by participating in online surveys and giving your opinion to businesses and focus groups. This can range from a few dollars a month to people that actually earn 4 figures taking surveys and recruiting new members to take surveys.

Companies provide surveys to get feedback on how the public is perceiving their services or products. You can register on such sites and get paid for giving your opinion.

email marketing6. Email Marketing

There are many ways to go about doing email marketing and making money while working from home. Let me give you two.

1. Email other people’s lists. The fastest way to get started is to find an affiliate product to sell.

You will earn commissions on what you sell. As an example join Clickbank for free and earn 50%-75% on each sale.

Use Charlie Page’s to find a relevant email list to send your offer to. Over time you can build up a very good business doing this method.

2. Build your own list. Still using the affiliate marketing income model build your own list and send out affiliate offers to it.

A proven strategy is to publish your own email newsletter and build subscribers to it. As your list grows so will your income as you add in mailings for products your readers would have an interest in or need for.

7. Network Marketing-MLM

As billions of dollars in products are sold every year in the MLM business model more people are getting involved all around the world. Maybe you will be one of them.

I love the website Ted Nuyten runs the site and email list and provides up-to-date MLM News and really good info on various companies you could join.

This is a big business. Every week 155,000 people join an MLM company. Over $90 Billion a year in sales come from network marketing.

Final thoughts

From the above list, I have written about you can choose the best idea on how to make money by working from home. Whether you have a full-time job or not, working from home does have its perks.

In some cases people who venture into the above end up quitting their jobs and focusing on their new “work from home” jobs or businesses they have started. You may be one of them.

Perhaps you are just happy to add a little more income each month to help pay some bills, or even take a vacation, remodel the basement, fund your kid’s college vacation, or your own retirement account. Taking the first step is often the hardest part of getting started.

If you are interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, and much more.

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18 thoughts on “Best Way On How To Make Money By Working At Home”

  1. Thanks David for this post. I’m sure people are curious about what they can do to make money online and you have highlighted 7 ways in this post. 3 of these ways caught my attention; the virtual assistant, selling photographs and email marketing. I would love to know more about the virtual assistant and how to successfully do email marketing. 

  2. Thank you David for sharing with us this great article on the best way of making money working at home.Many people used to look for job that’s why they always fear to work at home but with this article thy can be convinced that even working at home can be a good source of revenue.

    I started working at home too and I am earning some dollars from blogging and I am planning to start another way like selling pictures because taking pictures is my passion.

    • Julienne, I too was in search for ways I can supplement my income from working from home. I tried so many companies but none was able to deliver. After losing lots of money and time I decided that all online business was a scam until I ran into a free online company call Wealthy Affiliate.

      I decided to try it out and today I glad I did. they teach all you need to know to run an online business and the ways one can make a full-time income from home. I am now earning an income from home and I am glad that the same is happening to you as well. 

      My goal is to help others see that it is possible and to help them along the way as well. Wish you all the best with your business and hope you find success selling photos. Let me know when you get off the ground cause I will be interesting to help me with my blog posts. Talk to you soon.

  3. Thank you for this amazing post, I love any post that deals with making money online. I love love blogging and am still a newbie, I read some of your tips about blogging and I can’t wait to implement that. I have been an active freelancer writer over the years and am making some bucks from it. 

    • Making money from home is possible with today’s internet age. We must learn all we need to know before taking a plunge into it. I recommend people learn all they need to know how to build a website and understand the process.

      Your freelance job is very much in demand for bloggers, and you can build on this and make a full-time income from home. I wish to take a look at what you do cause many times I have no time to keep my article consistent and I do reach out to freelance writers from time to time. Wish you all the best and thank you for the comment.

  4. Thanks for the insightful article. Making an income from home is my target as I’m just getting started with blogging. I have tried numerous survey websites with no success in the past. Do you perhaps know of which survey sites are worthwhile taking part? 

    Also thanks for citing the website regarding Network marketing, which helps to see things for a broader perspective and what’s going on. 

    Kind regards

    • I had struggled in the past for working online from home. I had to join numerous online companies but was not able to find the suitable one for me. And when I do find one that think was the right one, they close their doors and my business was gone.

      Still eager to find the perfect one, I finally stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 and the rest is history. I have done surveys in the past when I was starting out but it was time-consuming with not the income I was looking for. The best one that worked for me was My Points. hope that helps.

  5. Thanks for this review on best ways of making money at home. Like in the first one about blogging, is it possible to give us some examples or websites that deal with these opportunities? For example, if I would like to become a virtual assistant, where would I have to go? I am not sure about you, but I think that filling out surveys or giving your opinions to companies, although paid, will take a lot of your time and pay is very low. My favorites would be blogging and free lance writing. I would suggest that MLM is for people with an extensive existing network only.

    • Hi Jerry, thank you for your comment. You would be surprised that in parts of the world what salary people are happy with. And taking surveys can provide a full-time income for some.

      Many places you can start if you are interested in virtual Assistant and Servcorp is a good place to sign up to get you on the right path.

      Blogging is one of my favorites as well and it has proven to be the best business to build a full-time income from home. Hope I was able to help.

  6. This is a thorough post on how to make money working from home. You’ve covered a variety of ways to earn a passive income. As a stay at home mom and wife, these methods are very appealing to me, especially the blogging and email marketing. I already have a blog and I want to build an email list. I haven’t gotten much traffic so I don’t know if I should start building an email list just yet. What do you think?

    Looking forward to your answer!

    • Britney, thank you for your concern and glad to know that you are taking action by trying to build a business from home. Working with a good platform and a place to show you the process is always a good place to start. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is what made it happen for me.

      You said you haven’t got much traffic as yet, not sure what that number is. but if you are receiving 10 visitors a day to your blog, building a list would be crucial to your business.

      Is good to communicate with someone and educate them before you can send them to your offer, and the best way to do this is through email marketing. You can check out my review on Traffic Wave and see why building an email list is so vital to your business. Hope that helps.

  7. Hey David Great article. I personally feel blogging is much of my thing and people like me. And i use to write on the same niche. By the way your article is a great guide for any beginner looking to create some cash. I hope you will continue to direct newbies in the right direction.

    • Ashish, thank you for the comment and kind words on my article. I have a lot of new people joining my business so I wanted to give them some direction and help them to get started on the right path. Wish you all the best with your business and thank you for stopping by.

  8. I’ve tried MLM marketing in the past. And it was a disaster. Neither did I myself enjoy it. Neither did the people I tried to pitch the business to (recruiting). There is this one girl, who is avoiding me still because I gave her the presentation years ago.

    I initially wanted to do freelance. But later came to a realization that it’s not for me. I much rather like creating my own websites and article. I have found this to be my passion. 

    So, I definitely agree with your list. 

    Either way loved the insights, and thank you for the article on successful blogs. Will try to derive some trends to follow from.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Hi Matiss,  sorry to hear that MLM left a bad taste in your mouth, but with me, it still provides a decent income to my family although I have shifted to blogging. Glad to see that you have found your passion and is building a business of your own by blogging.

      Happy to know that you got some value here with this article. Please feel free and come back from time to time, cause I make updates on a weekly and sometimes daily to my blog. All the best.

  9. For me, this article came just in time. As of now, I’m looking to transitioning into the online world. And I had no idea you could sell photos online. Would love to make it that way. It would be so awesome.

    I bet I have to be amazing at it though. Which means I have lots to learn still. Either way, it’s really amazing that such opportunities now exist in the modern world.

    I wonder if you have some recommendations in regards to the kind of websites, on which you can sell photos?

    If not, that’s okay, will google. Either way, I appreciate the information shared.

    Have a Wonderful Day!

    • Rasa, having a passion and using that to build a business is what going to give you the energy and tools to build an income online. Selling photos online is definitely a niche that is high in demand, that someone can easily build a successful business from home, with the right approach.

      Here is an article I wrote that can help you to get started on how you can sell photos online and make money. Hope you enjoy. https://davidbishopmakemoneyti



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