Is Blogging A Fast Way To Make Money Online?

We would all like to find a fast way to make money online in our online business by blogging. The question I answer in this article is whether blogging can be that way, and where to get the proper training.

To truthfully look at how fast you can make money blogging you need to determine what the purpose of your blog is. Because I post articles in the MLM, home business, and affiliate marketing niches, many of these blogs are really primarily interested in one thing.

Here Is A Few Fast Way To Make Money Online


Blogs that promote a business opportunity need new qualified leads, or as they are often referred to, prospects.

Fast Way To Make Money Online with social media leads

What is a qualified lead?

To me, they need 2 of three things.

1. Need.
2. Interest.
3. Desire.

Almost everybody coming online looking at ways to make money has a need. Even people who have plenty of money to cover their monthly bills need money for reasons of their own.

Often these center on ways to enhance their own lives. Things like giving more to charity, living in a nicer house, driving a nicer car, saving for the kid’s education, going on the trip of a lifetime every year, and so on.

This is the market people in the MLM and home business niche is targeting. So how do you target these people?

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Build An Email List On Your Blog

You do not use your blog to sell. You use your blog to build an email list of potential new business partners.

Your simple goal is to get the first name and email addresses of people who visit your blog. Then you follow up with your new subscriber until they raise their hand and ask you to pay personal attention to them.

You do not chase them. You educate them on making money and point them to your business opportunity.

It is up to them to find it and contact you. The more people you have at this point the more new business partners you will recruit.

Recruiting On A Blog

When you start a blog you have no traffic and you have no list.

You need to build both!

You build your blog by adding content and promoting it all over the Internet. You build your list from the traffic that comes to your blog from the marketing you are doing.

This takes time and the only way to speed it up is with more marketing. You need more people visiting your blog and subscribing to your list.

The bigger your blog becomes the more content you have online. Search engines will spider this content, and as you get more backlinks to that content you will start ranking in the organic results for keywords people are searching for.

More traffic gives you more chances to get more email subscribers. This is a process you have to be committed to sticking with through thick and thin. You need the mindset of an entrepreneur because until then you are not going to make money and you will be spending a lot of your free time working on your blog.

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Establish Your Credibility

fast way to make money online from home is through training

Establishing credibility with your audience is one of the fast ways to make money online today.

Do you believe people sponsor shops? What is sponsor shopping? Someone finds an MLM business they like and then they go about finding the best person to sponsor them into the business opportunity.


Most of us do not think we have what it takes at first, so we look for someone to help us succeed. This is why it is important for you to establish credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Even if you are not successful yet you can look like you are.

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Other Fast Way To Make Money Online?

A high-quality blog with content that impresses is a good start. The first impression your prospects have of you is when they land on your blog.

This is another reason why you need a blog and is updating it on a regular basis. This can actually increase the speed at which you can make money blogging online.

People will join an email list of someone who looks like they are on top of what is going on in the world of MLM. You immediately become more credible and can get into the relationship-building game with email marketing faster.

fast way to make money online using your cellphone

Is There Anything Else To Make Money Faster?


Monetize your blog with Google Adsense. Let people click on the ads so you are making money. Not everyone who visits your blog is going to join your list. Not everyone who joins your list is going to join your business opportunity.

Google Adsense gives you a way to make money faster. You can still monetize a visitor in a small way which is better than no way at all. Google does not have an MLM program they own, but Google Adsense is an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are a good complement to network marketing, especially when you have a blog.

Adsense ads can be added with nothing more than a code. Google sells the ads for you. The ads match the content of your blog post. You can customize them to look natural on your blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Here is a detailed explanation of how long it takes to make money blogging, and the time that is involved I do not think blogging is a fast way to make money in MLM. The only real fast way is to go out and get retail customers. Educate your customers about marketing online.

However, a blog can be a great way to build an email list where you can promote your MLM business and anything else you want including affiliate products.

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8 thoughts on “Is Blogging A Fast Way To Make Money Online?”

  1. I’ve wondered if starting a blog to complement an MLM business would be a way to actually be successful with an MLM (since so few people are). I have a friend who sells Usborne Books–I think a blog would be great for that kind of MLM. People would love to read book reviews, have a resource to easily find books that relate to a specific topic, etc.

    • More and more people are building a website to promote their mlm business and are finding better success. so yes, blogging is a fast way to make money with MLM. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Hey Bishop,

    I agree with you 100% that this platform isn’t a quick way to make money but that means it’s a legit way! Leads are sometimes tricky to get but like you said if you write trustworthy content readers will keep coming back for more. I have been doing this for a little over a year now and have seen results.

    • Glad you are getting results by blogging. Writing quality content so that you audience can engage is the key for building a successful business. People are getting much smarter now to be falling to those get rich scheme programs. this is one reason I direct them to wealthy Affiliate for them to learn the process and have success.

      Many people are following the training and are getting results. Below is one testimony of many that the system do works if you do all the tasks and follow along the exact steps in the videos.

  3. Good information David. I agree blogging is a way to make money online, but is it a fast way? I grew up with the principle of slow and steady wins the race, when it comes to making money online there is a desire to see results sooner than later. I have seen pros and cons about Adsense.  It appears you have had good experience with Adsense. I may have to try it.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving such positive comment. Over the years I have seen people have success with blogging, and some who failed. If the training is the same why do some find success while others don’t?

      Most of the the time the ones that fail is the ones that are not willing to put in the work. With a community at your disposal, it makes it much easier and that is what I am advising all to come to grips with. There are many ways one can make money online and adsense after blogging consistently is one way as well as the traffic begins to flow.

      Talk to you soon.

  4. Hello Bishop, I do agree that blogging paired with affiliate marketing is not the quickest way to earn A lot of money from the internet. Or should I say the digital world?

    MLM is an entirely different business model I’d you were to ask me, but both affiliate marketing and network marketing (MLM) does share the same commonality which is you can’t really make a lot of money in the VERY SHORT amount of period. Both of these models won’t help you to generate quick bucks like investing on stock market/crypto assets.

    However, we could leverage the power of the internet and we could succeed in whatever niche were involved in PLUS our knowledge and expertise to EXCEL IN IT.

    Yes, building an email list is one of the strongest way to build a thriving “affiliate business” but I personally go with building a following at social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Quora and from there on, people will opt-in to our website subscriber list. In that way, we’re still able to build a client list out of it.

    At the end of the day, perhaps great service quality wins in the long run.

    All the best!

    • Hey Chris, it may not be the quickest way but is the only way to have a secure lifestyle for you and your family for years to come. Would
      definitely do it all again if ever I had to.

      There are so many areas one can approach when building a business and social media is one area that proven to be one way. The Internet is
      vast and very lucrative for one to get started today.

      After a website is set up, and one begins to get traffic, email marketing would be the right approach to build your list surrounding your brand.
      Thank you for your input here, and feel free to drop by from time to time as I add to this site on a regular basis. Take care.


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