5 Credit Repair Affiliate Programs Opportunity Services!

The world runs on credit. That is just a modern fact of life. That is why it may be a wise move to research and consider signing up for one of the 5 Credit Repair Affiliate Programs. Helping others repair their credit is a feel-good business to be in.

That feeling gets even better when you realize that the source of many people’s bad credit is due to errors made by reporting agencies. Not only are you doing a good service by referring your audience to professionals who can help, but you also get to make some good commissions along the way.

Keeping your affiliate options open is a smart way to do affiliate marketing. That way, you have different income streams to keep the revenue going when one doesn’t perform as well as it could.

What is credit repair?

To do credit repair affiliate programs correctly and well, you need to know what credit repair is and how it works. To put it simply, credit repair is the action one takes to correct mistakes or bad credit found on an individual’s credit report.

This is done in various ways, and while one can do it themselves, a person with bad credit should employ professionals who know what they are doing. That is because it takes a lot of time and effort to correct those mistakes. That is time and energy the individual may not have.

There are many reasons why a person has bad credit. That is another factor that may require the help of a professional. They know the ins and outs of the credit repair business and can help the individual make the right decisions.

That is where you, the affiliate, come in. You can help those bad credit individuals by directing them to professionals that can do the job well and do it right. With your research and information, individuals can select the firm to get them out of their bad credit situation and make a new start.

5 Credit Repair Affiliate Programs To Consider

To make a go of this affiliate niche, you need to do some real research into the companies we list here. There is no particular order to the list, and one company may be better than one listed higher than it.

The basic information here is just your starting point, and you never know; you may find that niche that gets you on the path to affiliate success.

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1. Reliant Credit Repair

Work with one of the leaders in the credit repair business. It pays to work with the best as you get more opportunities to make money and feel good about making that income. Sign-up should be easy. However, it would help if you still were approved before you can start representing the company’s products.

Once approved, you are eligible to make a 40% commission on sales ranging from $19.95 to $149.95 to $299.95. What you make will depend on what your audience members decide on which plan they want to go with

The one drawback to this company’s affiliate program is that you have to wait 30 days to receive your payout. The cookie length is revealed to you when you sign up.

If you want to get on board or get more information, click here to go to their affiliate page. The dashboard is easy to understand and use.

2. Credit RX America

This company specializes in fast service for its clients. Once the client signs up, they promise results in 30 days. That is not a bad promise to build your content around. This company uses a hands-on format providing confidence in the clients you send their way.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs - bad credit

The good part about being an affiliate with this company is that you get $200 per successful referral. After you sign up, you get all the promotional materials you need to be an effective affiliate. You also get an easy-to-use dashboard and the tools you need.

The cookie length is not advertised, so make sure you get the company to tell you how long the cookie is affected before you sign up. To access their regulations and other affiliate information, use this link to get to their website. It may be a good partnership once you examine the details involved.

3. MyFico

Work with the company that invented the Fico credit score, which most lenders use to determine your credit rating. Having your client sign up with a company that started it all back in the 1980s is one of the best ways to get them the professional help they need.

However, the commission split is not as exciting as working with one of the top credit repair companies. Your pay is $5 per lead and $5 per sale, but they are not offering high-ticket credit repair plans.

ShareASale runs its affiliate program, and the cookie lasts for 30 days. The boost you get is that this company is well-known and trusted by the public. That helps make sales and referrals a lot easier to do. This is the link to click on to get the affiliate information you need to make a good decision.

4. The Credit People

They may be the new kids on the block, but they mean business. Their short time in credit repair hasn’t stopped them from making a good name for themselves. The company has been written about in top newspapers and has helped over 100,000 people.

Their power ranking is over 1000 on ShareaSale, so you know that they are an honorable company to work with. The commission payment is better with this company as you get $80 per lead.

After signing up, you will also receive banner ads and other tools to make sure your links are used often. The cookie lasts for 30 days, so you have lots of time to convert your potential customers.

Click on this link to get access to your new affiliate partner if all looks good. You never know how good a company is until you investigate and see for yourself.

5. Credit Firm Professional Credit Repair

One way to have a successful affiliate marketing business is to partner with your audience’s well-known and very trusted companies. This is one such company, and their name recognition should help you out and get you the clicks you need to make numerous sales.

The cookie for this affiliate program lasts for 6 months. That is a very generous cookie length and allows you plenty of opportunities to convert hesitant readers. The $20 per sale commission is nothing to ignore either. 5 sales and you have earned a good day’s pay.

To get all the facts about this company’s affiliate program, use this button to access their web page. The information there may help lead you to a great partnership that will boost your revenue substantially.

Old does not mean bad or incapable, but it does mean reliability and professionalism.

Build a Successful Niche Website From this Affiliate ProgramSee My Proven 4 Step System for This Affiliate Program

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs: Honorable Mention

There are a lot of top credit repair companies that have good affiliate programs. It is impossible to list them all, but one more will help you get on the right track and find the perfect fit for you and your business goals.


This company’s name is one that just about everyone knows. It is a very established credit reporting company that has been one of the leaders in that field. What makes them stand out is their lock and Freeze program. This system locks out people from accessing your credit report without permission.

Credit Repair Affiliate

Since it is an established company, you should expect stricter approval rules. So make sure your website is in top shape that will impress the company. The commission split ranges between $10 and $40, giving you ample opportunity to make a little money through your association with this company. The cookie lasts for 30 days.

To learn all about signing up at Equifax, just hit this link and read their rules and other information. Once you sign up and are approved, you get the tools you need to make your partnership viable.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs: Credit Scores And Uses

The average credit score in America is about 700. That is not too bad, and it is a lot better than some who get scores as low as 600 and even lower. Credit scores are used to determine if you are a good lending risk. The higher the score, the better you are when it comes to borrowing money.

Credit reports are used to help you purchase a house, car, boat, or second home, buy the insurance and get loans at favorable rates. Sometimes they are used to determine if you should receive the apartment you want to rent. Or to get that job you always wanted.

Some Final Words

Credit repair companies and their affiliate programs are a good way to give back a little to the community around you. Helping others get ahead and clean up their credit is not a bad thing.

Nor is making a little money along the way. These are just some of the top credit repair companies you can sign up with. Just be careful. This is also an industry where many bad apples are looking to make a quick buck at you and other people’s expenses.

Do your research well and sign up with a good company that has a good reputation. One of the 5 credit repair affiliate programs can help boost your reputation as well.

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