Financial Assistance For Single Moms – And The One To Consider!

In this article, we want to talk about sources of financial assistance for single moms. We will also talk about ways you can use your computer to generate additional income and create your own financial assistance.

If you are a single mom you know how hard it can be in a variety of forms. One of the most important is money. Sometimes there is just not enough of it and the future does not look any brighter tomorrow than it is today.


You are going to need to do a Google search to find specific programs that are local to where you live. However, there are some programs that offer financial assistance for moms regardless of where they live.

Financial Assistance For Single Moms 1. Sunshine Lady Foundation.

Doris Buffet established this foundation in 1996 to help single mothers that are in abusive relationships.

Money is provided for scholarships and for education. You can see if you qualify at

2. Our Families, Our Future.

This organization helps train women for positions in the workplace.

The idea is to start earning enough money to get off of welfare and food stamps. Their website at has more details.

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Grants For Single Moms

Have you been wondering how authentic “grants for Single mothers” are? Well, wonder no more, as some are legit programs that every Single mom ought to consider enrolling. If you are a Single mom and wish to get back to school but you have no idea of how to fund the program, then this list of Grants will come a long way in ensuring you achieve your goals.

Educational Grants for Single mothers based on need.

1. The Federal Pell Grant Program The FPGP is also open to Single fathers.

It has enabled many Single parents out there to get an Education they would not have otherwise received had it not been for this program. The plan is mostly for undergraduate students and is based on the applicant’s financial needs.

The first step toward getting the aid is to complete an application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can fill out the application here.

2. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants.

The FSEOG is run at the state level.

They operate almost in a similar manner as The Pell Grants. They are often for students who demonstrate the highest level of need as per their FAFSA applications.

3. State Grants For Single Mothers.

Most states also provide education grants for single parents.

The grants are geared toward encouraging single mothers to go back to school and seek higher education. Just like The Federal Grant plans, state Grants allow Single fathers to apply too. Again, Grants often target low-income families.

Education Grants For Single Mothers Based On Merit

1. The National SMART Grant (Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent).

The National SMART Grant is usually given to students in their third and fourth years.

You must be enrolled in computer science, mathematics, engineering programs, physical sciences, and at times foreign languages. To qualify, the applicant must have a GPA of at least 3.0.

2. Academic Competitiveness Grant(ACG).

The competitiveness grant is mainly for students in their first and second years of college.

The money is awarded according to financial merit. For you to be considered for the program, you should fill out a FAFSA application.

Financial Assistance For Single Moms - single mom searching for work

Student Loan Repayment Grants

1. Raise Nation Loan Repayment Grants For Single Mothers.

The Raise Nation Grant provides student support to enable Single parents that have outstanding loans.

When you are awarded the Loan Reimbursement Grant, you will be expected to give back to society by sharing your professional services. For instance, if a lawyer mom is given the grant, she has to offer pro-bono legal services in her community. One should provide these services for a specified period without fail.

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Non-educational Financial Aid For Single Mothers

If you are looking for financial aid for other things besides education, there are several options you can consider. One of them is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

It is a program that is run by the government in support of single mothers. You should, however, indicate eligibility before you are enrolled in the plan.

You can also consider The WIC which stands for women infants and children. If all these options fail, seek local assistance from the many local programs available, by dialing 2-1-1.

moms making money from homeMaking Money

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Final Thoughts

In summary, I’ve tried to provide financial assistance for single moms in the form of programs, grants, and a couple of different ways you can make money to improve your financial situation.

Grants and financial assistance programs are good to help out now, but what about down the road? Only you can change what is going on in your life as a single mom.

It is not always easy. However, the Internet does not care where you are now in your life. It only cares about the work you put in.

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  1. Hello David, I am so glad you are provided this information for single mothers. As one who was, it is so reassuring to know there are so many available programs now.
    Thank you for providing this information. And I do hope that each mother knows how amazing she is.
    In peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • Thank you, Ariel, for leaving a comment and finding this article very useful to single mothers and fathers as well. yes, they are fortunate today and it is getting better. I hope that if not all, most of them find this article and take action on what is available to them today. All the best.

    • Hi Tania, glad that you also mention single dads. Yes, there are resources for them as well. And if they see the need to work from home, then i will work with them and single moms if they see the need to look at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thanks for such a comprehensive list of resources, David. I am not a single mother but I know a few. I will most definitely, refer them to this article.
    It is amazing what you can find if only you look! Sometimes, it might be right in front of your nose!
    Thanks again.

    • Michelle, glad you see the value for mothers to know what is available to them. It would give me great pleasure for you to share it with them, thank you.

  3. Hello David,

    Thanks a lot for your thoughtful thinking about single moms. They indeed need some sort of help. I really like all the different arrangement that have been put in place for such women so they can get some help and support single mothers, such as the all the Educational Grants Financial opportunities out there which they can take advantage of.

    I also like your list of non – educational financial opportunities out there for them. Such as taking surveys and building their on businesses from home.

    I was especially happy when you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in this article. Indeed it is the best platform where they can learn step by step on how to build their own genuine businesses online.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article. I know it will help a lot of single moms.

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    • Hi Stephen, glad you connect with single moms as well. It is a growing situation here in new york that I think it should be addressed. Yes, preparations are being made for them that some mothers may not know. This is the reason for this article so I can point it out to them.

      The list is very intensive and it is still available to single moms today, even for the uneducated. Some moms are thinking big, and want to educate themselves about the Internet and that is the reason I suggested Wealthy Affiliate.

      Others had started and now enjoying a full-time income from home. And Single moms today have that same opportunity. They can join for free and try it to see if it is a good fit for them. And I will be there to guide them along the way as well.

      Glad that you get some value here, My goal is to get this article out so that Single moms can see what is available for them. All the best.

  4. Dear David,

    The topic of the post “Financial Assistance For Single Moms” itself shows your service and helping tendency. I appreciate it.

    The ideas you shared are valuable gold. In the money making section, you are talking about affiliate marketing and you recommended wealthy affiliate which is the best online program I came across. So I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate is the best program to learn on earning money online.

    Your Friend,

    • Hey, Paul is always good to target your audience and let them know that there are resources that are available that most people can capitalize on, and single moms are no different.

      Although there may be other programs out there that people are benefitting from, I chose Wealthy Affiliate because this is the one I am working on and is helping me to grow my business better than before. good to know that you are a part of this growing company. Wish you all the best.


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