My Freedom Checks Review – Is It That Easy To Succeed?

In this Freedom Checks review, I will be discussing if it is that easy to make money with this company and if it is worth your time to invest in this business. People are immediately interested when they read about a pot of money waiting for them and all they need to do is sign up for a newsletter. It’s an all-familiar spiel also used by Freedom Checks.

Well, there’s nothing wrong if you want to check it out. But before you hit that subscribe button, let’s get down to the details if this is true. Is it really that easy to get the money? You decide after our in-depth review.

  • Product Name: Freedom Checks
  • Founder: Matt Badiali, Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Product Type: Income and dividend growth-focused newsletter
  • Price:
    The price of the Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter Memberships is the following:
    $47 Standard
    $79 Premium
    $129 Deluxe
    All memberships have a $97 automatic annual renewal charged to your credit card.
  • Best For Investors
  • Ratings: 20/100

Freedom Checks tells you to invest in Master Limited Partnerships companies and receive money or dividend payouts either monthly or quarterly. The payouts can vary depending on the number of your shares, how much money you invest, and the company’s performance.

It also recommends the MLPs that are good to invest in according to the analyst. Access to Freedom Checks information is part of the Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter membership which also includes other related materials and other investment strategies.

What Is Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks or U.S. Freedom Checks is a term referring to the money you can make from investing in company shares. It first appeared in the newsletter written by Matt Badiali, a senior analyst of Banyan Hill Publishing back in February 2018.

There was also an ad about Freedom Checks that circulated at that time as well. This ad, claims that you can get checks in varying amounts such as $12,000, $5,500, or even $36,000. These amounts depend on how much you stake out as shareholders.

Freedom checks are not a government program or Social Security or Medicare. It is also not a 401 (k) or IRA. Badiali said that it is a much better program where there are no age requirements and no level of income required.

He added that there are 568 agencies or companies that are scheduled to pay up to $34.6 billion over the next year to any American taxpayer with a claim or rather the company’s shareholders to be specific.

Badiali further defines Freedom Checks as a secret program that every president has been working on over the last 40 years. He also referred to it as the “last truly bipartisan policy”. Freedom checks are based on the belief that the US needs to be self-sufficient to remain a free nation, hence the word “freedom” in the title Freedom Checks.

He believes there’s no sense in sending $535 Billion to foreign countries annually when the American people can make money from the untapped $128 Trillion resources at home. So, after four decades, there’s finally a solution, which is Statute 26-F. This states that companies can operate tax-free if they become designated agencies.

For these companies to become a designated agencies, they need to meet the following requirements:

1. The company must make 90% revenue from production, processing, storage, and transportation

2. Be able to payout “freedom checks” to all shareholders

Eventually, Badiali talks about the companies he recommends where you can buy shares. As you read this review, you will find out what this is all about.

How Do Freedom Checks work?

To be clear here, the checks are not something you can get by simply signing up for Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter. Although there’s a long talk about the Freedom Checks in Badiali’s newsletter or its ad, the bottom line is everything is about investing in Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs.

Master Limited Partnerships are known for owning and operating oil and gas pipelines. However, they are now better known as non-energy-focused publicly traded partnerships. MLPs work as pass-through businesses. When you invest in these MLPs, you get paid a return on your money either monthly or quarterly.

You can buy units of a company and you will receive a piece of the yield back depending on its performance. Usually, these are gas and energy companies, which are a type of publicly traded limited partnership where taxes are not paid like typical corporations.

Badiali recommends his top MLP companies which he said he carefully checked through and through. He said that there are rules that he strictly followed when choosing these companies, these rules are the following:

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  1. The company must have $1 Billion in-demand assets or more.
  2. Consistent in increasing payouts to shareholders annually
  3. Proven track record of making investors rich
  4. Has a clear picture of the company’s financial health

To learn more about these companies, you will need to sign up for the Real Wealth Strategist Membership. The membership includes the following:

  • Access to more information about Freedom Checks
  • Receive the Beginner’s Guide to Investing Manual
  • Receive the Real Wealth Strategist Trading Manual
  • Access to the Real Wealth Strategist website
  • The Golden Rolodex Series
  • Weekly updates
  • Members-Only Weekly Podcasts
  • Private monthly briefings
  • Urgent trade alerts
  • Quality customer service

In addition to receiving the ones mentioned above, you can also get the following as a bonus:

  • The Mining Coup of the Millennium
  • Alpha-Investor Report
  • “Magic” Metal Riches: Make 3,000% Gains on the Commodity Trade of a Lifetime
  • Marijuana Millionaires: How to Make 10x Profits in a $475 Billion Industry

The materials and the knowledge they are sharing with you can make it seem that it was all worth the money or you would be getting more than what you pay for. It does look like it is a convenient way to get all these investment strategies and expertise from one source, as other companies like Modern Millionaires, claim. Or is it? We will find out.

can you make money working from homeCan You Make Money with Freedom Checks?

Yes and no. Freedom Checks may be a convenient stretch of truth but investing is not a bad idea. But investing in shares or stocks is not for everybody. To get higher returns you need to purchase a lot of shares which means you need to have money to buy them first.

The Pros and Cons of

Freedom Checks

The inclusions in the membership and the stunning amount in the checks can be enticing. But let’s talk about the pros and cons first before you decide.


  • Offers information about several MLP companies recommended to invest in
  • Useful investment information
  • No income level requirement
  • Available in all US states


  • No details on how you can go about investing
  • Not an actual program but a sales pitch to invest in MLP companies
  • Pushes you to sign up saying there are only 1,000 seats left
  • Urges you to stake your claim on certain dates which changes depending on when you view the ad
  • Publication company has poor rankings and negative reviews
  • Freedom Check no longer exists on the Banyan Hill Publishing website (searching for it leads to a new investment strategy program by a different analyst)
  • Matt Badiali left Banyan Hill Publishing in July 2020

Beware of Lawsuits

Although I can’t find any lawsuits filed against Freedom Checks or Banyan Hill Publishing. The company has plenty of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. At the moment, there are 95 total complaints in the last 3 years. Most of these complaints are about the Problem with a Product or Service.

According to the complaints, subscribers did not receive what they paid for, were not happy with the product, we were unable to cancel their subscription for some reason, and many more. Out of those complaints, there are 26 that were closed in the past 12 months.

is freedom checks legitimateIs Freedom Checks Legitimate?

I can say that the program itself is a legitimate investment program that teaches you what MLP companies are good to invest in. However, the major issue is its advertising and marketing. They, just like many other investment schemes, are creative in emphasizing the big checks you could be receiving which can be very misleading.

These are potentially unrealistic claims of possible income. Since the goal is to entice you to sign up for the newsletter, the risks of investing, or the specific amount of money you need to shell out are not disclosed. The testimonials of the people that claim to have received Freedom checks are quite questionable too.

Unfortunately, some of the people who gave testimonials may look familiar. For some reason, they are also on a free stock photos website. Each testimonial claims to have received a staggering amount of thousands of dollars thanks to Freedom Checks.

It may take you some time to notice and realize that they are possibly untrue. It makes you wonder what this kind of scheme could do to unsuspecting individuals.

Final Thoughts

Although the membership to the Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter could get you plenty of materials which include the Freedom Checks newsletter, you can get all this information for free on the internet. There are online courses that will teach you the fundamental things to know about investing in shares or stocks and the risks involved.

You can make money from investing in MLPs but it is nowhere near what has been advertised. Investing in shares is also not a one-time investment. For an investor to get higher dividends, you need to shell out more money to purchase enough shares to meet your target returns.

For an average person, don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose. You could be better off saving your money in the bank. But if you don’t need that extra cash, you can probably take a chance of being an investor and perhaps become successful.

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PS: No credit card is needed!

Freedom Checks






Overall Quality



  • Useful investment information
  • No income level requirement
  • Available in all US states


  • No details about investing
  • Not an actual program
  • Pushes you to sign up
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4 thoughts on “My Freedom Checks Review – Is It That Easy To Succeed?”

  1. First of all, I would like to commend you for giving such a detailed, educating and informative review article on Freedom Checks. Now, talking about Freedom Checks, a 20/100 overall rating is very bad. There a lot of things to consider on the side of the cons of this program, with some of them misleading users. That’s a major red flag for me, making it not worth it at all.

    • Yes, I would definitely agree with you, too many misleading information is wrong for any business and is only a matter of time that big lawsuits will be file against such practice. Thank you for the feedback here.

  2. Hmm, I had my expectations high concerning this one. But once I read your post, I think I’ll give them a pass. I don’t like that about only 1,000 seats left! They are just not being honest with us. I don’t feel comfortable with their advertising and marketing. And that’s enough for me to not join a platform. Thanks for your review.

    • You are welcome, their tactics are similar to a Ponzi scheme business. And with no details on how to go about investing, will leave a lot of people in the dark. The 1000 available seats are only to push you to sign up, with close to 100 claims in the Better Business Bureau website, it shows the integrity of this company. You made the right choice by passing up on this one.


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