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Global MoneyLine review - Free leads every day from all over the world

List building is money, and that’s what our Global MoneyLine Review system is about. It helps you build a list so you can market your business and, at the same time, earn referral commissions of up to $500 per referral. Is this true? Should you start getting in line with Global MoneyLine? In my honest Global MoneyLine review, let’s find out what can MoneyLine do for me.

  • Product Name:  Global MoneyLine
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Product Type: Messaging and list-building services
  • Price: Free
    Global MoneyLine offers cumulative subscriptions. This means that you need to purchase lower subscriptions first before you can purchase the higher ones.
  • Free subscription
    • You can send only 1 message to another subscriber at a time.
  • $20 Bronze Class one-time subscription (monthly for Independent Representatives)
    • You’ll be able to send a message to 20 subscribers at a time.
    • Bronze messages are shown above the Free subscription messages.
  • $50 Silver Class annual subscription
    • You can send a message to 50 subscribers, one at a time.
    • Silver messages are shown above the Bronze and Free subscriber’s messages
    • You will also have access to create your targeted ad message, which can be displayed on all Silver member’s pages on rotation.
  • $100 Gold Class annual subscription
    • Send messages to 100 subscribers at a time.
    • Gold messages are shown ahead of Silver messages and the rest.
    • Ability to create your targeted ad message, which can be displayed on the dashboard of those who sign up to Global MoneyLine after you.
  • $250 Platinum Class annual subscription
    • Send messages to 250 subscribers, one per subscriber at a time.
    • Platinum messages are shown above the Gold messages and the rest of the messages.
    • Ability to create your targeted ad message, which can be displayed on the dashboard of those who sign up to Global MoneyLine after you.
  • $500 Diamond Class annual subscription
    • You will be able to send bulk messages to 500 individuals one at a time.
    • Access to Diamond Center List Management Tools.
    • You can create your targeted ad message, which can show on the Free Global MoneyLine subscriber login page or those who sign up after you on a rotating basis.
    • Diamond messages are shown above Platinum messages.
  • $1,000 Double Diamond Class annual subscription
    • You can send messages to 1,000 subscribers at a time.
    • Access to Diamond Center List Management Tools.
    • Ability to create your targeted ad message, which will show on the login page of ALL the Global MoneyLine subscribers on a rotating basis.
    • Double diamond messages are always on top of all the other subscriber messages.

Take note that you can send messages once per subscriber for all subscriptions and send another notification when the subscriber responds to your message. Also, you can only interact with subscribers who sign up with Global MoneyLine after you.

  • Best For New to mid-level affiliate marketers.

The Global MoneyLine offers a list-building system that automatically assigns your downlines so you can promote your business. It has a simple messaging service to promote your products or services from another company to your downlines. You can also become their affiliate and earn money from referral commissions.

  • Ratings: 70/100
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What is Global MoneyLine?

Global MoneyLine is an advertising and messaging service that allows you to build your list and send messages to promote your business. The company started in 2016. Their website does not say anything about who founded Global MoneyLine, but after further research, it appears that someone called “Big John” launched the company. Aside from that, no one can find any additional information.

Global MoneyLine emphasizes that it is not an MLM company since only one payment is paid out on all transacted retail sales. There are no multiple payments or overrides of any kind on any of the sales made in Global Moneyline. And because of this, they claim that they are not an MLM or a pyramid scheme.

Global MoneyLine Review

How To Get Started with MoneyLine?

MoneyLine works as a list builder, and if you join, the next ones who will join after you will automatically become your downline. After I joined the free subscription of Global Moneyline, within just 24 hours, I already had 300+ people as my downline.

These downlines are your list to whom you can send messages depending on your subscription level. The Global MoneyLine list works just like when you’re getting in line. The earlier you get in, the more downline you can get.

Everyone starts with a free subscription. Global MoneyLine offers a 7-day trial for you to test out their platform. But you can’t do much with Global MoneyLine being in a free subscription. You have the option to upgrade to higher plans to send more messages and gain access to other features within the Global MoneyLine system.

When you sign-up with Global MoneyLine, you will access your dashboard. It is essential to set up your account by uploading your avatar or picture and updating your username in your URL. Your URL is similar to affiliate links. You will use this link to invite more people to Global MoneyLine. You can watch the video tutorial on your dashboard that will generally talk about how you can get started with Global Moneyline.

The Global MoneyLine also provides you with a 7-day plan. Their recommendation is how you can make the most of your subscription after signing up. This also includes becoming a Global MoneyLine affiliate or an Independent Representative.

  • Day 1: After signing up for the Global MoneyLine free subscription, upgrade to the Bronze class subscription. Check on your Global MoneyLine messages, especially from your uplines. Your Bronze class subscription purchase also counts as your sale.
  • Day 2: Log back into your Global MoneyLine account and submit a request to become an IR or Independent Representative. Start sharing your Global MoneyLine personal URL with your friends and family. Anyone who signs up and purchases a Global MoneyLine subscription becomes your personal. Let’s say you have 1 friend who signed up and purchased the Bronze class subscription.
    • To be accepted as a Global MoneyLine IR, you need to get three referrals to purchase a Bronze subscription as well, and at least one of them has completed an IR application.
  • Day 3: Select at least 5 messages from your upline that interests you to establish contact with them. Continue to share your personal URL with more people. Let’s have one more person who also purchased the Bronze class subscription.
  • Day 4: If your two referrals have successfully purchased the Bronze subscription, it will become your qualifying sales for your affiliate IR status application, and you will have your account upgraded to the Affiliate IR status.
    • The commissions from your first two referrals will be passed up to your upline. This is called the Global MoneyLine’s Compound Leverage. After this, you will start earning commissions for your succeeding referrals. The same rule applies when you upgrade to the next level of the subscription class.
    • Whenever your referrals purchase a subscription, you will need to confirm it on your end through your Global MoneyLine dashboard.
  • Day 5: Select another 5 messages from your uplines and send them a message. Then continue to share your personal URL with other people and invite them to subscribe to Global MoneyLine. Check for subscription purchases that you need to confirm.
  • Day 6: Send more messages to your uplines or your downlines and continue to share your personal URL to your social media account. Check your dashboard for any pending subscription confirmation.
  • Day 7: Communicate with your referrals or personals under the communication tab on your dashboard. Promote this 7-day plan to them and convince them to upgrade their subscription. Invite more people to join Global MoneyLine using your URL. Confirm more subscription upgrades.
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At the end of the 7-day plan, you will have 15 new contacts. This means you have five new personals or downlines and ten uplines, giving you $80 direct commissions on your account. If you’re in a Silver class subscription plan, you get half of the subscription price as your commission starting from the third referral. Being in a higher subscription plan allows you to have better referral commissions. See the example below:

  • $50 Silver Class = $25 retail price commission
  • $100 Gold Class = $50 retail price commission
  • $250 Platinum Class = $125 retail price commission
  • $500 Diamond Class = $250 retail price commission
  • $1,000 Double Diamond Class = $500 retail price commission

To ensure that you get your commissions, set your payment provider details on your account. Global MoneyLine has several payment methods: Uphold, GIZMOH, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Payza, and PayPal.

Can You Make Money with Moneyline?

Global MoneyLine Review  -making money online

I think you can make money with Global MoneyLine, but this entirely depends on your efforts. There are three ways to make money using its system:

  • Sales from promoting your products and services
  • Referral commissions
  • Commissions and sales from targeted ads

But you will need more than one platform to help you get more leads and sales. Global MoneyLine may not be the best central, go-to platform for affiliate marketers but perhaps an alternative.

How To Make Money With Global MoneyLine?

The best way to make money with Global Money Line is to get a paid subscription and become their affiliate. When you get a paid subscription, remember that you will be investing a lot of time sending messages to your uplines or downlines since the system will only let you send one message per subscriber. The only time you can send another letter to the same person is to respond to your message.

The Global MoneyLine downline list replenishes with a different set of people after you’re done sending them messages. It goes back to zero; then, within 24 hours, your list accumulates again, but it may not be as many as your first list. So to put it simply, the Global MoneyLine is more of a “leads” generating system instead of list building.

Global MoneyLine is a virtual and traditional messaging platform today compared to modern marketing systems. It does not automatically provide you with the email addresses of your downlines. Although you can get this information via the genealogy menu, you will need to get it one by one.

You can also get their email address if you have a paid subscription and someone sent a Paypal payment directly to you. But remember that you are getting their email address without their consent which can become an issue later.

The Pros & Cons of Global MoneyLine

Global MoneyLine’s referral commissions are pretty lucrative, but let’s check out its pros and cons before you start falling in line.


  • Free trial period
  • Out-of-profit IR monthly fee
  • Daily leads added under you
  • Free messaging system


  • Limited features of Free subscription account
  • Their system could use an update
  • Lacking the features of most messaging and list-building systems available today
  • Your first 2 commissions will be passed up to your Upline automatically
  • It would be best if you bought a higher subscription to send more messages and create targeted ads
  • The list goes back to zero after sending them messages; then it will be replenished by another list of totally different people
  • Manual gathering of the email addresses of your prospect
Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

Click here right now for our review, my personal help, and instant access to our free training videos where we'll show you exactly how we did it ourselves starting out as complete beginners without ANY prior knowledge or experience in marketing online whatsoever!

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

I was not able to find any lawsuit filed against Global Moneyline. But I found some negative feedback from unsatisfied Global MoneyLine users. Some people are not getting enough leads, moreover the quality ones. Some of the replies are just thanking you for the message or asking who you are, and those are not quality leads. For some people, it is a waste of time and money.

Is the Global MoneyLine Legitimate?

I think Global MoneyLine is a legitimate messaging and list-building platform. The company has been around since 2016; if they are a scam, it may no longer exist today.

However, if you would like to join Global MoneyLine and use its platform, you should proceed with caution. There are third-party offers that will take you outside the Global MoneyLine platform. If you’re not careful enough, you could end up with unwanted charges on your bank account.

Final Thoughts

In a way, the Global MoneyLine is like a borderline pyramid scheme since you are selling memberships. Suppose you are interested in trying out this system. In that case, you should also be open to the idea of inviting other people to join Global MoneyLine plus paying for a monthly or a yearly subscription.

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8 thoughts on “Global MoneyLine Review (Updated 2023) – Get Your Free Leads”

  1. Just the fact that the owners are unknown is a red light for me. But I like that you can promote your own products with the system. I appreciate the fact that you tell the readers to stay in the system. Or at least to be careful with the third-party offers.  I wonder if Global MoneyLine offers some tutorials in their system. Do they have any lessons that you can follow?

    • Companies that refuse to name their founders always send out a red flag. And most of these companies that do that, ending up forced to close their doors by authorities. Being around for over 5 years now with so many members tells you they have to be doing something right.

      I personally sign up with them to give a test run to know more about them, and I ended up receiving a few leads to my business. So I will continue to monitor their service, and if anything changes, I will come back and update my post with any current changes.

  2. Thank you for your honest opinion about Global MoneyLine. I have been wondering how I could reach out to mere people. And This tool has popped up. I think it has its pros and cons. But since it’s free to test drive, I think it won’t do any harm to my site to check it out for a few days. If it delivers good results, then I join their paying plans.

    • Hi Ann, I had decided to do the same as you have described, and I got positive results within a week, so I took one level up, and since then, I am receiving a few free sign up in my business from their program. I will ride it out a little longer, still doing my other lead generation, and see if it worth the time.

  3. You do an awesome job explaining the pros and cons of this program. Moreover, you make it clear which affiliate marketer would benefit most and what others should try instead. I appreciate the practical, grounded gone of this article. It is always great to see a product review that is not too positive or negative for its own good. 

    Also, this is the first time that I have seen a program targeted towards beginners and intermediate affiliates. I thought the concept of selling memberships was very novel and cool. Above all, this is a comprehensive, thorough, and pragmatic post that is well-informed on whether Global MoneyLine is worth the investment of your time and money. Interesting how membership level correlates to price, number of subscriptions, and odds of revenue.

    • It is great that you take the time and read this article in its entirety. Your response and insights about Global MoneyLine Review are exactly what I wanted my audience to gather from this post. As of today, giving this program a test run, I will honestly say that I do not find any fault with this program thus far. But keep in mind that I have only been with them a month now.

  4. This is your review. Whether you are a member of Global MoneyLine or not, I hope you will take my question or opinion without bias. I only want to clarify things.

    On my first and second reading about Global MoneyLine, I was really enticed to join, but I do not have a credit card and not enough earnings yet to fund any chosen membership. I was considering it when I am ready.

    But before that time comes, I would like to know if this is not the lead generation or traffic generation that Kyle mentioned in Diamond Traffic training, which is not stable. Google will eventually hunt down if your site is found to have one.

    Do you have any review of such a hunting-down scenario, or have you seen one should you be a member?

    Just digging further, who would not want high traffic and earnings?

    • One of my Team members asked me about this program, so I did my due diligence and decided to investigate. I did so to do a review to join for free to see if it is a good fit for them. So fee free to join for free and see if you get any results here.

      Joining any program to receive leads has nothing to do with your website. Leads are to find out what your audience is looking for, and if it is a problem you can solve, then send them the information for them to make a decision.

      High traffic to your website is always a marketer’s dream. What has worked and is still working on is content marketing, Youtube videos, email and social marketing, and bing and Pinterest paid ads. I hope that helps.


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