7 Golf Affiliate Programs To Choose & Earn An Income!

While there are probably more frustrating sports to play, you never hear about them that much. You usually hear about the frustrations of golfers more than any other athlete around, especially if you are in one of the 7 golf affiliate programs listed below.

However, if you are not serious about lowering your handicap or gold strokes, golf can be a very healthy and fun activity. You get to be outside, walk long distances, and even enjoy some refreshments as you play.

The good thing is some many men and women play golf which means you can tap into that audience and promote a lot of golfing attire, equipment, and accessories. You have to pick the right companies to work with to accomplish that objective.

To find out more about those companies, just continue to read our article. It gives you the information you need to make a wise decision for yourself and your affiliate business.

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The Facts About Golf

Before you learn about those top golf affiliate programs, you should read the facts about golf. These facts will show you how the right marketing strategy can help you make some money even though you may hate to play the game.

Golf Affiliate Programs

Its a 12.55 billion dollar industry- that is just for equipment and clothing
Its the 8th most popular sport to play
It has approx., 450 million fans
24 1/2 million Americans played the game in the past year
There are about 30,000 courses around the world
Golf tourism is about $5 billion in Europe alone

Those figures should get your mind to figure out how to tap into that huge audience. The following affiliate programs will help you do just that.

Here Are 7 Golf Affiliate Programs:

#1. Taylormade Gold Affiliate Program

If you are going to get involved, go with a brand that is already well known. The company has been around since 1979 and is a well-established golf equipment company.

Not only is there a large selection of products you can represent, but you can also sign up with some sister affiliate programs and broaden your website’s appeal. You can check out their program through this link and see if it is a good fit for you.

The company only pays a 5% commission, but that is okay. Golf equipment and other products are usually on the high end of the price scale. Each cookie lasts for about 30 days, so you have lots of time to make the right kind of sales. The affiliate program works like any standard affiliate program you may have already looked at.

#2. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

This is another well-known golfing equipment company that meets the golfer’s needs. You can participate in their program and help other golfers obtain top-of-the-line golfing equipment by signing up. Make golf easier for others by connecting them to the right staff.

The company works through Commission Junction, and the commission split is somewhere between 6 and 9%, depending on which web page you believe. How long the link lasts is unknown at this time, but you have the brand name and brand reputation helping you make sales.

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is fill out an application and follow the directions. You can find the information about the program at this link. Nothing ventured means nothing gained, so take a look and see if this fits in with your online business strategy. You never know until you give it a shot.

#3. Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program

Golfing accessories and lessons are a big part of playing the game. This company helps you get those needed items out to new golfers as well as experienced ones. Their focus is on swing speed, so those lessons are valuable to those serious about their golf game.

There is the possibility of making 50% commissions with another chance of that rate moving on up to 75%. The cookies last for about 30 days making sure you have the time needed to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Unfortunately, you will have to do an internet search using the company name to get to their affiliate program. No other link was available at this time. That little extra effort is worth it as there is a low return rate on their products. That low rate means you do not lose money.

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#4. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Earn money by promoting this company’s golf products—they sell everything from clubs to balls to tees and many more. You never know when someone needs a new golf glove or towel, and this company has them. Be ready for your visitors when they are looking for top golfing supplies.

Golf Affiliate Programs - choosing the right balls

On top of that, once you sign up, you are eligible to receive between 7 1/2 to 9% commission on each sale. There is nothing wrong with making volume sales as those items add up very quickly to large purchases.

After you sign up, the cookies can last between 30 and 60 days. You get good support and marketing materials as well. Then it doesn’t matter where you live, as anyone can be an affiliate. Just go to their website through this link to be a part of their program.

#5. Mizuno USA Golf Affiliate Program

Golfers like to look good, and if they are like the late Payne Stewart, they like to look unique when they are out on the golf course. Once you sign up at this affiliate program, you can help those golfers meet those desires.

This company offers a big 10% commission on all your sales, including golfing apparel. Not only that but there is also a baseball arm to the company that allows you to make extra money when the baseball season gets into full swing.

After you sign up at this location, the cookies you receive should last about 30 days. Then you can get paid through Pay Pal, check or direct deposit. Having a little choice makes working with this company more enjoyable. Have it your way and earn big commissions at the same time.

#6. ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program

Simulators are not cheap. Nor is the software or hardware accessories you can sell as well. This company may not pay a high commission rate, 5%, but it does have high ticket items, so you actually can make a lot of money.

To give you an idea of your commission size, a 5% commission on a $35,000 simulator is $1,750. One simulator a month is all you need to sell to make a nice living. The brand name is known, which makes sales a lot smoother.

It is unknown how long the cookie lasts, but you can sign up at this link and find out. The only drawback is that the market may be a bit small to sell one a month. Hardcore enthusiasts would be your target audience. But you never know until you try. High-ticket items do come in handy when trying to meet financial goals.

#7. Sweet Spot Shot Videos Affiliate Program

Golf Affiliate Programs - playing with the right shoes

This is not a direct golfing supply company. They do not sell clubs, apparel or other golfing accessories. What they sell are video golf lessons to help the average golfer improve their game.

Lessons are always important as the average golfer cannot afford to go to a pro golfer for help. These videos cover different aspects of the golf game and are taught by a PGA prof. The good news is that you can earn up to 50% and sometimes up to 75%.

To make that kind of money, all you need to do is sign up and be an affiliate. Once you are signed up, you just have to market those lessons well. This is a great affiliate option as many new and old golfers could use those tips.

How To Make Use Of These Programs

There is more to being a golf affiliate than signing up and putting the links on a website. It is best that you know the game and become an authority on the subject.

Also, you should either already have a golfing website or be able to create one. Having a golfing audience is the best way to make any sales. Also, being able to attract golfers and golf enthusiasts is a must.

You never know when a spouse will buy something for their husband or wife. Or tell their friends about your golfing website and offers. Once you get that all set up, then standard SEO strategies will apply.

Create a newsletter and have people sign up or use the right keywords to attract visitors to your golfing website. The key will always be to have great golfing content that won’t insult your readers or make them think you do not know what you are talking about.

When you are ready, these are 7 good affiliate companies to go with when you want to promote golf and its equipment, etc.

Some Final Words

As you can see, golf has a huge following. That is a ready-made audience for you to market to once you are prepared and ready to promote golfing equipment and accessories.

The good news is that you do not have to live in America to tap into that market. With worldwide locations available, you can live anywhere and make some good money in the 7 Golf Affiliate Programs. Your results will depend on the decisions you make.

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