How Selling Golf Products Online Is A Profitable Business

On this topic, we will be covering how selling golf products online can be a profitable opportunity especially when your passion is this sport. But even if you’re not playing the sport but someone who also wants to take advantage of this perfect chance to earn money, you are also welcome to find out more about it.

How to Get Started

Let’s start with some statistical data. There are about 24 million golf players in the US alone, and aside from that, there are around 15 million people who say they are highly interested in playing golf. Based on these data, you can roughly guess why it’s a profitable online business. There’s a massive population of potential audiences and buyers who are always looking to buy golf equipment, golf apparel, and other items related to golf.

Marketing your golf products online could be easy if you have the right method and the right tools. We will be discussing more of them but first, we will do some research to confirm their marketability.

Market Research for Golf products

Let’s do some quick market research first to get some important facts based on data.

Search Volume

We will be using Ubersuggest to verify if there’s an interest in golf products online. One keyword related to golf is “golf equipment” so let’s check that using the keyword tool.

Ubersuggest search volume on golf equipment

The volume of searches for “golf equipment” is pretty high showing 9,900 searches. Other searches are pretty high as well such as “pxg golf clubs” and “golf clubs junior”. Let’s try “golf clubs” for a more specific keyword search.

Ubersuggest search volume on golf clubs

The results for “golf clubs” are way higher with a 110,000 volume of searches. You can simply make money by selling golf clubs alone! Even the used ones too since “golf clubs used” results in 49,500!

Let’s check another specific keyword such as “golf balls”, here are the results:

Golf Products Online - Ubersuggest search volume on golf balls

Even the “golf balls” keyword search volume is huge reaching almost 50,000. Here we can conclude that people search for specific golf equipment instead of using a broader term.

Based on this data, we’re given an assurance that there’s huge interest in “golf clubs”, “golf balls”, and other keywords related to golf products. On the next topic, we will be checking its search trend to verify if it is sustainable or not.

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Search Trends

Using Google trends, we can find out if golf equipment searches are maintained for the past couple of years.

Google search trends for golf clubs

After carefully looking at the graph above, “golf clubs” searches show that there are highs and lows but the interest is sustained throughout the year. There are even months that the interest reaches its peak, an indication that you’ll have months of higher sales. These results will help us in choosing our niche which we will talk more about on the following topic.

Here are 7 Profitable Golf Affiliate Programs for you to consider

What exactly is the niche?

In choosing the niche, we can simply look back at the keyword tool search results. We have “golf clubs” with the highest volume and we also found out that it is sustainable. You can use “golf clubs” as your main niche and you can select the other related keywords as your sub-niches so basically you have plenty to work around like the following:

Golf clubs – golf clubs used, golf clubs sale, golf clubs set, golf clubs for women

Golf balls – golf balls Callaway, golf balls vice, golf balls Titleist

Golf clubs and balls

You may already have one or two niches that you would like to start with, but before that, the following are necessary to consider:

  • Are you interested in it? – You can get pretty excited about choosing several of these niches, however, it is best to first focus on one niche that you are interested in. Specializing in one niche will allow you to be more effective in marketing your golf products online.
  • Does it solve a problem? – Aside from selecting a niche that you like, ask yourself if it solves a problem, or if will it help solve a problem. If you’re a bit confused, don’t worry as we will talk more about it on the next topic.

What Problem is being solved?

One important thing to consider when choosing your niche is if it solves a problem. People look up the internet to find solutions or answers to their problems. Your chosen niche should be able to provide a solution or solutions to a problem such as the example problems below:

  • Where to buy golf clubs?
  • What is the best golf club for beginners/for men/for women/for kids?
  • What equipment do you need to play golf?
  • Is it good to buy complete golf equipment?

These are just some examples of problems related to golf products. You may have another one or two to add up there. The important thing here is that your niche will be able to address one or two of those common problems related to golf products.

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How to Get the Audience to Purchase

At this point, you may have already chosen your niche and you’re probably wondering about how you can sell golf products online. We will start with how you can convince your audience to buy your golf products but first, we need to know who are we targeting exactly.

Your possible audience could be any of the following:

  • Those who want to know what they should buy to start playing golf.
  • Families who would like to play golf with their kids and wants to buy equipment within a budget.
  • Golf players who need specifics and details.
  • Golf professionals who are looking for the right equipment to improve their plays.

Your possible audience looks promising but you want to make sure that you will be successful in selling golf products. To know how to do that, here are some recommendations:

  • Help your audience without pushing for a sale – It may sound like defeating the purpose of this topic but writing posts or reviews that are beneficial to your audience without too much sales talk builds trust and reliability. You would want to build a good relationship with your audience so they can start relying on your post and eventually make their first purchase. Aside from that, they can spread the word to others about how reliable your posts or reviews are.
  • Provide substantial details – Since your audience will rely heavily on the information that you’re giving them, you would want to make sure that you have enough description of the golf products that you’re selling. Focus on the facts and features of a golf product such as the type of metal used to make the golf club, which ones last longer, which ones are good for new players, etc. Also, provide them options like getting their golf clubs customized or fitted depending on their needs.
  • Understand the needs of your audience – When you target a specific audience, first you need to understand what they are looking for and how you can provide that solution. It is easy to sell golf products by focusing on the products alone without considering the needs of your audience. A good example is if you want to target families or people with a budget, the majority of the golf products you’re selling should be affordable and at the same time, has good quality.
Golf Products Online - golf cars

Ways to sell Golf products online

We’ve come to the most challenging part of online selling which is figuring out the best way to successfully sell golf products online. There are several ways in marketing your golf products online, however, you must first consider which one is most feasible for you to use that you can afford, invest time in, and be able to manage better. Let’s take a look at the marketing methods below.

Affiliate Programs

This remains the most popular way to make money and is easy to manage too. You can post a review of a product and include the link to the vendor’s website then you get paid for the commission sale. Compared to other marketing methods, this is probably the most manageable one since you don’t have to take care of orders, inventories, deliveries, and so on.

Google search on Affiliate golf products

To find affiliate programs for golf products, you can use the Google search engine. And as you can see from the results above, there are so many of them and can be quite intimidating. But to help you choose an affiliate program, you can check if it has:

  • A solution/s to your niche
  • Quality products that you can easily promote
  • Good commission on every sale
  • A respectable brand
  • Good customer reviews about their brand
  • A variety of payment methods

You may be required to send an application to join some of these affiliate programs. It’s good to read about their requirements first before you send in your application. In general, they welcome affiliate marketers to promote their products and some have really good assistance for their marketers.

You can earn between 5% up to 50% commission sales depending on the affiliate program you have joined. A good affiliate program is Amazon which is already a trusted brand and marketplace. Here’s a sample of golf products and merchandise sold on Amazon:

products sold on Amazon


Dropshipping works when a vendor fulfills an order by purchasing the product from a wholesaler and the wholesaler ship the order to the buyer. In this case, you’re the vendor therefore you will be doing product marketing and order processing. The products can be bought for a discounted price and you can sell them for a higher price on your website.

Your profit will come from how much money you add on top of the product’s original price. Although you can regulate your prices, you need to have fair and competitive pricing to attract buyers.

Google search on dropship golf products

In the same way, how you searched for an affiliate program, search for a reliable wholesaler in Google and find one that will be able to provide you with quality products, affordable shipping fees, and fast delivery service.

Sell your own Golf products

If you have the right budget and resources, how about selling your very own brand of golf products? You can find a wholesaler to supply you with golf products and even put your brand before they ship the products to you. This marketing method can have a costly start-up and can be difficult as you will take care of order processing and shipment to the buyers as well.

Google search on wholesale golf products

Just like how you looked for affiliate programs and dropshipping in Google, look for a dependable wholesale company that will be able to supply you with quality golf products at a reasonable price. Their delivery times should be reasonable and there should be no issues or delays as much as possible.

Other potential methods of selling Golf products

If you are a golf player for a while, you can share your knowledge and experience by creating golf lessons that you can compile into e-books or videos. If you’re an expert on golf sports, you can create a video analysis of a recent golf tournament too especially if the players are using the brand you’re selling.

working from home selling golf productsWhat You Need to Start Selling Golf Products

At this point, you may have already chosen the method you will use for marketing your golf products online. In this topic, we will be covering some of the most effective tools you can use to be more successful in marketing. These tools are necessary to build and amplify your online presence to increase the number of your audience and buyers. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools you can use:

Building a website on Golf products

In doing online marketing or online business, you will need your website. You really can’t maximize your earning potential if you don’t have one. It’s easy to build one with the help of a website builder and you’ll be done in just a few clicks. There are many free website builders and they pretty much have everything you need from styles, themes, and many other features. If you have the budget you can hire a website developer if you want a unique design and other functions added to your website.

Promote Golf products on social media

In any of the giant social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, you will be able to find people who are interested in golf products. You just need to look for where the bigger audience is and focus on that one. There are tons of free and paid marketing tools you can use and some tools can even automate your posts. The more active you are, the more audience and potential buyers you can reach.

Start a Golf products YouTube channel

Aside from making videos about golf lessons, you can also make reviews on golf products, especially those which are in demand. This may require you to buy the product to test it in front of your watchers showing them how it is used, the right posture, how to swing better, and also providing some tips on how it should be properly stored and maintained.

Join Golf social communities

If you have already created a social media presence, make the most of that by joining social media communities that are interested in golf. The best thing about this is that you’re already targeting people that have joined the community because they share the same interest in golf which means they could also be potential buyers.

When looking for a group or community, try to find one with a high member count and has active members daily. After you make your first post, try to respond to their comments as soon as possible as they could be thinking of buying your product already.

Final thoughts

We surely hope that our discussion today will help you take that first step in marketing your golf products online. We understand if you’re still undecided now, but there’s always help if you need it.

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  1. I can believe the statistics you gave because I am also into this business and I understand how it can be sometimes so I’m just so happy you’re able to show me the way in how to sell golf products and make money from it online. I agree that it is a profitable business so why wouldn’t I want to go into it. Even my dad buys golf products online would be good if I try this profitable business out. Thank you!

    • Is great that your dad is a golfer, that would give you more insights on what are the immediate needs of the golfers and if they have any concerns on the products they possess. It is a profitable business and it is growing exponentially and will keep growing in the months and years ahead.

  2. Affiliate marketing is Avery clever business and anyone who gets into it should be ready to learn some basics and work hard so as to make money from it. Now taking a look at selling golf products online, this is really helpful to anyone in that line of niche and for me, I’ll say you go for products that are often being used by golfers 

    • Lawson, that is the best approach that you mention, and what will even give you more leverage is if you join the communities to get to know your audience, and get a feeling on what the golfers need on the different products.

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    From my online research If you’re a golf enthusiast with some entrepreneurial drive, the world of online retail presents a business opportunity, with disposable income dedicated to the game they love, golfers enjoy browsing the latest products from top manufacturers, whether in a store or on the Internet, smart marketing plays will help you develop a loyal clientele and keep inventory moving.

    Thank you.


    • It is becoming a profitable niche, because of it being a no-contact sport that a lot of people is adapting to because of this pandemic crisis we are facing today. I myself find myself going out to the golf course more frequent now rather than the basketball court.


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