Understanding Personal Growth And Development!

Those of us in the home business niche are more likely to be interested in explaining personal growth and development in your business as it pertains to making us more likely to succeed in it.

Unless you have given up on life, you are always in a growth mode whether you realize it or not.

There lies the rub in my opinion.

We are torn between being a better person and being a better business person. As I see it separating the two is not necessary and I am going to attempt to show you how you can grow your business more easily as you are growing and developing yourself personally!

6 steps For Personal Growth And Development For A Successful Business

1. Define Your Goals

You may not think of goals as being part of personal development or personal growth, but to me, they may be the very most important thing. Clear clearly defined goals will help you establish what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve success in a home business.

Clearly defined goals become part of your values and the belief system you have for your own success. These goals have to be very personal and not something you set based on what somebody else is doing.

Often times in the home business niche we tend to look at the success of others and then use their success as the basis for our goals.

In reality, it’s nice to be motivated by somebody’s success, but you have to have your own personal goals if you’re ever going to grow and develop your own home business.

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2. Build A Roadmap

Growth and Development - knowledge through training and coaching

Setting your goals will help you develop a roadmap for success. This is a carefully laid out plan that you will follow to reach your goals.

Here are a few key points for building your Roadmap.

1. Daily. It should always include a daily to-do list. The number to be flexible. The roadmap that you have for success one year from now is probably going to be different from what you initially layout. At least I hope it is!

2. Be flexible. Running a successful home business should include flexibility in developing your roadmap. As you learn new things you’re going to want to incorporate those into helping you become successful faster.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

It’s very easy to get sidetracked in today’s home business world. All of the great advancements on the Internet, especially in social media marketing, lead to greater temptations to spend time goofing off and calling it work.

As you grow as a person you become more focused in terms of what you’re trying to achieve because your roadmap and your daily to-do list require that of you. Stay focused on doing the things that other home business owners will not do and you will become more successful than them and ultimately achieve your own goals!

Growth and development by spending time learning new skills

4. Spend More Time Developing Skills

Although I am a big believer in personal development and goal setting, nothing will replace skills in making you more successful.

Often times your personal growth and development will keep you motivated to continue to work in your home business when maybe things aren’t going so well. However, even if you’re not the most motivated person in the world you can be successful if you implement success skills.

This means learning how to do Internet marketing, especially traffic generation. These are skills you will keep with you for the rest of your life and can apply to any type of online business regardless of what you’re doing right now. Learn how to become a professional Internet marketer and your business will grow from it.

5. Stay Motivated

There was an old skit on Saturday Night Live starring Al Franken as Stuart Smalley. He used to stand in front of a mirror and tell himself how great he was.

I don’t know if this is the type of motivation that you need to be successful or not. Personally, I think daily goals and to-do lists, combined with the achievable long-term roadmap or blueprint, will help you more than anything.

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Maybe you want to read or listen to “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill if you want to learn how to stay motivated!

I will persist until I succeed - Personal Growth And Development! 6. Persistence Is Your #1 Ally

You may want to think of this as resilience because you are going to need it. I am just giving you the truth as I have found it to be.

Having a successful home business is going to be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Success will not be achieved without a few bumps in the road.

Ray Kroc built McDonald’s into the largest fast-food restaurant in the world. Do you know what he said the biggest reason he was a success was?


Webster says persistence is “the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people”.

Do you have this quality? Are you persistent?

How do you become more persistent? Here is what Wiki How says…


final thoughts

I’ve done my best to explain personal growth and development in your home business in a way that hopefully, you can understand. I do think that making money on the Internet is harder than people pretend it to be.

However, there are so many people making money online that it’s silly to think that it couldn’t happen to you. If you follow some of the steps and pay particular attention to setting goals and building a roadmap you will be way ahead of most people who try to make money online.

Then you can begin to develop the Internet marketing skills it will take to drive traffic to your money-making website, and build a successful home business!

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