Why Is Personal Development Important?

Why Is personal development important? And what role does it play in building my business online today? Maybe it isn’t or maybe it is! In this article, I will show you why it is important and how simple it can be.

One thing I found interesting in doing research for this article was, that personal development was not limited to self-help. Self-help is more about developing the mind where personal growth can be, developing things outside of your mind including actionable skills.

Since my blog is about making money, I want to write this article based on personal development from an Internet marketing perspective.

What Is Personal Development?

First of all, what is personal development from a business point of view? I came across this definition and I looked in the Business Dictionary.

“The process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness, and building wealth. The growing success of the self-help and personal development movement has assisted many business managers in obtaining more qualified and motivated personnel for their companies, and it has also encouraged more people to go into business for themselves.”

This is an Ah-Ha moment!

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Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

Why Is Personal Development Important? - conceive, believe, achieve? our decision is yes, no or maybe?

Personal development has encouraged people to go into business for themselves. This one I started back in 2013 is working for me.

Remember what Napolean Hill wrote in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”?

“Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.”

No larger Internet business model embraces the concept of personal development, tied in with Napoleon Hill’s statement, than The Network Marketing Industry. This industry thrives on the fact that people think about starting their own businesses every day.

Breaking that statement down, in the beginning, anything the mind can conceive is where it all starts. There is a need for this.

Almost always the need is to make more money for whatever reason. Some of the best prospects for network marketing are not people who are broke, but rather individuals who are already successful in their lives but want to build their own network marketing business, so they can become more successful.

Often the goal is to quit their job and work full-time for themselves. I think this is an admirable goal and one that many of us would like to achieve ourselves.

The second part of the statement is why we should believe. This is where things start to get a little tricky.

I also happen to feel this is the starting point where the failure rate in network marketing becomes so high. It used to be that 95% of people who joined an MLM business quit.

I’m not sure if that is the case today. I am an advocate of making money with your affiliate marketing business.

This is a little different from network marketing in that you do not spend time building a downline. Your focus is on selling an affiliate product for the affiliate merchant you are in business with.

The concept of conceiving an idea and believing in it is still the same with affiliate marketing as it is with network marketing. The failure rate in affiliate marketing is quite high as well, and lots of it comes back to people just not believing they really can succeed.

You’re never going to achieve what you’ve conceived and believed until you master the concept of believing in yourself.

This is why there are so many self-help books, tapes, courses, and seminars that have made the self-help industry a multibillion-dollar industry.

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Develop Skills

Why Is Personal Development Important? - New Skills

But beyond that, we get into the part of personal development where the business dictionary points out the importance of developing skills.

The bottom line with any online business is you will never become successful until you master Internet marketing techniques.

This is the one constant that separates people from failure and success. Think about this! The Internet does not discriminate against people in any way.

The Internet doesn’t care whether you’re black or white. The Internet doesn’t care what your education level is, or what your current income level is.

The Internet doesn’t care whether you are male or female. The Internet doesn’t care where you live in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

This is why you see so many people become successful who started with no money. All they had was a dream that they could improve their lives, and they believed they actually could achieve that dream.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed often comes down to Internet marketing skills and the application of those skills.

It’s not as easy to make money online as some would have you believe. However, it does become extremely simple once you learn basic Internet marketing skills.

Of course, there is a difference between simple and easy. Simple just means that anyone can learn to do it.

Why Is Personal Development Important_Simple Or Easy?

Easy means that accomplishing that, is going to be harder than you probably thought. However, once you develop Internet marketing skills, it will come down to the amount of effort you’re willing to put into it.

This is where personal development skills become so important. However, so does the importance of increasing consciousness.

It is why virtually every self-help book will teach you to write down goals, and read them two or three times a day. What you’re doing is programming your subconscious mind to believe you can achieve the goals you’ve written down.

My Final Thoughts

After a period of time, you will start to believe you’re going to achieve what you have been reading. Along the same lines, things begin to happen in your life that is hard to explain.

You may realize you are doing things relating to Internet marketing that you never thought were possible. They start to become easy, and you begin to achieve the success you have been reading about in your goals.

None of this happens without personal development which includes not only self-help and the subconscious mind but developing actionable Internet Marketing Skills.

All this may seem a little confusing, but again it’s quite simple. Anything you can conceive and believe you can achieve!

The question is, will you?

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4 thoughts on “Why Is Personal Development Important?”

  1. A lot of people don’t realise that the key to being successful begins in the mind. If you believe you can achieve something wholeheartedly then you’re already half way to getting it. I agree that personal development is important to success, in order to achieve you have to continually grow and try things you’ve never done before. This is indeed personal development. Great article.

    • Hi Gus,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I have seen people try many businesses and fail and blame the business. When the truth is they are working on the business before they work on themselves. That hit me a few years ago.

      A matter of fact I spent close to six months rearranging my thinking, then went back to a business that I have no success in and began to make better improvement which brought me within the top 10 in that company. Personal development is needed when working for yourself if you want to have success.

      Glad you see why is personal development important Gus. My goal is for the majority of people starting out online to grab this. Thanks!

      Take care and good luck with your business.

  2. David,

    I really like this post because it is about something that I really am interested in. I also really like how you’re showing us how self development and internet marketing are intertwined. I agree with you that if you honestly believe you can build a money making website, you will.


    • Alan,

      Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment on why is personal development important. I believe if you think it you will have it. if you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, you will achieve more and become more. All the best my friend and thanks.



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