How To Increase Sales Efficiency And Grow Your Business!

What I want to do in this article is let’s talk about how to increase sales efficiency and how that applies to profit. What is the bottom line in sales? It really is increasing sales in a profitable way.

This makes sense in online marketing as much as it does in offline marketing. What you are selling and how you do it in a profitable way applies to sales of all types.

Be Quick-Don’t Hurry

Be quick don’t hurry really applies when it comes to how to increase sales efficiency. You have to look at the whole process.

Sometimes we tend to mistake activity for achievement, and this may hurt us in the long run and affect our efficiency. But keep in mind that failure is not fatal. We all learn from our or other people’s mistakes, so take heed and continue coming up with the right approach.

How To Increase Sales Efficiency - making sales

How much time is being spent in each area and how can you improve that to increase the efficiency of making sales? Let me give you an example.

With an online business, your website does much of the selling for you. However, if you do not have traffic coming to your website you can never sell anything.

The way to get traffic to your website constantly changing, free, and paid. So to learn how to drive traffic is ongoing training, that is the reason you need a community of people to show you exactly that.

Some Internet Marketers hurry through their traffic step because they do not really understand the best ways to do it. They might quickly set up a Google AdWords campaign without really having everything in place. Write an article with no Google searches, or set up their Bing campaigns without relevance not driving traffic to their website.

The end result is the poor performance of the ads and not an increase in sales. A better approach is to become 100% well-versed in pay-per-click advertising, you can learn from the experts on how it is done.

Set up analytics and track your results. As you get better at it you can increase the speed at which you set up your Adwords campaigns, Bing and Facebook as well.

This will allow you to spend more time on the follow-up of real-time prospects hopefully leading to more sales.!

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Better Use Of Sales Tools

How To Increase Sales Efficiency - marketing strategy

I really like this one, especially for those of us who have a new Internet marketing. There are so many ways that we can use the sales tools at our disposal to increase our sales efficiency.

One of the first ones that come to mind is a better use of an autoresponder. I know you’ve probably heard this 100 times, but if you’re not building an email list you are not building a successful Internet business.

However, what I find interesting about those that do use an autoresponder is how few of them really understand how to write effective autoresponder email messages. To me, this is something that any salesperson, both online or offline, could do better to increase their sales efficiency.

If this is something you do not want to learn how to do then find a really good copywriter and pay them a fair amount to write your email autoresponder messages for you. Sales reps spend a lot of time prospecting for leads and Internet marketers do this through the use of the Internet.

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However, you would think with the amount of time spent on getting people to our website, and identifying themselves as a prospect for what we are selling, those of us who do Internet marketing would be more interested in whether are autoresponder messages are doing the heavy lifting for us.

I can tell you that most Internet marketers do not know how to write autoresponder messages. The only way to increase your sales efficiency is to have better email messages and follow-up procedures with the use of your autoresponder.

That is just one example.

Carefully consider a few of the following as well…

  • social media,
  • website design
  • blogging tools
  • live chat
  • a company 1-800 phone number
  • email list giveaway
  • graphics,
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • testimonials

And on and on I can go!

Effective use of the many sales tools at your disposal is a great way to increase sales efficiency. What is so great about the Internet is you can often set these up one time and benefit from them over and over for years to come!

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Sales Funnel

How To Increase Sales Efficiency - creating your sales schedule

I saved this for last because it has become so apparent in the success of online marketers. If you are not using an effective sales funnel you are not going to increase your sales efficiency.

So, what are sales funnel?

I found this definition on page one of Google and I really like it as it pertains to those of us wanting to set up a sales funnel for our online business.

“A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps required to sell your product or service. The sales funnel gives you a complete overview of where in the sales process your money is”.

For us the steps are:

  • awareness
  • leads
  • prospects
  • sales

To get this going think in terms of:

  • branding
  • creating
  • content
  • build

Let’s look closer…

1. Brand. These are the marketing activities we spend our time getting out the word about our company and product.

2. Create. Here we need great landing pages and an opt-in offer to get people to join our email list.

3. Content. This is where the importance of our email follow messages come into play. We will also be making offers to buy or learn more about what we sell.

4. Build. Long term you want to offer a paid membership to loyal customers. You can also offer specials to increase the monetary value of a customer.

Final thoughts

In writing this article I’m assuming that you are in a niche that you want to be in. Also, you have a quality product that you’re representing.

Without those two things, it’s going to be tough to increase your sales efficiency. However, if you believe in what you’re selling then the steps that I’ve talked about in this article will definitely be of value to you.

Take advantage of the technology available to you to increase your sales efficiency and your profit too! Do you need to know where to start and how to do all that I mention? Then join a company for free and learn all that you need to know how to increase all aspects of sales.

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14 thoughts on “How To Increase Sales Efficiency And Grow Your Business!”

  1. Hello David, So much information in this article. I really heard you talking about the need to understand all the tools that are at our disposal. And that if we do not take advantage, we cannot expect our business to thrive and grow.
    Whew! Might have to read this one again.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Glad you see the value here. I may have to read again as well. Lol. Thank you for the comment. If you follow some of what I describe here, you will get results, it happened for me and will do the same for you. We do have to increase our sales efficiency for us to grow and make sales. Thank you!

    • Please do, and if you need further clarification on anything that I mention, please reach out to me. glad that you see some value here. Thank you for the feedback. All the best.

  2. Dear Bishop,

    Such a Great Article. Sales is very important for any business and by increasing the sales we can move our business to the next level. Advertisement place the vital role in Increasing the Sales.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul, thank you for such kind words and comments. we all need sales when building our business, and there are strategic ways of accomplishing that. The way we advertise is key, and we have to remember we should focus on telling rather than selling. that will make a big difference between failure and success in our business. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi David! Nice summary of the steps required to increase sales efficiency. It’s good to have an overview because there are so many things to learn and do, it can be quite overwhelming. If you miss any of the steps, you will struggle to see the sales so I thought your article was quite helpful to give be an overview. Thank you.

    • I Jenny, all the steps I mention do work, and it has help me with my business in the past and are still working for members of my team today.. The best approach is to use one at a time so that you would not get overwhelmed. And once one is working for you, then you can move on to another and so on. Hope that helps!

  4. I’m glad you mentioned learning about the tools and how they can be used properly. I’ve seen many blogs and websites that just paste ads randomly and links to products on blogs that have nothing to do with the content the author has written about. 

    I’ve learned from my mistakes and have started over many times. Each time I’ve gone back to the beginning with a little more knowledge under my belt. While I’m not exactly a complete newbie, I still have a lot to learn and it was nice to have a reminder of how to do things the right way to avoid wasting time and energy on something that’s going to give the opposite results we were aiming for.

    • Yes, creating relevance with you ads when blogging will help you to increase sales efficiency and eventually build a solid business that would last.

      Many times we tend to rush things and not take the time to learn the process in setting up a business the right way. This is one reason I tend to send my audience to Wealthy Affiliate so that they can get the training and reap the results.

      The following is one member testimony to show that the system do works and that anyone who follow along in the training and complete the tasks, they to can have the success.

  5. You are so right.  

    So many of us are not building email lists as we run our websites.  I know I’m not.  And I really do not quite know how to write the copy for the email messages.  Does this give you samples to base your follow-up messages on?  Do they apply to any niche?

    This is definitely a product I need to take a closer look at.

    • Thank you for the feedback and glad to know that you got some value here on how to increase sales efficiency and have the success that most people dream about.

      Everything that ones need to run a successful business is here within wealthy affiliate training, and the process are so easy to follow and implement. Below is the process I use to create my list. You can take a look at my review.


  6. This post was very informative. Learning how to increase sales takes time and patience. You have covered some key points. The sale funnel is really a great tool and I plan to implement as soon as I  have enough content and traffic on my website.

    I will be using your post/website for future reference going forward as I build my website.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Brenda, you made the right choice and your approach for building content on your website is what will get you there. This sales efficiency tips are working for many and it will do the same for you if you use them.

      Good to know that you going to use my website as you build your business. I make weekly post to what is working for me, so feel free to come back from time to time and grab some of my making money tips. 



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