8 Things On How To Start A Marketing Business Online

Would you like to learn how to start a marketing business online?

There is a huge demand for Internet marketing and this has created a niche in the marketplace for people who want to fill that demand.

What I want to do in this article is to look into how you can get started on the Internet with your own marketing business. We are going to look at my top 8 things you should keep in mind.

You are going to be selling a service or services that solve a problem a business has. Keep in mind that you do not need to personally know how to do the actual work.

As is the case with almost any business the owner does not know how to do everything. Internet marketing is interesting because you can act as a facilitator and outsource much of the services you provide.

1. What Services Will You Sell?

Do you need to specialize? To me, this is the key question you must answer before you even get started.

Internet marketing today means a lot of different things. Some of these include:

1. Email marketing.
2. Social media.
3. Paid advertising.
4. Blogging.
5. SEO.
6. Backlinks (natural)

I could go on and on here. The key thing is are you going to be a jack of all trades or a master of one or two?

Don’t worry so much about what you can do, but rather what can you pay someone to do for you. Outsourcing makes it possible for you to start an online marketing business in any way you want.

2. Research Your Market

How To Start A Marketing Business Online - Research your marketIn the old days, I called this being an Internet spy.

There really are no secrets online with Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

You can research anything on any business online. Here is the key thing to keep in mind.

Can your business solve a problem another business has? That is the type of service you want to bring to the marketplace.

3. Establish Pricing

Starting out you need to be competitive with your pricing. As you build a customer base you can raise prices accordingly.

If you are doing your own work you do not have to add in the cost of outsourcing to a freelancer. If you are going to a website such as Fiverr or UpWork you will want to add their prices to yours.

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4. Start A Business Plan

This is something that will change over time. When you first start your marketing business, writing down a few key items will help you formulate on paper what until now may just be in your head.

Write down…

1. What is your product or service?
2. How can you differentiate your business from your competitors?
3. What is your mission statement? Writing this out will help you show how you will be able to help people.
4. What are your benefits? In FAB selling (features, advantages, benefits) focus on how your service benefits them specifically.

5. Set Up Your Business

If you are a sole proprietor you literally can start an online business with nothing more than a social security number. You should set up a separate checking account for your business.

Set up a PayPal account as well as this is the easiest way to get paid online. Even if your customer does not have a PayPal account they can pay you with a credit card through PayPal.

PayPal will give you a payment URL that ties directly into your account. It will look like this https://www.paypal.me/yourname. How easy is that!

6. Start A Website

How To Start A Marketing Business Online - starting my websiteUse a website such as Blue Host.

They give you a free domain name when you host with them.

Today using a WordPress theme as your website makes getting started very simple. Here are more details on how to do that.

Don’t get hung up here. If anything, hire a freelancer at Fiverr for $5 to get you started or look at my recommendation at the end.

7. Zero In On Your Target Market

Now it is time to really define your market. In the article Target Market Defined the writer discusses understanding the group of people who will buy your service. This is a great read and one you should spend as much time as you need!

8. Time To Promote

One basic thing I learned years ago is about promoting online. What you lack in time you can make up for in money. What you lack in money you can make up for it in time.

Another slogan that has always stuck with me is early to bed, early to rise, advertise, advertise, advertise. Once you establish the basics of your business you should spend 80%-90% of your time promoting it. Especially in the beginning, because you have no customers anyway, so what else will you do.

I am not going into detail here except to say combine some paid ads with social media at the start. I have covered this in detail in the past, on my blog, so feel free and browse through it.

3 posts that may help you are:

1. Offline marketing strategies.

2. Social media marketing.

3. Here is another article I like explaining How To Start A Business At Home.

Portent has been one of my reliable websites for some time now, and I have learned a lot by putting into practice their strategies.

Conclusion On Starting A Marketing Business Online

Solving problems is the best way to make money online. Starting your own marketing business online is a great way to do that.

You can stay local in your market and work with business. Or you can view the world as your oyster and provide products and services anyone can access and use. The sky is the limit!

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No credit card is necessary

I take this business seriously, and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success.

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10 thoughts on “8 Things On How To Start A Marketing Business Online”

  1. Hello Bishop,

    Starting an online business is a great initiative, but it could be very demanding especially for newbies in the online world. I failed to start up my business with a plan, that’s why I always relapse after a couple of weeks. So, I will write a detailed plan of what I hope to offer to my audience, and how I want to go about it. Every problem that a new start-up experience usually boils down to lack of planning.  I’ll have to work on this, and I’ll see where I’d go from there.

    Thanks for this guide Bishop, absolutely helpful.

    • Louis, we all make this mistake from time to time. And even if we get it right a couple of times, we still fail most of the time. but practice makes permanent. The only time we don’t see results is when we stop planning. Keep at it and cut it up in bits of pieces until you feel comfortable enough to carry them out.

      Let me know if you need further assistance down the road, would be glad to lend a helping hand. talk to you soon. Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.marketing business is very interesting when you are solving people’s problem. This article explain  8 things to consider in setting up a marketing business. I found this article so helpful and very informative. I will share this page link to my friends to read about marketing business. Thank you for the insight. 

    • Happy that you got a little value here in this article and are willing to share with your friends. These strategies helped me in my business and it will do the same for anyone once they put it to work. thank you for the comment and kind words.

  3. Hi Bishop 

    This is a great article with lots of important information and guideline about how to start an online marketing business. Really This is an awesome article. Nowadays online is the best way to start a home business and earn money. I did not have any idea about it. 

    By reading your eight tips in your article I have learned a lot, especially setting up my business plan, and promoting my product. the extra articles you provided was very helpful as well. 

    This is so important and helpful article. I will follow the tips you provided, and I think this will help me a lot. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you. Feel free to stop by from time to time, cause I make regular updates on this site weekly on what is working and how to apply it.

      The other articles are very helpful and would help you in your marketing campaigns and getting lots of people to look at your offer.

      Thank you for wanting to share this article, I think people would thank you for it. all the best.

  4. I wish I read this post before starting anything at all online. I did think of what I would write about but I never thought of selling. Now I am wondering how I can make money from my site, it provides useful information not goods. Your 8th tip says to promote. I think it’s time to start promoting my site. 

    • Hi Juliett, nothing is wrong about taking time to sell anything on your website. educating your audience and giving value should be your main focus. But keep in mind that after you educate them, they would look to you for something that would solve their problem.

      if you not getting any traffic is fine, but once people begin to look at your website, you need to send them to an offer that they would thank you later for. Glad that you were able to see the importance of promoting something. if you need help in finding a product, please let me know, would love to help. talk to you soon.

  5. Hi Bishop.

    Thank you very much for sharing such a helpful article with all the necessary information about 8 Things On How To Start A Marketing Business Online.

    Really this is an amazing article. I like this article very much. I was thinking of starting a new marketing business online. But I did not have the proper knowledge about this. So, I was looking for a perfect guideline where I can learn how to start a marketing business online. 

    I am so lucky that I have found your article and finally I have learned perfectly how should I start my business. I believe these 8 tips are the best tips for starting a new business online. This is the best informative and helpful article for those people who are thinking of starting a new marketing business online. I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can be benefited from your great article. 

    • Happy to know that this article was helpful and my 8 tips were valuable. I still use these tips and it is working for me. Please do not take it likely. thank you for the comment and kind words.


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