How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Are you new to the marketing world and wondering where you can learn how to start with affiliate marketing for beginners? Is there a website for dummies on this? Is email marketing still effective today? Well, It is!

Think about your situation. Do you open emails?

I’ll bet you do if it is from someone you know or someone sending you the information you requested. Despite the growth of text messaging and social media sites, email marketing still holds its own. I am a big fan of it.

It’s more efficient than several other types of marketing. Despite the rise in blogs, forums., Facebook, and YouTube, email is still one of, if not THE best, ways to turn your audience into customers.

What is Email Marketing?

Getting started is relatively easy and doable for any beginner. All you require is permission from potential email clients.

You can approach marketing services such as Aweber, OptinMonster, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Constant Contact, TrafficWave, and much more. You can put an enticing form on your site so that people register to receive your emails. As you see to the top right hand of this website, you can go their fill in the information, and I will let you know the latest trend in making money online.

If you are looking for anything free, do not fill in your information, I am here to educate you on how to fire your boss; sugar coating is not my style. I hope I send a severe message home. And if you follow my simple steps and do not make it, I will pay you. Now, let’s continue what I was talking about that you can take to the bank; now, Let’s continue, What I was talking about?


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Still In Email Marketing

If this is unsuccessful, you can always use a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a fantastic thing that you give free of charge in exchange for an email address. It includes stuff such as; audio, videos, and free eBooks. Now here is your freebie! Lol.

You should then segment your list into smaller groups so that the message you send is specific. People may unsubscribe from your emails if they are general and don’t appeal to their interests. You can then come up with unique information and share it with your audience. I will show you exactly how to do that.

Now that you are familiar with email marketing, there are many benefits to both the sender and the subscriber on the receiving end. Below are seven advantages of using email as a marketing tool and strategy. And if all of this is not clear, let me know what you are looking for?

Did you get that?

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Here they are:

1. It Saves Time and Effort

Comparing email marketing to other offline marketing techniques such as postal mailings and telesales campaigns, think of how much time and effort is required to structure and execute such marketing techniques.

In Postal mailings, you will probably have to get a designer to come up with the mailing. You will waste lots of time through thorough revisions.

You’ll also need to wait for the printing of the mail and to put it into the envelopes. But, thanks to email marketing. It will take you at most three hours to come up with content for your email, edit it and share, as long as you have a reliable email service provider.

And sometimes, depending on the niche you are in, you can get the following emails for free from a Coach. Did I say, Coach? This is something that I will talk to you about was you are inside this Community.

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - working together

And the list goes on.

2. It Is A Targeted Form of Communication

Marketing mostly fails due to targeting the wrong audience. You should be able to place an advert in a place where those you intend to communicate with can see it.

With email marketing, you are capable of doing this. It’s because, during the segmentation of the audience, you can opt for those who will see the email depending on the location, status, or any relevant data.

The targeting aspect makes marketing effective because the content will specifically meet your client’s needs. Therefore, leading to a higher conversion rate.

This will become available to you, attracting your audience to your niche or business, and having your email contacts stay in touch with you because of the value that you are sharing.

Watch, is getting better as the list goes on:

3. Building Your Brand

You will be able to build your brand easily. Because with every sent email, it will expose your business to new customers. Due to the segmentation, designing and targeting, your company will grow. Plus, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.

Branding? and many other strategies you will learn as help you on your journey to making a full-time income from home. Do you think you are ready?

Wait! There is more……

4. You Can Personalize Your Messages

It is easier to win over a client with a personalized message. With email marketing, you can tailor information that will appeal to your audience.

It includes mentioning their names or even locations, which will show that your organization not only cares but understands the needs of the clients. This can be done in an email as long as the person signing up gives you their first name.

5. It Allows for Frequent Communication

It takes little time to create an email and send it, compared to other marketing techniques. As a result, you can communicate more with your audience.

You can remind your clients about your offers on a weekly or even daily basis. However, it’s advisable not to send more than one email in a day. It’s unethical because it appears as if you are nagging the customers or spamming. Spread out by educating them on the strategies that are good and working.

Do not Sell, but Tell.

social media marketingEmail marketing for beginners continues…

6. It Is Cost-Effective

How much does it cost to send an email? You will have the monthly cost of the autoresponder that you use to send email messages and to store your contact information.

A good-quality autoresponder comes around $20 a month. Depending on the size of your list there are really no other costs associated with email marketing. Other autoresponders, the list does not matter, and you can even earn an income and get your membership paid for, that in itself is another article that you can go and find out, here on this website.

With other autoresponders, as your list grows, you may be charged a certain percentage per subscriber, but this generally doesn’t start until you have at least 10,000 subscribers on your list. Many affiliate marketers never get a list that big, and if they do they are often in multiple niches so the cost is minimal. And the money that they will be generating, the cost would not be an issue.

7. Easy Way To Make Money

Building an email list takes time and effort, and maybe even some money to promote your offers. However, once you have even a small list, doing email marketing is an easy way to make money, apart from social media and others that you will learn here.

Affiliate marketers can send email messages with a link to a product they promote right in the body of the email itself. Another strategy is to put a snippet of a blog post you made, with the link leading back to the full blog post.

This is a way to drive traffic to a specific offer you want to make sales on. It’s also a great way to get people to come to your blog and generate repeated traffic.

One other important thing to keep in mind is, once you have a list going, it’s an asset nobody can ever take away from you. This means you can monetize it over and over in the future, or even sell the list for profit if you decide you want to get out of that niche.

email marketing

And Those were my seven email steps that you should consider when doing email marketing as a beginner. It works for Veterans as well, cause it is still part of my source, and I continue to add value to my list on a weekly basis. Most times they reach out to me with questions.

Summary: Top 7 Email Marketing Benefits For Beginners

Other than the above benefits, email marketing enables you to track the client’s feedback. If you are starting out your affiliate business it should be among your top marketing strategies. It is the best approach, cause the average exposure for someone to make a purchase or try an offer is seven times.

There you have it.

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  1. David, this is a great article on email marketing! It is something I am just getting into. I understand it is one of the best ways to have a successful online business. Thank you for this encouragement!

    • Glad that you get some value here and that you see the importance of email marketing. Once you see the need and give your audience value, email marketing can serve as your best marketing strategy. Follow the steps that I mention and get your campaign up and running. Take care.

  2. Hello David. This is an incredibly informative article. There is huge earning potential in email marketing and I’m excited to be a part of it.

    • Hi Sue, thank you for the feedback and I am glad that you see the value of email marketing. If done right, it can help your business grow tremendously. All the best.

  3. Hello David, I did so appreciate all the information you put into this article. The idea that using and building an email list gives the business owner more control instead of waiting for the reader to come to us, truly helps us build a stronger business. And allows us to be able to contact our readers in a way that truly speaks to their needs. Learned a lot. Thanks. In peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • Ariel, thank you for the comment and kind words. I am glad that the information I provided resonate with you. Your email list is your treasure and should be handled with great value. Yes, it gives you control and it serves as an information center to your audience. Build it right and it will be your best resource for your business years to come.


  4. Dear David,

    Thanks for the post and it’s very useful. I was thinking of email marketing as the last priority on my to do list but experts advising the importance and your article Top 7 Email Marketing Benefits For Beginners is making me understand its importance. So now it’s on the top and priority list. Thanks Again!

    Money Is In The List!

    Your Friend,

    • Hey Paul, always a pleasure when I see your comment. Although email marketing is a great asset to your business, focus on getting traffic to your website as number one. Without traffic, you cannot build a list. glad that you get some value here my friend. Thanks!

  5. Hello David,
    Great information in this article. I especially love where you write about your ‘money back guarantee’ – very tempting indeed.
    The points on your list are all actionable and it has given me a little reminder course that I am able to implement in my online business. Thanks for the refresher course.
    Much success to you.

    • Michelle, it was a pleasure to provide this information to you and countless mothers out there. If you know what is available to you, only then you can take action. This was a big research for me, and I am glad that I was able to bring it across so that my readers would be aware. glad I was able to provide value to implement in your business. God Speed!

  6. David,
    When I started out with my online business, I did not know the importance of email marketing. Building a list is essential to building your business. Thanks for all the great information.

    • Lisa, The saying: “money is in the list,” is a true statement. Build it right, and guard it with your life. Glad I was able to provide you with the information. Talk to you soon.


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