I Want To Change My Life As Soon As Possible

How many times have you said to yourself, either outwardly or inwardly, “I want to change my life”? Especially after today during this coronavirus pandemic.

It is something that many people think, but few really believe is possible.

The truth is that most people are not totally happy with the life they live. The world wants them to earn more money, enjoy their work more, or have more time to spend with their family.

Most people are just not happy with their lives. Of course, some things, even many material items can be useful, but will they really make all aspects of your life the way you want it to be?

We have to think seriously about this and dig deep into our being if we want results. We have to start today if we want results tomorrow. And after reading this article you will see that there is hope. I am willing to work alongside you to get you started.

Getting Started

A couple of years ago I found myself saying that I wanted a change of life. I sat down saying that I know I want to change as soon as possible, but how?

It is easy to say that you want something different, but the real key is determination and dedication. If there is a change you want to make and you decided to do it, following it is the tricky part.

Day after day to get your hands dirty, not only for a week or a month, but every day respecting your plan with dedication. In my opinion that is the real difficulty of change, sticking to it.

having a community or someone to work with you can be a big difference, this is what road I took and it happens for me. you can take that same road and come up with the same result or better.

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Still, desire a change of life?….

Change Your Attitude

It also comes from having a change of attitude. For you to have a life change you must lose the idea of always being a follower and becoming a leader even if it is only in your own life. Those who say that they want to change their life and then become leaders experience the most significant change in life.

So, if you hate your job, or want to spend more time with the family, whatever change you want in your life is to go out and get it. Become someone who does it and not only says it. That is my challenge to you.

Are you ready?……

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I want to change my life - I know I need to take risk

You may want to change your life, but the first time something feels a bit uncomfortable, you want to back away immediately.

It takes a new mentality to change the subject and if it takes you out of your comfort zone so be it. You stay out of your comfort zone for some time and guess what? You acquire a new comfort zone that would help you along with your destiny.

I have met many people who wanted a change, but they did not want to have to change their lifestyle or their way of thinking. The change will never come this way.

Whatever you use to do gets you the results in the first place, so why continue on that path? This is the life we are talking about.

You may be where you are at this time because of the thoughts and actions you had in the past. In case you continue doing what you do, again and again, you will never change. you will get the same results again and again.

Law Of Attraction

We think that just because we want something it will fall from the sky. That is something that I have against some of the people of the law of attraction.

It seems that some of them want to tell you that all you have to do is want it and it will come true. I could, but I would not hold my breath waiting for it!

Almost everything in this life comes to us because we work on it. Now the law of attraction can make it happen much faster and with less work, but it still requires work.

Remember our parents telling us we have to seek and ye shall find.
Knock! and the door shall open. is always with us making the first move.

Yes, you have to……

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Reinvent Yourself

If you want to change your life you need to discover how to reinvent yourself. How do you do that?

want to change my life - changing your mind is the first step

You can do it by rewriting your reality.

This is much easier than it seems. I will give you some techniques to reprogram your brain for success.

You cannot change the current life that your mind created with the same account that created it. You must change the way you think. That is done at the subconscious level.

To change the way you think you should do a little reprogramming. Think of your mind as a computer. If you keep giving the same orders to your brain it will continue to provide you with the same output.

So, here is one area we can reprogramme our minds…..

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Think & Grow Rich

This is the all-time best-selling book by Napoleon Hill. In it, Mr. Hill gives you a simple success formula to start with.

I think this can be the key for you to reprogram the way you think using your subconscious mind in the right way. Whether you know it or not you use your subconscious mind 24 hours a day.

We use self-talk when we are awake. When we sleep we have a real chance to program our minds to get the life we want as soon as possible. The unforeseen forces can work on it while we sleep, and this has a lot on what we feed it all day.

Napoleon Hill’s simple formula for doing this is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Putting Hill’s Formula Into Practice

I am going to give you 6 steps and they revolve around making more money. This is a money-making tips blog so this makes sense.

However, understand this. I am going to show you how to use positive affirmations and you can really apply this to anything you want to change in your life quickly.

1. Set the exact amount of money you want. You must be specific!

2. What will you do in exchange for this amount of money? There is no money for nothing here 🙁

3. Put a date on it.

4. Create a plan and start right away.

5. Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you want, by this date, what you will do for the money, and what is your plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Here is a free copy in PDF of Think & Grow Rich.

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10 thoughts on “I Want To Change My Life As Soon As Possible”

  1. A lot of us want that good life but how many of us are willing to work for it. How many of us are willing to program our minds to a mind of success. Do we just only think and do nothing about it? It has to be more than that if we intend to achieve success.

    I am a believer of the law of attraction as there is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher would come forward. If you really believe you can achieve success and you work for it you would see that all the things you would need to achieve that success would be revealed to you. 

    I have personally experienced this so I know what I am saying. It is never an easy path to achieve the success we all desire but with the right mentality and training, I believe we can beat the odds.

    • Jay, I could not have said it better and you know what, I was in that same state as you mentioned, and as soon I decided to come out of my comfort zone and think like successful people, it began to happen for me, and I choose not to go back to my old way of thinking. Great insights.

      One of my mentors says seek!..ye shall find. Kock!… And it shall be open. Laws are available for us, and it works, just like the law of gravity. I am also a true believer in LOA. And yes, the odds are always there to be beaten if we come against them with the right approach. Thank you for the feedback and insights.

  2. This has some powerful ideas man, really gets you excited in making changes in your life and following your dreams.

    Either you do, or you don’t, there is no trying. Either you make the change yourself, you go all in, or the change will never come. Love it. Inspirational for whatever one wants to do in life, let alone having a business. One needs to be a dreamer, but at the same time, a warrior. Thinking right, but also putting in the effort to learn how to achieve your goals and fighting to do so.

    • Hey Faheen, you sound like a motivational speaker, and I can see that you are definitely on the right path on changing your life on what you want to become.

      The great Yoda quote always inspires me. I forward that star wars movie so many times just to come to that part, do or do not there is no try. People still want to be successful in the same lifestyle that brought them there. You cannot be successful in your comfort zone; it just would not happen.

      You have to jump in with both feet and stay with it until you begin to see some results and keep pushing until the results started to grow, and as it keeps growing, keep pushing some more. Thank you for your insight and feedback.

  3. After reading your article, I found out that you discussed you Want To Change your Life As Soon As Possible. I think this is very wonderful reviews about yourself. I like your article very much. You are giving  6 steps and they revolve around making more money. 

    This is a money making tips blog so this makes sense. I like your opinion about money making tips. I want to ask a question about that, How long does it take to change your life? and How can I make a routine for myself? Thanks for writing this article.

    • Most times, the reason most people do not make money online is that they do not want to change their life. And that is a significant difference with someone failing and achieving success. This was my breakthrough, and it came when I develop a new mindset.

      One of the important skills that one needs to make money is to develop a successful mindset and follow successful people. They think and act differently in so many ways. Changing one’s life is a life long process cause you meet different challenges at different levels of your life. It does not mean successful people do not have problems, their problems will be at a higher level, but they still face difficulties.

      The best way to start is to emulate someone, through videos, books or merely hanging out with them. For me, Jim Rohn did it for me and a few books, like How to win friends and influence people and the richest man in Babylon by George S Clason. The prophets in the Bible also add to my daily lifestyle as well. Hope that helps!

  4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read.  I have a complete in-depth review of this particular book on one of my sites as well.  And I keep it close, to be read at least once a year.  I read many books so I have to find time to re-read some books that are of great value as this one.  

    Since the first time, I read Think and Grow Rich my life has changed dramatically.  The person I was before is not the same person I am now.  This book contains a true lasting value.  I will pay my son to read this book when he is a bit older and can read better!

    • Yes, Marlene, it is a true masterpiece and this is one had a positive outcome on my life as well, and I go back to some chapters from time to time. Other books from Napoleon Hill has added to my way of thinking, especially Outwitting the Devil and Master Key Riches.

      Good move by putting this in your kid’s hands in the future, and I believe that all parents should try to do the same, is also a good book for a birthday or Christmas gift as well. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hey Bishop, thank you so much for this article, 

    This book is a masterpiece. I enjoy reading this book and I still enjoy watching Napoleon Hill. I think this man is a highly spiritual and awaken individual. I remember the chapter when he speaks about the transmission of sexual energy. it was so deep. Bob Proctor says that he read this book every single day. it is just amazing. 

    I think in overall, this book is valuable and worth to invest time, money and effort to read it. 

    Are there any other books written by Napoleon Hill? this is the only one I know.

    • Musab, Think and Grow Rich is a classic book, and it can really help someone change their life to the better. Unlike Bob Proctor, I pick up this book at least once a year.

      There are other great books by Napoleon Hill that I have come across, here are some that I know, Inhabiting Success, How To Own Your Mind, Master Key Riches, Outwitting The Devil. You are so right when you mention Napoleon Hill is spiritual, and you will see that in the last book above. Hope that helps and thank you for the feedback.


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