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Welcome to my Infinity Traffic Boost Review. You have either searched for this directly via Google or some other link. Or you have landed on my blog and now you are wondering about this program.

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  • Name: Infinity Traffic Boost
  • Website:
  • Price: Depends on the chosen package
  • Owners: Clinton Clark and Frank Bauer
  • Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Infinity Traffic Boost Product Overview

The Infinity Traffic Boost platform is mainly considered a traffic exchange. In other words, it claims to help websites get exposure while it pays affiliates in Bitcoin or advertising credit to watch ads for no less than 15-seconds per site.

In terms of selling or buying a product, there are none. The entire platform is based solely on selling packages and exchanging traffic.

It was brought to life in 2017 by two well-known names in the multi-level marketing field, and it explains a lot about the way Infinity Traffic Boost operates. Because the only way to make money through the platform is by investing in one of the many packages offered.

If you don’t invest in the packages you are extremely limited as to how you can actually earn something. And so many affiliates simply give up and lose the money they spent getting into the program.

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The Pros and Cons of Infinity Traffic Boost

The Pros:

  • Pro 1: You are not forced to use this platform

The Cons:

  • Con 1: It requires an investment to make money
  • Con 2: There is no proof that anybody actually generates an income through ITB
  • Con 3: This is a glorified MLM scheme parading as a traffic exchange
  • Con 4: Only when you get others to make the same investment can you hope to earn something.

Who is Infinity Traffic Boost For?

Even though it might sound harsh, the only people that will find Infinity Traffic Boost useful might be website owners looking for some free exposure. But what about the risk involved with search engines given that they absolutely hate traffic exchanges?

In the end, using a shady company like ITB might just penalize your site rankings while leaving you frustrated as an affiliate. If you value ranking on Google or other search engines this is not a good fit for your business.

Infinity Traffic Boost Tools & Training

Infinity traffic boost training

You won’t find any significant tools or training from ITB, seeing as they aren’t actually selling anything.

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If you want to make a dime you will have to use your own knowledge and skills.

At the moment desperate affiliates are making outrageous claims about how much can be made through this particular company just to draw some type of attention. I can not really verify these claims.

Infinity Traffic Boost Support

While online customer support is offered, it has the same bad reputation as the company itself, and it won’t get your money back.

Infinity Traffic Boost Price

Initially, you will hear that ITB is free to use for making money. However, as mentioned earlier the limitations with a free package are frustrating and really not worth the effort.

As for the packages you can invest in to make more money there are several to choose from. The more money you pay the more you stand to make according to the developers.

My Final Opinion of Infinity Traffic Boost

The only reason ITB gets a ranking is that it might be useful for website owners regarding exposure. However, there is no telling how healthy this boost is going to be.

Plus you need to spend time on other sites if you want to join in the traffic flow. If you are thinking about a way to make some easy money online this is definitely not the place to do it.

Getting an opinion on infinity traffic boost review

In fact, there is no such thing as easy money online.

The real alarm should go off the moment you are asked to invest in a package in order to make money.

This whole concept is wrong from start to finish. For example, Amazon doesn’t require any type of payments from affiliates and they provide great marketing tools to help affiliates.

Every legit affiliate program will be free or they offer a free and paid version. Unless you feel like getting caught in an MLM scheme where you are bound to lose money a lot quicker than you’ll make it these programs are usually not worth getting involved in.


I feel it is in your best interest to stay as far away from Infinity Traffic Boost as possible. For the health of your site, and to keep your money safe, don’t buy into the cheap promises on what you can make. The whole platform is suspect from start to finish and many other reviews I checked out in my research agreed with me.

Infinity Traffic Boost Review Final thoughts

As an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate for the past several years, I have found there is no more researched topic than traffic generation. This is one of the reasons there are so many programs online such as Infinity Traffic Boost.

I think it is human nature to look for shortcuts especially when your online business is at stake. In almost every case what I have seen is the affiliate spends more money than they ever get back.

Most of us have also seen this in MLM companies. In fact, I read once that the number one reason people quit affiliate marketing and network marketing is they are losing more money than they are earning.

This is a recipe for disaster no matter what type of business you are in. The solution?

Stick to what is known as white hat traffic strategies. These have withstood the test of time so far on the World Wide Web!

If you are really interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on how to build a successful business. You’ll get plenty of support, training, websites, and access to 24/7 live chat where people are always online to help you. And I will be your private coach until success finds you. Get started for FREE today.

PS: No credit card needed!

Infinity Traffic Boost






Overall Quality



  • You are not forced to use this platform


  • It requires an investment to make money
  • There is no proof that anybody actually generates an income through ITB
  • This is a glorified MLM scheme parading as a traffic exchange
  • Only when you get others to make the same investment can you hope to earn something
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10 thoughts on “Infinity Traffic Boost Review – Your Traffic Exchange!”

  1. It will be a foolish thing for any focused and experienced affiliate marketer to invest in sites like infinity traffic boost. It’s such a crapy product and not worth any investment neither does it worth my time at all. I am happy I joined wealthy affiliates and through wealthy affiliates training and site reviews, I have been able to identify crapy products whenever I see them. 

    • kenneth you are right on track and doing right by staying away from Infinity Traffic Boost. The people who are involved need to know the right way to set up a business and making money online. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is your best investment. All the best.

  2. I was not aware that Google penalizes you for using Traffic Exchanges… is this really true?  That means that most Traffic Exchanges are not helping if that is the case.

    Thank you for pointing out that this particular Traffic Exchange would really not be suitable to promote any website – this is truly an eye-opener.

    Looking forward to your soonest reply regarding Google penalizing website owners for using Traffic Exchanges.

    • Yes, they know about Traffic exchanges and is not natural views on your websites. These form of traffic will increase your bounce rate which will increase your bounce rate causing very low rankings. 

      The best use of traffic exchanges should be used to collect emails to build your list. Most of the people on traffic exchanges have a replicable website given to them by their company and they need to know that would not work to build a full-time income from home.

  3. Hi David and thank you, another eye-opener for me, amazing what is out there!

    I note this company is happy to take payment from you re credit card, etc. when purchasing any of their packages, but if and when and maybe,  you get some back,  it’s bitcoin etc. I would much rather have my hard earned cash back in the dollars I paid in!!

    Well, I agree, I shall stay well away and do my own work to gain my presence online. Keep it up!


    • Thank you for your comment and glad that I was able to point out this company and how it is useless to be a member of Infinity traffic Boost. hope most people realize how it is a waste of time and chooses the right way if they would like to provide for their family.

      Please take a look at my no. 1 recommendation and how it will teach you your approach to online success and the process you need to take. All the best.

  4. This was such a detailed and well written expose on an online scam that I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all of the reasons why you decided to write such a scathing review.  

    I joined infinity traffic boost about 2 months ago and I had to quit because they didn’t meet my expectations. They might not be a scam but I can’t recommend to anyone because its cons outweigh its pros.

    That review of yours was 100% justified.

    • Ola, you made the right choice by quitting Infinity Traffic Boost. Anytime you have to get someone to make the same investment for you to earn money, ion my mind it is a pyramid scheme. thank you for justifying my review.

  5. Hi David,

    Thank you for taking your precious time to write this Infinity Traffic Boost review. In fact, l have come across this site but couldn’t make up my mind whether to join them or not in order to get traffic to my site because basically, it’s a traffic exchange system.

    I might get a spike in my traffic for a while but in the long run, it might hurt my SEO and thank you for confirming this. We were taught by Wealthy Affiliate to generate traffic using White Hats SEO strategies although it might take some time to see the results as long as we adhere to Google’s  Best Practice. We are safe, even Google changes its algorithms.

    Best Wishes

    • Sue, most of my reviews I tend not to be biased. I write them, give my honest opinion, and let others decide. glad that you are following the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Is the same platform I operating under, and would recommend it to my entire audience.

      Don’t study the time it would take for you to see any results, cause when it starts to come, it would stay around for a long time. Build it right and it would last. Thank you for the comment and I will talk to you in WA community. See you around!


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