Is CashCrates Legit? Let’s See In My CashCrates Review

There are money-earning opportunities where you can get paid just by using your social media account. Many people become immediately interested in it because it sounds like easy money.

CashCrates offers a similar opportunity. They promise to pay you for simply promoting them on your social media accounts and more. But is CashCrates legit or not? Let’s find out.

  • Product Name: CashCrates
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Product Type: CPA affiliate network publisher and data harvesting scam
  • Price: Free to join
  • Best For Nobody

CashCrates claims to be an affiliate marketing network where you can earn from referrals and completing tasks. The tasks have different rewards, such as monetary earnings or gift cards. When you sign up, you also get a sign-on bonus. But it turns out that CashCrates is not a legit company. It is operated by notorious scammers who also own several other scam websites. We will get into more details later on.

  • Ratings: 0/100

What are CashCrates?

According to their website, CashCrates say that they are the #1 earning network, and they pay you for promoting them using your link on Instagram or any other social media websites. Its founder is unknown, and there’s no information about him on its website or anywhere online.

CashCrates was established in 2015 based on its company history. In 2016, they partnered with popularly known brands such as Subway, Papa Johns’s, and Walmart.

They claim that these companies have provided them with more partnerships for their affiliate programs. But CashCrates’ company history is a fabricated story, and you’ll learn why as you read on.

How do CashCrates work?

CashCrates claims to be an affiliate marketing company that works with social media influencers of all sizes. They said that their advertisers need your social media influence to generate web traffic and get people’s opinions about their products. Then in return, you get the dividend payments. But the reality is completely different from what they claim they are.

Upon signing up with CashCrates, you will receive a $50 sign-on bonus on your account. You will have access to your influencer account, where you can see an overview of your referral clicks, referral sign-ups, posts and reviews, and tasks. As their influencer, CashCrates offers the following ways for you to earn money:

  • $2 when someone clicks your referral link
  • $10 for referral sign ups
  • $30 up to $50 for each completed task
  • $15 up to $50 for publishing promotional posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

To qualify for your first payout, CashCrates requires you to meet the following eligibilities:

  • Have at least 5 referrals to CashCrates
  • Complete 6 tasks on the $50 TaskWall
  • Get 20 clicks on your referral link
  • Publish 10 promotional poses on your social media accounts

The monetary rewards are very appealing to most people. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you work for CashCrates, you won’t get paid, as I’ve said earlier.

This is how CashCrates really work:

  • They lure you with an attractive sign-on bonus, referral incentives, and task rewards.
  • Then they ask you to complete tasks with appealing monetary rewards of anywhere between $30 to $50 or a $1000 gift card.
  • Each task requires you to enter your email address and complete all the steps.
  • Then CashCrates earn commission payments each time you complete an action.

The CashCrates tasks are CPA or Cost Per Action offers. CPA networks pay publishers commissions when other people complete certain actions from the offers.

It can be by submitting an email or contact number, purchasing a product, watching a video, filling out a form, getting a quote, and so on. So, whenever you complete a task, the owners of CashCrates get paid a commission from it.

The cash-out function and confirmation email are their deception tactics to make you believe you are getting paid. Although you will be able to cash out your earnings and even receive a confirmation number with the date of your payout via email, in reality, you will not receive it. All of these are to give you false expectations because CashCrates never paid anyone.

CashCrates have their contact email and phone number on their website, which you can use to follow up on your payment. But from what I’ve read, the phone number is no longer in service, and you will not get any response from sending an email as well.

After requesting your payout, the next thing you know, you can’t log back into your account anymore. You’ll receive an email from CashCrates saying that your referral clicks and referral sign-ups are fraudulent.

Your account will then be terminated within 7 days. It also says in the email that you can contact their “fraud department if you think it was a mistake. But the contact number is not working too, just like the others.

Some other important points to be aware of:

  • Since the tasks will require you to sign up with your email address, expect many spam emails in your inbox from the different third-party websites, you signed up with through CashCrates.
  • Some task offers will ask you to submit your mobile phone number. If you do that, you will be automatically subscribed to different text message services. You’ll receive costly promotional text messages charged to you.
  • You may also find yourself dealing with unfamiliar credit card charges soon. There are free trial offers that you may have signed up with to complete the Cash Crates tasks. If you forget to cancel before the free trial ends, your card could get automatically charged for subscription fees.
  • Sometimes the offers include another offer with a checkbox that is already checked by default which you may overlook. You are completely unaware of them until you receive your credit card statement.

At this point, you didn’t get your payment for completing the tasks, and you were charged for unwanted subscriptions. That’s like losing money twice. At the same time, CashCrates got paid thanks to all the influencers who completed the required actions from the offers.

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Can You Make Money with CashCrates?

No, you can’t make money with CashCrates. Don’t be deceived by the payment proofs Cas Crates show on their website. They are obviously recycled and photoshopped images from the other scam websites that the owners of CashCrates also operate.

One example is the payment proofs of CashCrates and EarnAndGo. The similarities are evident with just a few alterations of a talented photoshop artist.

How To Make Money With CashCrates?

Sad to say, there’s no way that you can make money with CashCrates. Every work that you do in hopes of getting paid is all for the owner’s benefit. No matter where you look online, people say the same thing, that CashCrates is not legit, and they do not pay.

The Pros & Cons of CashCrates

We all know now that CashCrates is not a legit company but for the sake of better understanding, let’s still take a look at its Pros and Cons:


  • Free to join
  • Easy earning opportunity
  • No skills required
  • Work anywhere and anytime


  • They do not pay
  • Unwanted emails and credit card charges
  • Unknown owners
  • Fake company history, CashCrates was recently established in 2020
  • Fake payment proofs and contact info
  • The owners did their own fake CashCrates reviews
  • Multiple business addresses
  • BBB consumer alert
  • Hacking risks and personal data breach

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

After doing some research, I found no lawsuits against CashCrates. Since there is no information about the owners, it will be difficult for authorities to track them. Plus, their website mentions three physical addresses, which are yet to be confirmed. And the address in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, is also the exact address of Paid2Share and FameCash, which are also proven to be scams.

It also appears that the people who created Cash Crates are the same people behind the other online scams. Here’s a list of them that you should watch out for:

  • EarnAndGo
  • EarnBucks
  • EZBucks
  • FameCash
  • JustEarn
  • KashTree
  • LegendsInfluencer
  • NextCash
  • OGDollars
  • Paid2Share
  • Plenty Bread
  • RewardDollars
  • ShareCash
  • ShowCash
  • SocialBounty
  • Swipe2Earn
  • Tap2Earn
  • Use2Earn
  • ZoanCash

When you check online complaints and negative reviews, you will find a long list of similar stories about not receiving their payments. Some people are still hopelessly waiting until this day for their money.

Is CashCrate legit - not legit Is the CashCrates Legitimate?

Cash Crates is not a legitimate earning network or affiliate marketing company. They are probably a group of scammers who have been deceiving people for many years using different website affiliate scams. It is just unfortunate that these scammers are still operating today and have yet to be identified.

There are also other red flags that I’ve noticed, such as:

  • Their domain registration is in April 2020, not 2015. CashCrates has the same company history as Plenty Bread which were both registered on the same date.
  • They’re very active on their Twitter account, retweeting news about the Covid-19 pandemic and unemployment to attract more people looking for real jobs.
  • Some offers ask for your credit card information, which is alarming. There’s a high risk of getting your bank account hacked. Your personal information may have also been sold to the black market—part of their Terms and Conditions.
  • In their Terms and Conditions, under the “User Representations and Warranties,” it says that if you are under 99 years old, you are not allowed to use the CashCrates’ site and its features or their services. I’m not sure if this is a typo error or a dubious trick. Obviously, the majority of the people who joined them are below 99 years old. So this can also mean that CashCrates never intended to pay anybody from the very beginning.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely do not recommend CashCrates and the many other scam websites related to it. If you are not careful enough, you can be easily deceived. It’s best to spare a few minutes to do some research. This could save you a lot of disappointments and stress later on.

Most of these scams generally use legit job titles such as social media influencers or affiliate marketers to fool people into joining them. But these jobs are legitimate paying jobs as long as the company offering it is legitimate as well.

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10 thoughts on “Is CashCrates Legit? Let’s See In My CashCrates Review”

  1. Hello,

    what an interesting article. it is really good that you placed the list of additional sites that are scams too. I would honestly not have sought out a site like this to read, so I am really glad that I happened across it. It reads like you have truly done your homework. It is nice to know that there are people out there watching over stuff like this for the rest of us.


    • Hi Cherrie, It is always good to warn people of all the scams and dishonest companies. A few have scammed me, and I do not want to see that happens to others looking for an honest way to make a few extra cash online. CashCrates is a company that fits that criteria, and I would like to warn my audience.

  2. Thank you for warning us about these guys. I will keep away from this platform. But not only from this but from all the courses they have created. They seem to be a factory of scam products. I wish they would invest their energy into more useful things for society. Your post is worth sharing to spread out the word about all these scammy products.

    • There are a lot of scams in the online world as they pop up daily. Any company that refuses to name its owners tells you of the transparency of the business and what their motives are, like you saw in this CashCrates Review. Some so many people are hurting because of these companies.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to light.  There are so many types of apps or websites or products that have you complete tasks, pay out little to nothing, and pay you to promote their app.  It’s like an MLM for affiliate marketing.  It’s gross, and I hope people don’t get caught up with it. 

    • People are reading reviews more now than before, and the numbers keep climbing because of companies like Cashcrates. With a company of so many complaints and little or no payouts, it is only a matter of time before authorities close this company.

  4. You know, as I began reading I was feeling that CrashCrates could be a good choice to make an extra bucks. Thing is, thanks to your warnings and reviews, I feel relieved I came up to it. I cannot understand how people can be so mean, making other lose time, and sometimes money. Not cool at all. Besides, as you mention, they try to catch you with their “promises”, you then pay and cannot log again to your account, what a scam! thanks again!

    • In this world today where lots of people are looking to earn some money online, they do not take the time and do their diligence and research the company before looking to join. any company that do not want to identify their owners that shows their credibility and Cashcrates is no different,

  5. It is a great introduction to sites that serve to cheat people on the Internet and impersonation. I’m glad you explained everything nicely without hiding. Everyone should take care if they are looking for a job online and I will definitely recommend the text to friends for easier reference. Thanks.

    • I am happy to help by showing the truth about this company and why they refuse not to pay their members. The complaints are piling up and is only a matter of time before authorities shut them down.


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