Marketing Your Christians Products Online

Online selling can be both profitable and rewarding. This time we’ll talk about marketing your Christians products online. It is interesting to know that selling Christian products have passive and, at times, huge money-making potential. And now that I have your attention, please read on below as we uncover where to begin, what the market research is saying, and the niche to focus on, up to the platforms you can explore.

How to Get Started

Before we start, let’s consider that Christianity has around 2.4 Billion followers in total and remains the biggest religion in the world. Many people have devoted Christians, and part of their devotion is collecting religious objects, paraphernalia, and symbols.

You can find these items in almost every household, business, and even inside their vehicles; not only are they purchased as personal items, but they are also popular items for a gift.

christian music room and controlsMarket Research For Christian Products

Let’s first try to check how many people are looking for Christian products online:

Search Volume

To identify how many people are looking for Christian products online to determine their marketability, we use a keyword tool, and in this case, we use Jaaxy. Here’s what it will look like:

Marketing Your Christians Products Online - Jaax search on christians products

The number of average keyword searches per month is promising. However, let’s get another result, and this time uses something more specific.

Marketing Your Christians Products Online - Jaax search on christian gifts

As you can see, people are mostly searching for Christian gifts in general. There are more than 6000 searches as shown here, and there could be more. You can already identify the other keywords people use to look for Christian products. This already gives you an idea of what most people are specifically looking for.

Moving on, let’s try to check its sustainability.

The Search Trend

One of the key factors to consider when marketing your Christian products online is how it is trending on Google searches monthly. This allows you to have a bigger picture if the demand is maintained and does it have a particular period that reaches a peak in interest.

Marketing Your Christians Products Online

Based on the graph shown above, it appears that the interest is significantly maintained. Christian gifts reach a paramount peak during the Holiday season; this is a great opportunity to boost sales.

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What exactly is the niche?

The exciting part is here, deciding what niche you will choose. According to the statics above, we have identified that there’s a greater interest that revolves around Christian gifts. This means you can choose to create an online business with this niche or specialize in Christian gift ideas. There are also other sub-niches you can consider, such as the following:

Christian Products – wholesale Christian products, Christian products catalog.

Christian Gifts – Christian gifts personalized, Christian gift stores, discount Christian gifts, Christian gifts for babies, Wholesale Christian gifts.

It is recommended that you first narrow in on a specific niche that you can specialize in. This will help establish a level of trust so you can convince people to purchase the product you’re selling.

There are only a couple of things to consider:

  1. Does it solve a problem? – Since people search the internet to look for a solution to a problem, we will discuss it later.
  2. Is it something that you’re interested in? – It is easier to market something you like yourself than something you have no interest in at all. It will be challenging to find the motivation and passion for keeping going if you are not up to it.

As we move along, we’ll talk more about how a niche selection can solve a problem.

working from homeWhat Problem is being solved?

By now, you probably have an idea of what particular products you would like to sell. Nevertheless, if you’re still unsure, you can use another approach from the standpoint of someone trying to solve a problem.

Try to observe how you search for answers online. What keywords do you type in? Do you normally ask a question? Then think about how other people would look for a solution in a broader sense in general like:

  • I want to buy a Christian gift for someone but don’t know what
  • The best Christian gift ideas
  • Where to buy personalized Christian gifts?

When you list down all the problems there could be about your chosen niche, you can think about what solutions your site can offer. You can develop the “best personalized Christian Gift ideas” as your niche or sub-niche to address these problems.

How to Get the Audience to Purchase?

So here’s the challenging part, how can you convince your readers to buy your products? Firstly, it is important to consider who your audience is or the people who will most likely visit your site.

Here are some of your possible audiences:

  • People who are looking for Christian gift products
  • Devotees who would like to purchase religious items
  • Religious groups
  • Those who are simply browsing checking if something would interest them

Although the list of your possible audiences looks promising, it is safe always to think that they are not actual buyers yet. You need to create an approach to make your potential buyers make a purchase. Here are some things to remember:

  • Be transparent. Write posts that are clear and easy to understand. Ensure that they are the actual descriptions of the product to help your readers decide if it’s something they really would like to buy. This will also help you in establishing a trustworthy site promoting repeat visitors and buyers.
  • Target your highest potential buyer. You’ve seen the statistics that most of your audience will most likely be people looking for Christian items to give as gifts, and some are looking for it to be personalized. Focus on providing solutions for their needs, such as promoting your best gift ideas with gift wrap services or which products are currently on sale.
  • Write blogs about your products. The more you write, the more your readers become interested in making a purchase. A part of marketing your Christian products online is the content of your site. It creates awareness in your readers, learning a little bit of history about the religious item that you’re selling, and probably inspires them to have a piece for themselves.

christian products for churchWays to sell Christian Products Online

Here comes the most crucial piece of your online selling journey: finding the best ways to start marketing your Christian products online.

A few proven methods depend on the product you’re trying to sell, the method’s availability, and your financial capability. Let’s take a look at some of the best-proven methods.

It is also called the Associate program, and it is a method where an online merchant website is paying for traffic from another affiliate website. The affiliate website will post links that lead to the merchant’s website and get paid a commission depending on the agreement.

This is the method used by Amazon, eBay, and other similar websites. You can write something about a Christian product and include a link to lead your readers to the vendor site. And in turn, you will be paid for every commission sale.

Marketing Your Christians Products Online - Google search on affiliate christian products

By simply using Google, it is easy to find an affiliate program that you can start with. When you deep dive into these search results, you’ll be able to find affiliate programs that offer:

  • Solutions relative to your niche
  • A pool of quality products and in-demand items you can promote
  • Decent commissions
  • Has positive product and customer service reviews
  • Several payment options

Generally, you will need to apply for these affiliate programs before you can start promoting their products. It is important to be careful when submitting your application as if you’re applying for a job.

Although many vendor sites have a good following and a strong foundation, it is still important to think about their consistency just in case something happens. Remember that you’re promoting their products, so choose a good vendor.

The marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay are good choices in terms of trust ratings and reliability. Below is a sample of Christian products sold on Amazon.

Here is a list of Christian Affiliate Programs in which you can easily get started.


This is similar to Affiliate Programs since you will not be managing the inventory. However, you will process the orders, provide customer service, and post-sales transactions. Unlike in Affiliate Programs where you’re paid in commissions, in Dropshipping, you set the product’s price, whichever you deemed fair and reasonable, based on the wholesale price you got from the manufacturer. Your earnings come from the difference in price between the wholesale and your dictated selling price.

Moreover, in Dropshipping, you can regulate your products’ prices and what you’d like to put on sale. You also have the customer database, which you can use to build your email list.

Google search on dropship christian products

When you search for Dropshipping for Christian products, you’ll be able to find product suppliers that offer Dropshipping services, which have quality products, affordable fees, and offers fast shipping services, good customer service, and a trusted company.

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church gowns for women - christian affiliate productsSell your own Christian Products.

If you’d like to create your brand and you’re up to a more challenging online selling path, you can try to source and sell your Christian products. You can purchase your product from a wholesaler, put your brand, and sell them thru your website or a marketplace.

This method of marketing your Christian products online can have a costly setup, plus you will need to manage the orders and shipment. Some wholesalers can do the shipping for you, but you will be paying for the processing fees leaving you with fewer earnings from the sale.

Google search on Wholesale christian products

To find your wholesaler, you can make use of Google once again. Like Affiliate Programs and Dropshipping, you need to ensure that they are a good wholesaler company by checking if they have solutions for your niche, have quality products to sell, receive positive reviews, good customer service, and a variety of payment methods.

Other potential methods of selling Christian Products

Another way how you can be effective in marketing your Christian products online is to promote your products by making videos on how they are used if it’s a functional product, tutorials on making them if you sell their raw materials, educational videos about the religious figures your products represent, or perhaps a tour at a holy site related to the products you’re selling. After which, you can post these videos on your website, your social media accounts, or your YouTube channel.

What You Need to Start Selling Your Christian Products

Perhaps you already have a good idea of what method or methods you can explore in marketing your Christian products online. Finally, we’re on the part where you will be expanding your online presence.

working online as a christian affiliateBuilding a website on Christian Products

Having your website can help in selling your products. Whether you’re dropshipping or doing affiliate marketing, you will need a website.

In selling your Christian products, building your online business website can be expensive. However, you can use website builder platforms for e-commerce if you don’t have the budget for your domain website yet.

Promote Christian Products on social media

Social media is usually the first go-to platform for most online businesses. You can reach thousands of targeted audiences daily by writing posts, ads, and uploading photos and videos.

Some of the popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Each has its influential ability to help you in marketing your Christian products online.

Start a Christian Products YouTube channel.

Creating your own YouTube channel allows you to provide more content to your buyers. It is also another source of traffic and a creative outlet where you can have a personal connection with your audience.

Join Christian Social Communities

Joining social groups related to your niche can increase online awareness about your products. It is another way to have a personal connection to your buyers by posting your products to group pages and responding to their inquiries in the comments section.

Final thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our Christian products online journey. We’ve covered a lot of things, and hopefully, they are helpful and informative. If you still feel at a loss in marketing your Christian products online, there’s a complete training platform that will guide you every step of the way.

If you need help on how to get started, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, personal private assistance, my personal help, and much more.

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