Nerium International Review – Is This Another MLM Scheme?

One of the more difficult tasks in job hunting is finding a great company to work for. There are so many pretenders out there that make finding the right working environment hard to find. Hopefully, this Nerium International review will either point a great company out or expose another bad one you should avoid.

It is not easy finding your niche. MLM companies are a dime a dozen, and it is the bad ones that spoil the industry. Yet, there are some good ones out there waiting for you to sign up. Whether Nerium International is one remains to be seen.

To find out where this MLM company stands, continue to read our review. It will only take a few minutes to get all the facts to decide about the company.

About Nerium International MLM

This company came about in 2011 through the hard work of its founders, Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor. Being located in Addison, Texas, does not hurt its revenue or marketing chances.

You may have heard about Jeff Olsen, who founded people’s Network and wrote a book titled “The Slight Edge.” Their company aims to produce and sell anti-aging products, with Nerium AD as the prime product.

To govern the activities of the owners, admin, and sales rep, the founders created 10 Core Values, and those values are:

Nerium International Review
  1.  Be Real
  2. Pursue Constant Development of Self
  3. Create a Positive Team and Family Atmosphere
  4. Be Determined
  5. Encourage an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  6. Practice Servant Leadership
  7. Embrace and Drive Change
  8. Slow Down to Go Fast
  9. Have Fun and Help Others to Have Fun
  10. Dream Big and Act on it Daily

While it is an MLM company, it still sells products and strives to get those products into the hands of the people who need to turn the clock back a few years.

Nerium International Products

The products you sell for Nerium come in packs, and they are loaded with day and night creams, anti-aging creams, and anti-aging eye serum, along with supplements. There are to name a few. The prices we saw started at $80 for the lowest and $290 for the highest.

You are going to have to shell out some bucks if you want to look years younger. There is an auto-delivery program that sends out a supply of products to you every month. The cost for that convenience is slightly lower than the prices we just quoted you- anywhere from $20 to $100 lower.

The problem may be in the auto-delivery program, where you may get sent a package even after you cancel your membership. Also, there may be a problem with one of the ingredients. It is called Nerium oleander, and it is found in all of the products.

The issue here is that Nerium oleander is highly toxic. That may be the reason why so many people have complained about the negative side effects they endured when using Nerium’s products.

People have stated that they liked the items they bought and that worked well for them. You can read up on Nerium oleander at this link and decide for yourself. It is possible that the toxic nature of the plant does not come into play as people are not eating it or chewing it.

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Signing Up & Making Money At Nerium International

Make Money With Nerium International

Signing up is not a problem with this company. You need to give them your personal information and the i.d. of the person referring you. If you have no one, their website is equipped to help you locate one near you.

After signing up, you need to pay for the basic kit, priced at $49. Unfortunately, there are no Nerium products in that kit. The money is just for training materials, order forms, and other basic business information.

To sell the products, you have to buy one of the next 4 packs with the starter, the cheapest at $250. Then there is the Bronze which is wholesaled for $500, the silver for $1,000, and the Gold at $1,800

The way to make money is, of course, through selling the products and then through recruiting. If you recruit 3 people, you get a 10% check match. Then if you help those three people recruit 3 people each, you get an iPad.

If you help those same 3 people get an iPad, you get a one-year lease for a Lexus. Help those 3 get a Lexus lease, and you get a $50,000 bonus. If you keep track of the number of people that need to be recruited, you will see how impossible that is.

The retail commissions range between 10% and 26%; you get a cut from your downline, which needs to grow to about 40 for you to get the Lexus. There are other bonuses as well. So you can see that making money for you is not that easy.

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The Reasons People Fail in Nerium International

Like all MLM companies, Nerium has a high failure rate. The latest figures are about 95% of all the people who sign up do not make it in this business. Yet, the failure rate is not due to the overpriced products or the company’s fault; the finger is usually pointed at the sales reps. Here are 3 reasons why people fail, according to Nerium:

The wrong mindset the people that sign up, are not salesmen and cannot handle rejection.
Joined the wrong team- as if the recruit has any say in this matter. They don’t know even when the company helps them find a team to be with. Yet, it is the recruit’s fault.
A lack of prospects- the warm clientele only goes so far, and you are responsible for generating new clients to sell to. Of course, you get no help from the company.

The Pros & Cons of Nerium International


  • Work your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Chances of making some money
  • Bonuses available


  • Pay to play and pay big
  • Overpriced products to sell
  • Lots of competition
  • Hard to recruit
  • Little training and support
  • Too much recruiting
  • A pyramid scheme

Any Lawsuits against Nerium International

For a company that has been in business for only 9 years, they have certainly racked up many lawsuits—about 20 of them including the FTC, which you can read about at this link.

This latest lawsuit was filed in 2019 around Oct, and it seems that it is still pending. One of the founders, Jeff Olson, is specifically named in this lawsuit. Also, you should be aware that Nerium International changed its name to Neora last year.

A 2017 class-action lawsuit was filed, and you can read the complaint at this link, and to top it off, In 2016, the co-founder of Nerium, Dennis Windsor, was relieved of his duties and dismissed from the company. He filed suit, and so far, Nerium has lost about $500,000 in legal fees.

These lawsuits do not bode well for the company, but they are just icing on the cake.


Even though Nerium International may be losing only paltry amounts of money, there are still complaints about the products given its high annual revenue. The FTC has about 100 complaints filed over the years, and the BBB has about 97.

Even with the complaints, the BBB gave Nerium an A+ rating. The complaints range from unauthorized credit card charges to auto-ship deliveries that won’t be canceled or refunded to health problems with the products.

Is Nerium International Legitimate

Nerium International

In 2015 the company reached $1 billion in annual sales. That figure alone lends credibility to the idea that the company is legitimate. But how it got that much money in such a short time is under scrutiny.

Having a high annual revenue stream does not make the company legitimate. It is not when its main income stream is by recruiting new people to sign up and sell its overpriced products.

The company also makes many false statements, and has recorded many of them over a 2-year investigation. You can read about those statements at the link above, referring to the FTC.

It seems that Nerium is only in the business to recruit and have people buy their starter packs. They are not truly interested in selling their products, and including a toxic plant as the main ingredient displays this lack of concern for its customers and reps.

Changing the name to Neora last year does not help restore any credibility to the company but shows an attempt to hide from its unethical past, like other companies.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get into MLM employment, we suggest finding another company to work with. If the FTC wins its case, that will mean the end of this company. Nerium is a member of the Direct Selling Association, and despite the misleading and false claims made by the company, the DSA named it a top 20 company in 2017.

This evidence brings us to the point where we cannot recommend anyone to work for this company. The compensation plan is very convoluted and complicated, making it difficult to make money working for this company.

It may not be around long enough to receive your first check. Try looking at alternative MLM companies if selling is in your blood. This one is too shady, and this Nerium International Review points in that direction.

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  1. You got a very good article and they are well arranged. The product that is in your content is very good, I am a living witness of it

    I suggest that you should make this content more popular because it will be everyone’s favorite because you made it interesting. Nerium MLM has undergone a lot of complaints and a chance to make money with this business is next to none.

    I appreciate you for swinging these content my way because a lot of people who doubted have now realized that I am using the business model with Affiliate Marketing. Thank you for this honest review.

    • It is great that you see that Affiliate marketing is the best source of income today once you have learned the necessary skills. recruiting is a bad business model that is why there are so many failures in multi-level marketing today.

  2. A very wonderful and informative article ….I really like your sincerity on this ….I also appreciate your effort in trying to help people not to fall into fake online business there by investing their money, time and effort and at the end tend to loose everything. It is very much advisable that one should make research on any business before going into it. Thanks a lot for sharing .

    • I made the same mistake bu not doing my due diligence and researching the company before I join, that is why I am reaching out to my audience that they should not make the same mistake that I have.

      Although there are a few legitimate MLM companies still around, Nerium International is not one of them. It is only a matter of time before they get shut down by authorities.

  3. Hello there, a big thanks to you for sharing this unbiased and insightful review of Nerium International. I really find this review interesting and it does really help in decision making. Anyways I think Nerium international is one of that MLM system that is filled with so much unrealistic and hyped up claims. Recruiting is basically the major way of earning which is definitely not my thing. 

    • There are some good MLM companies left, but for the most skills marketers and for those who have built up a huge following. For the newbies who want to start to work from home for the first time, recruiting to make money is impossible, that is the reason there are so many failures in this business model.


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