Senior Citizens Earning Extra Money – With 4 Simple Steps!

Senior citizens earning extra money in today’s market is it possible? And if so, how do they go about achieving just that?

According to an article I saw on 1 in 3 Americans retiring have zero dollars in savings. And 56% have less than $10,000 in savings.

That leads me to believe that people are going to have to work longer before they retire, or they will need to find other ways on how to earn extra money online or offline.

We all know social security is there for us, at least right now until Congress starts messing with it. However, very few people can count on social security to fund their entire retirement.

In reality, it was never meant to be the only source of retirement funds anyway. I do have some good news in this article though.

You can earn extra money online as an Affiliate Marketer at the end of this article.

When Social Security is not enough for seniors there are some great ways for them to earn money. How much can you earn after retirement?

Let’s take a look!

home officeWays To Earn Money In Retirement

1, Investment account. A senior can use an investment account to generate more money.

They can set up the investment so they receive the interest every month and will not have to touch the principal investment amount. A financial account advisor can help the senior find the investment account that fits their needs based on how much you have to invest.

2. Internet marketing. Seniors can make money over the internet. For example, they can write articles and stories for freelance companies.

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They can also start a blog and make money when people visit the blog. Seniors can also work as online consultants in their area of expertise. These jobs do not require physical labour and a senior can work around their schedule. I will have more on other ways to make money online below.

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3. Substitute teacher. If a senior wants to get out of the home and have some interaction with others they can work as a substitute teacher.

They can work on the days they want to and can choose to work part-time. In order to do this, they are going to need to have some education in their background.

Some seniors with higher education can work as adjunct professionals. Tutoring is also a popular choice for many seniors. They can help people learn anything from math to giving gold lessons.

4. Make something. If a senior is into crafting or has a talent for making something they can turn this into income.

They can sell everything from crochet to woodworking items. The seniors can sell their craft online or they can work at flea markets.

5. Temp agencies. There are many companies that are looking for temporary workers when full-time employees are out. Seniors can work as temps.

They can make some money and still pick the days that they want to work. Some seniors can even work on a seasonal basis if they want to stay busy.

Senior Citizens Earning Extra Money - senior citizen working part time

6. Get a part-time job. Where do you think Walmart got the idea for greeters in their stores. How about seniors who work at McDonald’s on the morning shift!

There are many part-time jobs that are more than willing to hire seniors. You just need to be able to do the work and get your applications out there where employers can contact you.

7. Sell on eBay. One thing about most seniors is they have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Most of this is stuff they no longer need. Many people get started selling on eBay just by clearing out unwanted items they no longer need or use.

They then learn how to start their own eBay business in a variety of ways. As a senior, this is something you may want to look into as a way to generate some immediate cash and supplement your retirement income.

8. Consulting. Do you have a level of expertise in something there is a need in the marketplace? You may be able to leverage your knowledge and make money from it.

There are companies who would pay you for what you know. You could also use that knowledge on the Internet to consult or to create a  blog and write about what you know.

9. Start a personal service business. There are people in your neighbourhood, or in your city that need help in a variety of ways.

Some of those include walking their dog, grocery shopping, picking up their dry cleaning, housesitting, or just stopping by and keeping them company. All of these are potential business ideas that you could use in your personal service business. You can earn money, providing a valuable service to people who really need it.

senior working at home on his computer10. Affiliate marketing. This is a business model that is done primarily online. This is how I make money on the Internet and I happen to think it’s a great way for seniors to earn extra money in their retirement. I’ve written a lot about this on my blog and you can certainly scan around and find specific articles you find interesting.

Let me just say that Wealthy Affiliate, as an honest reliable source, has a free program you can go and receive training on how to get started in affiliate marketing. Whether you make money by the click, by the lead, or by the sale is up to you.

Once you master a handful of skills, anyone can learn how to do it, you can make money sitting at home, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Plus you control your schedule as to when and where you work.

Summary On How Senior Citizens Earning Extra Money

These are some ways that seniors can make some extra money and still enjoy their older years. You may already know that 70 is the new 50, or 80 is the next 60, and so on.

Hopefully, you are in good enough health to take advantage of a living loner. However, with that comes the need for more money in retirement.

You can take what you know, or learn some new skills and apply those to earn more money using the Internet. Online it really is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

And the good thing you can start today part-time before you reach your retirement age.

Start by Joining A Community that can Relate by Clicking on the banner below, and meet me inside for guidance.

PS: Please leave your comments or questions below, I would love to get your thoughts!

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10 thoughts on “Senior Citizens Earning Extra Money – With 4 Simple Steps!”

  1. WhIlst not yet a senior citizen, I am interested in making more money for my retirement.

    I am from the U.K and have no private or company pension program as I have been self employed for years. The pension I will get is not good enough so I am looking ahead.

    I think I have lots to offer, but no real time currently but I have do have lots of stuff so ebay is an option!

    I am however interested in Affiliate Marketing. Can you tell me how much Wealthy Affiliate will cost me?


    • Hi Karen, planning for retirement are always in our minds, and having no to worry about money is a dream com through. Affiliate marketing is your best bet, and I can sure you what angle to take and how to make it work for you.

      You can join Wealthy affiliate for free and see if is that is what you want. And if you decide to take full value on what WA has to offer, the the price would be $49/ a month. Hope that helps!

  2. A very interesting article. There are certainly a number of ways to earn extra money but some of them might apply only to the USA.

    I am particularly interested in earning money online and would be interested in learning if the Affiliate Marketing is practical for people living in Africa?

    • Thank you for the comment and interest in working online. There are quite a few people from Africa that are working online from home with Affiliate Marketing. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a good way to start.  I would be glad to guide you along the right path. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hey there Bishop, 

    Thanks a lot for the recommendations here.

    My uncle recently retired and being the active, hardworking kind of person, he has been telling he wouldn’t want to sit on his hands and keep asking for money from his kids.

    So he’s been asking me for ways to make a consistent income online. 

    And I thought I should do some research on that. Your post was the most helpful and I am sure he’s going to love the options.

    Thanks heaps again and keep up the good work.

    • Dave, I am glad that I can be of some help here with your uncle making a decision, if he need help going forward, please let me know. i am working with a few elderly persons and I would be glad to offer some help. Glad that this article was useful. all the best.

  4. There are still a lot of opportunities for the seniors as you presented. Considering their wisdom acquired through experience they can be an asset. However, if their health does not permit the best way for them to continue on earning is in the online business. They can just sit by engaging with affiliate marketing.

    • Online marketing really do make it possible for senior citizens to make an extra income online. And with Wealthy Affiliate showing how with the easy to follow videos, it is quite possible as it did for my uncle. Two years bin the business and he still thank me today for the WA invitation.

  5. Planing for retirement is very important because we never know how it will be for any of us. Your detailed post carries a lot of information and anyone  coming to your site will definitely fined it helpful.A lot of options to go by. I will start with one and start to plan for my retirement which is fast approaching. Your post is very helpful

    • Thank you for the comment and I am glad that you got some value and tips that you can help you plan for your retirement.

      It surprises me that the amount of people who retired are still looking for ways to make some extra money to help pay the bills and live comfortable. Because of the different Affiliate Programs popping up, it makes it much easier today for anyone to work online and earn a decent income from home.


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