SurveySay Review – Is This A Scam?

In this country, giving your opinion, whether good or bad, is part of the protected free speech amendment. This SurveySay review will explore the issue to see if your voice is being heard or not.

Not all survey-taking companies let everyone have their fair say. They like to limit who gets a say which is why it is hard to recommend this company. Not everyone gets the opportunity to share their opinion.

To find out all about SurveySay and what they do, continue to read our review. It will present as many facts as possible so you can make up your mind to join it or not. Reading this review will only take a few moments, and those will be a few good moments if it helps you make the right decision.

Not every survey-taking company is legit or even good to work with.

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What is SurveySay?

This company began operation in 2008, and it is not known who started it or who actually owns it. In the survey industry, there are two options any company can take. They can be a direct survey-taking company, or they can be a middleman.

The middleman option provides the company with affiliate marketing fees as they direct the people to those companies that have opted for the first option- a direct survey-taking company.

The option SurveySay has taken the second one as that is the one that will generate the most money for the company. How much you make is not really known either, as your participation is limited to if you qualify for a survey or not.

In other words, it is SurveySay that will make the most money as it has a guarantee no matter who signs up and takes a survey. They will always be a winner as they will always find enough people to qualify, and they will let the real survey-taking companies handle the hard rejection part.

SurveySay is just the funnel, not the company looking for your opinion.

How Does SurveySay Work?

The good news is that signing up is free. You do not have to pay to play, but there is a catch. You are not exactly creating an account, nor are you actually signing up to take surveys.

Instead, all you need to do is give them your e-mail address, and you will be asked to sign up with at least 5 survey-taking companies. Those links turn out to be affiliate marketing links, and every time you sign up with a company, Surveysay gets an affiliate commission.

Also, you will only have an account with those companies and not SurveySay. That is because you are merely joining that company’s mailing list. You are not representing any product as SurveySay does not have any products to sell.

That is also good news as you do not have to pay for products to resell, nor do you have to stock products to make sales. You are basically trying to give your opinion on the few surveys you qualify for.

The pay does not come from SurveySay either. It comes from those companies you actually created an account for and took the surveys with. There is no complicated compensation payment plan as SurveySay pays no one.

SurveySay Review: Can You Make Money?

The real answer to this question is no. That is because each survey company has its own rules for you to follow, and those rules make it hard to earn any money. It has been said that apart time job will make you more money than taking surveys.

SurveySay Review - taking surveys

There are 3 basic reasons why you will not make money through Surveysay. The first reason is that completing the survey is very low and does not pay you for your time. Some surveys pay as little as 50 cents for 10 to 20-minute surveys.

The second reason you do not make money at this company is that many of these companies have a high threshold before sending you any money. That threshold can be as high as $100, which takes quite a while to reach.

If you qualify for a survey, you get a low payment, and then there may be long periods of time before you qualify for another one. The third reason you do not make any money filling out surveys is that the company states you violated a rule and refuses to pay you.

It happens a lot in this industry, so you need to be careful whom you sign up with.

How To Make Money With SurveySay.

The only real way to make money with Surveysay is to qualify for a lot of surveys. Then if you do, that company is not paying you as they are merely the middleman trying to find people to sign up at actual survey-taking companies so they can make a commission.

Then once you understand that, you still have to qualify for the surveys to be paid. Qualification is difficult as the people commissioning those surveys only want to hear from a certain group of people.

Your actual gender, location, and other factors will probably keep you from qualifying for many surveys. Many of these companies only want people from North America, minus Mexico, to participate.

You have to check the fine print to make sure you live in the right area and are of the right gender. You do not recruit anyone, so you cannot make any money off of their efforts either.

The only way you can make any money through SurveySay is to be extremely lucky. The odds are against you, though, and make working at traditional jobs much more attractive.

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The Pros & Cons of SurveySay.

You would think that filling out surveys would be easy and simple work; in this case, that is not what you should expect. While there are some positives to this line of work, the negatives outweigh those positives.


  • Easy work filling out surveys.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Work your own hours.
  • Good for injured people recuperating from their injuries.
  • No selling or recruiting is needed.
  • No products to buy.
  • Zero fees or upsells.


  • Meager pay.
  • Time-consuming.
  • You can’t always qualify for surveys.
  • Companies steal your money.
  • High thresholds for payout.
  • No guarantees you will qualify or make money.
  • Lots of spam in your e-mail box.
  • Surveysay is just a middleman and not the company you work for.

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits.

So far, we have found no record of any lawsuits filed against this company. How can you sue someone who does not pay you, have products to sell, or do anything except redirect your inquiry to a legitimate survey-taking company?

The biggest negative of this company is that it is a middleman. That means you get no protection, and you are at the mercy of the actual company you sign up with. As a middleman, Surveysay gets a commission for everyone who signs up through their links.

Then the next biggest negative is that this company is directing you to be legitimate and illegitimate survey-taking companies. These companies have no qualms in telling you that you have violated the rules and taking your earned money.

Wasting Time

They also waste your time by paying you very little and making sure the surveys take some time to complete. That is if you qualify for the survey. Sometimes you waste 5 to 10 minutes answering questions only to learn you do not qualify.

This negative make taking surveys a waste of time. Then another negative is that you are giving a strange company your personal information. Surveysay can make more money by selling your personal information to other companies who will spam your e-mail box.

The same negatives that apply to Surveysay also apply to the actual survey-taking companies you sign up with.

Is SurveySay Legit?

SurveySay Review - It is not legit

The best we can say about this company is that it is not legitimate. All it is about an affiliate marketer making money off your curiosity about filling out surveys for extra cash. They get a fee for doing no work at all.

Plus, they are merely middlemen who direct you to those companies that have affiliate marketing links. This is not to say affiliate marketing or those links are bad. It just means that affiliate marketing and its links are not immune to unscrupulous people who use them for their own nefarious schemes.

Save yourself time and trouble and find legitimate survey companies to sign up with. That is if you like to fill out surveys in your spare time. Skip the middleman but watch out for those companies that will claim you violated a rule and take your payment.

Final Thoughts.

Filling out surveys is a nice way to register your opinion. But not all survey-taking companies are the same. There are a lot of bad apples in this industry, and you will be the loser if you work through companies like Surveysay.

Surveys are not the best way to make some extra cash. The pay is too low, and the time you waste is high. With no guarantee that you will qualify, you will be wasting your time for nothing.

If you are an injured person who can’t work for a while, you should consider doing this work. It fills in the time and does pay you a little bit of money if you find a credible survey company to work with. That is this SurveySay review concludes as there is no better option than that.

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