The Best Email Provider – My SendShark Review

I have to admit when I sat down to write this SendShark Review I was not familiar with it. This is not necessarily a bad thing because I can research and write my review with an open mind.

But then I got an email from an old friend who had me take a look at this autoresponder, Mike Hobbs. We have been in business in the past and was very successful but unfortunately, those businesses close their doors.

I got interested after some thorough investigation, and I had to close my other email provider’s account. Although those were great, I had to get an autoresponder that would work for my Team members at the right price covering a large number of subscribers and still covers all aspects of email marketing, such as landing pages that converts.

SendShark does not have the name recognition yet of other top autoresponders such as Aweber or Get Response. Of course, that puts them in the position of needing to provide something different or to offer more for the same amount or even less money per month.

They have tried to do this with a very large number of subscribers you can put into it. And the number of emails you can send out each month.

You will see me refer to 50,000 subscribers several times in this review. That is a very large mailing list for most of us, but something that would work if we are trying to do this business long term and maybe have our children take over.

In fact, I do not think very many average Internet marketers who have built lists that large. This is not to say that you should not have the goal of building a large mailing list like the gurus out there.

It is an asset that stays with you forever if you do it right. But getting to 50,000 subscribers would be a great goal to target:-)

Let’s take a look at SendShark with a microscope and really dissect it in this review.

What Is SendShark

what is send shark It is the Best Email Provider - My SendShark ReviewSendShark is an autoresponder. This is an automatic way to send an email.

You get subscribers into your autoresponder and let it contact them for you. SendShark offers a lot for a low monthly price.

You can add up to 50,000 subscribers for $25 a month. they have great landing pages that convert well and is a great goal to go after when building a list.

Truthfully how many people do you know who have built a mailing list of 50,000 subscribers? If they have, they are probably using software to build their own list and not paying $25 a month for it.

Having said that $25 a month to really focus on building your own mailing list is a bargain! And with great landing pages that convert, even add to the value to this email provider service.

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Who Is Joel Therien?

The name rings a bell and it seems like maybe he does not have a completely spotless past. He is the CEO and president of Now Lifestyle and GOV. Add-in SendShark and he owns three very successful companies.

In the past 18 years, he has owned multiple companies including 7 Minute Workout, Global Virtual Opportunities Inc, Got Backup, and Pure Leverage.

Pure Leverage is the one I have heard of. It is a lead capture program similar to Send Shark.

In my opinion, Joel Therien starts an MLM program and ties in complementary products to increase the income potential.

Now Lifestyle is a new MLM and Send Shark is the autoresponder they recommend and vice versa. I don’t have a problem with that as long as you do not need to get one to have the other.

SendShark Review

Name: SendShark
Price: $25 per month, $24.95 for more subscribers
Owners: Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

SendShark, Product Overview

If you need the right email provider look at Send Shark. It allows enough email addresses and plenty of storage.

It may be convenient if you take this service month by month, where you can change the service provider if you think it is not good enough for you. In case you need more emails with the plan you choose you are also able to get it for an additional price.


services and reliability for My SendShark ReviewChoose a company like SendShark that has a reputation for providing reliable service. Most of the other reviews I read say good things about Send Shark.

Most new businesses will not run smoothly at first. It should work with all the most used email clients, such as SendShark.

SendShark offers services at a lower price when registering for a full year. You can choose this if you are satisfied with the service after using it for a month.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Have up to 50,000 subscribers. This is the highest I have heard of.
PRO #2 – Deliverability. They claim a 99% deliverability rate. That is high enough for me.
PRO #3 – Send unlimited emails. Many autoresponders cap you at how many you can sen a month.
PRO #4 – 2 tier comp plan. You earn a monthly commission on active referrals.
PRO #5 – Lead page builder. Easy to use drag and drop.
PRO #6 – Daily performance reports. Plus handles all subscriptions.

I will go more into detail on the features and benefits of Send Shark below.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Price. At $25 a month, it is more than other autoresponders if you do not build a big list.
CON #2 – It is new. And you may be asked to join Now Lifestyle.

To be honest I cannot really find much bad about Send Shark. You are probably going to be involved in one of Joel Therien’s other businesses when you join this.

Who is SendShark For?

This is an autoresponder and Internet marketers are the primary target market for a product like it. If you’re going to do any type of email marketing on a scale of more than an occasional email at the time you need an autoresponder.

One of the things I’ve always liked about a quality autoresponder is the ability to build multiple lists.

Most successful Internet marketers will build a general list that they put everybody into. Then they start segmenting those out looking for specific types of subscribers.

Of course, you’re looking for buyers and those people need to be put into a separate list from your general list. SendShark and most other quality autoresponder companies will help you do that.

SendShark Tools & Training

sendshark tools and training for your home businessThe training and tools in their member’s area will provide a simple step by step videos showing you how to add them to your website.

The lead capture pages are the ones that attract me and regular updates are added regularly to improve conversions.

Importing your messages to your campaigns is outlined in detail as you build your subscriber’s list, and get regular stats as they are added to your responder.

SendShark Support

SendShark support reply to customer service tickets in a day or less. Live support has almost instant response time which is good. Their GVO support which has been around for years gives instant feedback when you submit your tickets.

Also, I am not sure if they have a community or discussion forum to help out, or in the process of doing that, but as of now, there are little or no complaints of getting your questions answered or the various support you will need. I personally love the community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate which is an affiliate training program that has great support and a private member section for one on one coaching.

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SendShark Price

The cost $25 a month. You can buy an additional package of 50,000 subscribers for $24.95.

There is no doubt this a big draw if you are really going to go after building a big list. If not they still provide enough similar features to other more well-known autoresponders.

Here is a look at a few other competitors’ pricing.

Aweber – $149/month for a list of up to 25,000. Quotes available for more subscribers.
GetResponce – $250 to $350 for 50,000 subscribers.
IContact – $239/month for 35,000 for 50,000+ you need to get a quote
InfusionSoft – $304/month for 3 month then $379/month for 50,000 subscribers
Mailchimp – $240/month for 50,000 subscribers
Sendlane– $349 for 50,000 subscribers


I want to throw this in on MailChimp. They let you have an ad-free autoresponder for your first 2000 subscribers.

You can send out up to 12,000 emails a month for free. Basically, this would be 6 emails or more depending on the size of your list.

Think about this. How large of a list will you build?

I know from personal experience that most Internet marketers focus on growing their list and hope one day it would reach in the tens of thousands. So paying $25 a month would be a great bargain especially if you get high converting landing pages that convert.

I have seen most affiliate marketers and network marketers quit for one big reason. It is not that they are not making money. It is they are spending too much money on programs that are necessary for building their businesses that do not covert their subscribers to paying customers. Want to learn what your competitors are doing and fall into the big league? Click here for more information.

Page Builder

This is not new to just SendShark. However, I do want to mention.

If you are going to do a list-building it is nice to be able to customize your landing pages. I have always liked the ability to add a landing page to a blog post or other advertising I am doing.

SendShark feature includes…

– Add, modify the text, call to actions
– Add lead forms, fields, submission buttons
– Easy drag and drop template formatting
– Load Images, Video’s, Timers
– Page pop-ups
– Template Library

The template library is nice to choose templates or get ideas on building a new landing page of your own.


performance is key for your SendShark autoresponderSendShark is really an autoresponder system. I like knowing how my mailings are doing. What is the open rate? How many emails went through? What is the bounce rate?

Sendshark offers a system that handles new subscribers and people who unsubscribe as well. You also get daily activity report and advanced click tracking and reporting

Referral Program

SendShark has a 50% referral program. This affiliate program makes it so you need 2 referrals to cover the cost of your monthly fee.

That is more than good, it is great. It is only natural if you like Send Shark you are going to brag it up so you may as well get paid for it.

If you were to talk to many older affiliate marketers you would find that the residual income from an autoresponder sale is one thing that remains constant. Everyone that builds a list will always want to keep it because of most times if not all, it turns out to be your number one traffic source.

If you are going to do any type of Internet marketing, you need to build a list. Once you have a list going, it is only natural to keep paying the low monthly fee most of these charges.

Put some focus on referring new members and you will reap the benefit for many years to come. Sendshark has increased my conversions, and more sales are adding to my business.

My Final Opinion of Send Shark

This is a very good autoresponder. They have many features and benefits, not unlike most competitors out there. And their main focus is to convert your subscribers as they join your business for free, and turn them into paying customers. This is a big problem that most entrepreneurs are having, and SendShark is changing that outcome.

SendShark at a Glance…

Name: SendShark
Price: $25 per month, $197 a year
Owners: Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


Summary On My SendShark Review

Is SendShark the best email provider? You can go to their website and read in detail everything SendShark offers.

I have been using Aweber for several years now and stay with them because I have never had a problem. I suspect most people who have been marketing online for a while have tried different autoresponders and settled in with one they like. But my free customers has given me a jump, since adding SenShark autoresponder to one of my campaigns

When you get right down to it most autoresponders are similar in price and offer similar features and benefits. If you think you’re going to build a large list long-term, then SendShark, at least right now, does have the best program on the market.

They don’t have any longevity to back them up yet, but you would hope that they’ll still be around five or 10 years from now. If you think you’re just going to build a small to medium size list then I like the old standby companies such as Aweber and Get Response if they are converting.

As I said, I took the chance because an old business teammate of mine reaches out to me about their high converting landing pages, and within 3 months, I saw the difference with my business with just one campaign.

I would definitely add more of my campaigns to this autoresponder, cause I like the results I am experiencing.

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$25.00 a month





Overall Quality



  • Have up to 50,000 subscribers. This is the highest I have heard of.
  • Deliverability. They claim a 99% deliverability rate
  • Send unlimited emails.
  • 2 tier comp plan


  • It is new
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12 thoughts on “The Best Email Provider – My SendShark Review”

  1. Howdy Bishop,

    As a newcomer to the world of online business, I am understanding 

    how important an email list can be.

    so many plugins have not done the job yet for me so this review of 

    yours came in time to help to find a good autoresponder.

    I will just have to find the money in my budget to afford it.

    Thank you for your due diligence in researching this.

    • Hi Moi, once you start getting traffic to your website, is important to you build your list, and SendShark is a good email provider to get started. I hope this review has shown you the benefits of that. Thank you for the feedback and all the best with your new journey.

  2. Thanks for this review, I feel like it will be able to help a lot of people! I have looked into other mailing list managing providers and none of them jumped out at me, so I ended up using a WordPress plugin. I like how you included information on the owner of SendShark. I believe that is very important information to have! What is your favourite part of the SendShark program?

    • Hi kohl, if the plugins work for you, that is fine, I never give them much thought though. Controlling my subscribers is a major factor of my business, and is hard for me to trust a plugin to do that. But never use them before so I have no knowledge of their capabilities.

      What I do like about SenShark is the high converting landing pages. And if I am going to grow my business for generations to come, the price would be an added factor. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Yeah nice review you have given about the SendShark email provider,well I will say SendSharkis one of the best email provider because the rate at which they operate is very easy and fast, since when I have been using an email provider I have not seen an adding up  50,000 subscribers with just $25, its amazing and there delivery rate is very fast. thanks for this review about the SendShark.

    • Hi Rose, thank you for your input here and kind words. Knowing who you working with should be very important when building a business and a guy like Joel who has been around for many years says a lot. I have worked with him in the past and has a good track record.

      I would say for the price is a very good bargain, although he may pitch other businesses for you to look at, I am only interested in the email service for now. Thank you for the feedback.

  4. SendShark is a new autoresponder that I haven’t heard of until now. Your review lays everything out nicely by providing all the information necessary to make a decision about purchasing it.
    Aweber and Get Response have been around for quite some time and the go-to autoresponders in the past.
    I see 50,000 subscribers as an excellent amount of people to join your e-mail list.
    The landing pages are crucial in obtaining new clients so I would want those to be the best.
    Is SendShark a program that has excellent support?

    • Thank you for the detailed comment and for taking the time to read my review in its entirety. Aweber and Get Response do have a track record and have been around for some time, but the pricing that SendShark offers is way better for 50,000 subscribers to add to your list.

      Landing pages are a major factor when growing your business and the high converting ones are the best if you are looking to build your list. This is why I choose SendShark, and they keep coming up with new pages on a regular basis.

      Not sure if you had heard of GVO, but Joel is also the owner and he has been around for some time so the support that you receive from Senshark is backed up by GVO support, and it is excellent, I never had an issue with them. All the best and thanks.

  5. Thanks for this informative article on Sendshark, Although I’ve heard of auto senders before I’m really a total novice so everything you have written here is of great interest to me. I don’t really have a mailing list as yet but will undoubtedly have one in the not too distant future. When that time comes it will be this post that I make my decision on who I go with so thanks for saving me some valuable time.


    • Hi Paul, happy that I was able to help and that you have a clearer understanding of having an email provider for your business. It is an investment that you cannot put a price to and is a must-have if you are going to build an online business.

      Writing content for your website and driving traffic to it should be your primary focus, and once that traffic begins to flow to your site, you would be losing potential customers if you do not capture their information through email marketing. I hope that helps!

  6. This is interesting David. I would have never thought of having mailing lists that could reach 50,000. That’s astronomical to me. Plus the program seems like it is a time saver.

    With SendShark, do you have to make an email address with them or can you use your current business address and link it to the program?

    Also, if a client mail bounces back, does the server automatically removes the email from the list? If not, do you know of any programs that do?

    • Hi Tyranique, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. it really caught my attention when my good friend, Mike had me take a look at SenShark. And what blew my mind, is when I see that my conversion rate has gone up. This is when I know that I had to be part of this email service.

      You can use any email address you which and it shows you step by step how to set it up in their training videos.

      The system would not record any bounce email because of the double-opt-in feature, like most email services. So choosing a good autoresponder, you should not have that problem. I hope that I have answered your questions and thank you for the feedback.


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