Top Reasons Students Drop Out College

In this article, I am going to discuss the top reasons students drop out of college. There is no right or wrong reason as each student has their own reasons for dropping out.

When you are 18 years old the world is an oyster so to speak.

You are starting to be old enough to make your own choices.

This freedom lets you go anywhere you want and be anything you want to be. Freedom is an exciting thing, but 18 may be too young to fully appreciate the consequences of it.

Health is not an issue. Most young people are certainly healthy enough to go to college.

You do not own a house and you probably do not even have a car payment yet. Credit cards are either on mom and dad’s account or are new enough that they do not carry a large balance yet.

Now is when many high school students decide to go to college. Sometimes this is their own choice and sometimes it is the choice of their parents.

Many kids aren’t sure what they want to do for a career yet. Will the college help them get that decision right?

Maybe not. A surprisingly high number of students drop out of college for one reason or another.

9 Common Reasons Students Quit College

1. Cost. College is expensive. State colleges are more affordable than private schools. Even then you are looking at spending $50K to get a 4-year degree.

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Out of state tuition can bankrupt a family very quickly if they are not prepared. Many students think they can handle the cost, but give up when it becomes too big of a burden on them or their parents.

2. Work. Almost every student will end up working to make extra money, either to cover the cost of college or to have extra money to do things outside of the classroom such as partying.

One problem is finding work in a college town when you have thousands of students needing to make extra money. They should look at doing affiliate marketing part-time online like I do.

Often kids will try and find work in an area that matches their college major. This can lead them to quit college and do their job full time as a career.

college students

3. Having too much fun. It is tough when you first go to college and have the freedom you did not have when you lived at home in high school.

Some students end up having so much fun they never make it to class. This leads to bad grades and eventually they drop out finding a job that lets them make enough money to have fun without the burden of college classes.

4. Not fitting in. This can be a problem for kids that did not fit in at a high school and do not fit in at college either.

However, students that were popular in high school can have problems fitting in at college as well. This is where joining a club, fraternity or sorority, and so on can play a big role in keeping students in college. Having people with common interests to be around is just about as important as the grades you get.

5. Homesick. This is understandable at first. Students miss mom and dad and their friends back home.

When you see students always coming home on the weekend you know they are homesick. The only cure for this is time and hoping they find things to get involved in a college that is more fun than at home.

6. Not sure of a major. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average student will change their major at least one time.

Many do it more than one time. Some never figure out what they want to be when they grow up and they end up dropping out of college.

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This is one of the reasons getting a trade degree is often better than going for a college degree. If you can focus on one skill you get get a degree faster, save money by taking irrelevant classes, and be done with school in less than 2 years.

7. Stress. Many students are experiencing real stress for the first time in their lives.

The result? They can not cope with everything new going on around them and they end up dropping out of college.

This, of course, is not the best long-term solution as going back home limits long-term options for career and life choices. A better approach is figuring out a way to handle this new stress and create a better future.

8. Lack of focus. Many kids go to college because that is what you are supposed to do.

They do not have a specific goal in mind yet and they decide they will figure it out as they. The result is they lack focus and end up quitting college, another potential world-changer lost.

college students should never give up9. Quitting is easy. Many students have just graduated high school.

Chances are they have finished most things they have started in the past. They have not developed any bad habits in terms of being a quitter yet.

Do you know what? Quitting is an easy thing to do. Especially quitting college.

You just decide not to go to class anymore and you are done. If you are making enough money to cover your monthly bills you do not even need to move back home.

My Final Thoughts

These are 9 reasons students drop out of college. For some, this is a good thing and they should never have gone to college to start with.

For others dropping out of college is a bad thing and can be the start of what ends up being lifeless than it could have been. Carefully think it through if you are thinking of quitting college.

My No.1 Recommendations For College Students.

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