Twitter Marketing Ideas – And The Right Process!

The rise of social media has brought with it immense opportunities for social media platforms for users to make money. In this article, we will look at Twitter marketing ideas that wounded and disabled vets can use.

Here we will also explore building a website and how to monetize it so that you would get the best results. You should note that it will take time to start making a substantial income from these marketing strategies, but Twitter can be a source of immediate income on a smaller scale if you get the training and follow the steps that I will outline here.


Twitter Marketing Ideas working from homeGetting Started

Disabled vets find it hard to get back into the job market for various reasons. Most of these reasons will not matter, as they pertain to Twitter marketing, as long as you can log online and tweet.

Getting started is easy as well.

Here are the basic steps.

1. Join Twitter for free.

2. Choose a niche business to be in. This is your target market.

3. Drill down and think micro-niche. For example, making money with Twitter is a micro-niche in the more broad niche of making money.

4. Join an affiliate program or network. I would join Wealthy Affiliate for free and take their free 5-part affiliate marketing training course.

5. Find something to promote relating to your niche.

6. Start getting Twitter followers.

7. Tweet out affiliate offers you have chosen to your list.

This may seem simple, and for the most part, it is. However, it takes time and works on your part.

Let’s talk more about what you can promote in your tweets.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the kind of marketing where you use your tweets to sell a company’s product and receive a predetermined commission. In this regard, every time a follower uses your link to purchase the item or service you are promoting, you receive a percentage of the sale

Some of the popular affiliate marketing programs that can thrive through Twitter marketing include Amazon, Clickbank, iTunes, Groupon, eBay, and thousands more. You can also use Tweet Adder Affiliate Program to make things easier for you.

Personal Recommendation Marketing

My personal recommendation is influencer marketing. This is where you provide your personal recommendation to your followers.

In this case, you agree with a product or service provider on the terms of payment. Thereafter, you personally recommend the product to your followers.

Having already used the product or service is key to making this work. The key here is to ensure that you are recommending high-quality products or services.

Twitter Marketing Ideas by increasing your Twitter followers

Driving Traffic To A Website

This method closely resembles affiliate marketing. However, rather than focusing on getting your followers to purchase a product or service, the focus here is to drive traffic to a website.

It may be through highlighting deals on an e-website, promoting a raffle, or any other marketing method that drives traffic to a website.

Using Twitter Monetization

Of all the Twitter marketing monetization methods available, this is one of the easiest. In this method, you sign up for programs such as PaidPerTweeter,, and MyLike Social Publisher.

These programs provide tweets for you to choose from and publish using your tweeter account. Although each of such platforms works in a unique way, they all offer money for quality tweets.

Getting Twitter Followers

Obviously, for any of these strategies to be a success you need to have a large following. Therefore, you will need to put effort into accruing ample traffic by being active in getting new followers.

It has been said that attaining new followers is getting harder by the day. Nonetheless, with good content, a clear strategy, and persistence, your “Followers” number will rise.

What is working when it comes to getting a new Twitter follower?

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1. Complete your profile. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. Most are not.

  • Try and get a username that describes your brand.
  • Fill up your bio with 160 characters.
  • Use your location.
  • Include your website or blog.
  • Be sure you have a profile picture that is 400×400 pixels.
  • Design a professional header picture at the top of your profile of 1500×500 pixels.
  • Pin a Tweet that offers your best Tweet or a product sale etc.

2. Cross-promoting. If you have other online sites such as a blog, Facebook, other Twitter accounts, email sig files, newsletters, etc. promote your blog posts on them every now and then.

3. Promote live events. If you go to a live event Tweet about it.

4. Use hashtags. Use hashtags that are already popular as a way to increase your chances of being seen. Read this article on the Dos and Don’ts of hashtags.

5. Interact with other people on Twitter. Especially if they are not following you yet.

6. Follow people back. This is up to you, but it has been said that more people will follow you if they think you follow them back.

7. Get back to people who mention you. If you have mentioned it in another tweet contact that person and say thanks.

8. Twitter chats. Host or participate in Twitter Chats to increase engagement opportunities.

9. Run contests. Have a Twitter contest for a retweet and win.

10. Twitter ads. If you have a small budget run ads for Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts

Twitter Marketing Ideas for making money onlineFinal thoughts

Being disabled has left you with obstacles to overcome. Luckily the Internet provides many opportunities to make money online regardless of your disability.

Doing Affiliate Marketing on Twitter is one solution available to you for making money online. This is just one strategy or method you can focus on.

If you were to master even 1 or 2 traffic-generating strategies for building up your number of followers, you can monetize it in many different ways.

Learning how to do affiliate marketing correctly at Wealthy Affiliate is something I suggest all disabled vets do! social media can be very challenging when you try to do it all at once. My suggestion is to focus on one first, as one of my mentors suggested, and when you have mastered the flow and relevance, then you can move on to another.

This is the reason for this article, I have mentioned Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and Linkedin. Find out which one you want to work with first, go to that post, and learned the strategy to get ahead.

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22 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing Ideas – And The Right Process!”

  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for the detailed post on “Twitter Marketing Ideas” very useful.

    I do have a twitter account but not up to the mark. After going through your post I do realize I need to do a lot of changes and modification. You walked me through in detail from getting started to getting followers in twitter. Thanks Again for the information. Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

    • Hey Paul, glad that you get some value here with my twitter marketing post. It is my favorite marketing strategy hence the reason for my detail outline.

      When writing I always have the newbies in mind, cause when I was starting out the details were not made available to me. I guess the professional marketers were targetting professionals. S thanks that you got the detail set up and where you should go with it. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you all the best as well.

      • Dear David,

        That’s great to know you always keep the newbies in mind while writing your posts. Thanks for that. Really your post is very well detailed. Keep up the good work and wishing you great success!

        Your Friend,

        • Hi Paul, yes I do keep the newbies in mind when I am writing my post cause I remember back then when I was trying to absorb some online content. I almost had to spend a week asking people how to interpret certain part of an article. It may sound strange, but you would be surprised the language some of these articles were written, which causes people to believe that online marketing is only for professionals.

          Happy that times have changed, and social media approach is more predominant and having people to communicate better when writing a post. Wish you all the best for your online business.

  2. Hi David, what hope and the possibility you lay out here for our disabled and wounded veterans! I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate and can attest that it is an amazing platform, training and community for online success. Something to be checked out certainly!

    • Thank you for seeing the need to reach out to our wounded and disabled vets, and show them what they can do to help them get started online. Wealthy Affiliate has helped a few of them, glad that you are a part of that platform as well. It really does teach someone how to build a website and monetize it from different avenues. This is what I am using to build my brand. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi David, this was a helpful article and one aimed at a very an incredibly worthy direction – wounded warriors. I had no idea about “focused tweets” and platforms such as that for Twitter. Great ideas! Thank you, David, for another insightful and inspiring article.

    • Glad that this article was helpful to you Sue, one that Veterans are finding easy to get started when promoting a product to earn an income from home. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Hello David,
    These are very good suggestions. I need to up m Twitter involvement and you have given me some excellent ideas as to how to do it.

    • Good that this article was helpful and was able to grab some ideas to up your Twitter Marketing involvement. It has helped me in the past, and if done right, it can do the same for you and others. Thank you for the feedback, it meany a lot to me.

  5. Wow!
    Great article, David. I did not realize how useful using social media can be – in terms of making an income. Your detailed information has certainly proved to be a great base to start.
    Can you give me an idea of about how long it could take if I implement all the strategies you recommend before I start seeing some ‘type of monetary movement’?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Michelle, glad that you see the importance of using social media to earn an income online. Twitter is one of the easiest because you can start off small by getting paid for quality tweets and then you can join an affiliate program and build from there. The money will be small and can happen within weeks or days depending on the number of followers you have. my best advice is to concentrate on building your following first by just sending out friendly tweets in the beginning.

      After your following is in the thousands, then you can sign up to the program I mention and they would pay you for tweeting to your followers, then you can go further and join an Affiliate Program and earn a residual income if you get some of your followers to join your Affiliate program. That can happen within your first year, and you can earn an income full time, that may pay better than a 9 to 5 job. Hope that helps.

  6. I am just learning how to use Twitter in my business. I almost have Facebook down, but Twitter is pretty foreign to me. I will definitely be back for some advice when I really dig into this social platform.

    • Thank you, Brittaney, and you are right on track by focusing on one social media at a time. when starting out on a new website, that is foremost. feel free to back, I will be more than happy to lend a hand. take care.

  7. Nice article!

    One of the really great things about working online is that anybody can do it.

    These tips can apply to anyone, but it is wonderful that those who might not be able to work at a typical job can make use of the internet to earn an income.

    • So true Craig and I just wanted to reach out to them and let them know that there are areas where they can have a chance to earn an income online if they so desire. Hope they see the need and capitalize on it. Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Hello David, I just learned so much about twitter. Thank you so much. I really like the concept that Vets have options here.
    in peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • Yes, we can’t forget the armed forces that risk their lives to protect us days in days out. Now that they are home, we should look out for them now and offer any assistance where needed. Thank you for your comment on this.

  9. This is the best article I have ever read on Twitter and I have PAID good money to learn more about it. You gave this for free, I can’t wait to learn more from you and am subscribing to you today! I am going to start trying these steps one by one as I have time and I can’t wait to see the results. The one I am going to use first is the Twit Counts. I always wondered why some bloggers have counted and some don’t and how to get them to put on there.

    • Hi Arpita, you and others decided to use some of what I mention and I am really glad that you decided to take action. is great that you subscribe and I hope that your business will reap the rewards. If in any way I can help, please let me know, I take this business seriously, and I will do whatever it takes to see others succeed as well. talk to you soon.

  10. I am getting more into Twitter and can definitely see a lot of potentials. I am gaining followers and have been driving some traffic to my site so am seeing results after a few weeks of experimenting with Twitter. Your article has some really helpful tips. Thanks

    • Hi Craig, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Glad to know that your Twitter Marketing is growing and is starting to get more traffic to your site. Twitter has helped me in the past and is one of my top marketing sources today. Glad that this article has been helpful to you. You are welcome.


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