What Is The Dot Com Lifestyle About?

Enjoying a successful lifestyleWhat is the dot com lifestyle about? In this article, I will explain why you should be a part of it as soon as possible.

The Dot Com Lifestyle is a business opportunity referred to as the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle or UDCL.

Famous internet marketer John Chow used this as a way to promote My Online Business Empire or MOBE for short.

At least he used to until last spring when the FTC shut MOBE down because they were alleged to have defrauded members out of millions of dollars. With the loss of MOBE, as well as Empire Network, with big-ticket programs you have 2 fewer options to achieve success in the high ticket arena.
To that, I say…ů.Good Riddance.

Here is why I say that!
When you get down to it whether you are promoting a $49 program as I do with Wealthy Affiliate or a big-ticket program that costs thousands of dollars to join, like current big-ticket programs such as Tidom, you still need skills.

Of course, coming up with $3500 or $6500 to join a program eliminates many people as opposed to Wealthy Affiliate which costs $49 to join. People who promote big-ticket programs say that is part of the appeal of them.

Would you rather earn 100% commissions on $3500 or 50% commission on $49? The choice seems obvious except you to need skills to promote any opportunity.
I have found the majority of people in the home business, or Internet marketing niche, do not have these skills and most will not learn them or put in the work to make money.

Wouldn’t you be better off to learn these skills and then apply them in a $49 program than to spend $3500 or $6500 and maybe never learn them? Here is my point and then I want to get more into the dot-com lifestyle and why it is on fire as I see it outside of the name of a business opportunity.
Start small and then go big.

Learn how to earn and promote a product or service before you risk big money in the hopes of making big money.
This seems like simple logic to me.


Would you rather lose $49 or $3500 dollars? You can get the basics of Internet marketing down in 1-2 months. That really is how long it will take you to master 1 or 2 traffic generation strategies.
You do not need more than 1 or 2 ways to drive traffic to a website, blog, or affiliate sales page. Master these and you can make as much money as you want.

thinking which way tro go with your online business

Based on this we need to define what the dot-com lifestyle really is and the answer will surprise you.

Dot Com Lifestyle Defined

Dot-com is defined as doing business mostly on the Internet. You also see this referred to as an online business opportunity or Internet business opportunity.
Wikipedia defines Lifestyle as “the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture”.

I’ve also seen it defined as a way of life which ties in better when defining the dot-com lifestyle.
So, we can shorten this to a business way of life using the Internet. That is the dot-com lifestyle and when you blow it up to the BIG picture, it gets really exciting.

The Number #1 Benefit

Regardless of how much money you make the dot-com lifestyle first and foremost is about being able to work where you want and when you want. Think about that.
When you go to a job you are told where you will work and when you will work.

This can be a miserable way to live a life, and more and more people are trying to get out of this existence.
The great thing is the chances of really doing that, have grown to a record number of self-employed working where they want and when they want.
I see this all of the time on great t.v. shows such as “Buying The Beach”, “Hawaii Life” and so on.

working your business while on vacationPeople move where they want and they work either for themselves or for an employer who does not care if they do it from home.

There are telecommuting jobs like this and there are also literally thousands of business opportunities to do it as well. As I have said before Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best.

How Much Money?

Here is the thing about the dot-com lifestyle. It is on fire because you do not have to be a millionaire to live it.
If you can get your expenses under control the amount of monthly income needed is pretty small.

I know people earning less than $5K a month living the dot-com lifestyle right now. If you did it correctly you could even live on less then $3k a month and work for yourself wherever and whenever you wanted.

How do you make $3-$5K a month?

– Affiliate marketing
– Network marketing
– Email marketing
– provide a service such as a blog writing
And many more…

Conclusion: What is Ultimate dot com Lifestyle

What is the first step?

The first step simply is to learn how to make money and do it in a way that you are not risking thousands of dollars up front. This means getting the skills it takes to earn enough money to live your own dot com lifestyle.

When you do this you will really understand why it is on fire because you will live at a level of freedom most people only dream about. Being able to work when you want and where you want is a great thing that most business owners do not have.

They are tied to their business and you are not. The Internet never sleeps.
It is always open for business, so you are making money 24 hours a day once you learn how and apply what you learn. I suggest you start for free and get some training with Wealthy Affiliate!

Get Your Training Here!

PS: Please leave your questions or comment below, I would love to get your feedback!

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  1. Letsret

    I found your article very interesting, it seems more people are wanting to stay at home and earn money.  What better way to do it than on-line.  The web is so huge and there is lots of room for people to earn an income by many means.  I know someone that just sold a website for $100,000 he certainly didn’t expect that, but I guess the name was right.  

    Learning the right skills is pretty important when it comes to making money on-line.  You can get lost trying to go it alone.  I like the fact that I can learn everything I need to for as low as $49.00.  I think this is something I’m going to check into further.  Thanks for the information

    • Bishop

      Thank you for the input and positive words on why people should get involve on making money online and enjoy the dot com lifestyle. It is much easier today than in the past, and joining a community like Wealthy affiliate for as little as 49.00 a month, will expose you to such a success.

      All the necessary skills are in the training plus to have a community and myself to help you along the way. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes too see others have the same success. Will talk to you soon.

  2. Stefan

    I love the .com lifestyle. In fact I don’t have much choice anyway.

    I live in a small village in Thailand where no real job opportunities are available but in the internet.

    Instead of doing work online for others I chose to start my own website business. Ok at the beginning it is hard, you can hardly make any money because you don’t have a product in hand you can sell to neighbours or friends. But with time and hard working the website grows and the traffic on it too.

    • Bishop

      In any business setting goals is what going to push you ahead of the class. Building a business do take time but with the right approach, you can reach certain goals along the way and still see the benefits of working from home.

      I have seen people walk away from their full time job within a year. that was good for me although I had set a goal to give three years of consistent work and application. And that paid off.

      You made a wise choice to start your own business online, and is only a matter of time you will begin to see your rewards. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know, would love to lend a helping hand.

  3. Babsie Wagner

    I have to agree with you about the dot com lifestyle – the true beauty of it is being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection – that right there is true freedom.  The other wonderful thing is being your own boss!  Of course, I guess that part depends on what type of boss you are, right?  My “boss” is a hard worker.  I work harder for myself than I ever did for a company owned by somebody else.  LOL!  The $49 membership fee for Wealthy Affiliate is basically my only expense for my multiple websites bringing me in income.  That is a small small overhead, and if anybody balks at that, they’ve never run a business!

    • Bishop

      The dot come lifestyle is everybody’s dream. but most people are skeptical about online programs. Some believe, like I did, is a scam or a get rich scheme sort of business. that is the reason I recommend people to join for free and judge for themselves before they shell out their hard earn cash.

      Being your own boss is one reason I got started, and have the opportunity to work wherever I chooses. Glad to know you are part of Wealthy Affiliate, and your income is worth the $49.00 a month investment. I have seen more and more people is making that decision and i am happy to help them along the way. Thank you for the comment band your success story.

  4. Eden

    It really does make sense to go for something like Wealthy Affiliate at $49 and to promote rather than paying thousands. You can achieve even when putting in small amounts of money, it is about putting in the work and WA helps you in so many ways with a fantastic learning experience. 

    Having a dot com lifestyle is what I dream of having and so many other people too. What a great life it can be, when you can start earning a good amount each month online.

    • Bishop

      Eden thank you for the comment and yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best to learn all you need to build a successful business online.

      We all want the good life and be able to provide for our families but oftentimes we are not willing to put in the work. Glad that it is changing and may people is creating that success

  5. Jenny Hennig

    Hi, I am currently learning affiliate marketing, and all the skills and strategies it takes to create a successful online business.  I hope that one day I will earn enough money to live and enjoy the dot com lifestyle.  I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn and become successful, I am a member and have learned so much.  The reason I joined was because it was free, after I joined I realized it was a great platform and I upgraded to premium membership, for $49.00 a month it really is unbeatable, in terms of what you get and learn.  There is more savings if you go yearly, which is what I did.

    • Bishop

      Glad to know that you are taking action by learning Affiliate Marketing. If you stay consistent you will reach your goals, and the best place to start is with Wealthy affiliate. so you are on track.

      Many like you are joining Wealthy Affiliate and experiencing the dot com lifestyle. here is one member testimony that the system do work if you follow the training and complete all tasks.


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