What Jobs Can I Do At Home Online Today?

I always wonder what jobs can I do at home online today, being frustrated with my 9 to 5, and hoping to quit my full-time job. Is that really possible?

And there are many people out there who are asking the same question because they are either dissatisfied with their current job or maybe they need to stay home for one reason or another.

The Obama administration continues to tout the improvement in the unemployment rate, but in reality, what has happened is more people are underemployed or have chosen to stay at home and work. Others are just trying to answer the question “what jobs can I do from home” for reasons of their own.

In this article let’s talk about a few ways you can work from home by finding a job of your own, or possibly even starting your own home business.

Best Work From Home Jobs

OK, I have good news! Millions of people work from home every day. You’re basically going to be looking for the best work-from-home jobs from two angles.

1. Part-time. These are jobs you can do from home that are going to require you to work less than 32 hours per week.

Obamacare helped create a situation where businesses want to keep employees’ hours at a part-time level so they do not have to pay for the employee’s health insurance. As a result of this, more people are thinking about finding a job from home where they can make the same amount of money, but not have to get up and go to work outside of the home.

2. Full-time. These are jobs that you can work from home that going to be 32 hours or more.

You may not believe you can find a full-time job you can do at home, but you can. I am going to give you a few options below!

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What Jobs Can I Do From Home - telecommuting


One area to consider when you’re looking for jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home is called telecommuting. This is an employment arrangement between an employer and an employee, where the employee stays at home and does their job.

Flexjobs.com is an excellent website to check out for telecommuting jobs. You can find jobs arranged by category, and begin to look through those to see what might appeal to you.

You can also Google search the words “telecommute, telecommuting, telecommuting jobs”, and so on. Some of the big jobs websites like Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder will come up. So will other social sites such as LinkedIn which is a great way to make contacts for work-from-home jobs.


When looking for jobs you have to consider what skill set you are to bring to the marketplace. Working from home doing a job for a company is no different than if you were to go to their place of business to do your job.

Many are going to require a resume that better contains the skill set the employer is looking for when you are applying for a job. If you want to get into a specific industry and do not possess the proper skill set, you still have opportunities to become more educated for that specific job using the Internet to do so if you choose.

I really like all of the ways to get an education from home today. Almost every college offers courses you can take online and earn college credits toward a degree.

Another thing to keep in mind in terms of skills is learning specific Internet marketing skills you could use to make money from home working for yourself. Of all of the things, you can do online, mastering at least one or two traffic generation skills is very important.

Of these social media marketing is one that can help you do Internet marketing more effectively. There are many great online courses and websites for this including one of the best Social Media Examiners. While you are there pick up a copy of the Free Report How Marketers Use Social Media.

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Get Paid Jobs

What Jobs Can I Do at Home online - get paid jobs by taking surveys

Are you familiar with the phrase get paid jobs?

These include many of the popular things that people without a specific skill set decide to try when they first look for jobs they can do from home. These would include getting paid to take paid surveys, getting paid to read emails, and getting paid to perform a specific service such as writing blog articles, website design, becoming a virtual assistant, and so on.

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Cash Crate has always been a top survey website to join for free and get started taking paid surveys. Swag Bucks is another excellent get-paid-to-site.

Let me specifically refer you to a good course on being a virtual assistant. For that, I suggest checking out VA Classroom. Learn how to start your own virtual assistant business and what training you need to make it happen

You may go so far as to start your own home business providing the service and there are many opportunities to do this. Consider looking at websites such as Fiverr.com to come up with a list of the many things that Internet marketers will pay you to do for them.

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My advice is to join a business for free first, and see if it is what you feel comfortable with. Check to see if there is a community that is having success, and most importantly how is their support.

You are going to want to have people you can bounce ideas off and learn from them. Be able to ask questions and get them answered in a reasonable time.

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10 thoughts on “What Jobs Can I Do At Home Online Today?”

  1. This is a new term for me “telecommute jobs”. I always just looked for “work from home” but now I have something new to look for when looking for an employer who hires people to work from home.

    I considered the VA but I think the hours would be all over the place, would they not?

    • Reyhana, Telecommute jobs are rising and is something that people are finding themselves comfortable with, so feel free to give it a go.

      Virtual assistant is my choice, cause you set the paste on the jobs, and how much you feel comfortable doing. many people are finding themselves hiring a VA cause they don’t have the time, or want to focus on other parts of their business. Hope that was helpful.

  2. I had been looking into work from home jobs for a while and when I found out about affiliate marketing this really seems the way to go. Too many at-home job opportunities either are scams or they require an up-front investment. No thanks to that! Wealthy Affiliate sounds great and with no up-front cost seems like the way to go. Thanks for this info!

    • Lynn, glad that you see the important of starting your very own Affiliate Marketing business, and choosing Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go. The easy step by step videos makes it possible for anyone to join and build a business from the comfort of their home. Thank you!

  3. Here we go again. I am still going through the training at WA, and all that you mention in this article makes a lot of sense. One I find your site to be great. One day, perhaps I will have a good looking site like yours. You broke down the different jobs that one can do from home giving your audience the different choice they can make, that I find was great.

    Will be coming back to your site from time to time to learn the different ways I can build my business from the various tips you offered. Thank you for creating this website and providing valuable information to your readers.

    • Lesabre, thank you for the comment and kind words. Glad that you got some value here on the different jobs that one can do from home. Building a website takes time that is the reason I always advice people to choose a passion as their niche, so that it would be more engaging and they would have fun along the way.

      The community at Wealthy Affiliate is what helped me build such an informative website, so you are definitely in the right place to make that happen for you. so please free to return to my website cause I make weekly updates on what is working for me. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I’ve listed 10 best ways to earn money online in my blog. Some include freelance writing, sell own products, promote affiliate product, self-publish book and finally my favourite is to build a blog, then monetize. I enjoy writing so much for myself that I don’t write freelance for others. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is also my No. #1 choice to start blogging. Indeed a great platform for beginners who want to earn money online.

    • Florence, thank you for the comment and insight on the jobs anyone can do from home. Glad that you see the power of Wealthy Affiliate and how it can work for anyone who willing to put in the time. Talk to you soon.


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