AOJ Work From Home Jobs – Another Survey Site To Earn Money?

People are in constant search of work online in hopes of finding real jobs and earning some money. And when you find a work-at-home opportunity where you can earn $1,600 per week, anybody will quickly start signing up. This is what AOJ Work From Home Jobs claims you can achieve with their program.

You may have already encountered it once before since they have hundreds of ads on legit job-hunting websites and anywhere online. In this review, we will unveil what AOJ Work From Home Jobs is really about and whether it is worth your time or not.

  • Product Name: AOJ Work From Home Jobs
  • Founder: Brenda F. Rosenberg
  • Product Type: Portal for website surveys
  • Price: Free
  • Best For… Nobody

AOJ Work From Home Jobs, as the title says, offers job opportunities that will help you earn an income at home. It is by answering surveys on the survey websites that they will provide you. American Online Jobs will also offer some training on how to market your website on social media platforms and recommend other training that could help you earn more. They will also provide you with your website to promote and possibly get referral incentives from the survey websites.

  • Ratings: 10/100

What Is AOJ Work from Home Jobs?

AOJ Work from Home Jobs provides you with survey websites that will earn you $24 to $45 per hour. It started in 2020, according to its website. There’s not much information about the people behind it. There’s no information about their contact details as well.

But after further research, you will find another website, American Online Jobs, which is very similar to AOJ Work from Home Jobs. It was founded by Brenda F. Rosenberg in 2018 and could be the predecessor of AOJ Work from Home Jobs. It appears that Rosenberg has rebranded the name for some reason. Both websites lead you to sign up with survey websites and have the same training videos.

How Does AOJ Work from Home Jobs Work?

AOJ Work from Home Jobs works as a platform where you can register to survey websites. It also provides you with short training videos to learn how you can promote your website.

To join AOJ Work from Home Jobs, you need to go to their website to start the application process. They will show you a form and a short video telling you to register for LifePoints.It is a survey website where you can earn money by answering surveys and other tasks such as mini-polls, product testing, etc.

He says that you must register and complete the initial four surveys to unlock other money-earning opportunities.

If you don’t want to fill out the form, that’s okay. Because when you click on the button to go to step #2, it will take you to the next page even with an empty form. This is suspicious to me since real jobs will not let you proceed to the next step if you haven’t completed the first step.

The form also asks you how you learned about AOJ Work from Home Jobs and provides you with several options. I’ve checked each option and found out that they are not even listed in the following:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Glassdoor

In step #2, you will be shown another video and a button to create your Free Account. The guy on the video tells you to create your Inbox account. This is an InboxDollars account, as seen in the video. It is another survey aggregator website.

When you click on the button to create your account, you will be taken to external links saying you have a delivery package or some casino ad. So, I guess they don’t work.

Still, in step #2, you will be offered eight different companies as a registration bonus when you scroll down a bit. American Online Jobs claims that these companies are looking for referral agents. These are the following:

  • InboxDollars – High trust ratings
  • Toluna – Good trust ratings
  • My Survey – Low trust ratings
  • Opinion Outpost – High trust ratings
  • Survey Voices – not recommended
  • Opinion City – not recommended
  • E-Poll – not recommended
  • Pinecone Research – low trust ratings

Some of these survey websites have low trust ratings on, and others have none. We should always be cautious signing up to unverified survey websites as they may not even be a legit money-earning opportunity.

And although signing up with these survey websites is not required, AOJ Work from Home Jobs highly recommends them, claiming that it will significantly increase your earning potential.

So, I tried to check out all of these companies, but they directed me to either a suspended delivery package containing a mobile phone or some casino and back to the Google search page. I also received a notification that continuing to visit these websites poses risks.

The next and final step is to register your AOJ Work from Home Jobs account by entering your name and email address. Then will take you to the training or members area. Here they will show you nine video lessons voiced by Brenda. Here are the videos and a short description of what they are about:

  1. Orientation – This short video tells you the overview of the training
  2. Facebook – Suggest joining work-from-home groups and start posting your ad. And create a Facebook Page and Facebook Ad Campaign to promote your website. Brenda also recommends professional affordable training for Facebook PPC and Facebook Ads by clicking a link, but it is not included there for some reason.
  3. Craiglist – This tells you to create an account in Craiglist and post jobs with your link. Brenda also recommends a course for making money on Craiglist in Udemy.
  4. Bing Ads – This tells you that Referral Marketing is not MLM. And CPA Referral Marketing is when a company pays you to send them quality leads.
  5. YouTube – This video talks about why you need to create a YouTube video, and she recommends paid training about it from Udemy.
  6. Instagram – No video here but a page where it talks about creating an account with Instagram and paying for influencers to give you a shout-out. It also includes a link that supposedly teaches you all about Instagram, but the link doesn’t work.
  7. Pinterest – A short paragraph that tells you that Pinterest is a great marketing site similar to Instagram. And recommends an article that teaches you all you need to know about Pinterest.
  8. Get Response – Brenda recommends the email software Get Response for your email marketing.
  9. Create AOJ Work from Home Jobs Affiliate Website – This shows you how to create your username and your password so they can create your website. You will need to wait for 1-2 business days to receive the link to your website via email.

Can You Make Money With AOJ Work from Home Jobs?

Unfortunately, you will not make money with AOJ Work from Home jobs. They also do not have any referral programs, so you will not get anything in return even if you promote them.

The AOJ Work from Home jobs website seemed like unfinished work as there are broken links here and there, and some links direct you to another website that is unrelated to the work.

AOJ Work from Home Jobs Pros and Cons


  • A free website is done for you
  • Legit job hunt websites such as have 812 job postings for AOJ Work from Home jobs.


  • Misleading Advertising
  • Unsubstantiated income claims
  • Some survey sites are questionable
  • Owners could earn via the referral links that you use to sign up

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

I’m unable to find any lawsuits against American Online Jobs. However, there are some negative reviews and comments about it. Most of these reviews claim that AOJ Work from Home jobs misleads people into believing that they are applying for a real job. It is also not registered and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Is AOJ Work from Home Jobs Legitimate?

I can say that AOJ Work from Home Jobs is a legitimate business that leads you to some legit survey websites where you can earn some money. The problem is they have ads circulating the internet that claim that you can make over $1,600 per week. We all know that answering surveys will only earn you some extra money but not thousands of dollars.

And another issue with their advertisements is that they use job titles such as “Data Entry Clerk,” “Customer Service Agent,” or “Administrative, Assistant,” which is not valid. Eventually, you will find out that they lead you to survey websites and not the Data entry jobs or any job you expect you’re applying for.

My Final Thoughts

I don’t have anything against survey websites. Some people earn some extra cash for answering surveys. There are legitimate survey sites that provide you with opportunities to earn some money by answering surveys, watching ad videos, or earning referral incentives. But unfortunately, answering surveys doesn’t provide you with enough income to make a living.

You can sign up to survey websites via the AOJ Work from Home Jobs website or sign up to the survey websites directly instead. They won’t get their referral incentive or anything from you by doing this.

The bottom line is that AOJ Work from Home Jobs intentionally deceives people about what they are and advertises unsubstantiated income claims. Perhaps we will never know why they prefer to do false advertisements. Unfortunately, many people were tricked by it by simply looking for real jobs.

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4 thoughts on “AOJ Work From Home Jobs – Another Survey Site To Earn Money?”

  1. You had me totally sucked in until you said: Best for…nobody.  Haha!  Thank you for this great review of a platform that should best be passed by.  Best to bypass anyone, anywhere who guarantees you big bucks from day one.  Completing surveys can be an interesting undertaking (I once did a survey on a movie poster that I saw in an investment a few months later) but it’s certainly no good for making money.  They pay pennies for surveys that take 15 minutes or more and that’s if you even qualify.   Your #1 recommendation is a much better choice!

    • Taking surveys is really time-consuming for the amount of money that is paid out. your time is better spent elsewhere that put more money in your bank account, like my number one recommendation. They provide all the necessary tools that anyone new to marketing can begin and become successful.

  2. AOJ Work from Home Jobs works as a platform where you can register to survey websites. It also provides you with short training videos to learn how you can promote your website which is provided by them as well. This is a great opportunity for people because it makes it easier to do work and earn money from the house. 

    • That is true, but I believe is a waste of time. I can show someone how they can make more money long-term through a simple 4 step-by-step proven system whare can earn much more, and able to walk away from their full-time job if they so wish.


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