Avon Products MLM Review – The Granddaddy Of MLM!

Knock Knock. Who is there? It’s Avon calling. With those 3 magic words the door is usually opened and you get a chance to sell your Avon products to whoever is on the other side of the door. In this Avon products MLM review, we look at why this is a great company.

Avon is the granddaddy of them all. It has been around for over 130 years and it is still going strong. Very few MLM corporations can match that record or top its bragging rights.

As good as the company is it is still an MLM corporation that follows the MLM business plan. That means not everyone will be happy with the company. To find out how Avon works just continue to read our review.

It has the facts so you can make an honest decision about joining the company or not.

Avon Products

The founder of the company knew what it took to make a company go and he was there doing what Avon has been asking its sales reps to do for many generations. Go door to door, meet the people and sell the products. That is what he did in 1886 when he went into business.

Avon Products MLM Review

In 1894 he partnered with Alexander Henderson to form the California Perfume Company which went on to become Avon in 1932. its products focus on beauty as the company catalogue and product line cover make-up, skincare, perfumes, bath and body lotions and a lot more.

From its humble beginnings, the company has reached almost $6 billion in revenue each year and employs 6 1/2 million sales reps. Like other beauty products, Avon does not work with everyone.

That does not mean their product lines are made from bad ingredients or do not work. It just means that there are some people who may be allergic to the ingredients and can’t use them. While the company tries to make sure its products are suitable for everyone that is an impossible task.

You just can’t please everyone. The good news is that Avon does back its products and provides online training for free.

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How Does Avon Work?

Avon works like any other MLM corporation. You sign up and pay a fee, which as it turns out is the lowest fee charged by almost all MLM companies. You pay $$10 to sign up and then you have to purchase your starter kit.

There are 3 levels of starter kits and the lowest level, Quick Starter, is $25 which contains $80 in the product. Then there is the next level, Advanced Starter, it wholesales for $50 and has $140 worth of products in it.

Finally, there is the Premium Starter Kit which costs $100 and has $400 worth of products in it. After signing up you choose which level you want to work with and then go for the free training.

This training is done online and runs 24 hours a day for 7 days every week. Did we mention it was free? Then Avon stands behind its products and will replace them if something goes wrong. That is good support.

Once your training is over, you can go out and try to sell. It is not hard to do as the compensation plan is not as complicated as other MLM companies’ compensation plans.

Can You Make Money With Avon?

With the low sign-up fee and the low starter kit cost it looks like you can make money selling Avon products. It is a well-established company that everyone has heard of and trusts.

The biggest problem you will face will be the competition. Since there are over 6 million reps plying their Avon trade, you may find it hard to meet anyone who has not been recruited, tried to be recruited or bought Avon products from their friends and relatives.

Avon Products MLM

Then you have to compete with the millions of other beauty and health reps that other MLM companies employ. That is going to be your biggest hurdle to overcome. People are just oversaturated with beauty products.

Your advantage is that you work with Avon and that name recognition gets you a foot in the door. Your commission rate is fair starting at 20% and can rise to 40% if you make enough sales.

That will also be the key to your success. It is a good commission split without all the personal and team points to reach in order to be paid. The company also provides good support so you stand to be a success at this company more than most other MLM corporations you can work for.

How To Make Money with Avon

An example of making money is a standard MLM strategy. First, you need to find a territory that is not over-saturated with Avon reps and collect the right type of customers that will do repeat sales. If you can manage that then your commissions should be good and you should make some money.

Second, you need to recruit. You get a commission from all the sales of those people under you who have answered your recruitment call. So you would be adding to your competition while you strive to make money yourself through your own sales.

Then there are a series of bonuses you can be paid once you meet the requirements. There are too many to list here. To name a few, there is a recruitment bonus, a promotion bonus, a generation bonus and so on.

If you have a good territory you should be able to maintain and meet the requirements needed to be paid those bonuses. As you can see, it is standard MLM compensation without the complications and penalties other companies use to motivate their sales reps.

The Pros & Cons of Avon


It is hard to dislike Avon as it has been around for a long time and it does seem to have more integrity than other MLM companies. But there are always positive and negative aspects even for a company that has been in business longer than just about anyone else. Here are the pros:

  • Work your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Work for an established company
  • It is a trusted brand name
  • It is a well-known brand
  • Provides free training
  • Stands behind its products
  • Straight forward compensation plan
  • Good commission rate


  • Pay to play although the fee is cheap
  • Lots of competition
  • Oversaturated market
  • Needs lots of hard work to be a success
  • Not everyone makes money
  • Slow promotion rate
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are always going to be negatives when you are employed or considering employment with an MLM corporation. Avon is not going to be any different as someone somewhere will be dissatisfied with the company. That dissatisfaction can come from a disgruntled employee or customer.

The company has been around for about 135 years so yes there will be some problems, including lawsuits. Whether those lawsuits have merit or not is up to the courts to decide. Instead of describing them all, we will link to a few of them.

There is this one, then there is this one, next there is this one, and finally this one. The existence of these lawsuits does not make Avon a bad company to work for. Yes, they may have made lapses in judgement over the years but not every company is perfect.

Avon will act like any other corporation when money is involved so these lawsuits do not surprise us or anyone. There has been some misrepresentation of the products according to the FDA but so far no word on how that lawsuit has ended.

Is Avon Legitimate?

Avon Products

It goes without saying that Avon is a legitimate company. Any claims of being a scam should have been dismissed years ago as the company continues to thrive, produce its products and keep its customers satisfied as best they can.

The company also provides clear training that is designed to help their reps be successful and not let their reps hold the bag when their product does not work. The company does replace possible inferior products.

A company does not survive 130+ years of being a scam or labelled as not legitimate. It is doing things right and they do not try to scam its sales reps out of any hard-earned money through a complicated compensation plan.

The positives, in this case, outweigh the negatives even though there are rumours that the company is dropping the ball as it ages.

Final Thoughts

If you are into working with MLM corporations and love to sell, this may be the company for you. It is one of the better ones we have reviewed here and it still outshines its many competitors.

To be in business for as long as Avon has you have to be doing something right. Then with its cheap start-up costs, you stand to make a lot more money than you would be signing up at other companies.

The key is that not everyone will be a success at Avon and that is due more to the competition to overcome than the ability of the sales rep and the company’s MLM structure.

To some is a red flag but to us that is a sign that your territory is overrun by all the different sales reps trying to gain access to the few health and beauty dollars out there. In this Avon products MLM review, we would recommend working for this company if you can handle the selling business and its pressures.

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