GoCashOuts Review – Another Online Scam Program?

On average, people spend about 145 minutes on social media per day. That’s almost 4 hours every day. What if you can earn money by using your social media account?

This is what this GoCashOuts Review offers to its members. It claims that you can earn as much as $500 a day by simply promoting known brands and inviting your friends to join. Is it really a good income opportunity? Or not? Let’s find out.

  • Product Name: GoCashOuts
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Product Type: Social rewards platform
  • Price: Free to join
  • Best For No-one

GoCashouts claims that you will get paid to complete tasks, promote their sponsors, and invite other people to join their social rewards program. But it is a scam that makes money out of other people’s efforts in completing the tasks. The more people who join the program, the more tasks are completed, and more money is gained for the person or people behind GoCashouts.

  • Ratings: 0/100

What is GoCashOuts?

GoCashouts is a market research platform that claims will reward you for completing tasks and product reviews. The reward is in the form of cash. Their website claims that they are partners with known brands such as Amazon, Norton, and Burger King. When you join, you will be using your social media accounts to promote these brands. They work with any influencers, whether you have a small following or just a regular social media user.

According to their website, the company has worked for over 13 years developing a program to remove the middleman, so their payouts are the highest compared to their competitors. They call it the AI algorithm that they claim will remove the share of Google or Facebook so you can get all the value. This means that brands can directly pay you when you help them generate web traffic to grow their business.

GoCashouts vaguely explained how their AI algorithm really works and how they removed the so-called share of the tech giants so you can get all the money. Whatever this means, it doesn’t matter as there is nothing you can gain in this program. You will learn more as we go further into this GoCashOuts review.

How does GoCashOuts work?

GoCashOuts works like a referral rewards program where you get paid when you refer customers to different brands. On this platform, you will also earn from the revenue generated by your promotion efforts. When you invite other people to join GoCashOuts, you will help build traffic on their website, increasing their ad revenue and their sponsor’s exposure which helps increase their sponsor relations.

To join the rewards program, you go to their website and click on sign in. Will lure you into joining since they claim you will get $25 for simply signing in. When you have successfully joined, you have two ways to earn:

  1. Completing tasks (i.e. surveys, app reviews, surveys, etc.)
  2. Referrals

The website shows that the tasks will earn you as much as $50 per completion, while each referral can earn you $15 plus $1 for clicking your referral link. They have PayPal, bank transfer, cash app, bitcoin, and gift cards as cashout options.

When you already want to cash out your earnings, you can send a request for payment in the member’s area and get instant payment. But after reading the complaints of their members, it was evident that they do not pay at all. These earning ways are all just deceptive methods to convince you to join and refer people.

Can You Make Money with GoCashOuts?

No, you will not make money from it. You will not earn anything from your efforts or referrals. You only help the people behind GoCashOuts earn money for themselves. When more members join the platform, more CPA offers are completed. In turn, this helps them earn commissions and not really pay their members who made an effort to complete the tasks.

How To Make Money With GoCashOuts?

I don’t believe that you will earn anything from GoCashOuts unless, of course, you’re the owners. You will not receive any payment from any of the methods you were supposed to earn money from. You will only waste your time promoting them and inviting people to join, but you will not get any dime out of it.

GoCashOuts Pros & Cons

There’s no doubt that GoCashOuts will mostly have disadvantages but to be fair, let’s have a look at its pros and cons:


  • Free to join, that’s it!


  • Some members complained of getting banned all of a sudden when they accumulated a high payout.
  • Fake testimonials and payment proofs
  • Their contact number is linked to many other scams
  • BBB alerted consumers about this website
  • The 5-star Trustpilot rating on the website is not true; they are rated 1.9 on the actual Trustpilot website.
  • Checking one related website, I encountered a set of authorization questions that could be a way to allow them to hack your computer.
  • Both GoCashOuts, Rewardsfeed, and Riwarsfeed have the same website appearance and still operate today, while the other related websites no longer exist.
  • There could be more scams they have made over the years
  • Created the website in 2018, so GoCashOuts has not been operating for 13 years
  • And most of all, you will NOT get paid.

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

After doing some research, I found no lawsuit against GoCashOuts. One highly likely reason is that the owners are unknown. There’s no verified information on who is running this program. The GoCashOuts website does not contain any information related to this.

I have also checked the BBB website and found out that there were 8 complaints about this writing. They are mostly unresolved up until today. The BBB agents mentioned that they had not received any response from their GoCashOuts contacts to resolve the complaints filed on the BBB website.

The BBB has also issued a demand to remove the “BBB accredited” logo on the website because they are not BBB accredited but have not received any response.

I’ve read some of the complaints and reviews, and the stories are all similar. The members cannot cash out and are unable to get any response despite many attempts to contact GoCashOuts.

The people responsible for this string of scam websites have not been caught up until now. This is alarming. There could be thousands of people who were lured into joining one of their social rewards programs and have not been paid.

GoCashOuts Review - Another Online Scam ProgramIs GoCashOuts Legitimate?

No, this is a scam. As well as the other websites I’ve mentioned in this review, and there could be plenty more. They are just copy-pasted websites under a different name, all for luring more unsuspecting people looking for ways to earn money.

The people who did the video testimonials you see on the website are freelancers. They were paid a few bucks for a few minutes of fake testimonials for GoCashOuts. One of them even had a slip of the tongue where she mentioned getting a $5 pay, which doesn’t quite equate to the referral rewards amount and all the more with the social media brand promotion amount they claim that you can get.

On their website, there’s a claim that they have paid out their members $46,214,500. This amount keeps increasing while you are on the page. But what I notice is that when you exit and go back, this amount resets back to $46,214,500 and then starts to increase again. If this is even a real amount that they paid their members, it will not reset every time you visit their website.

I was also able to check the featured social media influencers who are promoting GoCashOuts. And my hunch didn’t fail me. The promotion didn’t happen, and the influencers may not even know that they are being used to promote GoCashOuts. I also saw the same influencers on the other doppelganger websites like the rewards feed. It appears that everything they claim on their website is fake, like other scam businesses out there.

The “contact us” has their social media accounts which I visited. I’m surprised that there are people who still promote this scam; perhaps they are new members.

GoCashOuts may not get money from you, but you will spend hours promoting them and convincing other people to join. Your time could’ve been spent on a legitimate money-earning opportunity that will pay for your time and efforts.

Moreover, this could also damage your relationships with your friends, family, and other people you have invited to become members as well. It may be hard to gain their trust again after you invited them into a scam.

 My Final Thoughts

GoCashOuts is one of those “too good to be true” fraudulent schemes that rob people of their time and make tons of money out of it. I do not recommend this social referral program at all. You can find other legitimate ways of making money online that will really pay for your efforts. It is better to avoid this social referral program and the others related to it.

And if you find another easy-earning opportunity, it is best to do a little research. You only need to type in the name followed by the words “scam” or “complaints” and then enter. And in an instant, you get the results you need. It is better to be safe than regret it later.

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Overall Quality



  • Free to join, that’s it!


  • members complained of getting banned
  • Fake testimonials and payment proofs
  • you will NOT get paid
  • BBB alerted consumers about this website
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6 thoughts on “GoCashOuts Review – Another Online Scam Program?”

  1. Interesting read. I never heard of it before, but I am glad I read your article. I do not like programs that are scams and I definitely do not like when it is all about referring new members to earn money. Everyone knows it is not made to last.

     A legit company normally earns profits from more than recruiting. At least 50% should be from sales of other products. I am glad you took the time to write this article and inform others. So many startups out there who have no clue and goes for what looks easy to join and earn money on.

     Personally, I always do research on programs before I join. This sounds like a program to stay far away from. 

    I was happy to notice that you recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. This is the best platform for startups out there. Trusted, proven and many successful affiliate marketers have walked their shoes there and still do on this platform. Best value platform for Affiliate marketers.

    • When you have to refer someone and earn revenue from what they do, normally consider a pyramid scheme. That way of building a business never works if there is no physical products were purchased.

      They have too many complaints and members claiming that they never received commissions even though they qualified for it. Is just a matter of time before authorities close their business.

      I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal because you have a chance to test out the program before you put out your hard earn cash. And the value you receive is far more than I have ever seen on the Internet today.

  2. Thank you so much for this article over GoCashOuts!  This review was very helpful, and I really believe that this is another scam, or at least close to it.  I do not like that the owner is unknown.  To me, that just screams scam alert, as I have researched this stuff a lot, and that is one thing most scams have in common!

    • Owners who do not want to be known are because they have something to hide. The reason that they have so many complaints and negative reviews is that their testimonials are false and they had no intentions of paying their members. With no transparency, they can open businesses after businesses with the intention of scamming people to fill their pockets. It is good that you catch that, and I hope others will do the same.

  3. I was like “Ok, this is free, so I have nothing to lose, I’ll join them and see”. But even free platforms can turn out to be scams. I would not like to have accumulated some money on a platform and later discover they never pay. Thank you for reviewing this site and warning us about it.

    • Yes, even the free programs we have to look out for and do our due diligence by researching before we commit our time with these companies. All though programs are free, they can use the information that you use to hack into your computer to gather personal information.


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