How To Make Money Building Websites – & Your Community To Help!

In this topic, we will talk about a popular business opportunity on how to make money building websites. With many brick-and-mortar businesses migrating to the online platform, you can be sure that there are many prospects to earn an income.

Besides that, you also have businesses that need to revamp their websites to appeal to more customers. But don’t take my word for it; read on to learn more about this great income opportunity.

How to Get Started

We’ll get started by checking the facts about why website building is a profitable business. In 2020, the median salary of web developers was around $80,000+ in the US alone. The salary growth rate has continued to increase annually as the demand for this skill is also increasing.

While the market size of Web design services has reached $40.8 billion in the US alone for the year 2021, the market size has been growing by 4.4% annually since 2016. There’s around 73% of companies invested in web design services currently.

With those data alone, I will convince you that website building is a great opportunity to make money. But we will conduct some market research ourselves to justify this information.

Market Research for Building Websites

To start with our simple market research for website building, let’s check how many people are searching for it online.

Search Volume

To help us check its search volume, we will use our keyword search tool, Jaaxy. Let’s check what we’ve got.

How To Make Money Building Websites - Jaaxy search on website building

The results above show that there are more than 6,000+ searches are made on average per month. While this result is remarkable, let’s use other keywords that are oftentimes confused with website building, “website design.”

Before we check on that, I’ll clarify something about these two, which is a piece of good-to-know information as well. The main difference between the two is that web designers do the website’s aesthetics while web developers take the design and build a functioning website from it. It is also important to note that web developers can build a website from scratch.

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So, let’s try the keywords “website design” and see what we will get.

How To Make Money Building Websites - Jaaxy search on website design

Amazingly, just by looking at the first search result alone, you have 26,000+ search results on average per month. You will also notice the other keywords that people are using related to website design. This gives you some ideas on some strategies you can take to help you build your community website.

Apart from the search volume, we will also check its popularity or trend over the past years.

Search Trend

To check the search trend, we will be using Google Trends to view its popularity consistency over some time. Let’s check what we have.

checking Google trends on popularity of various trends

In this search, I’ve used the terms that are synonymous with website building and added “web design.” The graph from Google Trends shows that there’s consistent popularity for the term “web design.” The trend is always above the 50% value, which means it remains quite popular and in demand for the past couple of years. Although web design has a declining trend, it is expected to remain quite relevant as many businesses and individuals require websites to operate and work.

How To Make Money Building Websites - building a niche websiteWhat exactly is the niche?

So now, what exactly is the best niche for your website-building business? Website building can have several niches that you can select from. All of them are equally good choices in their own right. Here are some of the most popular and profitable types of websites you can choose for your niche:

  • eCommerce
  • Blogs
  • Informational
  • Portfolio
  • Home pages
  • Landing pages
  • Social media pages
  • Contacts and directory

While you can offer all of these services, hoping to cater to more clients and increase your potential income, it will be a bit challenging if you are not knowledgeable enough about these types of websites. You could also get overwhelmed by the number of jobs coming to you. Hiring another person could be expensive, and you may not be ready to trust them with your clients.

Those are a few reasons why it is important to focus on one niche and develop your expertise around it. By doing this, you’re able to confidently accept jobs or even train another person up to your quality standards. With better time management, you’re able to do more jobs and increase your profit.

You can derive some niche ideas or sub-niches based on the keywords search result in we have earlier, like the following:

  • Website building – website building and hosting, website building templates, learning website building, and website building classes.
  • Website design – website design and hosting, WordPress website design, and Joomla website design

Aside from this, you also have a couple of things to think about when choosing your niche, which is the following questions:

  1. Are you interested in it? – This is the most important question you need to ask yourself when choosing a niche. And it would be best if you were genuinely interested and passionate about overcoming any challenges to make it successful.
  2. What problem does it solve? – Most of us would first go to search engines to look for answers to our questions. This is why your niche should offer solutions that most people are searching for.

In the next part, we will be discussing more why the problem-solving niche is a better choice.

solving a problem with a struggling businessWhat Problem is being solved?

Knowing your selected niche is solving problems allows you to create more relevant and helpful solutions for your customers. But before you can offer solutions, you will need to think about the problem or problems you would like to offer solutions to.

List down the common problems you can think about related to website building like the following examples:

  • Where to find cheap website building?
  • How to learn website building?
  • Where to find cheap website designers?

You can list problems as many as you like. Then analyze what solutions you can offer to address a problem or some of these problems.

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How to Get the Audience to Purchase?

Here is the most challenging part, how you can get your audience to purchase. Firstly, you need to identify your target audience first. For website building, you could have the following audience as your customers:

  • Businesses
  • Bloggers
  • Universities
  • Professionals

There could be more types of audiences who will be needing your services. Bear in mind that these audiences would differ based on the type of services you’re offering. And to better target your audience, you can take into consideration the following:

  • Target potential clients – Create solutions to accommodate the needs of your potential clients. If you are offering eCommerce website building or design services, your potential clients most likely are business owners or those who manage online selling websites. Develop solutions that will help improve the website’s functionalities, enhance the design to attract more customers, or improve their website’s speed performance.
  • Be clear and transparent – Sometimes, marketing strategies tend to steer away from what your services are in hopes of getting more clients. This could result in false advertising. When offering services, it is important to clarify what you’re providing to the last detail. Provide a free quote to your potential clients. Advise them of your refund policies in case they are not satisfied with your work.
  • Showcase your skills – Create several portfolios to showcase your work. You can also enrich your website with blog posts centered around your expertise. By doing these things, you’re able to build your credibility with your visitors. You can also show your former client’s testimonials that talk about how happy they are with your work.

Ways to sell Website Building services online

Selling website-building services online can be done in many different ways. There are many platforms and marketing strategies you can use to offer your services. Let’s take a look at the following methods:

Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of affiliate programs offered by website-building or designing businesses. These businesses will give you a commission when you refer a client to them. You will be given a link that you can use to promote their services. You can use this link on your posts to help them gain more clients. But before you can do that, you need to find these affiliate programs first.

We will use the Google search engine on this task, and we will use the common term “website developer” instead to get better results.

Google search on Affiliate website developer

By simply typing “affiliate,” then followed by “website developer,” you will be able to see the different companies that have affiliate programs available. It is crucial to look for the following benefits when selecting which affiliate programs you would like to try out:

  • Check if they offer solutions to your niche
  • Offers decent commissions
  • Has good reviews or positive trust rating
  • Several payments option
  • No minimum website traffic required
  • No monthly fee

In general, you will be needing to apply for these affiliate programs before you can start promoting them. Check their application requirements to see if you meet them. Otherwise, work on those that you don’t qualify for yet. Depending on the company, they may also require some interviews or check your website as part of their hiring process.

The company’s tenure is also a critical thing to check. Since you will be promoting the company and its services for a while, the company needs to be stable and reliable. As much as possible, you want to find a company that has been in the business for quite a while. An example of a strong company is Amazon or eBay. Here are some of Amazon’s products related to website building.

Amazon products anyone can sell


Dropshipping requires you to have a website where you will be uploading the products you’re selling. You will manage the orders and your customer inquiries, but you don’t need to do the inventory. The wholesale merchant will supply the products you will be selling. You dictate the price of the products you sell, which is usually higher than the wholesale price. Your income will come from the difference between the wholesale price and yours.

Google search on website design books

First, you need to know what products you will be selling related to website building. In this case, we will be looking for books for web design. Using Google once again, you will find suppliers of these books that you can sell on your website. You can also sell complimentary items such as bookmarks, pens, highlighters, desk lamps, and many more. These suppliers can also ship the books for you for a fee.

Sell your own Website Building products.

Selling your products on website building is the best way to build your brand or your own company. If you have the expertise and the knowledge, how about publishing books, eBooks, or even producing software to help website developers or designers? Otherwise, you can also find wholesalers who will supply you with the products you need.

Google search on website building books

You can search for these wholesale suppliers via Google. You can find companies that can supply you with the books you want for your business. Try to find a good wholesale company by checking how long they have been in the business, their customer reviews, shipping time, and so on.

Other potential methods of selling Website Building products

When you have ample materials to work on, you can think of other ways of selling your website-building products. From books or eBooks to tutorial videos. Then you can compile them into a full course. You can market them to students or individuals who would like to learn website building.

What You Need to Start Selling Your Website-Building Products

In this part, we will talk about the things you need to start marketing your website-building products. These marketing strategies will help you reach far and wide online to gain more potential customers.

Building a website on Website Building products

The best way to promote your website-building products is to create a website to feature them. Whether you’re offering your website building or designing services or selling books and other materials, you will need a website if you can; how about developing the website on your own, which is a great way to showcase your skills to your visitors?

Promote Website Building products on Social Media

Advertising your website-building products via social media is also an effective way to promote them. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, are equally good avenues to market your products.

Create your business page, including the products and services you offer, and attract customers by promoting it on your wall. If you have a budget, you can also pay for ads to help promote your business.

Start a Website Building tutorial on a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel that promotes your website and building products or services is also a good way to market your business. YouTube has a massive audience that you can tap into. This is also a good avenue to promote your services using your tutorial videos. It is also a good way to establish your authority as an expert in website building.

Join Web Developer or Web Design Social Communities

There are social communities or groups with a lot of members interested in building websites. Most likely, they are also individuals who know something about web development or web design. It is important to offer something new like informative content, a book, a program, and other things you know they can find useful. Try to be active in the groups by commenting on posts and offering your knowledge.

Final thoughts

By now, you probably have a good knowledge of how you can start making money by building websites. However, if you think you are not yet prepared to take this path, we are here to help.

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    • It is a good thing, and it gets better when you branch off into maintaining those websites. Is a market that is untouched that can be a full-time income for someone. It is a lot of work depending on the niche, that is why most web developers focus on building websites for local businesses.

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