Ibuumerang Travel Review – Earning Money By Referring Travellers

You may have heard of the iBuumerang travel company that offers wholesale prices for flights, travel, hotels, and many more. While many multi-level marketing companies mostly offer health and wellness, skincare, or cosmetics, this MLM company is quite different.

This company says you can earn travel savings bonuses of up to 100% and many other discounts. This is just too attractive to ignore so we did a little digging, and here’s what we found out.

  • Product Name: Ibuumerang Travel
  • Founder: Holton Buggs, Chairman & CEO
  • Product Type: Travel MLM
  • Price:
    There are two categories of packages, the Starter Pack and the Global Packages. These are one-time fee memberships but with a monthly required BV or Boomerang Volume that you can purchase separately to keep your membership active.

Starter Pack (Standby):

  • $49.95
    1 Boomerang website
    5 Boomerangs to send
    25% of referral commissions
    iDecide Interactive Presentation
    Access to TSA Online Management System

Global Packages and their inclusions:

  • $250 Coach Class
    Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars
    10 Boomerangs
    50% Travel Savings Bonuses on Hotel and Rental Cars
    10% from Dual team
    General Release
    200 BV
  • Ibuumerang Travel - working from home$500 Business Class
    Coach Class and Cruises
    25 Boomerangs
    100% Travel Savings Bonuses on Hotel and Rental Cars
    12% from Dual Team
    VIP Level 2 Reservations (1-week Pre-Sale)
    400 BV
  • $1,000 First Class
    Business Class, Homes, Weeks, Marketplace, Lifestyle, and Timeshare
    50 Boomerangs
    100% Travel Savings Bonuses on all eligible Travel and Activities
    15% from Dual Team (now with 20% Limited Founders Club Promotion)
    VIP Level 1 Reservations (2-week Pre-Sale)
    800 BV
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Sample membership computation based on 1-year membership:

  • $250 Coach Class one-time fee + $49 (x12 months to receive 35 BV monthly) = $838 per year
  • $500 Business Class one-time fee + $99 (x12 months to receive 75 BV monthly) = $1,688 per year
  • $1000 First Class one-time fee + $99 (x12 months to receive 75 BV monthly) = $2,188 per year

You have the option to upgrade within 60 days and pay only the difference. If you upgrade after 60 days from the initial membership purchase, you will be paying the full price of the plan.

  • Best For… Travel bloggers, Digital Nomads, Travel agencies, Outgoing people

iBuumerang is a travel company that allows you to earn commissions from referring someone to book their travels and also when they become a member too. You will get bigger commissions if you are on higher membership plans and when you invite more people to join iBuumerang.

  • Ratings: 30/100

What Is iBuumerang Travel?

iBuumerang is an MLM company that offers people to earn from selling discounted travel packages and bookings. If you become their member or their “Travel Savings Ambassadors” you have the opportunity to earn commissions from the sales you make and when you recruit other people to become members as well. This company is supported by Xtreme travel which already has 18 years of experience in the travel industry.

Holton Buggs founded iBuumerang in March 2019 and within 6 months the company sales skyrocketed to $20 million. He is known in the direct sales and network marketing industry with over 29 years of experience. For the last 10 years, he built a network of over 3 million distributors, mentored over 45 people, and generated over $3 billion in sales.

Buggs was involved in several MLM companies before he established his own. Aside from managing his MLM business, he has authored a bestselling audio series “How to Turn Your Network Marketing Business into a Cash Cow”. He was also the first distributor on the cover of the magazine Networking Times. Moreover, he was featured in the Millionaire magazine Billionaire edition.

How Does iBuumerang Travel work?

iBuumerang has many ways where you can earn commissions and bonuses. You could earn 25%, 50%, and up to 100% commission from the savings that your customers make when they purchase flights, hotels, rental cars, homes, etc. Aside from that, when you recruit another member and your recruits invite more members, this will help you level up in rankings and get more bonuses.

When you invite people, you can send your code which will give them discounts on their purchases. In using this code, your BV allowance gets deducted which can be earned again upon renewal of membership or by purchasing separately. The people who used your code make savings with their purchases while you get a commission from the savings they make.

There are five ways to earn money with iBuumerang:

  1. 25% Referral bonus – when you refer someone to Xtream travel
  2. Savings Bonuses – Someone used your Boomerang code to purchase products via the iGo portal
    • 25% Savings bonus
    • 50% Savings bonus (if you’re in Coach Class membership)
    • 100% Savings bonus (if you’re in Business/First Class membership)
  3. Direct Sales Bonus – Referral commissions and Commissionable Sales Volume when you invite another member to join
    • $250 Coach Class = 200 CSV, $20 commission
    • $500 Business Class = 400 CSV, $40 commission
    • $1,000 First Class = 800 CSV, $80 commission
  4. Dual Team Bonus – You can earn a 10% or 20% bonus from your weakest
  5. Uni-level Bonus – Earn up to a 10% bonus from the sales and subscriptions of your recruits
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TSAs receive a Direct Sales Bonus or DSB on all orders made by their personally enrolled TSAs. The DSB is paid on the Package CSV or Commissionable Sales Volume on any purchased products during the first 30 days of your referrals.

According to iBuumerang, you can earn the following if you have 10 customers who travel once per year with around $600 savings.

$600 x 10 = $6000 in savings for all the 10 people combined.

You get 50% of that savings which are $3, 000 as your commission.

Similar to other MLM compensation plans, you would be recruiting two persons to become your right and left “leg. And your recruits would also need to recruit other people too. You will then be eligible to be in the “Dual Team Bonus” where you can receive a 10% to 20% bonus from the leg with the least amount of volume.

Uni-level bonus is based on volume generated by Boomerang Travel Savings and monthly subscriptions of your personally enrolled TSAs. You can earn up to a 10% bonus depending on your rank and the number of levels paid. The following are a sample of rankings with a 10% Uni-level bonus and their levels paid.

  • TSA – 1 level
  • Director – 2 levels
  • Sr. Director – 3 levels
  • Executive – 4 levels

They’re also a Leadership Development Bonus when you reach higher levels which could earn you up to a 5% bonus.

iBuumerang rankings have 14 ranks with three categories. Here are the rankings with their respective Personal Sales Volume or Team Volume and Dual team commissions.

  1. TSA Rank

Builder Ranks

  1. Director – 2,500 PSV or TV
  2. Executive – 5,000 PSV or TV
  3. Senior Executive – 10,000 PSV or TV

Leadership Ranks

  1. Sapphire – 15,000 PSV or TV, 10% DTC
  2. Ruby – 40,000 PSV or TV, 10 DTC
  3. Emerald – 80,000 PSV or TV, 10 DTC
  4. Diamond – 200,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  5. Blue Diamond – 500,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  6. Black Diamond – 1,000,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  7. Presidential Diamond – 2,000,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  8. Crown Diamond – 5,000,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  9. Double Crown Diamond – 7,000,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC
  10. Triple Crown Diamond – 10,000,000 PSV or TV, 20 DTC

The minimum payout is $40 and will be paid out via pay card, direct deposit, or your eWallet. The payout schedule is weekly for Direct Sales and Dual Team. While monthly for Uni-level bonus and Leadership Development Bonus.

can you make money with ibuumerang travelCan You Make Money with iBuumerang Travel?

Yes, you can. But you will need to work hard to achieve the residual income you want and of course to not lose your membership. According to their terms and conditions, to keep earning commissions you need to be active in recruiting more members. This is what makes iBuumerang similar to a pyramid scheme.

The Pros and Cons of iBuumerang Travel

There’s no doubt that iBuumerang offers cheap prices on their travels and other products. But before you decide on joining them, let’s check out their pros and cons first.


  • A new company, just 1+-year-old
  • The leaders are very experienced in their respective fields
  • Many people would love to Travel
  • Cheap travel prices


  • Travel is still a luxury and not for everyone
  • A complex commission structure can be confusing
  • Missed fees could result in downgrading your site to a customer site and your customers could roll up as your sponsor
  • Low booking sales (25,426) compared to the number of members (211,687) as of Sept 2019
  • The founder has a shady background
  • Founder lost a lawsuit with over $4 million to pay
  • Negative reviews about the company

Beware of Lawsuits

Although I’m unable to find any lawsuits against the iBuumerang company, the founder found himself entangled in one not long ago. This happened during the time that he was the appointed Chief Visionary Officer of Oregano Gold, another MLM company.

He bought a now-defunct nutritional MLM company, AmeriSciences which was then owned by CEO Barry Cocheu. The purchase was not formalized and it led to the alleged misappropriation of AmeriSciences’s trade secrets, interfering with contracts, breaches of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, and fraudulent transfer.

The lawsuit was filed by AmeriSciences Trustee Rodney Tow in 2014. In 2018, Holton Buggs lost this case and is liable to pay $3,461,166 plus $610,482 pre-judgment interest together with Oregano Gold and Barry Cocheu. Six of Buggs and Oregano Gold’s appeal arguments were rejected.

After this trial, Buggs was the Executive Advisor of Ormeus Global promoting a cryptocurrency business, IQ Chain. This was later found to as a Ponzi scheme. Not long after this, he was removed from his position in Oregano Gold and you will not find his name on its leadership board anymore.

Ibuumerang Travel - legitimate companyIs iBuumerang Travel Legitimate?

I can say that iBuumerang is a legitimate business that can pay its ambassadors their earnings from commissions. Not like other businesses that I have done reviews on. So far no one has come forward to express dissatisfaction with the company possibly because the company is still new.

Final Thoughts

I think that iBuumerang can be a good opportunity for some people especially those who love to travel or have traveled to different states or countries as their professions such as travel bloggers or digital nomads. It is also a great business venture for those who have family and friends that travel frequently.

If you are a travel affiliate or you have a website that drives thousands of traffic or a travel agency, then this could be a good income source for you too. iBuumerang offers affordable prices that are not hard to sell and that’s what makes it different from other MLM companies.

And since iBuumerang is an MLM company, you need to keep your membership active, you need to spend money for the membership, volumes, and recruit more people.

However, for an average person, you would most likely spend more than what you can earn. Especially when you’re just a novice in the networking industry and your circle is not open to that idea. And more importantly, travel is still a luxury for most people, and travel restrictions are everywhere since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

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4 thoughts on “Ibuumerang Travel Review – Earning Money By Referring Travellers”

  1. Such an interesting concept!  It would be great for travel bloggers to make money referring others to travel.  I’m sure this idea will only be expanded upon in the future, hopefully by people who can execute it better.  Travelling the world is a must-do in my opinion so hopefully there will be more outlets that make it possible

    • The concept is not a bad one, but structuring your business plays a big role, and I believe this business is far from accomplishing just that. The company has lost a huge lawsuit tells a lot of the nature of their business. But being new, most companies learn from their mistakes. Let’s still keep an eye on this company for the next couple years and see if they would turn for the better.

  2. A friend suggested me this platform. But when she explained the general way it operated, I didn’t felt convinced. But yet, I decided to research it a bit. I really don’t like MLMs. But if it’s a good one, I may still join it. However, reading your post, I realized that all my initial concerns were true. So I won’t join iBuumerang. Thank you very much for helping me with this decision.

    • Referring people to build a business and make money is always a difficult strategy, that is the reason their failure rate is so high as opposed to affiliate marketing. There are too many negative reviews and complaints about this business.


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