MLM Gateway Review – Leads Generation System

In this MLM Gateway review, you will see if this would be important for your business and how it can improve traffic and leads to your niche website, making money at the same time.

MLM Businesses have been around for a very long time. This means more and more people get involved and get recruited every day. As a network marketer in a very competitive world, you need to have many tools to help you to expand your network and get more leads.

That’s what MLM Gateway is about. Let’s talk about how this platform can help network marketers and also those who want to find home-based money-earning opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know about MLM Gateway.

  • Product Name: MLM Gateway
  • Founder: MLM Gateway’s parent company is Gateway Solutions S.R.O. There’s no available information about the founder of MLM Gateway.
  • Product Type: Network marketing platform
  • Price:
    Joining MLM Gateway is free. But you may need to pay for credits to use all the available functions of the platform such as contacting members and viewing leads.

The price of the credits is the following:

  • $42 for 100 credits
  • $97 for 250 credits
  • $219 for 600 credits
  • $509 for 1,500 credits
  • $1199 for 4,000 credits
  • $2699 for 10,000
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Membership plans:

Under the free membership, you can have the following features:

  • Send a limited number of partnership requests
  • Daily credit top-up
  • Business announcements
  • Member advertising

The Premium membership plan costs $29 per month ($59 for three months) as of this writing. It includes everything from the free membership plan and the following:

  • 50 credits monthly
  • Contact members without using your credits
  • Have a Premium Badge next to your name
  • Use the Lead Capture Landing Pages
  • Ability to access all the marketing training courses
  • Have your name listed on the Featured Professionals Page
  • Include the link to your website on your profile
  • Upload a video on your profile
  • Make your profile visible to all the members
  • Remove ads on your profile and your announcements
  • Be able to see how many people views your profile
  • Increase the number of credits you will earn from your articles and referrals
  • Receive priority support 24/7
  • Best For People in the networking industry

MLM Gateway connects you to many network marketers locally and even in other countries. You can offer your business opportunities to other members and generate more leads.

Aside from the opportunity to get more leads, you can also join their affiliate program to earn referral commissions. With a pro membership plan you can access all the networking training programs they offer exclusively for paid memberships.

  • Ratings: 70/100
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What Is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is a platform where you can connect with other members and offer your business opportunities to them. It was established in 2015 as a place where most members are involved in network marketing and other business industries. The platform is similar to the structure of the social media platform except that it focuses on networking and earning opportunities.

With MLM Gateway, the members can create effective lead generation, drive website traffic, recruit new members, or get more leads using a dedicated lead-capturing landing page. This company has been growing into a massive network of marketers building partnerships and creating business opportunities. As of this writing, MLM gateway has around 300,000+ members around the globe.

According to MLM Gateway, they are not the usual database of e-mail addresses that spam other users with MLM offers. They also protect their members’ email addresses or phone numbers. Each member has the option to whom they chose to give their contact information for business purposes.

How Does MLM Gateway work?

To join MLM gateway, just simply fill up a short form with your basic information on their website. While signing up you will also be asked if you have a business opportunity to offer. Then after completing the sign-up process you will be taken to your dashboard.

This is where you will see your information, members list, message history, business announcements, advertising, connections, and how many credits are left on your account.

On the center of the dashboard, you will see the list of names of other members and their business interests and the buttons to click if you want to contact the member. The members listed are based on your location by default but you can also search for network marketing leads from all over the world.

You can use the “contact member” to connect with another member and form a partnership. The recipient of your request will decide whether to contact you or not. The member information is secured.

You can only send one request and it will cost you one credit. If the recipient didn’t respond to your request, you will have to wait for 12 months before sending another request. This protects every member from receiving the same offer.

can you make money with MLM GatewayCan You Make Money with MLM Gateway?

The direct answer is yes. Although MLM Gateway prides itself as not a networking company, they do have MLM compensation plans similar to networking companies. When you sign up, you automatically become their affiliate. To earn money, you need to invite other people to join MLM Gateway using your referral link.

You can earn the following commissions:

  • 50% recurring commission when your referrals upgrade to premium membership
  • 50% lifetime commissions on credit purchases made by your referrals
  • 6% of commissions from each sale made by your referrals

Also, you will receive 10 credits for each referred member.

The Pros and Cons of MLM Gateway

Even though joining MLM Gateway is free and the platform is easy to use. Whether it is worth your time and money is the question. We’ve listed the pros and cons of using MLM Gateway and decided for ourselves whether this platform is good for you.


  • Allows you to connect with other network marketing prospects in your locality
  • Receive home-based business leads daily without any cost
  • Be able to promote your website and attract new leads
  • An efficient way to expand your network
  • Meet people looking for business opportunities
  • Free advertisement to target your audience


  • No reports for ad tracking
  • Free membership only offers limited connections and abilities
  • You need to buy credits to make more contacts and access many of the platform’s features
  • No Refund Policy applies to both credits and premium membership purchases
  • Purchased credits expire after 90 days
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

I found no lawsuits against MLM Gateway or its parent company, Gateway Solutions S.R.O. However, I did find a handful of negative comments and complaints from the members. Most of them complained about not getting paid while others commented about getting fake leads.

Is MLM Gateway Legitimate?

I can’t say the MLM Gateway is a scam since you can find many positive reviews and member testimonials. However, one big red flag is the fake leads reported by some members. New members receive leads almost immediately after signing up for the free membership. And the leads would seem that they are interested in your business opportunity. But according to some members, the leads they receive turned out to be not real people and appear to be automated.

Another red flag is how the MLM Gateway always emphasizes that their membership is free. But the reality is that you need to pay so that you can do things on their website. Just like when you receive a connection request from a possible lead, to view their message, you will have to buy more credits or upgrade to the pro membership plan.

Also, if you click on the “support center” button, you will be taken to a page that works as another FAQ page. There are no contact numbers on the website but their company’s address is available which is located in another country.

MLM Gateway Review - Your Gateway To Success

More importantly, no matter where you look, you can’t find the founder of the MLM Gateway. This may not be important to some people but sometimes knowing the person behind the company makes it more credible or trustworthy.

It also allows you to dig a little deeper into searching for any issues about the company using the name of the founder. Doing a little background check is imperative especially when you will be spending your hard-earned money on their memberships.

After going thru the pages of the MLM Gateway website, I also noticed that there’s no company history as well. It makes you wonder why. Having a company history adds a humanizing force to your brand.

It’s the best way to tell stories about the people who worked so hard to bring the company to where it is now. MLM Gateway looks like a thriving company based on the increasing number of its members.

I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind its success which can even help attract more people to join. Unfortunately, even a short company history is not available. You also can’t find anything about the company’s beginnings anywhere on the internet.

business woman working A Lead Generation BusinessMy Final Thoughts

Joining the MLM Gateway is indeed a great way to make connections to other networking people. It makes targeting easier because the members are already involved in networking or are open to joining other business opportunities.

Although it is specifically designed for network marketers, you can’t maximize its system without buying more credits or upgrading to a pro membership. Without these purchases, you could limit your chances of making any good progress such as increasing your connections and possibly getting more leads.

Aside from that, most of the members are already involved in networking businesses and their intention of joining the MLM Gateway is simply to recruit more people to join them. Earning a passive income thru their affiliate program also depends on how many people you can bring into joining the system, just like other MLM companies.

So, if you have the networking skills and the time to invest in convincing other people to become members, then maybe MLM Gateway is good for you. Otherwise, you can always use social media platforms or alternative methods to increase your network without paying for sending and receiving messages and spending money for monthly membership plans.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Gateway Review – Leads Generation System”

  1. Hello there!, there are so many MLM, but this sounds great to me and Joining the MLM Gateway is indeed a great way to make connections to other networking people. It makes targeting easier because the members are already involved in networking or open to joining other business opportunities. Thanks for sharing this with me, I feel honored.

    • Yes, this is one with a little difference, and depending on your business, it is a great way of capturing leads when you now starting out, and your website is not receiving that much organic clicks as yet. It is always good to test when starting out and see what is working for you.

  2. MLM Gateway seems to be a good platform. I liked it from the very beginning. And one of the things that impressed me was that you can receive home-based business leads daily without any cost. But after researching MLM Gateway for several days I’ll give them a pass. I really didn’t like that there is no refund policy for both credits and premium membership purchases.

    • Abel, I have gotten some leads from them that turned into paying customers with my business, but I did not take the premium level. I get free organic traffic on a daily basis cause my website is over seven years old with close to 600 posts. Someone told me to try it so I had the time and I did. I just don’t like the idea of many of their members asking you to join their business. I never like that approach.

      I believe in just displaying your business like in the search engines, and let them look at your business of their choice without asking. That is the way I build my business. all the members in my business, I never asked anyone to join, and my business is growing weekly.

  3. From all indications, MLM Gateway seems to be a great software for leads generation for those working in the networking industry. A 70/100 rating is not that bad for a networking tool like this. Having a networking tool, like MLM Gateway, will definitely yield great results if properly utilized. Thanks for this information review article.

    • I really think is a bad idea, but there are other SEO tools that prove to have a better ROI, and today where most people are searching online, there is much valuable lead generation software that is more targeted, and give better long term results. This is why I include my recommendation on a simple 4 steps proven system that I am using and getting results.


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