Online In The Personal Development | A Growing Niche

Here are 9 ways to make money online in the personal development niche if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Choosing a blogging niche is one of the most difficult choices anyone has to make but I will simplify it for you in this post.

Fortunately, when it comes to blogging you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.

Personal development is a niche that some bloggers and coaches concentrate on. You’re likely to find multiple blogs discussing the secrets to personal development, why you shouldn’t procrastinate, and so on.

Ways Online In The Personal Development Can Work

1. Create A Free Offer

People love free stuff, and one of the best ways to win them over is by creating a free offer. You can set up an opt-in form where you collect emails and names in exchange for free information that is informative and valuable.

You’ll be able to build a highly responsive email list in no time. This is an asset for you for years to come, while you build an audience that will like and trust you.

When you have someone’s email address, you can contact them anytime you want with the click of a button. When you have their name you can personalize your emails. Please do not spam your subscribers by flooding their inboxes with offers to buy.

Your free offer is what you are giving to your subscriber in exchange for their contact information. You want it to relate to something in the personal development niche. Keep in mind when you are giving your free offer you are not selling, but offering a service.

Private label rights or resell rights products are one source for finding a free giveaway. Creating one of your own is another idea.

2. Have an Email Marketing Funnel

In the personal development niche, people are not looking for additional products, they are seeking out valuable information. When a crowd feels that you are genuinely providing value and educating them they will voluntarily purchase any products you may be offering.

This marketing psychology is well explained in the art of selling without selling. Make sure that you have at least a two-month autoresponder sequence and that the follow-up emails will be to educate your leads and not spam them. No one likes going to their inbox and seeing that someone is asking them to buy something.

If you do not have at least a two-month autoresponder sequence, make sure to send a broadcast email to your list at least three times per week. Some experts go as far as 5 days per week. You can decide which is best for your subscribers, depending on their feedback.

3. Come up with Programs That Generate Residual Income

One of the best and most effective ways to monetize your personal development business is to come up with products or services that generate regular revenue.

You can do this by creating a monthly membership program for members to access, building a high-end offering, or creating coaching packages that require monthly payments. This is what is referred to as a membership site.

Building a monetization model is critical for stability and sustainability in your personal development business. If you only operate based on a fee-for-service model, you’ll soon hit a stumbling block. Create group products at a competitive price to attract more leads, and keep your offers low and affordable.

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4. Host an Event

If you’re looking to convert potential leads into paying customers, hosting live events for your social media networks and the people on your email list. You don’t have to host a seminar, you can go live on Facebook or create a webinar.

Webinars are easy to set up and make marketing seem like a breeze. Check out Free Conference Call for help in setting up your webinar.

Most people in the personal development niche assume that because they are talented and passionate about what they do, clients will come trickling in. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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5. Invest in Marketing

To make money you need to invest in the right marketing channels. Social media marketing is a great way to gain free exposure for your business.

Create your profiles on major platforms and ensure that you link your website to these platforms for ease of sharing content. Focus on one or two such as Facebook and Twitter at first.

SEO is also an excellent way to generate organic traffic for your blog. Target long-tail keywords to eliminate some of the competitors for highly searched keywords.

Use Google’s Free Keyword Planner to start building your keyword list. Build an even more in-depth list using Longtail Pro. You can also you the free keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate, which is exactly what I am using today.

6. Affiliate Marketing

If you do not want to create your own personal development products join affiliate marketing programs and let an affiliate merchant give you their product to promote to receive a commission.

1. Google Adsense. Google sells ads and displays them on your blog for you. Whenever someone clicks on an ad you earn 68% of the ad cost as a commission. It doesn’t get any easier than this because you do not have to sell anything.

2. Max Bounty. This is an ad network that gives you offers to promote to receive a commission. Things like lead forms and downloading software are something you can promote to your personal development email list or on your blog.

3. Join Clickbank. This is an ad network that provides ebooks and other items you can sell with one affiliate i.d. number. I like Clickbank because you will find many personal development products currently and new ones are added all of the time.

4. Join Wealthy Affiliate. This is my main program and a good one to join to learn how to do affiliate marketing. You will also find a great community of people to help you and provides a positive atmosphere at some time in the negative world of Internet marketing.

Final Thoughts

Making money in the personal development niche is all about creating the right marketing funnel, knowing what your unique selling proposition is, and finding ways to generate traffic.

Use some of my ideas here to get that started. Add in affiliate products if you do not want to create your own, or just get started building your email list and making some money promoting it.

Working online in the personal development niche is a very profitable niche and one that will never run out of new people coming into it. In this way, it is what we call an evergreen niche.

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  1. Hello Bishop, You have put up a very nice post.
    I am in the self-development niche and a defaulter at not promoting.

    Other than expecting people just to come around, I have been pretty lazy at SEO, but I’m gonna start taking actions now, which is why I went through google and arrived here.

    Thank you.

    • Glad that you get some value here on this post. Some members of my church ask this question a lot, so decided to shed some light here for them. good to know that you are in the self-development niche.

      We all get stuck at times in our business in some form of fashion. What is bad is when we decided to stay there. but this is not the case with you which is a good thing. If I can help in any way, please let me know, self-development is my passion. Good luck as you begin to work on your business. Talk to you soon.


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