Virtual Downline Builder Review

In this article, I am going to do a Virtual Downline Builder Review for you, and you make a decision and see if earning more is what you need.

This is a new program that I am actually impressed with as you will see in this review and how it matches up with my Number #1 recommendation For  Affiliates which you will get a glimpse of it below. But let us continue with this review.

Name: Virtual Wealth Builder
Price: Free
Owners: Alonzo Brown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Virtual Downline Builder Product Overview

The Virtual Downline Builder was created by Alonso Brown and launched on January 1, 2019. Alonso Brown is also the creator of the Virtual Wealth System which he appears to be merging into the Virtual Downline Builder.

In this review, we will refer to the Virtual Downline Builder as VDB as well. The program gives you seven programs you can promote within the Virtual Downline Builder. You can join for free and then individually go and sign up for the various programs.

The goal here is that you can build a downline in the Virtual Downline Builder and then build downlines in the seven programs within it. It kind of reminds me of the plug-in prophet site program created by Stone Evans 17 years ago.

There are various ways you can get paid and you can upgrade within the programs for the Virtual Downline Builder. Alonzo Brown is using the Virtual Downline Builder as a way to enroll people into the seven various programs.

As a member of the Virtual Downline Builder, you get the system in which you will then enter your individual affiliate ID numbers into the programs as you join them. He provides all the tools that you need to build a successful online business.

Two of the programs within the Virtual Downline Builder have instant pay commissions. All seven of these programs also offer residual income as you refer members into the various programs.

You are the sponsor of that individual into the Virtual Downline Builder and you’re also the sponsor of them into the various programs. Because they provide training and support in the form of videos it does give you the opportunity to study those and use them to then build an Internet business.

You will use the Virtual Downline Builder as a way to enroll people in affiliate marketing and make money from them. Hence the name Virtual Downline Builder.

The seven programs are…..

1. National Wealth Center
2. All In One Profit (AIOP)
3. Best Easy Work
4. CTFO Free Home Builders
5. Lead Lightning
6. Trunited
7. Cash Juice

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Virtual Downline Builder Review - business training

– free lifetime access to the downline builder system
– free training in Internet marketing & network marketing
– the ability to promote five of the businesses for free in the VDB system
– seven potential income streams
– personal training and mentoring in the self-help business arena

The Bad:

This is actually a pretty good system, but you will need to learn how to generate traffic to your VDB website. The other thing is people will have to take the time to join the 7 programs and that may be hard to get them to do that.

Virtual Downline Builder is brand new having just started 01-01-19. This does not have to be a bad thing but should be taken into consideration as you promote your replicated site on different traffic services.

The thing I see here is that if VDB was ever to go out of business you would still have many downlines in the various 7 programs as long as they are in business.

Who is the Virtual Downline Builder For?

Anyone looking for ways to make money online could benefit from the Virtual Downline Builder. Having a structured program with multiple income streams makes it easier to get started in multiple programs at one time.

Virtual Downline Builder Tools & Training & Support

Alonso Brown is big on offering all of the training needed once you join VDB for free. He also provides online support via a contact form. You have to be a member of VDB and log in to contact support.

Virtual Downline Builder Price

VDB is free to join. 5 of the 7 programs in VDB are free to join as well.

My Final Opinion Of The Virtual Downline Builder

Virtual Downline Builder Review - Figuring out how to build your team in your businessThe Virtual Downline Builder is a great way to develop multiple income streams by just promoting your one replicated website. Replicated means that everybody is promoting the exact same website, but each one is individually coded with your affiliate ID number.

The website itself is laid out very well. Alonzo Brown does an introduction video on the website that lasts 21: 34 seconds which could be kind of long if someone is not that interested.

He talks about how to build a residual income by promoting just that one website link and the seven various programs within the Virtual Downline Builder.

Overall this appears to be a good program. Because it is so new time will tell if it lasts.

Virtual Downline Builder at a Glance…

Name: Virtual Downline Builder

Name: Virtual Wealth Builder
Price: Free
Owners: Alonzo Brown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


I do want to point out that the programs in VDB are either affiliate programs or MLM programs. As an alternative to this program, I encourage people to get involved in affiliate marketing by learning about the business itself.

Affiliate marketing is a business model. When you study it you can then go out and build your own online business using Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and promoting affiliate products or anything you choose.

I can help you with that using the free Wealthy Affiliate training program. They offer a program where you can learn at your own pace the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Whether you need more money, or just want to make more money, I can help you with affiliate marketing and you can start learning for FREE.

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PS: Please leave your comments or questions below, I would love to get your feedback.

Virtual Downline Review

Free To Join





Overall Quality



  • Free to join.
  • There is a training available
  • the ability to promote five of the businesses for free


  • Need to know how to drive traffic
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6 thoughts on “Virtual Downline Builder Review”

  1. I can see something good in the review of the Virtual Downline Builder. I think such a program is rare. I said this because the program is free and offers something meaningful, though I prefer Wealthy Affiliates. 

    The Pros of Virtual Downline Builder outweighs the cons and I think it is a good program for a beginner in affiliate marketing though they don’t offer detailed and exclusive training like wealthy affiliate platform. Everything I need to be successful in my online business career is in Wealthy affiliates and that’s the platform I recommend most.

    • Yes, there is always something in a business that would make sense or appeal to us. But overall we still have to make the decision if it worth it. Will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate, cause you decided what you want to market by building your website.

      Precious, I could not have put it better, any business online, training is a must, because the Internet keeps changing and Mr. Google always changes their algorithms. One should be part of a community that teaches marketing online, and then decide which business they would want to proceed with, and they can find that within Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

      Thank you for your input.

  2. Hey there David,

    So, you enroll in VDB and then join 5 of the programs, which I guess are affiliate programs. And as you wrote, the five of them are free. Then, You use the Virtual Downline Builder as a way to enroll people in affiliate marketing and make money from them. So, this is MLM, right? And you get the tools to do it? Are there any costs?



    • Yes, Marios, you have 7 programs to join in VDB and you have to pay to join each one of them, so when you recruit people who join those programs a commission is earned. By joining VDB for free you will know the cost of each program. Yes, it is an MLM business. Internet training is there. Being that is a new program, is something you have to decide by observing.

  3. Hi,

    I can see that Virtual Downline Builder is a relatively new business and only time would tell where this business is heading. any program that are offering a free membership tells you the credibility of that business and that is what interests me.

    Many times there are programs that offer a high membership fee and you do not have any experience with marketing and 6 ton 10 months in you have shell out a hefty amount of money and did not make any investment. I am happy that you give the good and the bad so that we would know what to expect and make our own decision. thank you for such a detailed review on Virtual Downline Builder 

    • Although being very new, I like the business model and what their attention is on promoting these products. It is good that they offer a free service so that you would have a better understanding before you dive into each program, but the inexperienced marketer would find it difficult to get traffic to these 7 programs., especially using a replicable website that would have no ranking value in the search engines.

      I hope in the future they focus on members building their own website, in that they can have the opportunity of marketing any programs they choose. Thank you for the comment.


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