Best Jobs For People Over 50 – And My No. 1 Recommendation !

The best jobs for people over 50 are not always just jobs. I am going to give you a lot to think about regarding this in the next few paragraphs. As people live longer, so does their need to make money. This is partly because they have not saved enough to live on for the rest of their lives.

Social security is not enough for most of us either. When you add that the cost of living goes up every year faster than the minuscule increases in your social security check, it is easy to see how people are losing ground every year they are alive.

One more thing. Medical costs and prescription drugs really begin to eat into savings and what little money you have left after necessities such as food and shelter. I’m not trying to paint a bleak picture here. You and I both know what I am saying is true.

However, there is good news as well. If you have your health or a skill, you can turn that into supplemental income. This could be a part-time job. It might be starting a second career. You could even use the Internet and start your own online business. There are crazier ideas, right?

So, with that in mind, want to know what the best job for people is over 50 years old? How about a second career now that people continue to work full-time into their 70s or even 80s?

In this article, I will offer a few of the best jobs, part-time or second career, and starting a new business, you can focus on today. You can start by joining a community of people that would stand by you until you succeed in making money from home part-time or full-time.

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Best Jobs For People Over 50 Years Old

Once you hit 50, finding a job could become a little harder because of your age. Although employers are not supposed to discriminate against somebody based on age, I don’t think it’s realistic not to say that doesn’t happen.

It certainly depends on the type of job. Some jobs employers are looking for older people just because of reliability, skills, and so on.

AARP Job Board

One place you could start your job search would be on the AARP job board. This is a good place to take your previous employment experience and match it with an employer looking for age diversity when they hire somebody. One thing I like

about this specific website is how you can narrow your search down to what you’re looking for, including full-time or part-time jobs. Right now, the economy is booming, so there’s a real need for people and just about every industry.

Indeed is one of the top Internet sources for finding jobs. You can look specifically based on job title, keywords, or company—search location-specific by city-state or even a ZIP Code. You can upload your resume and let employers find you. This is truly one of the best Internet sites.

Online or Offline?

One thing you will need to consider is whether you’re looking for something online or offline. There are always going to be jobs that you can go to. You need to find those. Depending

writing from home as a freelance can earn an income

on your location:

  • Walmart
  • McDonald’s

They seem to want to hire older people. Especially for early morning shifts. If you’re willing to expand your skill set, there’s no end to the amount of work you can do on the Internet. Certainly, one of the top websites for this is

This is a great site for people that are looking to telecommute. Although it is a paid membership site, it’s worth spending the $15 if you want to look at everything available to you. You’ll find remote jobs that range from part-time to full-time.

Some are freelance jobs, while others are actual employees. This means a real company is paying you a real salary. Many also include paid benefits, including health insurance and vacation time.

One of the reasons people over 50 looks at flex jobs is their ability to work a flexible schedule. If you’re looking for something where you don’t have to work 8 to 5, this is a great website to check out.

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Second Career Best Jobs For People Over 50 Years Old

I want to throw out a couple of things that I’ve seen firsthand that people are gravitating to for a second career. Don’t think that these are necessarily far-fetched till you consider exactly what they have to offer.

1. Real estate agent

Again thanks to the booming economy, people are on the move. Renters are buying their first house. People are making more money, and they’re taking equity from a current home and upsizing.

This has created a real need for real estate agents, and there are many benefits to looking at that as a second career. You can do some more research on that here.

2. Truck driver

Another second career that I’ve seen many people over 50 become is a truck driver. There are over 3.5 million jobs available right now as truck drivers. Many of these are over the road, which can appeal to the right person.

If you ever thought about traveling and getting paid for it, this is one way to do that. Six-figure incomes for over-the-road truckers are available, and people are doing it.

Even locally, people make $50-$100,000 a year doing deliveries, and they are home every night. Granted, this will appeal to a certain type of person, but it might be something worth checking out. Here is a more in-depth article on becoming a truck driver.

Jooble - Best Jobs For People Over 50

3. Jooble

Here you can find new jobs and vacancies all over the United Kingdom from over 13,000 sites that are available to you. Click here for more information.

Career Trends

Career trend has an interesting article on second careers for people over 50. I found it interesting when looking at that article that a third of retirees will choose a second career not always based on money but on the ability to be involved in giving something back to the communities where they live.

Other popular careers people get into include:

Here is what I want you to think about. Have you wished you do over switch? You know, something you could push, and you get a second chance at a different career! That is what some people over 50 are doing. Maybe life led you a certain way when you were younger, but now you can get back in control.

Don’t start a second career just on money. Look at finding a way to do what you love, like health Insurance affiliate programs that are growing today.

best jobs for people over 50 - start a new businessBest Jobs For People Over 50 Years Old Is Starting A New Business

There are many ways to start a business if you are over 50. For example…

1. Network marketing

Forget about the old Amway curiosity approach. You are not doing circle meetings at a kitchen table or in front of a marker board. This could be a great opportunity to start a business.

There are almost 100 companies now that do over $100 million a year and sales revenue in the direct sales network marketing business model.

MLM has become a worldwide opportunity depending on the products that you promote. It is a good business model for people over 50 to start a business. Because it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started, the opportunities are endless. If you’re willing to mix retail sales and build a sales group of your own, this is worth learning more about. Here’s a good article on that.

2. Start a Franchise

Isn’t 50 too old to start a franchise? Not according to AARP. Their article Starting A Business Over 50 talks about 5 franchises that are a good fit for people over 50. They also get into why someone would want to go from employee to business owner. The sense of adventure and doing something new is at the top of the list.

3. Offer a service

Find a need and fill it. Robots and computers are not eliminating service businesses. For example, dog walking or dog sitting is a service you could offer.

The need for that will never change. Be a driver for Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, and so on. Of course, some old-time service businesses such as daycare, hairstylists, or a handyman are still viable today.

How about starting an online business providing a service? Doing what you may ask? Go to and look at all of the ways people are providing a service and getting paid for it. Some may seem crazy, but others are really in need.

One service that I have seen increasing in popularity is helping people with their own blogs. If you’re willing to go beyond just being a blog writer, there’s a never-ending need to help people just like our age group, people over 50. Help them get their blog set up. Then provide content by writing blog articles for it.

If you want to learn about new and exciting niches, this is a service business that you could literally do for the rest of your life. Use it to supplement your Social Security and retirement income, and by providing a real service, there is a need for!

This does not take a lot of technical skill. You can learn more writing skills at Writer’s Life. They say this is where the writers thrive, and they are right 🙂

Become An Affiliate Marketer (my personal favorite)

Affiliate marketing is where you target a specific niche, and doing it with affiliate marketing is what I do. This is something you could do literally into your 70s, 80s, or even 90s if you’re able to spend a little bit of time every day in front of a computer.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is the products are made available to you. You get paid to promote a specific product for an affiliate merchant, and you can hire a writer to do your posting on your blog.

Sell Products

The product could be something you sell. The top affiliate merchants to look at on these are actually affiliate networks, Amazon and Clickbank.

Get Leads

Maybe you want to get into lead generation which is known as cost per action. Somebody does a specific action, such as filling out a lead form, and you make money for it. There’s no better sight to learn the ins and outs of this than

Display Advertising

I’ve always liked the display advertising model. You focus on being a publisher of content online, and as you develop traffic, you then sell advertising on your website or blog.

You can sell advertising directly to a company with good value in the traffic coming to your website. If you want to get out of display advertising sales, Google AdSense is still the top source for that.

Google sells ads, and based on a piece of code you put on your website, they match the advertisers to your site’s content. Having relevant advertisers will draw a certain percentage of people to click on one of those ads. Google pays you 68% of the advertising they bill. This takes some time to get going depending on the niche you choose to get into.

A niche is just nothing more than a segment of the market. Micro niches prevent present some clear opportunities to eliminate many competitors and allow you to earn money more quickly.

Are You a handy person and need to perform jobs and get paid for them?

Whether you need to look at Airtasker, you can choose the tasks you would like to complete for the people you’re happy to work with. You’re in control of your own schedule and creating your flexible work-life balance.

final thoughts

In closing, let me say that the need to make more money for people over 50 will only increase as people live longer. Whether you want to get a part-time or full-time job, start a second career, or even become an entrepreneur and start your own business, the opportunities are there.

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  1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to come up with this list. It is not easy being an older person and getting a job at this age is also not easy. Also being able to hustle as the young ones do is definitely not something that can be easily done by an older person. 

    There are some disadvantages but there are some advantages as there are jobs that are perfect for older people. Some companies or positions require age and experience and this might be a place where older people would be required. There are even online businesses that an older person can open that can bring in reoccurring income every month. 

    • Manuel is surprising that when we reach the age of 50, it is a wake-up call to many. I think we think it is old and if we do not have a proper business or retirement plan we hit the panic button. but it is really not especially of the different services and products one can promote through Affiliate Marketing.

      The beautiful thing is at the age of 50, you have all the time to build a successful business part-time before you reach that retirement age. Your life and income can change within 3 years if you join the right community and platform that are motivated to help you. this is one reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      Not only is the right certification course to get started, but the community and support the best I have ever come across in my 15 years plus working online. And I am happy that I can work with individuals to help them achieve their goals.

      Thank you for the comment and insight on jobs that are available to people over 50. Wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you need help with your business. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success. talk to you soon.

  2. Thanks for a great post, I really enjoyed reading this. You’ve got some fantastic ideas here and the video shows even more. It’s so true that most people don’t have enough savings by the time they reach 50 and if they don’t start taking action you can end up in a really compromised position in life. 

    I think the best way to get started is as you suggest doing Affiliate Marketing and working with Wealthy Affiliate. From there you can learn the fundamentals of online marketing and see where it takes you. The potential is limitless and you can work at your own time. Thanks again for such a valuable article.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Judy because I was one of them and had to act fast. Sometimes fast is not necessarily the right approach because there are lots of scams on the Internet, and I had fall prey to a few because time was what I was looking at.

      I was happy that I kept looking because if I had decided to stop, I would not have found Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013. good to see that you feel the same and as an Affiliate Marketer here at WA is the right decision anyone can make and their lives can be changed within months. Thank you for the comment and insight on this post.

      All the best1

  3. The work for us who are no longer young is not impossible to do, while we still have a desire to be a more meaningful person, with the work and imagination we can do it, perhaps the easy and relaxing work will make us more passionate and uplifting, continue to work and do not be discouraged, age is not a barrier. Good post, David! 

    • Wow! Well said, Intania. And 50 is not that old, is just a wake-up-call number that most people get to make a turning point in their lives. Thank you for the feedback and insight here. Age is definitely not a barrier as you said.

      I Appreciate You!

  4. I am impressed by your videos. Making videos is something I have on my list of priorities to learn. I am 58 and I am learning how to build an online business so I guess I’m your target reader. I don’t have enough money to retire on and I don’t think I’d want to retire even if I could. 

    Playing bowls, knitting, cards…. yuck!! Being part of an online community like Wealthy Affiliate is so much better. It’s fun, you’re learning something that’s incredibly useful, engaging with other interesting people from all over the world and making money at the same time. What could be better? I highly recommend it to anyone reading this and thinking about giving online business a go 🙂

    • Still have to venture into the video world using my face, voice or both, those are the ones that get rank on Youtube. Most people fall short with their financial goals when facing retirement this is the reason I point them in the right direction so that they can make the right choice before reaching that milestone.

      You are right about Wealthy Affiliate and their community, that is why I encourage my audience is the right approach if one truly wants to make money online or have enough for retirement. happy to know that you made that choice. Thank you for the feedback and all the best with your business.

  5. Hi Bishop,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put all together great information that I’m sure will help many people over 50

    Welcome to the club over 50 and maybe also over 60, more and more people are reaching this age in good shape and as you mentioned in your article, we face some different problems to solve, income might be the same for a few years and everything will cost a little bit more. 

    It’s a new problem people are facing, that is the bad news but the good news it’s that we can find good information like your article to know we still can find a good way to make some money every week.

    I like some of your ideas, I never thought about them, I will read more as you provide some links to go, and I’m sure I will love to get more information about affiliate marketing, as it’s something I can work on from home or from anywhere and it’s a good idea to work on when I go to visit my grandchildren!

    • Alejandra.

      Thank you for the positive feedback and kind words. if we think about the baby boomers, we know that we are living in a time where we have the most people living today that are over 50 years ever. so putting this article together was a no-brainer.

      Because of the internet and the times in which we are living today, it is quite possible for anyone to create an income online and not worry about their full-time job if they so desire to do so. And being an affiliate is the easiest way to create that lifestyle.

      Anyone wishing to go on that journey even if they did not reach 50n at the moment, I highly recommend they do so by joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is working for me and many others in the community. Please feel free to try some of my suggestions, and if you need further help, you can reach me inside wealthy affiliate community.

      I take this business seriously and I will do what it takes to see others have the same results.


  6. Starting a job after 50 is cool and it becomes a retirement plan automatically, so its best one goes with an online job and makes passive income without the stress of having to run errands for some boss. Online means of making money are quite much, but being an affiliate is one I will best recommend for people over the age of 50. However,  the training required to be a good affiliate is readily available at Wealthy Affiliate for a cheap fee. Best regards.

    • Benson,

      I can totally relate that starting a job at 50 can deem as a retirement plan if you are working for yourself and not for anyone. and becoming an affiliate is the quickest and easiest way for anyone to do so.

      And as you mention, becoming a member at WQealthy Affiliate is the best financial decision anyone can make because of the training and support that is available to ensure that success is attainable. thank you for the insight here.

      All the best!

  7. Hi! Thanks for the great article. I am definitely interested in affiliate marketing. I have a couple of questions. The first is how many hours do you suggest I would have to spend online each day? The second is about Clickbank. I know who Amazon is, but I was wondering what Clickbank was and how it worked. Thanks!!

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Happy that you had a good read and interesting in Affiliate Marketing. Like Amazon, Clickbank offers anyone to be an Affiliate as well to market other people’s products, and it is much easier to join with higher-paying commissions. unlike Amazon, as you already know, Clickbank do not offer physical products. they are famous for digital products that are downloadable.

      To answer your other question, I always ask how bad do you want to succeed online? We spend 8 hours a day building someone els’s business right. If you are planning to this part-time or full-time the hours would vary. My recommendation you be 10 hours fulltime and four hours part-time each day when starting out. I hope that helps!

  8. I have gathered quite a few ideas of things that could be done. I found interesting what do you said about starting a franchise after 50. Those suggestions are worth considering. 

    I had also been considering things dad could do on Fiverr. And I have come up with quite a lengthy list. This post has given me several ideas. Thanks.

    • Henry, thank you that you get some value here in this article and franchising is one way to go if you have the resources to do so. it might be more commanding that becoming an Affiliate, but is a choice that is available.

      Fiverr has proven to work for quite a majority so I am happy that you are thinking along those lines. if you need help in finding the right approach, please do not hesitate to contact me. you can reach me within Wealthy Affiliate when you join for free.

      I take that back. I Will Reach Out To You when you become a FREE member at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Talk to you soon!

  9. Thanks for sharing some great job ideas for people over 50! I also think this is helpful for people under 50 as well. I like that there a vast range of options online and offline, something for everybody. 

    For those of you who are interested in online options, Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start! Speaking for my own experience, someone who was looking for an additional income outside of my 9 to 5 job, it is one of the platforms to create a profitable business of your own. 

    All the best and keep hustling, 


    • Thank you for the feedback. great that you got some value here about jobs that anyone can do especially for those who think that they are getting close to the retirement status.

      Thank you for endorsing Wealthy Affiliate, cause it is one of the few services that are available online that anyone can join and see if it is a good fit before shelling out their hard earn cash. it is great that they offer a free service for everyone to make the right decision.

      Take care, and thanks!

  10. I must thank you for this list. I stopped to consider each one of the suggestions. But after reviewing them all, the most convenient, in my book is affiliate marketing. I like the idea of picking up a niche and connecting with an audience. This seems an activity we can do for the rest of our lives. I’m excited!

    • Abel, you hit the nail on the head and most people thank me for exposing them to Wealthy Affiliate because it shows them that they can follow their passion and make money as well being an Affiliate Marketer.

      It keeps the energy flowing when anyone can do something that they love and make money at the same time, this is the reason the training is of vital importance when joining WA. Thank you for the comment.


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