List Of Earning Money Online As A Teenager!

Here is my list of Earning Money Online As A Teenager. If you are around kids most times of the day, you get this question asked often. The answer is let me show you. For the rest of this article, I will focus on using products, programs, and tools to do just that.

In many ways, teenagers are better equipped than the rest to use the Internet. That certainly applies to making money online.

They are more tech-savvy than many other generations trying to earn money. They have grown up with technology, which is second nature to them.

This applies to little kids as I am always amazed to watch a kindergartner navigating around on their tablet like it was nothing! 🙂

Ok, here we go.

Earning Money Online As A Teenager - doing your researchWays A Teenager Can Earn Money Online

1. Paid surveys. Join paid programs such as inbox dollars and get paid to take surveys, play games online, participate in opinion polls, and so on.

These are legitimate programs as long as you’re signing up with reputable ones. Taking surveys will not necessarily be a big money earner from an hourly standpoint.

However, teenagers can do this on their smartphones throughout their day. In a week or month, they can earn a pretty good part-time income without having to go out and get a job.

2. Online tutoring. Teenagers can do tutoring from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are good at a specific academic subject, join an online tutoring site and earn money. These jobs pay well, and you can help tutor other students or even adults who are getting back into furthering their education. is an excellent place to get started.

3. Customer service rep. You will have to check out a company to see age restrictions.

Many hire customer service reps to answer the phone or serve as virtual assistants. There is no end to it as long as you can do the work. Check out Indeed or Snagajob.

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write a book - Earning Money Online As A Teenager

4. Write a book. Amazon Kindle is a place you can go and sell books that you write if you have a talent for doing it.

We’re not necessarily talking about novels or fiction types of books, but rather how-to books. Books that solve problems are always in demand, and of course, Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing is a great place to sell yours!

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More Ways For Teenagers To Earn

5. Freelance writer. Become a freelance blog writer and write articles for other bloggers.

There are over 1.2 billion blogs on the Internet, and many of these owners don’t care about the writer’s age. They only care about the quality of the content.

Think about topics that interest you that you could write about. Go to and set up your blog, and write sample content.

Then start emailing blogs in that specific niche offering your service. It won’t take long for you to build up a clientele.

If you want to earn quick money while waiting for those clients to take you on join sites such as iWriter or Fiverr and write content for cash there.

6. Review music. Have you heard of Slicethepie?

You get paid to write reviews оn nеw ѕоngѕ, fаѕhіоn іtеmѕ, ассеѕѕоrіеѕ аnd соmmеrсіаlѕ before thеу аrе rеlеаѕеd. Your rеvіеwѕ go dіrесtlу tо unѕіgnеd artists/fashion dеѕіgnеrѕ еtс. tо give thеm fееdbасk.

Yоu аlѕо get paid to find thе best brаndѕ аnd artists tо рut fоrwаrd fоr radio рlасеmеnt аnd оthеr орроrtunіtіеѕ.

7. Affiliate marketing. Many affiliate programs want you to be at least 13 to join.

That means teenagers can earn money online as affiliate marketers just like the rest of us. What programs should they join and promote

Think about the various ways we get paid as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model.

You get paid to drive traffic to an affiliate website and get the visitor to perform a specific action. We’ve always broken this down into basically four types of programs.

  • 1. Pay per click.
  • 2. Pay per lead or cost per action.
  • 3. Pay per sale.
  • 4. 2-tier affiliate programs.

These will work for teenagers equally, and they will work for adults. Let me give you some examples of how a teenager could earn money online using four affiliate models.

Let’s Get Specific

how to earn money online as a teenager

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the big player in the pay-per-click affiliate model. You get paid when somebody clicks on the ad that Google sells.

You have to put the ad somewhere, which would mean starting a website or a blog. It would also suggest joining the Google AdSense program and getting your code set up on specific pages.

At that point, then it just becomes a content-driven model, and you earn money when people click on the outs. Google says you have to be 18 to join or have a parent participate with you.

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Max Bounty

Max Bounty is an affiliate network. They are among the best programs to join to get access to lead programs you can promote to earn money.

These are forms that need to be filled out. You promote an affiliate URL with a paper on it.

When someone completes the form, you make money. The shorter the state, the less you get paid, and the longer the record, the more you earn.


Selling digital information is an excellent way for teenagers to make money. Clickbank is the most extensive digital information affiliate program on the Internet today.

I couldn’t find any age restriction other than you would need to have a checking account for them to direct deposit your commissions into. The great thing about starting with Clickbank as a teenager is it’s something you could carry through your whole life and make a bunch of money with it!

My final thoughts

I have just laid out several different ways to earn money as a teenager from home online. All of these will work for you just as equally as they do for an adult.

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10 thoughts on “List Of Earning Money Online As A Teenager!”

  1. Thanks for such an informative post. Thanks to the internet,  there are so many opportunities everywhere and one of the most important is making money. As s student,  I only do surveys, but I heard about affiliate marketing and I decided to give it a shot.  I am currently undergoing training with Wealthy Affiliate before setting up my website and niche. 

    • Okay, Mikay, there are many opportunities for one to earn an income online. The problem with that is it does take time and is not an overnight success like some programs claim.

      You are on the right track by going through the training in Wealthy affiliate to set up your website and business. As you go through the training and do the tasks and the end of each lesson, you will see your business coming alive and will know that it is possible to be successful.

      Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a hand with any part of your training. Or you can ask your questions in live chat. I hang out there as well.

  2. I have always wanted to show my younger ones how to make money on the internet but it seems all the processes are becoming too clumsy for them. I never thought teenagers could make money on the internet. 

    Whoa, this is an eye-opener for me. I love the points you enlisted in this article especially the online survey and teaching. I am sharing this post with my younger ones right away.

    • Olay, they would love you for it, the same the way my younger ones appreciate it back then. Then now move on to bigger things online and loving the part-time income they are earning.

      A few of my friends had done the same with their kids and got results as well. This will really keep them active, and prepare them for the future that life in itself is not an easy road. It would be a good learning process for them and they would love the extra money coming in. Plus it will ease your pocket as well. Lol. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi Bishop,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “How To Earn Money Online As A Teenager?”

    Really this is an outstanding article. I like this article very much. I am a teenager and I am trying to earn money online. But I couldn’t find a proper guideline that how can I earn money from online and which online site would be a better platform for me to earn money.

    After reading this article I have found the best guideline in this purpose and I have learned how I can earn money online as a teenager. There are lots of ways to earn money, but I think affiliate marketing is the best platform. You give a lot of information and highlighted the article very nicely. 

    This article is very helpful for those teenagers who are trying to earn money in the online market. I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can have the information at their fingertips if they decided to go that route. Thanks!

    • Happy to know that the information was helpful to you.

      The first question that teenager should ask is: How can I learn how to earn money online? after all, anything that needs to be accomplished must first be learned, and that includes making money online.

      You are right when you say that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business models to approach, and I agree with you. It is much easier and one can earn at a faster rate.

      Thank you for deciding to share this article with your friends and relatives. I hope that it would bring great value to them as well.

  4. How about getting paid to play online games? Have you heard about that opportunity where kids get paid testing newly created games online? I heard about it before but didn’t see it online as often as other opportunities listed here. I asked this question because I have a lot of teenager friends who like playing online games. I operate an Internet cafe here in my place and I think it may be a good way to subtly introduce “online money making” to these gamers, and then slowly introduce them to bigger opportunities like affiliate marketing.

    • Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars and Long Game just to name a few that you can earn money playing games. You can also get paid to surf and search the web, watch videos, and take surveys as well.

      I agree with you for getting teenagers involved with these online games first and then moving them up to Affiliate Marketing. I will remember to include them in this article. Thank you for your insight. 

  5. This article is a great message also a charge up for every teenage child above 13 can also participate in the highlighted online programs in this article. Survey for writing a review on books can help bring income working from home as a child. 

    Every parent must know this and also educate their child to engage in making online money to relief money stress from them. Thanks for this review, I will share this to every parent to read. it’s really helpful. 

    • Glad that you see the importance of educating this to parents so that they can show their teenage children. My kids were thankful back then, now they have moved up by doing bigger things online. It is a great starting point for them and today, most of the kids are seeking that way themselves. Thank you for the comment.


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