How To Make Money When Unemployed?

This is what I want to talk about in this article is how to make money when unemployed. Here is a common scenario many people face at one time or another in their life. They are unemployed and they need to make extra money somehow until they find a job.

With lots of people home because of certain pandemic crises, this is the right time to start training on how to work from home with affiliate marketing. At the bottom of this post, I will give you all the information that you need. And I will personally meet you inside and work with you. The best thing is that you do not have to put up any money upfront. Yes, you can start for free with no credit card needed.

Let’s continue with the process you can do while unemployed…

Provide An Online Service

Were you aware that there is a market for just about everything on the Internet today? Go to and look at all of the crazy things people are paying for. See what service suits you and later down in this article, I will show you how to get set up the right way with my guidance and a community who are eager to see you succeed.

While you are there look at all the things people need to be done that are not crazy and take notes so that you would understand where I am going with this.

For example…

  • – blog writing
  • – website design
  • – social media
  • – SEO
  • – keyword research
  • – video marketing
  • – video design
  • – analytics
  • – traffic

If a website needs it done, you can make money at home providing it for them, If you do not have the skills take a little of your free time and learn how to do one thing people will pay you to do. There is a place that teaches you all that I want you to consider.

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But let’s continue…

Blogs have become websites. If you develop a few blogging skills you can be as busy as you want to be.

If you are unemployed, time is what you have most of so start learning how to blog. Yaro Starak has a good course for that, or you can join me at Wealthy Affiliate where you will see exactly what is working for me and others so that we would be able to help you along the way.

You can join for free, and if it is something that you are serious about, you can decide if you want a free membership or a premium membership, it would be entirely up to you.

Here are some things to consider…

Start A Niche Internet Home Business

How To Make Money When Unemployed - start a niche website

This is a great long-term strategy that you can still do after you find a job. If it pans out for you, it could even be a new career in itself.

Look at direct sales as a way to get started. Visit The Direct Selling Association and spend some time reading about ways to get started if this type of work appeals to you.

Consider starting an MLM business. I love the Business For Home website to read all kinds of great ideas people are using to make money in network marketing. Just be careful cause there are some scam people out there as well looking for a quick buck.

What is a niche Internet home business?

This is a home business you can work on the Internet in a segment of a market. For example, you could start a blog on how to stop sweating and sell an ebook as an affiliate of the book by ClickBank.

You could do what I do and make money in affiliate marketing. Although you are an affiliate of an affiliate merchant you are still your own boss and this is the best way to start an Internet business in my opinion.

With minimal research, you could get this targeted niche business off the ground and be making money very quickly. Reread the above 2 sentences and let your fingers do the walking to get started. This is a very good way to make money when you are unemployed and is done every day by people just like you.

In any business, support is what will make the difference whether you succeed or not. So please when you decide on the business that is the right fit for you, be certain that the support is there as well.

making money from home with real estateFlip Virtual Real Estate

Have you ever watched one of those shows on television about buying and selling real estate? The premise is based on finding the valued real estate and flipping it after you fix it up. You keep the profit after expenses.

The same thing is done every day on Flippa. You could even pick up a copy of Virtual Real Estate investing if you have a little money to get started. Amazon or Virtual Real Estate Investing.

The worst thing you can do is sit around and spend all day applying for jobs that hundreds of others have already applied for. These ideas on how to make money when unemployed allow you to be a little bit more proactive and get some money coming in.

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Join Flex Jobs

Do you have $15 a month? If you do join and start looking for jobs you can do from home.

This is called telecommuting and it is more popular than you might think. You get hired for a real job by a real company that wants you to work at home.

This is both convenient for you and the hiring company. Don’t bother looking for things like taking paid surveys or reading emails for money.

These are jobs you need skills and training for. Many come with wages and benefits such as paid vacation and sick days.

Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

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Investing In Stocks with Training

This business was created by Neil Patel, call Angels and Entrepreneurs is causing the average person to earn 20% from companies that Neil carefully picked. He even says you can earn as high as 30-40%.

There are different levels that you can join with an annual fee that may go up in the near future. you also have the privilege of being a founding member.

final thoughts

Decide if you are a worker or an entrepreneur. If you decide you are a worker find a job. If you are someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, look for a program with a free service that focuses on affiliate marketing. Be certain that they offer a training program and that they stay current with the Internet industry and the changes that occur from time to time.

I have done some research on online jobs that claim to help new as well as seasoned marketers build online businesses to earn an income from home.

Finding that perfect program that will help my readers get started without them having to put out money was no easy task, for most online businesses, they are too expensive without quality, have little or no support, and lack basic training.

Although some of the systems may be legit, in most cases the program is not effective and will never work. Do you want to waste time with these programs?

No, you don’t want to waste time with these programs, that is the reason I write about them with intense research so that others would not make the same mistake I have made in time past.

If you need help on how to get started with affiliate marketing, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, personal private assistance, my personal help, and much more.

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28 thoughts on “How To Make Money When Unemployed?”

  1. dBishop…. I used to be eBishop, my brother is dBishop…. nice to meet you Don, David, Daniel — whatever. I like your website and you Do get to the point. Nice going 😉

  2. Great post! As you say, there is no need to sit at home depressed just because you are unemployed! It’s understandable if you lose your job to feel emotional and negative, but you can be proactive and start making money from home to get you by. Your period of time unemployed will pass anyway, you may as well be doing something useful during that time period!

    • Josie, thank you for that. You are so right. there are many ways because of the internet that one can find the best use of their time by being home, and sitting home beating yourself up is definitely not one of them.

      Thank you.

  3. Hi Bishop, My own story is a little different here. I want a work at home job and that’s why I quit my job. I got into blogging and affiliate marketing which is simply great. Though I’m yet to start earning I believe in the potentials it promises. I have my website with a teeth whitening niche. I believe with enough input, I will be able to reap the gains later on. 

    Thanks for this post

    • Great to see that you are willing to challenge yourself to build a business from home. I would have started part time though, but you know best.

      If you need a hand to get your teeth whitening niche off to a great start, please let me know, I would love to lend a hand. Talk to you soon.

  4. Well, this is certainly what I need to help my friend. He is unemployed for more than 3 months because he can’t pass any interview from any employer. It may be nice for him to start working from home (and I can actually learn from him too). FlexJobs sounds a good choice for him. Is there any minimum payout that you need each month? Thank you

    • Great, happy to know that this article finds you in a good time to help your friend. there is a free member and a paid member. It would be unfair to you to answer your questions when you can browse their website and search exactly what your friend would be looking. Go here

      This job search had helped some of my readers, I hope it does the same for your friend. now if he is interesting and wants to work from home, let him seek that after he/she has gotten a job from Flexjob or any other source. it is difficult to build anything, with no money coming in. Please let me know how it goes.

  5. Wow David, so many ways to make money. I’m certainly interested in checking out Fiverr. I am very interested in blog writing. What sort of money could I expect from doing this? I enjoy writing so I should be fairly good at blog writing. 

    The only issues I might have is with spelling and grammar. However, I suppose if I downloaded Grammarly thus spell check system could help me with that. Starting a website also sounds interesting. I don’t think I’d like to work for businesses at home, that sounds too much like offline work. Thanks, for this informative article. I will definitely check out the Fiverr link. Jim

    • Hi Jim, you can definitely make money writing articles for blog writers because they are such high in demands. And you can make a decent amount of money depending on how many articles you can produce daily.

      You can start with Fiverr, but consider IWriters or Upwork as well. I know of a blogger who pays a freelance writer $500 a month to produce 10 articles with 200 words. What if you have 10 of those? that can be a decent monthly salary, would you say.

      There are so many software can help with your spell check, and yes, Grammarly is definitely one of those. if you start a website it will also help in your Freelance gig because people would see your writing skills and you will be able to reach more of your audience, and if you monetize that website with a micro-niche, there is money on the table for you. hope that helps!

  6. This is really a good and informative post, I think it is good to try to help people who might be unemployed. Working from home is the perfect way to get a business on track. For me, I didn’t kick off my from home business because I was unemployed but because I wanted to work on my own free time. I’ve never heard about the estate work sales. I think it’s great. Thanks, for educating me, your post is worth sharing, you never know who it might be of help too.

    • Although we look for ways to earn an income when we are not employed, the reality is, we should always seek to supplement our income when we are working because once we are trading our time for someone else, we should always be working on doing that for ourselves.

      Working part-time is always magic, and we should never rely on working for others, cause we never have control of that time when our income would stop. So also I wrote this article to help the unemployed, those who are working should look for ways to earn an income from home as well. Thank you for the feedback.

  7. Time and time again I have been looking for an employment opportunity but thank God I have been able to view this post now I know exactly what to do now.

    You know where I come from it’s not easy getting a job but if I can keep my self busy by doing that on Fiverr and on Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you, I will definitely give it a try

    • Happy I was able to help, and when you do get started with Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally be there to guide you on the right path, so that would get you the results much faster.

      I suggest you begin your training first with WA so that you would have a better understanding of the right approach to take, while you develop your niche website. Talk to you soon.

  8. True, many of us find ourselves unemployed one way or the other. Other than that, we always need to find something to do on the side to supplement our 9-5 income.

    Your suggestion on joining the Wealthy Affiliate program is on point as this is where I am learning my online business. I also like your idea of flipping virtual real estates. This is something I have considered doing and I believe very soon I’ll be able to start.

    Thank you for your awesome tips!

    • You are absolutely right, working part-time for yourself will always put you in control, cause working for others you will never have that control.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for anyone who is looking for ways to earn an income from home, and the community there are very diversified in assisting you to do just that. Happy that you are a part of that community and in pursuit of working for yourself. Thank you for the comment.

  9. Dear Bishop,

    Fiverr is an awesome platform and to be honest when I was unemployed I earned some money from Fiverr. I had a content writing gig and data entry gig.

    You have provided great insights and for sure this is going to be helpful for many. Since 2008, I have tried many make money online programs and products such as Paid To Click, Get Paid To, Data Entry, Transcription, Tele Calling, Email Reading, Captcha Typing, MLM’s, Content Writing, Surveys, Ad Posting, etc. Quite a lot right?

    However, I didn’t try blogging because I need to have a blog. Building a website is rocket science to me and I was afraid. Finally, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016 and When I created my first website I realized building a website is a low-level task.

    Based on my experience Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online but it will take time, effort, and work.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.


    • That is great, Paul. I Have used Fiverr in the past, and my experienced with them has far exceeded my expectation.

      Having a website back then was very rear because of the work that one had to put into it, you had to have some knowledge of coding and web design. But today, that is not the case, because of WordPress and the different software that is available to us, building a website can be done in minutes.

      Having a platform like Wealthy Affiliate simplifies the process and makes it possible for anyone to build a website, and how to monetize it to earn an income from home. it is great that you are finally on that path, and getting the results that you deserve.

      I agree that Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways for anyone who wants to work from home or supplement their income. Thank you for your insight here.

  10. Thanks for these excellent suggestions. I’ve never tried Flex Jobs before but I have made over $10000 on Fiverr since I started a few years back which is a nice little addition to my income. I know that there is a lot more money to be made there but I don’t push it very hard since I make the most of my income directly through my blogs. 

    • Glad for you Lynne, is always great to hear success stories from an individual like yourself making it happen in the online world. Fiverr is definitely one avenue, and there are many other ways that one can find success as well once they act on the different ways that I have mentioned here in this post.


  11. This is what I really need right now, extra income as my current job pays a very low salary. My needs always exceed my income and I often feel like my employer is cheating me for that peanut at the end of the month.  You have provided me with a solution and I just need to take action on it right away.

    In your article, you recommended Fiverr, how or where can I get myself trained so that I can also start earning from this platform?. 

    Right now I don’t know how it works but I really want to get involved with it. Thanks for providing this opportunity to the public and hoping to read from you soon. I will be visiting your site from time to time for ideas like these.

    My Regards 

    • What employer pays their employees what they deserve anyway? it always said that they keep our heads just above the waters, but most of our bodies and deep in the waters.

      Getting ourselves to land is a choice that we have to make, and working part-time to supplement our income is a huge benefit. it is great to see that you are thinking along those lines. 

      My number one recommendation is to start with Wealthy Affiliate. they not only train you on what is working, but they also give you the ammunition to have the right approach that suits you.

      Fiverr is a great platform, but there are others as well that you may want to consider. The community that I am apart off can get your equipped so that you would already have an audience before you sign up on these platforms. Hope that helps!

  12. Hey there Bishop,

    I guess one can start with offering services through freelancer[dot], Upwork or Fiverr and start an online business as well by building a website.

    Flippa is a site that flips businesses. It is a good idea, provided that you know how to evaluate a business.

    Another good idea is Dropshipping. You can do it with a website, you can also use eBay to do it.



    • Marios, yes they can. and Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to get their website built for higher rankings in the search engines.

      Yes, Flippa is good, and they take the time to educate you on what to look for, but the overall knowledge is all up to you. Dropshipping is growing, and most people are able to see success in a shorter space of time. thank you for the comment and insights.

  13. These are very good suggestions I must say, they really sound very lucrative and interesting.

    I wish I stumbled upon this blog months ago, rather than staying in a frustrating job. But then I guess it’s not too late either now that I finally quit the job.

    I have been toiling with the idea of starting up something for my self but don’t know the best direction to follow.

    But with the suggestion you’ve made here, I will gladly join your program and see if its right for me. I am really glad its something I don’t need to invest to get started.

    I have heard a lot of people talk about this affiliate marketing, hopefully, it will also work out for me.

    But if it doesn’t, then I may have to look into this flex jobs.

    Thanks for sharing this…

    • Great that you got some value here, and although it did not come at the right time, I hope it will for others. educating yourself on working from home should be one’s first objection, and becoming a free member at Wealthy Affiliate is the right approach.

      They will not only educate you on what is working, but they will also help you in building your business and how to monetize it to get continous sales. I will also work with you personally for you to choose the right business that is comfortable for you. See you inside.

  14. Hi Bishop,
    It’s a great post. I’m happy to see this post because now I’m an unemployed person. For being unemployed, I’m depressed. But seeing your post, I feel fantastic. You have told some ways how to make money online. From these ways, I have chosen to blog. 

    I think it maybe not so difficult. As I like to write, it would be the perfect way for me to earn money. Now, I wanted to start my online job and be employed.

    Thank you so much for your nice post.

    • If you like to write, then blogging and building a website would be the right business for you. you not only can make an income as a writer, but you can also find a passion, and build a full-time income by writing and educating your audience about your passion. It could be in the gardening, health and wellness, electronics, clothing or any areas that you love.

      It would be great if I can help you fulfill your dreams and build a business that you can work from home full-time, and be able to provide for your family and others. Talk to you soon!


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