Princess House MLM Review

Everyone needs good household items. Where you get them from doesn’t matter as long as they last, are of good quality and do not cost a lot. Unfortunately, this Princess House MLM review may expose a company that does not have those characteristics in its products.

You just have to read through this review to see if that assumption is true or not. The problem with selling everyday household goods in the 21st century is that you have a lot of competition. Without top quality products, your road to success is a lot more difficult.

To find out more about this company and its products just continue to read our review. It has the inside scoop so you know if this is a company you want to work for. It will only take a few minutes to get up to speed and then make your decision.

What is Princess House MLM?

Princess House was started by Charlie Collis in 1963 and he adopted the MLM business plan long before it became really popular to do so. He decided to focus on an area often ignored by other MLM companies and marketed high-quality kitchenware, bakeware, glassware, cutlery, home accessories and weight loss products

With his headquarters in Taunton, Massachusetts he was able to take a small business and open up markets in Canada and Australia as well as his native America. Along the way his sales force grew to 37,000 representatives and the company now employees 200+ people.

Princess House MLM ReviewAfter 50 years the company appointed its first female CEO and her name is Connie Tang. She has had over 20 years in the MLM industry heading Jaffra Cosmetics International and vice president of Beauty Control.

The problem that this company and its representatives have is the same for all MLM companies- their products are very overpriced and hard to beat the cheaper competition. What you pay for a 5 piece cooking set, $369, you can buy 15 piece Faberware cooking set and have over $200 to buy groceries to cook in it.

If you are thinking this is an inexpensive company, you will have to re-think that assumption.

How Does Princess House MLM Work?

The standard sign up is the way to get your foot in the door with this company. You will need to be referred by an existing representative as these products are marketed through direct sales only.

Once you are firmly in that sponsor’s downline, you sell the products through giving parties, sort of like Tupperware used to do. Whoever hosts those parties gets a free gift for doing so and you make a commission off all your sales.

Of course, your commission-only covers your sales effort and any expenses you incur outside of that comes out of your wallet. Then you will have to dig yourself out of a financial hole because the starter kit sells for $139.

It is supposed to have about $600 worth of products in it so you are given a chance to make money through selling your starter kit. In other words, it is a standard MLM operating platform.

The main challenge you will face is convincing people to host parties for you to sell. That may be difficult given the atmosphere in many countries today.

Can You Make Money With Princess House MLM?

Princess House MLM With MLM companies anything is possible. If you get the right territory then you will probably make money hand over fist. But if you don’t then you will probably not succeed.

That is the harsh reality of the MLM world and Princess House is not different. Even though you get a 25% on sales up to $1500 you still have expenses like gas, time and so on to factor in.

Your commission will go up to 30% if you have sales between $1501 and $2499 and then 35% if you are lucky enough to make over $2500 in sales. So the possibility is there but the reality is going to tell you a different story.

What you make will be solely up to you and your effort. But you have a tough road to travel because the prices on the products you represent are well overpriced and people need to see top-quality before shelling out the kind of money Princess House is asking for its products.

Wal Mart and other big box stores will be your main competition as well as second-hand stores, discounters and closeout stores.

Princess House MLM Review: Examples Of How To Make Money

There are two ways to make money through this company. The first is through your direct sales which take place usually through in-home parties. The more you can sell there the better your commission will be. You already know the commission structure so no use in repeating it.

If you are a good salesman then you stand a very good chance of making a little money as you work. Keep in mind you are covering your expenses out of your own pocket. So your revenue stream will not be as big as it looks.

The second example of making money at Princess House is through recruiting. This is an MLM company so do not think you will escape that difficult task. There are 6 levels you can advance and each level needs lots of recruits to make it work.

Plus, you need lots of recruits to meet the sales goals set for each level. So while you are trying to move up the ladder, you are recruiting your own competition cutting your sales territory down making it harder for you to make any money.

Princess House MLM Review: Pros & Cons

There will always be disgruntled former employees saying bad things about any company, but especially so when they talk about an MLM corporation. Their experiences dictate the nature of their negative comments.

Then if they are successful that experience dictates the nature of their comments. Read pros and cons with a grain of salt and here are the ones for Princess House.


High commission rate
Practical household products to sell
Easy signup
Work your own hours
Be your own boss
Consultant discounts available
Products shipped directly to your customers
Can earn a lot of money if you are in the right place at the right time


You pay to play
Overpriced products to sell to people
Stiff competition from cheaper stores
Lack of support and training
Recruit and recruit some more
Inferior products that break, dent, ruin easily
Lots of customer complaints
Need to make a lot of sales to make money
High failure rate
Poor customer service

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are a lot of negatives associated with this company. It wouldn’t be an MLM business if there weren’t. One of the main negatives is in the products themselves. The company seems to be sending out seconds or broken items to make up for their production losses.

The non-stick coating doesn’t work, handles falling off, imaginary lifetime warranty and customer service is worse than a bookie who is owed a lot of money. While we can say that some lemons get through in any production quality control system, the amount of complains about Princess House products are just too many to justify with that excuse.

Next negative aspect to think about is the poor customer service shown by not only the company but by the individual reps. They can be mean and ignore your calls when you are not satisfied with the products they received.

While no lawsuits have been filed yet, has examined the claims of Princess House and other DSA members and over 87% of the members make false income claims, Princess House included.

There was a 1994 lawsuit but that was brought by the company against The Lindseys who sought to broaden their income by signing with another company. We did not read the lawsuit to find out who won. It was too long ago to worry about now.

Is Princess House MLM Legitimate?

Princess House ReviewIn this case, you would have a tough time proving legitimacy with a straight face. Yes, the company is legitimate and has been operating for almost 60 years, but that is about as far as it goes.

If we take the complaints seriously, then the company is not holding up their end of the bargain by selling inferior products at inflated prices. That is our book makes their legitimacy suspect. It does make the company look greedy and who will do anything to make a buck.

The standard scam complaint can be levelled at how the company pays its reps but again that is standard MLM operating procedure. The failure rate is high because the odds are against the reps as soon as they sign up to work for Princess House.

Princess House MLM Review Final Thoughts

We have seen better companies among the ranks of MLM businesses. This one is fair to middling in analysis and you could do a lot worse without even trying that hard.

While we like the concept, selling practical household items, the pricing leaves much to be desired. If you join the company you are going to have to work really hard to sell those products at those prices.

Make sure to investigate the company more thoroughly than we have done here in this Princess House MLM review. We may have missed a red flag or two or a good point or three. Just make sure to get the whole story before you leap into working for them.

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PS: No credit card needed!

Princess House MLM Review






Overall Quality



  • High commission rate
  • Easy signup
  • Be your own boss


  • Overpriced products to sell to people
  • Stiff competition from cheaper stores
  • Lack of support and training
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4 thoughts on “Princess House MLM Review”

  1. Great job exposing yet another company trying to ride the MLM wave. Few of these companies are remotely close to being legitimate and most end up legally scamming hundreds if not thousands of people out their hard earnt money and time. This is just one more great example of a company that makes money off its distributors and is in the business of selling lies, not freedom.

    • So true, and most of them get away with it. Any business that depends on recruiting to make money is a pyramid scheme. And here at Princess House, you need a lot of sales to make a few bucks and the idea of lacking in support and training tells you about the credibility of this company.

  2.  What luck to have happened on your page! Thanks for this article, I was inquiring about Princess House because not too long ago a friend recommended it to me saying great things. I am looking for an alternative to my full-time job to start on my own, and I thought it was a good idea to check before I jump and spend money, but your article made me open my eyes, I will look for an alternative to Princess House. Thank you!

    • Although the products are good, anyone can get them at a cheaper cost in stores. It would be difficult to convince people to buy from you. Also recruiting people to earn an income is a difficult task, and the success rate with this business is very low. You made the right choice by staying away.


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